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  1. south queensland Solo Bay Fish 2/11/2017

    So coffee rock and gravel are my main places to start looking. Water depth is generally anything from 5m-25m . Some of these areas of reefy rubble are no bigger than say a wheelie bin or small car. Then from there its just a matter of sounding and exploring and putting huge amounts of time.
  2. south queensland Solo Bay Fish 2/11/2017

    I use tru-turns rigged as a 2 gang with a swivel between in 5/0 when fishing a WA pilchard and 6/0 or 7/0 when using whole diver whiting. Sinker sizes vary from a 000 to a 5 ball pending on depth,current and drift speed and then on occassions i run a single 7/0 or 9/0 gamakatsu octopus because the grassy's will only take a half cut WA pilchard or whiting. . I just keep changing tactics after 3-4 drifts until one takes a bait. I reckon they are harder than big snapper to target sucessfully in the bay.
  3. south queensland Solo Bay Fish 2/11/2017

    Evening all. Had some time off during the week and managed to get out for a fish on thursday chasing one of my favourite bay reef fish and that being the The Grass Sweetlip. About 10yrs ago i spent hundreds of hours exploring certain parts of the bay trying to crack them . Since getting the SURTEES i have been busting to have a crack . I left Spinnaker sound around 7am thursday morning only to be met with a solid SSW wind about 12-15kn . Not what i was hoping for but the boat handled it very well. Got out to my spot amd started sounding until i found a few shows in 20m water . Now i had not fished this area in at least 8 years so i was a little rusty on technique and feel on pinning a good sweety as they are such a finicky fish too hook and stop on light gear. Started off on 20lb O/head outfit and could not get a bite drifting a floating a pilly on 3ball .So i pulled out what i would call "light" gear being 15lb mono and motored up to start my 4th drift. It payed off instantly nailing a few solid fish each drift . 3 x Grassy sweet lip at 55cm 50cm and 47cm . Also managed a 42cm squire and 42cm and 37cm moses perch making the esky look nice to feed the fam and grandparents . Only took a shot of the fish in the esky. Cheers Josh <><
  4. New Rig

    I have been managing a feed of fish on most trips so far, nothing of any particular size or species that excites me . Still learning a lot about driving deep VEE hulls in less than favorable conditions which has been a lot of fun so far Few more weeks and the Cobia should have moved in-to the shallow waters in the northern bay and we can see some real action.
  5. New Rig

    Yeah mate that would had been me.
  6. New Rig

    Had one hooked up on Saturday arvo mate and it found the structure that i was fishing. Disapointed but thats how it goes
  7. New Rig

    Thanks mate. Definitely go take a look at any of the NZ built boats they wont disappoint. This one was built with 5mm bottom 4mm sides and 3mm top top decks .
  8. New Rig

    I was thinking the same Old Scaley. In my eyes its come up treat I purchased the boat through Northside Marine at Boondal. Highly recommended. SURTEES have been great also where i had to sort a few small things during the build and they contacted me direct .
  9. New Rig

    Hi all Thought i would add a few pics of my new boat. Pick her up tomorrow . Cant wait to get on the water . Its been 20 weeks. Cheers Josh <><
  10. Question On Navionics

    I looked into a platinum card for my hds9 set ups on the Surtees and I could not justify the extra $$$ for less region.You do get more bottom contour detail on your map. Unless your fishing commercially i would save your money and put it towards something else.
  11. show off ur boat

    Mine is sitting at the SURTEES factory in Whakatane NZL waiting to be shipped.
  12. sold 13.5ft Bermuda Tinny For Sale , Ipilot/sounder/gps

  13. sold 13.5ft Bermuda Tinny For Sale , Ipilot/sounder/gps

    Yes mate. Its listed on Gumtree and boatsales and i havent had any interest at all yet I will kee dropping the price til it goes.
  14. sold 13.5ft Bermuda Tinny For Sale , Ipilot/sounder/gps

    Price drop $4250
  15. Wanted Tinnie

    HI Brad I have mine in the classied section . Its 3.95 and decked out for creeks and rivers . I need it gone asap as i have my new surtees arriving soon. Cheers Josh