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    Im a super keen fisho, love my lure fishing (no bait on my boat!!) Im no master but can catch a few when need be.
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  1. Solar Charging Electric

    Thanks for the reply mate. I wont bother with one for the boat. Might just need a new battery
  2. Solar Charging Electric

    Hi everyone, I am going to invest in a decent solar panel for camping and got me thinking is it worth splashing out a little more and investing in a flexible marine grade one that I could also use to charge my leccy battery and mount it on my console. I know it wouldnt get full sun but figure i can rig it to trickle charge for those long trips I where I have no access to power. My outboard isnt big enough to charge both batteries so this is my next option Thoughts? Anyone done similar? Shane
  3. Anzac Day At Mud

    Nice one mate. Any feed of fish on a day with that much fishing pressure in commendable.
  4. Anzac Bay Session

    Cheers mate. Yeah it is one of the prettier poly boats you see in my opinion. Yeah hah the only chop on the bay was wake!
  5. Anzac Bay Session

    I know right! Haha it was so chunky.
  6. Anzac Bay Session

    Snuck out on ANZAC day for a bit of an explore with a friend I have been promising a dolphin tour to for ages. Given the boat traffic I figured fishing the bay would be a waste of time but of course took a bunch of rods anyway and hit the water at first light. The bay was glassed out and shot out to peel and dropped some lures on a reef on the south for a while for nothing but a grinner so decided to follow the tide up onto the flats. As I approached a rock bar my first cast landed me a just shy of legal snapper on a cultiva sp which was fun, the next 3 casts all accounted for a different species and fish also. Firstly a Grass tusky, then a black spotted estuary cod followed by a bream just over 30cm. Cracking start!! I continued around the mangroves and managed a tailor of about 50cm on the bream gear too followed by a stonker bream of 35cm fork. As I followed some schooling mullet around I saw a large silhouette follow my small diver and its mouth open wide. The fish turned its head before the boat without grabbing the hooks and followed by three of his mates cruised by. 4 Kingfish in 1.5m of water at peel!!! My heart was pumping and I threw some larger stickbaits around for no joy but was awesome to witness anyway. I then headed over to goat and managed 2 more smallish cod and a squid before moving to dunwich. We saw some dolphins on the way which got that responsibility off my chest. Ellie also managed her first fish ever with a respectable flathead. I nailed another squid (on a bream lure hah) and we decided to go for a swim at the passage. On the way home we spotted a few dugongs to finish things off. Overall ended up with 15 fish of 11 species and 2 squid! Good day considering the traffic.
  7. Boat Recommendations - 5m Cc

    http://www.boatsales.com.au/boats-for-sale/private/used/SSE-AD-4498140/2009-SEA-HUNT-TRITON-186/?cr=181&psq=(((((BoatType%3DPower%26State%3DQueensland)%26(((SiloType%3D[Demo and near new boats]|SiloType%3D[Dealer new boats])|SiloType%3D[Dealer used boats])|SiloType%3D[Private used boats]))%26Price%3Drange[..35000])%26LengthInFeet%3Drange[15..])%26Service%3DBoatsales)&pso=180&pss=Premium Looks nice!!
  8. The Weird, The Mysterious And The Wonderful

    (Rhina ancylostoma) Bowmouth guitarfish. I have never seen one in person before but would love to! Almost look like a whale shark ray cross.
  9. Just interested to see if anyone has pics of some rare fish that are rarely caught or seen. I got sent an ID request from a fishing comp in NSW earlier in the week and it got me keen to see what other people have caught or see. Or if there are any unidentified fish in your photo album I would be happy to help. This guy was caught out wide around a fish trap. Not one I have come across often!
  10. Tackle Storage

    Yeah same principle. I generally don't have more than 2 spares for gt hooks in the boat as I just change them before a session and haven't needed them out. Just prefer the snap clips and swivels to rungs as they are easier to get hooks on and off
  11. Tackle Storage

    For spit rings and trebles I thread them onto a snap swivel or snap clip so they all stay together.
  12. Boat Recommendations - 5m Cc

    Comfort and stability were great mate, honestly couldn't fault it. I didn't get to drive it myself so its hard to say what it was like handling wise but cut through chop much smoother than any tinny of comparable size
  13. Boat Recommendations - 5m Cc

    I have spent a week fishing out of a 5.5m Galeforce and loved it! Copped a few rougher days and it handled it beautifully. Definitely will be looking into them as a next boat
  14. Quick Cod Trip

    Good effort for a roadside session. I often go hours off the beaten track for results like that! Nice
  15. Back 2 Tangas Sat Tagging

    Thanks mate. Also are those video links working?