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  1. Interesting article on the Gerry Cook Hatchery. Steve mustn't be there anymore.
  2. Good motors haswing, but they already pulled out of Australia once, leaving people with no service / warranty options, not taking that risk again.
  3. New Tow Rig

    You did well to have no issues with the BT50, mate has one and has had a multitude of issues from new, gearbox failed, injectors leaking, cracked head from injector replacement, followed by overheating after head replacement, interior heater radiator failure spraying interior with radiator liquid, requiring entire dash to be removed for replacement.
  4. south queensland Feeding The Eagles.

    Stuck at home being taxi - doing jobs! Had to put a couple of deadlocks on because idiot insurance companies insist they wont insure house if it doesn't have deadlocks - even though it has triple lock deadlock security doors, gotta have deadlocks on the main a couple of totally redundant deadlocks now fitted.
  5. south queensland NPD Lockjaw

    yeah, I had a hard time out there sunday, only 3 bass and a forkie for 3 hours fishing. Tough going.
  6. south queensland Nearly Overdone It

    weather last few days has been stinking. I would have waded in up to my neck, - to retrieve a lure or something of course.
  7. be very careful, rampant greenies in NSW lying about platypus deaths have made any trap seriously capable of catching yabbies/ crays illegal east of the great divide.
  8. south queensland NPD 24/12/17

    mate Cameron joined the 50 club, nice to be boating some bigger fish, but they are pretty chopped up. One fella worst case of fin rot I have seen. Whole back was bleeding, I was going to euthanise him, but he looked to be holding condition as well as the others so I let him go.
  9. finally someone does something right! tilapia tastes better than any bream I ever ate!
  10. Trailer Sway

    Interesting video on trailer sway
  11. National Party Potential Leaders

    dunno about the cooking bit, but she does appear to have got the message about Qld's opinion of Nicholls.......
  12. National Party Potential Leaders

    I actually heard Deb Freckleton talking for the first time the other day,. did a double take, I thought it was Pauline Hanson talking the voices were so similar.
  13. south queensland Fingerling Release NPD 15/12/17

    I've caught a few, yes they go well - but they are not value for money, catch returns in most dams where they are stocked are almost non existent, and their possession limit is only 2 (although with the catch rate, that is not likely to be a problem.....) .
  14. for sale Ready For Sale Price Drop Sold

    Bonus, it knows it's ways to all the dams Good luck with the sale Dino, they were a good model those ones.