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  1. south queensland Bit Of Rain Yesterday!

    I got a beauty at Bustard Head inner rock
  2. south queensland Bit Of Rain Yesterday!

    In the last 7 tears I have caught 1 in the passage and I fish most weekends
  3. That's a cracking trip mate and a well written report. I see you got a nice coronation trout by the look of it. They are very nice indeed. I am heading up in the next couple of weeks for five days. I have a few acres up there. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing
  4. G'day Fishos

    G'day Jon and welcome love my yak fishing, look forward to a report or two
  5. south queensland Fishing Invite

    Bumpity bump....... Any takers? Getting closer and I have to buy sausages
  6. food Rubbery Fish

    on another note.... I went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered the fish of the day did not enjoy it at all as it was very tough. I called the waiter over and said "Hey mate, this fish is rubbery" and he said "fank you velly much I will tell the cook you enjoyed it" ...... boomtish...... I'll let myself out
  7. food Rubbery Fish

    Be interested in this thread. Had a piece of coronation trout with the same issue. The others were flakey and tender but one piece did exactly as you described.
  8. south queensland Fishing Invite

    G'Day all A couple of times a year I organise a "Flatty Forage" on another fishing site. It's just a bit of fun for a bunch of blokes to get together for a fish and a chin wag. I thought I'd extend the invite out to you lot too. So details as per below Let me know if you are interested and as there is a BBQ after what you might want to bring (eg. sauce, bread/rolls, salad, onions) I have a bbq and tools and sausages organised. Venue: All anglers meet at Bells Creek Road Boat ramp. Fish anywhere you like in the passage. 196 Esplanade, Golden Beach 4551!4m2!4m1!3e0 Date and Time: Saturday 9th September Depart the Ramp at 6am. Lines in the water as soon as you hit your spot. Lines back in at noon. Make your way back to the ramp for a 12:30pm BBQ and presentation. Rules: Each boat may have up to 2 anglers. The boat with the most total length of flathead (cumulative) wins. (ie one 80cm fish beats two 35cm fish). Only fishing lines may be used. Bait or artificial is fine. All flathead must be measured and photographed on a brag mat with a token that will be handed out on the day. Smack talk is mandatory. Entry Fee: Entry fee is one packet of plastics or one hardbody lure. Prizes: The Angler with the biggest Flathead gets first choice of the prize pool whereby they are entitled to 1 of the entrance fee lures/plastics. The remaining prize pool goes to the boat with the winning total length. This is a fun day where we get to catch up so please ensure you compete in that spirit. Last one was well attended and fun. Please indicate what you will bring as far as BBQ / refreshments. Any questions list em below. Entry is at participants risk. The organiser and this site take no responsibility for injury or damage blah blah blah
  9. ok I've had enough for the day. If anyone can top 66cms good on em!!!
  10. I'm heading out now. Low tide at 8:30am. Try and get me a three fingered flatty!!
  11. south queensland Heaven Raining Coral Trout

    Predominantly 50 meters mate. Did get some good ones in thirty meters as well.
  12. south queensland Heaven Raining Coral Trout

    The missus and I were up there couple of weeks ago. Went out with Damo on Hooked on 1770 charters. We caught most of the red fish in the pic. Unfortunatley the big red wasn't ours (went about 10kg) but the trout were on the chew. Our favorite eating fish.
  13. I second this. I can't fish this weekend anyway as I have my kids.