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  1. Awesome! Great to hear the gear is being put to good use
  2. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    Hey benno, The terez has been used for only for a week. How does $170 sound? Also Robbie got a lot off me, so no metals but still pretty much what you see in the way of plastics (heaps), a few jigheads as well
  3. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    Hey mate, yep still available. I'll pm you
  4. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    No mate, sold those unfortunately
  5. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    Will be great to catch up Ty. Friday afternoon should be fine
  6. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    Reels: Rarenium 1000, Stradic 5000fj, saragosa 8000, Symetre 3000. Rods: 15-30lb terez 7 foot, 30-50lb terez 7 foot, couple of medium to light rods with shortened tips I could do for cheap
  7. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    A couple of them have teeth marks and one is unused. I'll take $40 for all 3
  8. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    I'll be home all day before 3.30pm. Does that suit Robbie? @Drop Bear
  9. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    Well paint me green and slap me like a naughty avocado! You're right.
  10. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    Yes mate, of course. I think there's only 1 or 2 though but will check before you come out. Plenty of slugs and microjigs!
  11. for sale Heaps Of Gear!

    Hey guys, Getting rid of a lot of fishing gear; lures, braid, leader, jigheads and a heap more miscellaneous stuff. Basically everything pictured and more. I'm in Alderley on the northside so come make an offer on some stuff much easier than individually pricing everything. Rods and reels for sale too
  12. Cricket 2017-2018

    So sick of the Marsh's!! Hohns' "selecting for the future" policy of not considering older players who dominate the shield like Cowan, Ferguson, Klinger and others due to their age is the epitome of hypocrisy when a mediocre 34 year old with a batting average less than his age gets selected for making a couple of 50s this season. Logic? Renshaw should have stayed, Bancroft bat at 6 and Shaun Marsh never ever again to be selected. He's had 7 chances to cement a spot and failed.
  13. for sale Fs Quintrex Renegade 420 Ts Yamaha F50fehtl 4stroke

    Thanks guys, already got so much interest it looks like it wont last long!
  14. for sale Fs Quintrex Renegade 420 Ts Yamaha F50fehtl 4stroke

    Yep it's advertised elsewhere