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  1. hattori hanzo

    south queensland Small Boat Offshore Charters Around Brissy Or The Gc

    Yep, Thats what I'm after, similar style of outfits to whats up at hevey bay. But just running out of the goldcoast or brisbane. My last few charters out of exmouth and Hervey bay have been this style and ive had an absolute ball.
  2. Hi all, I haven't been on a charter in SEQ for awhile and am looking for a small boat charter that leaves from Brisbane or the GC that caters for groups no larger then 4-8 people. I know of Outlaw from Manly and heard great things about John and his boat. But I'd like to hear of any other outfits that people would recommend. Deep drop is looking like something i might like to try but I'm flexible on the types of fishing on offer, I'd just rather a smaller boat that I can hire the whole vessel and only have 2-4 lines in the water. Thanks in advance Cam
  3. hattori hanzo

    Catching Ox Eye Herring/ Tarpon

    3" Slider paddle tail grubs in Pearl with as light a jig head I can cast is my go to for tarpon.
  4. hattori hanzo

    Dusky Flathead Update

    I have noticed the same problem with different measuring tools. For that reason, on the rare occasion I do take a fish home to eat I make sure its 2-3 cm past the minimum at least. Thanks for the read Ellicat, very interesting. Their growth rate is a little slower than I orignally thought.
  5. hattori hanzo

    Access for Logan river ?

    What ramp were you using? I've never had a problem launching at the Alberton Rd ramp.
  6. hattori hanzo

    Hervey Bay trip Oct 31-Nov 1st

    Nice report. I've been planning a trip up there myself and reading reports like this gets me pumped. It looks like about a 60-70ml hike from Urangan to Roonies. Do you know what sort of range you get out of the boat and do you need to carry extra fuel for the trip?
  7. hattori hanzo

    PB GT

    Congrats on the PB that fish on 6lb string is awesome. You can't beat the Pulling power of a solid GT.
  8. hattori hanzo

    Logan report.

    Nice fish mate what have you been using? Liveys? Plastics? Also what tides do you prefer for Logan jacks
  9. My Wife just booked a couple of days fishing here in mid October for us as a surprise. I had a look at the web site and it looks pretty awesome but would rather feed back and info from people that have been there. So anyone on here been there? what was it like? what gear should I take? I am hoping to target spot tail bass one day then GT and maybe Doggies etc the rest, if the weather is good. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Cam
  10. hattori hanzo

    Matching rod for Stradic CI4 2500

    Thanks Jamie, The 13 omens don't seem to go light enough for what I want, but the Samiki Zings seem to look the goods all be it a touch short for what I like. I might go and have a play with one see how it feels, see if I need those extra few inches;0. I've been looking at the ecooda range. anyone using the crank shafts?
  11. Hi all, Just bought a Stradic CI4 2500, and am going to run 5LB power pro on it. Just after some suggestions on a rod to suit under the $200 mark. What I'm after is some thing about 7ft with a fast taper about the 2-4kg range. I was thinking a Daiwa Gen Black or a G-Loomis GL2 but would be interested to hear personal thoughts on these rods or other suggestions would be great. thanks in advance Cam
  12. hattori hanzo

    Hard to find plastics

    I'm trying to find Snapbacks and Zoom super flukes, can anyone point me in the right direction for these lollies. I notice tackle warehouse sell Zoom but seem to only have the frog ones but I will ask next time I'm there. but the snap backs I can't find, are they still in business?? thanks in advance Cam
  13. hattori hanzo

    Strudwick slic stick pro??

    This rod was my first plastics rod matched with a 2000 legalis.I got mine from the boat show a few years ago. I think they are pretty good entry level stick especially at that price. Cam
  14. hattori hanzo

    Mann's stretch lures - Wanted

    Not sure if this is much help but these guys sell manns strecth 12+ />http://www.torpedo7.com.au few other good deals going aswell HTH Cam
  15. hattori hanzo

    Correct way to hold flathead .

    I would have thought using a towel would wipe of more slime then just a wet pair of hands. .