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  1. Ramp in Albion near where Whitworths used to be is an alright launch spot.
  2. south queensland Rain What Rain

    yeah, just horned in on Ray's report. Struggled to find fish, but eventually found a co operative school just in front of the sign at the island in about 5 to 6m of water. Ended the day well, out of bait and bone tired!
  3. south queensland NPD 22/10/17

    I have absolutely no idea how many I caught, I put a very conservative 30 in the catchbook. Picked up a really nice yella earlier on in the middle of nowhere, saw a fat fish in the sounder and dropped a shrimp on her nose and she obliged.
  4. south queensland Rain What Rain

    have not seen that much Salvinia since before the last big flood! Looking to go out tomorrow for a run.
  5. Self Propelled Mowers

    I have used them in the past, and find the drives tend to want to go to fast, IE they are not variable, you just about have to break in to a jog when they are engaged!
  6. south queensland Borumba Dam Campground Closure

    Both SEQ Water and the Managers have milked the place for years without spending a cent on it. Hopefully they will find a new tenant who doesn't mind investing in the business, and SEQ Water will also spend some money, because it is a great camp ground.
  7. south queensland Prfma NPD 2017 Tagging Day Statics

    I had to travel much further this year to get in to the fish Norm. A good 2 to 300m I reckon! Last time I didn't even start my electric, I launched at the ramp. Looked at the sounder as the boat drifted backwards away from the ramp and decided this will do, dropped anchor and used all 50 tags without even putting the electric in the water!
  8. south queensland Anyone Fished Wyaralong Dam

    Its stocked with Mary Cod, lots of carp, cant remember if they put any bass in, probably, but stocking group concentration is on cod. There are red claw in there, no idea what they are currently fishing like. Don't see a lot of reports, apart from the annual carp competition, bit far south for the usual fresh water fisho's on here.
  9. south queensland Difference In Bass Growth Rates.

    I was fortunate enough to be taught by the experienced PRFMA members back in 2008, but they have an online course now that you must pass before getting your tagging certificate, which includes evidence you have tagged fish correctly (obviously under supervision of an experienced tagger, using their tags). A Link to the instructional videos.
  10. south queensland Difference In Bass Growth Rates.

    I caught 4 tagged fish yesterday in NPD, interesting to see the results from people who don't know what they are doing, or just plain cant read a measure..... 1 - out 600days, total length grew 30mm fork length grew 35mm 2 - out 468 days, total length shrunk 15mm, no original recording for fork length 3 - out 755 days total length shrunk 20mm, fork length shrunk 10mm 4 - out 755 days total length grew 5mm, fork length grew 20mm Only the first fish is a reliable original measurement, done by someone who knows how to tag and how to measure a fish. The 3rd was was a shocking tag job, javelin style tag shoved up in the shoulder, a miracle the fish even lived considering how close to piercing internal organs it was. 4th one looks reasonable at first glance, but the total length only grew 5mm, fork length grew 20mm, original measurement on a 35cm bass showed a difference of 30mm between fork and tail length?
  11. Plb`s Now Ok For Yaks/kayaks Etc In Qld

    well wouldn't that piss you off, now we are required to register them.
  12. south queensland Nearly A Ton

    performance anxiety, they have little pills for that these days
  13. south queensland Wanting To Case Tilapia In NPD

    These were caught at the entry of the bay where the bridge is in about 3 foot of water. The area is dry now.
  14. south queensland Wanting To Case Tilapia In NPD

    been few years since we targeted them, usually only bother in summer when the bass are not biting. i think that photo was the bottom of koala straight. Water levels are way down from when we were catching them, so I cant improve on Luke's advice. but they grow big and they go hard.
  15. Vale Wallyfly