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  1. Miller 197

    Miller 197

  2. Miller 197

    south queensland Zmans Shadz

    The shadz dont have a whole heap of action in them when comparing them to paddle tail or grubz So you will need to bring the lure to life with your rod action
  3. Miller 197

    Pine On Dodgy Prawns

    Flipping hell your sooo lucky to get those fishing rods back man
  4. Miller 197

    Worth The Repair?

    Thanks for the reply's fellas, thought that may be the case. Time to get a new rod I have a terez that's in need of a new top guide so i guess it worked out well ... sort of haha
  5. Miller 197

    Worth The Repair?

    Long story short my raider snapped Its a 9ft 4 piece raider travel rod. It is the top section that has snapped. These rods retail at $139. On special they can be about $100 I have never had a rod repaired and was wondering how much i would expect to pay to get something like this fixed. Or if i should just cut my loss and get a newbie I have contacted shimano direct and via BCF and they dont sell individual sections What do you guys think?
  6. Miller 197

    Cod Video From January

    Nice edit !
  7. Miller 197

    First Time Mooloolaba

    Howd you find going out the mooloolaba seaway? Easy as pie?
  8. Miller 197

    Moreton Bay Snapper Mayhem

    Some of the biggest snapper ive seen out of the bay in a while! Good Fish!
  9. Miller 197

    A Couple Of Recent Bay Trips

    Hows the conditions!!! Nice fish Thanks for the read
  10. Miller 197

    Moreton Bay Pb Day, No April Fools

    No fish too big for the stradic 5K's
  11. Miller 197

    Moreton Bay Tuna Report

    Although you were after longies, at the size mack tooonas make great sportfish!
  12. Miller 197

    Finally Going Fishing...

    I saw this today too Fingers crossed
  13. Miller 197

    Another Windy Adventure

    Im so over this non-stop cr@ppy weather that we have all been dealt this year.. But great fish in trying conditions !! Tell the longtail to visit the bay
  14. Miller 197

    garmin 95sv

    Hey Max Pwr, We upgraded our sounder about 3 months ago and went from a garmin 551 to the 95SV and we are really happy with it so far. We have only been out on 5-6 trips with it so far so we are still dialing it in. We are in the bay 90% of the time and the down view and side view has been really clear in upto 30m of water (haven't used it offshore yet). Really fast unit when changing views and the screen is nice and big. The garmins are pretty easy to use too The only downside is when wearing polarized sunglasses and the sun is directly hitting the screen you have to take your glasses off to read it (but this is rare and only when the sun is in a bad spot) But Anyways.. we have been pretty chuffed with it so far and I would definitely recommend it
  15. Miller 197

    Moreton bay fishing report 8/12/15

    Sounds like there was plenty of action out there! Mackerel can be very fussy at times