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  1. Cobiaaddict


    Yeah nice . Could be anything. May be a 20ft container on its end. Good find and hope it produces something special. Hopefully you can get someone with structure scan to have a look to help give a little more detail.
  2. Cobiaaddict

    south queensland Northern Moreton Bay Saturday 16 June 2018

    Yeah mate. Little quiet for us as well. We had a shocker start to morning with one decky sleeping in. I left the boat keys at home and had to head back Get keys and the sleeping decky called and was on his way. We left spinnaker sound just after 6am and had 1st lines in the water at Caloundra wide smack bang on 7am. Ended up with 4 squire, 2 sweetlip from the 12 mile and a oval cod from the wild banks artificial . Before having a 55kmh run back to the ramp and back home and cleaned up by 2pm.
  3. Cobiaaddict


    Northern 35's there is a container on the bottim in similar depth . Normally big kings and AJ's . That show seems awfully large. Are you zoomed in ?
  4. Cobiaaddict

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    mmmmmm Snapper baits
  5. Cobiaaddict

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Nothings changed mate, still a washing machine, I washed the prop in some sand for the 1st ever the other night coming home on the high tide. I have used the same GPS trail pretty much since last August when I got the Surtees . She will be a washing machine in morning with the SW for sure especially after 6am when that tide start to run in
  6. Cobiaaddict

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Scarborough is a good ramp, Haven't used Clontarf since the upgrade and some times shallow on a low tide. I use Spinnaker Sound at Bribie a far bit when heading to most Northern Bay areas or going around Cape Moreton . Bottom of Bribie has been shocking lately , I think its silted up from the big southerly a little while back, It can be fun travelling through that area if you don't know it well. Scarbs would be my pick for all round boat retrieval,pontoons ,parking & Coast guard services if required.
  7. Cobiaaddict

    Formosa 2015 Sea Rod Cuddy Cab

    That's a tough one , Glass boats have there positives but you lack customization options when building. Then you have concrete ramps to attend with and the other things that @Drop Bear mentioned . The rides can be very similar between a Haines Signature & say a well built plate boat (Noble Super VEE, Surtees, Stabi-craft , Origin, Fisher The list goes on. . , Its only the sound that the hull makes when cutting through the chop that differs, Don't count them out completely if you have always wanted one , It just maybe the boat for you.
  8. Cobiaaddict

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Thanks @Drop Bear . Don't mind helping mate, I just want to see people catching great fish,
  9. Cobiaaddict

    New Sounder Concept. Amazing!

    That's Unreal, Wonder what the price tag would be . $$$$$$$
  10. Cobiaaddict

    south queensland Offshore Saturday

    Bulwer Ledge mate is a tricky area to fish. You might get 1hr either side of the tide change to fish it successfully after that the current will be running way to hard to catch a good snapper. The Pearl channel and spit fire you will get about similar amounts of time. Certainly give them a try mate. Try finding bait schools along the ledges of the spit fire between M2 and NW12 and drift those with live or dead yakkas as well. When the currents running harder. If i can manage my time ill be out saturday aswell. It will just depend as i have done a quick trip every day since last friday and im sure the chores are backing up. But then again if its anything to do with snapper ill be out there.
  11. Cobiaaddict

    Grubby Fishers Give Us A Bad Name

    It does not look like Scarborough Boat ramp, Filthy Pigs , That could cause some innocent person a serious injury if they stepped or slipped on that in the dark. It would be great if we did catch scarlet Sea-perch like that in the bay tho,
  12. Yeah mate, Keep the heads on, put a 8/0 or 9/0 Gamakatsu octopus Hook through the nose, 2 or 3 ball sinker. Anchor , burley hard and float back in the current and "hang on".
  13. Cobiaaddict

    Formosa 2015 Sea Rod Cuddy Cab

    The 485 will be a lot better than what your in at this point mate. But you will still be limited in the way of where you can go and fishing room . Anything under 16ft leaves you with certain restrictions when playing off Moreton or in the Bay. Id organize a water test with the 495-540 & possibly a 575 in some average conditions and make some assumption from your with them experience, keeping in mind the 540-575 will probably ride the same, but you will have a little bit of difference with the 495. Personally I went the 575 CC because it gave me plenty of fishing room and fitted my budget. I'm glad I went to the Surtees, it was 17K more than I had intended on spending. But after fishing the bay last year in 10-15knot forecasts with the occasional trip in 20+ knots when I really should had been at home , I never get out of thing thinking I have been bashed around, yeah the thing has its moment if your not driving to the condition's I noticed your at Northlakes, Mate I'm at Deception Bay & Always doing quick trips to burn some fuel or try for a snapper , Id be happy to take you out for a quick water test in mine just so you get the feel of how the hull's work. That might be a bad idea , then you might want a 575 or 610 and really blow that budget : Link below to my Surteess.
  14. Did you keep those whiting frames, they make great snapper baits. Freeze them as straight as possible. Places out around Cape Moreton like Roberts Shoals etc. the snapper love baits like that at this time of year. Cheers Josh
  15. Cobiaaddict

    Formosa 2015 Sea Rod Cuddy Cab

    No real change of heart mate I love the 575 CC, But I always wanted a larger boat , Dream Boat is a Edencraft 233 Formula with Twin 250hp's but that's a big $$$$ investment mate that I'm not quite ready for financially . Ill Price up the 610/650 HT from Surtees and do some sums and see how it looks financially and what kind of dollars ill get for mine. At this stage its only a new decision to offload , but id like to be prepared so I have new boat come snapper season next year .