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    Relocated from Vic for a lifestyle choice. Have done trout fishing to Game fishing. Started with catching bass and now enjoying mud crabbing, prawning and now getting into spinning for Tuna & mackerel. Getting into the offshore fishing Marlin,Mackerel, Mahi,Mahi and reef fishing.
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    Fishing camping
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    Offshore and Reef Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
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    Jackal, Gobbler SP
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    Murray Cod 1.1m

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    Yellow fin 45Kg
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    Mako 55kg
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    103cm Golden
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    48 cm King George


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  1. Luvit

    south queensland Hervey Bay Sesh

    Good choice on the motor and a weekend at Fraser is just the way to break it in.
  2. Luvit

    south queensland Noosa Family Holiday this site has a lot of starting GPS marks.
  3. Luvit

    Trailer Repair Recommendations

    That's comforting to know. They had all good reviews except for one.
  4. Luvit

    Trailer Repair Recommendations

    I'm no IT person and in fact I'm no electrician either so you definitely have the drop on me there. To save time off the water I would have to fork out for new trailer first and then hope I would get a couple of thousand for the old one. Have to wait for the trailer to be made then drop the boat off and remove my 3D transducer so it doesn't get damaged on the ground. Then set the new trailer up so it drives on well. All of this is more time and the wife is not happy that I've spent the last 3 weeks working on it. So another 4 weeks and lots of running around, I think it best I have a work shop do it with all the tools at hand. I actually like the torsion axles with independent suspension (when they're not rusted) .
  5. Luvit

    Trailer Repair Recommendations

    Mate, it doesn't look that hard, no offence. If I had a large concrete area at home next to the shed I would consider it. Doing it on rock is painful. But if it means I'm back on the water quicker l'll pay the labour. Just annoyed I've lost 3 weeks trying to fix it and have to replace them now. Your trailer looks the goods. As you know when you jump to over 2000kg the trailer prices jumps up. Thanks for the offer.
  6. Luvit

    Trailer Repair Recommendations

    Thought about it but, a new trailer is going to be around the 12k mark which i don't have. At the moment I'm looking at $5k supplied and fitted for 2 x torsion axles, 4 sets of Jap bearings, 4 new hubs ford hubs and 4 x stainless steel brake calibers. At the same time I will change the aluminum mudguards to galvanized ones that don't crumble when you stand on them. I know my lights are excellent and the rollers are set for the boat, tyres are good and brand new jockey wheel. The only thing I can see to replace own the track will be 2 cross members when they rust out. The rollers etc are normal wear and tear which I'll do when needed. I didn't want to sell a dodgy trailer either.
  7. Luvit

    New Sounder Concept. Amazing!

    How good would that be? You would be able to watch the sharks take your fish in real time
  8. Luvit

    Trailer Repair Recommendations

    The comments regarding the bitumen was more to do with the trailer it is not a heavy duty one so doing a trip like Stanage is not an option. R & M have said the way the trailer is made it is best to use torsion again because it makes up part of the frames strength and advised against putting springs under it. Life span of Torison is approx 10 years and mine are at 9.5years. The set up I have
  9. Luvit

    Trailer Repair Recommendations

    After 3 weeks of research,emails and calls I have now found out that one of the torsion axles I have is fully seized and require replacing. I've had a enough of this and going to bite the bullet and change the axles,hubs,bearings over to Australian. In hindsight I now know the best thing to have done in the first place was sell the US trailer the boat come on and just bought new Australian one but, I didn't have the money at the time. So now I will have spend nearly as much on the old repairing it as a new one. My question is has any one had this work done and any recommendations around Brisbane? R & M Trailers are suggesting to replace with torsion again. Brisbane axles are saying change over to spring suspension. Any comments will help me decide which way to go.
  10. Luvit

    north queensland Stanage June

    Swain's will have to wait till next trip.
  11. Luvit

    Crab Nuts!

    I don't have the nuts for that. Beau has some great videos.
  12. Luvit

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Off the water ATM, but go the northsiders.
  13. Luvit

    south queensland 1770 Red Emperor Trout And Rte

    That would have been some cool footage.
  14. Luvit

    south queensland 1770 Red Emperor Trout And Rte

    Definitely keep that one in mind. Was the water a bit cold for a snorkel?
  15. Luvit

    south queensland 1770 Red Emperor Trout And Rte

    Been wanting to get back up there as soon as time allows. Cracking photos and trip. Congratulations Brock on the Reds. Another 3-4 weeks and my boat should be sorted and ready to go again. Maybe not he most productive way to catch reds but they do take Sp's. Here's one from my first trip to 1770 with @samsteele115.