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  1. Plb`s Now Ok For Yaks/kayaks Etc In Qld

    well wouldn't that piss you off, now we are required to register them.
  2. south queensland Nearly A Ton

    performance anxiety, they have little pills for that these days
  3. south queensland Wanting To Case Tilapia In NPD

    These were caught at the entry of the bay where the bridge is in about 3 foot of water. The area is dry now.
  4. south queensland Wanting To Case Tilapia In NPD

    been few years since we targeted them, usually only bother in summer when the bass are not biting. i think that photo was the bottom of koala straight. Water levels are way down from when we were catching them, so I cant improve on Luke's advice. but they grow big and they go hard.
  5. Vale Wallyfly

  6. Louie The Lip Pic Added

    Mate of mine used to have a saying about someone who didnt get what they wanted - "lip on them like a motherless foal" I suspect that is what you currently look like Dino! Never mind, you will look 20 years younger when it is all said and done!
  7. northern territory Banana Karma

    Might have to stop hiding bananas in Rays boat for comps and on tagging days.......
  8. Hello & Help

    it's a big town - What suburb do you live in.
  9. yep did mine as soon as i found the email, seems shorter lead time this year.
  10. My New Boat - 5m Quintrex

    very nice! she fit in the garage okay?
  11. south queensland Caboolture River

    good luck! Have not fished the river in years,
  12. south queensland Searching...

    Fishing off the bank at NPD can be productive, but look for one of Ray's posts offering deckie spots, that will give you a good start for the fresh.
  13. south queensland North Pine Dam Survey Day 2.

    Did it a bit tougher this year. Last year we used all our tags 20 foot from the ramp, didn't even turn my motors on. This year we had to travel a good 200 metres. Thanks to Ray for topping up our shrimp supplies today, his generosity resulted in a new record number caught for my boat in a day. We fished 2 hours each day before running out of bait. Couldn't give a lure or jig away, tried for 2 hours yesterday., didn't bother today. Some of the blokes cleaned up on jigs, I don't know how they are using them, but obviously not any of the ways I tried them!
  14. south queensland Pineriver Bullsharks

    Fishing Rivers for Bullies is far more successful in summer.
  15. Don't worry to much, just think of all the structure when place like Raby bay are in the tidal zone in a few years........