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  1. Cobiaaddict

    for sale Surtees Profisher 575 Centre Console

    Freeboard is good mate, Some might say a little shallow but I found reaching over the side to gaff or net fish to be a good height , The extra wide deck gunnels make you feel safer also
  2. Cobiaaddict

    for sale Surtees Profisher 575 Centre Console

    BMT trailer packer is 1230Kg, Very soft riding boat mate, little wet in side on stuff, 45Degree Dead Rise in the mid ship & 21Degree @ Transom I fished all winter for bay snapper in conditions up-to 20knots with out an issue, Traveling around 32-35km per hour in head and following seas, If you fill the water ballast your will do 40kmph easy and could push a lot harder if you like. 100ltr tank of fuel will see 220-235km pretty easy at 42km cruise speed with 3 POB,
  3. Cobiaaddict

    for sale Surtees Profisher 575 Centre Console

    I know a lot of people who would like to keep it in there back yard and take good care of it while we are away, Yeah Camper trailer with boat on top of that or a roof top tinny,
  4. HI All, Its a bit unfortunate , but putting the Surtees up for sale , Going back to a small 12-13ft tinny for the next few years and saving up for a 21-24ft Hard Top of some description, Also going around Australia for 6-7 Month's and cant take it to most locations we are heading. Details as Follows 2017 Surtees 575 Profisher Centre Console ( 5.75m of 18ft 3inch) 2017 115 Yamaha 4-Stroke approx. 60Hrs ( just had annual service) Lowrance HDS 9 Sounder with Total Scan Transducer Lowrance Elite 9ti GPS with Navionics Card 100lt Fuel Tank Live Bank Tank Reef Anchor with float retrieval , Over sized Danforth Anchor, 250m Rope & 8m of Chain 2 x large kill tanks Approx. 150lts in total Epirb and All Safety Gear ( Life Jackets, V-sheet etc. ) Rego just renewed till August 2019 PM me if you want more info or contact Can arrange water test , no tyre kickers please Neg: $59,000 Cheers Josh <><
  5. Cobiaaddict

    for sale Rods And Reel For Sale

    Nothing set in stone as far locations and stops go just yet mate, but I will be stopping at a lot of locations to go fishing that's for sure,
  6. Cobiaaddict

    for sale Rods And Reel For Sale

    Hahah. Id hate to have that dream too @Drop Bear Will be putting the Surtees on market in the coming weeks as we are off around Aus next year for about 30 weeks. So i dont want it sitting around collecting dust. hopefully buy an even bigger one at the start of 2020
  7. Cobiaaddict

    for sale Rods And Reel For Sale

    Dobyns SOLD
  8. Cobiaaddict

    for sale Rods And Reel For Sale

    Green Arrow Sold.
  9. My son climbed the one on bounday rd. In Deception Bay. He loved it.. your fuel figures seem pretty accurate . My Surtees uses roughly that with a 115hp yammy getting 2.2-2-4km per ltr range.
  10. Didnt end up going @Poddymullet ended up indoor rock climbing with the kids. Good on you for getting out to Hutchies and Flinders.. now the exploring can start. Your Fuel usage sounds pretty good.
  11. With tomorrows wind and tide your will be fine heading to that area, It can stand up with a run in tide and solid westerly blowing, But I would not be worried with the wind forecast, Quite easy to see the deeper water when getting close to Comby Pt and coming into the inner freeman channel, once in mate its pretty safe, try not to hug the northern part of island too much . I'm hoping to be leaving Scarborough at 6am myself ,go jig some bait then heading offshore around the Cape, You may see me in your travels. Good luck,
  12. Cobiaaddict


    I use Schneider Klear 15lb in the bay chasing grassy sweet lip and works well on overhead gear, I find it does not like going on spin reels real well and bird nests up easily when wound on loose. Majority of time I have been using Shogun 20,30 or 40lb for chasing snapper inside the bay and Offshore. Another option for a brilliant mono is ANDE , normally deal direct with the USA when ordering .
  13. Cobiaaddict

    for sale Rods And Reel For Sale

    Guys Got a few too many rods that are not getting used or i have bought for no reason. Dobyns Savvy bait caster 663C 10-17lb great jack or barra rod used lightly. $200. Gary Howard reef rumbler 8-15kg 7ft spin. Brand new .perfect for floatlining bay snapper or offshore work. $220. Live fibre Texalium 8-15 7ft spin. One of my all time favourites for floatling for snapper. used. $180. Green Arrow 4-8lb 6ft spin. Never used great kayak rod for bream or bass fishing $80 Shimano Fishquest overhead 4-8kg 6ft used once as a kids overhead chasing sweet lip. $40 Shimano Core 100mg baitcaster reel brand new never used in box $450. Open to offers. Pm if u wish to make an offer or request more details Cheers Josh
  14. Cobiaaddict

    south queensland Jumped Ship At 1770 To Catch Reds

    That's an Awesome report and Fish @tugger .
  15. Cobiaaddict

    Anchor Advice

    I use a pretty large Danforth sand anchor with 8m of 10mm chain in the bay and find driving forward when pulling the rope in until you are directly above it works best, Sometimes we need to cleat it off and drive over it slightly if we anchored on a rubble or sandstone bottom as they can get quite stuck and we have to "back" the anchor out of what ever it may be wedged in, It also pays before dropping the anchor to check all your shackles are attached and done up, They come loose when travelling i found mostly ,