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  1. Fishaman

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Got a sneaky 69 er in this morning for Northside
  2. Fishaman

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Are footballs a target species? Top stuff DDD
  3. Fishaman

    south queensland Big Mama Session Baroon

    Great stuff. Love Baroon Pocket. What bait do you use may I ask?
  4. Fishaman

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Ok time to stop mucking about 80cm croc!!! She battled hard for twenty minutes. Had some very nervous moments with the 8lb leader wrappped through her gill rakers, couldn’t turn her head. No decky so had to net her myself. She was fat!!! Swam off nice and healthy afterwards
  5. Fishaman

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Can anyone beat a 48cm flatty?
  6. Fishaman

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Can anyone beat a 44cm flatty?
  7. Fishaman

    Who's Heading Out This Weekend

    I'm going out to win the flathead challenge for the Northside. Will be hitting my fav spots in the passage both Sat and Sun
  8. Fishaman

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin

    I’m in!!! northside !!!
  9. Fishaman

    Thai Lime Red Curry

    I really recommend this recipe. Once you have the fish prepared it's really quick. Another tip. get everything ready and cook your rice (You can heat that up later). Only put it all together and finish it off when you are ready to eat. Takes about 15 mins once you have floured and spiced the fish. I take the left overs to work for lunch, tastes just as good the next day
  10. Fishaman

    Off To 1770 Thursday

    I have property at Agnes. We were going to go up this weekend but weather looks crap so will be staying down here. Enjoy your time up there
  11. Fishaman

    Thai Lime Red Curry

    Thai Lime Fish Red Curry Ingredients Fish cut into bite sized chunks Flour Thai Spice Red Curry Paste 2 tins of coconut cream 1 Lime Kaffir Lime leaves Fish Sauce (optional) Snow Peas Rice 1. Get yourself some nice white flakey fleshed fish (Flathead is good ) and cut into bite sized pieces. 2. Roll fish in flower and then sprinkle with MasterFoods Thai spice (get it from Coles or Woolies. Any Thai spice will do). The flour is important as it absorbs the curry sauce when you poach it later and adds to the flavour. 3. In a wok (or frypan) heat up some oil and quickly flash fry the fish. You want it gold and crispy on the outside. Doesn't have to be cooked through. That will be next step. Don't try and cook it all at once if your pan is small. It's important to get that crispness on the outside. Take fish out and place on paper towel. 4. In your wok put 2 tablespoons of Thai Red Curry Paste and quickly fry off for about 30 seconds then reduce heat right down. 5. Pour in to wok, on top of curry paste, 2 cans of coconut cream. Mix this with the curry paste. 6. Place the fish into the coconut and curry sauce. Add a splash of fish sauce (for saltiness) 7. Take your lime and zest it straight in on top of the sauce then squeeze the juice from the lime in there as well. 8. Add Kaffir lime leaves (You can either add them whole for easy removal or finely slice them. I prefer to finely chop them and leave them in for added lime flavour) 9. Bring you sauce and fish to a very gentle simmer. You want to poach the fish for about 5-8 mins. 10. Throw in your snow peas. You can put them in as early or as late as you want. I put them in with only a minute or two to go before its ready to serve so they are still crisp. 11. Serve on a bed of rice. (Cook this in advance obviously). I also like serve with those small little dinner rolls hot straight from the oven Very easy recipe and doesn't take long to throw together.
  12. Fishaman

    south queensland Pummy Passage Fun

    Yeah mate all on 4 inch Berkley gulp curl tail grubs. 6lb line 8lb leader. 1/8th oz Jighead lotta fun on the lighter gear
  13. Fishaman

    south queensland Pummy Passage Fun

    My cousin and I decided on a quick fish Saturday morning. As we both had stuff to do later in the day it was going to be a brief outing. We met at the ramp and were on our way by 5:30am. The sun was just coming up and it took about 10 mins but right on cue as the sun first showed.... a cracking fish to open our account. She went the best part of 85cms. My best flatty of the year surpassing last weeks 75cm. We took some happy snaps, put her back and continued on for the day. We kept flicking around and Craig put some nice keepers in the net for his dinner. The tide was dropping so we had to move on. Not a lot happened for the next hour so I took a run up to the northern end of the passage and let’s the dogs off onto the sandbar for a run. Then we headed back. We got a few more good fish and had a nice little bag to take home. Time was up, we had to head in, but wait one more cast. You guessed it. A nice fat healthy lizard that went 70cms. She went back to get bigger. Topped off a great day.
  14. Fishaman

    south queensland Getting Out Of The Wind

    Yeah mate. Caloundra end