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  1. I second this. I can't fish this weekend anyway as I have my kids.
  2. Mixed Results

    Yeah saw the name on the boat and though it might be you, your trip report confirmed it. I was on my mates 625 Cruise Craft Outsider. If I see you at the ramp I'll deff say g'day Agree tuskies taste bloody nice I do mine in butter and a sprinkle of Thai spice (Masterfoods in the spice section at Coles or Woolies). Creates an nice crispy outside of the fillet so its like Thai crispy skinned style except it is skinless. Couple of handfuls of McCains oven baked fries and a greek salad..... hmmmm made myself hungry
  3. Mixed Results

    Well done Luvit, we passed you on Sunday arvo around 4p, we were heading in as you were headed out. We boated some nice tuskies and assorted other fish from the south end of the banks. We did get one just on legal coronation trout but decided to release.
  4. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 2 - June 20 - 25

    I screwed up. I was also in a kayak online comp for funsies. I was given a unique code (161) for the day and took pics of my best two fish (48 and 62cms)..... forgot to put the thumbs up in the pic of the biggest one too. Sorry fellas I blew it but here are the pics of the day anyway. I am heading offshore tomorrow so may redeem myself with a snapper
  5. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    Any word on the next one of these?
  6. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    Anytime free the 16th June suits me
  7. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    Is the next one this weekend? This weekend I can actually fish
  8. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    So is the official winner the Southerner's for round 1?
  9. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    I only have two days a month that are a lock for me so having it open for one month gives me a better chance to participate.
  10. This Weekend

    I have my kids access this weekend so wont get out Good luck to the Northside boys!
  11. Wanted - Loan Kayak

    If you are going off shore please grab a PFD too mate. Plenty of stories of kayak tragedies.
  12. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin!

    Happy to participate. Team north...... See if I can find a flatty or two
  13. Pumicestone Passage

    Good stuff. Keep at it and you'll have a ball exploring new places. Wont be long and you will be able to recognise good spots from experience and it wont be long after that before you start to eye off spots just out of casting distance and you invest in a kayak hahahaaaa (well that's the way it progressed for me.) My mate and I went out for a fish Sunday morning and landed about 15 flattys. Best went 70cms (she went back after a quick pic) and we took home a nice feed of 45cm-52cm fish.
  14. Pumicestone Passage

    First up use a light outfit. I use a 7ft 6in 1-4kg rod and a 1000 reel. Load it up with 6lb braid (I use Nanofil as it casts a mile.) I use about 1-2 meters of 8lb flourocarbon trace. If you are around rocks maybe got to 12lb. Learnt to tie an FG knot for your leader (I use the method in the youtube link below) If I am fishing in water up to 2M deep I use a 1/8th Oz jighead. If deeper than 2-3 meters I may go up to 1/4oz but try to stay with 1/8th oz. Trust me, go light to get the bite. I have landed some good fish on 6lb line (92cm flatty, 90cm jew) and my mate has landed a 97cm thready. Set your drag right, let 'em run, keep constant pressure on them and you'll land them. Rarely busted off. As far as plastics go. You cant go past a curl tail grub. I have had most success using gulp 4inch minnow grub in green prawn. Also love the 3inch in Camo or pepper prawn Any curl tail grub will do to be honest though. Also use a scent of some sort (like S factor etc) Good luck and tight lines!!
  15. Flathead Fishing

    If I am fishing the shallows it always a curl tail of some sort in 3-4inch. Have had great success on Gulp in green prawn in 4inch (Jewwies love em too). Lately I have been throwing about some Madz Lures (Can be found via facebook page). They are very much like the squidgy wriggler except a bit fatter. I like natural colours as opposed to all that lairy nuclear poltergeist type of stuff. Deeper water I like paddle tails as you can get the vibrating tail action in the water column. As mentioned above, when the flatties are on the bite they will take anything. The reason I like curl tails is that you can leav them sit on the bottom on the tail will waft in the current and still attract bites.