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    Relocated from Vic for a lifestyle choice. Have done trout fishing to Game fishing. Started with catching bass and now enjoying mud crabbing, prawning and now getting into spinning for Tuna & mackerel. Getting into the offshore fishing Marlin,Mackerel, Mahi,Mahi and reef fishing.
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    Fishing camping


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    Offshore and Reef Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
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    Jackal, Gobbler SP
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    Murray Cod 1.1m

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    Yellow fin 45Kg
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    Mako 55kg
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    103cm Golden
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    48 cm King George


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  1. What model Furuno and transducer are you running?
  2. Luke's Red was the trips trophy for sure. I enjoy looking for new ground and find the fish we catch form those areas are the most rewarding. I am still changing transducer positions and NOW know it is the trim tabs that are causing the problem. Without trim tabs it will read bottom fine at 65kmph. As soon as I add trim tabs the picture breaks up because the trim tabs send out a trail of bubbles from the edge in a vee pattern. It takes a lot of time and adjustment to get them right but when you do and can pick up ground while cruising, the time will be well worth it. We fish hard with no breaks for lunch or anything, just eat in between bites if there is a chance. Next time for the diving. Have to get myself a legal RED.
  3. Time is my biggest enemy. Let you know Robbie when the moons a line.
  4. You are most welcome. Always have a jig on rod even in the bay. Anytime tuna pass they cannot resist them. If you are happy to travel to the good side of town we can go fishing sometime and see what we can raise.
  5. Looking forward to tasting it.
  6. You're to kind, Brad and Tugger put us on them.
  7. All the way to the bottom. We fished 20-70 meters. Most fish were taken in the 40m mark.
  8. Luke and I took up Demarc’s invitation to join the Wander’s at 1770 and so glad we did. We had an absolute ball with everyone that attended and even pulled a fish or 2. It had it all, good weather, good company, thrilling NRL and ALF finals being played when the wind was up. We did 2 trips both times we stayed out on the reef for 2 nights. The highlight of the trip fish wise, was Luke’s estimated 13kg Red emperor. It still fought hard even after the tax man took his share. Being new to Sykes reef we went exploring to see what we could find. There is so much ground to fish up there and never enough time to explore it. All the Wander’s were very generous with their knowledge pointing us in the right direction. The wind increased over night which when rafted up was interesting. Not having ever done this before we were under gunned with the fender sizes and unfortunately ‘Luvit’ has 3 new scratches to remember the trip by. I found it hard to fish soft plastics till the second trip when the wind and tides were less. I coped a bit of banter from the guys trying to get a bite out of me regarding the Gobbler Lures. But, it looks like Julian is going to convert to the dark side and start using Sp’s more often. Here are some of our photos from the trip. Julian's weapon. Thanks to Dropbear Robbie for taking a couple of photos for us. If you ever get a chance to do a trip like this there is no better way and the safety factor of having a few boats to help out if anything went wrong was most reassuring. A big thank you to all the guys it was a great trip made better everyone's involvement,e specially Julian for arranging everything.
  9. Stuff For Wheel Studs?

    I just spray lanolin oil on them. Can get it from Supercheap.
  10. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    Any better halves that can be on a boat for 3 days and enjoy it, are worth their weight in gold.
  11. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    Top trip. Fattest trout I've seen, excellent Brad. It was so good to be close by when you got that red, it certainly put a decent bend in the rod. I'll have to posts some photos soon of the trip.
  12. That's so good Robbie, , no one will post any more reports after setting the bar so high.
  13. Sundown National Park Photos For Dad's Day

    I expect there would have been but didn't take a rod. Most of the river was dry, the only little stretch that held water was in the photo where we had some lunch.
  14. south queensland The Boy Borrowed The Boat

    It's a proud day and a sad day at the same time Tugger.
  15. Sundown National Park Photos For Dad's Day

    Good training for when they're older.