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  1. Rods And Reels For Sale

    Legend thanks mate.
  2. Rods And Reels For Sale

    Actually na forget about it, you've caught me in a good mood with the multiple purchase I'll post tomorrow
  3. Rods And Reels For Sale

    Hey Lance, I've been on the phone to Wayne and he was happy to take the $75 Stradic. But the other one and Rarenium 4000 is still up for grabs. Because I have listed at my lowest price would you be ok if I add 10 bucks for postage?
  4. Rods And Reels For Sale

    Hey guys, long time no post. I hope everyone has been well. I unfortunately need to move on some gear to pay for unforeseen expenses. Shimano Rarenium 1000fa. mechanically and cosmetically very good. 6lb braid. Spare spool. $115 Shimano Symetre 2500. old school and scratched up but still smooth. 10lb Sunline super pe. $30 Nordic Stage Aerial Pro. the best light tackle rod I've ever used and will be sorry to see it go. Excellent condition. $200
  5. Question For Hervey Bay Locals Or Regulars

    But in comparison to a moreton bay ramp @Luvit its no where near as busy. And depending where you go you dont see anywhere near as many boats as moreton bay. I remember weekends heading to the top of the island and only seeing 3 or 4 boats all day.
  6. This Is Commitment

    thats so awesome haha
  7. Iluka Breambo

    haha that's awesome. Bream are funny sometimes hey, gotta target them with 3lb leader and small lures to get a bite sometimes but then other times you can get them on 60lb leader and a 5 inch plastics
  8. Pumicestone Passage

    Thats pretty good advice for a complete beginner cos it ensures the plastic is on the bottom. But when you're a bit more experienced and know when your lure is touching the bottom then lighter is defs the way to go.
  9. Adding Bling (more Pics)

    Hahahah I was literally about to say the same thing to stir him up Looks good wayno
  10. Awesome video dude, well edited too!
  11. Borumba On May Day

    Awesome dude. Perfection right there.
  12. Offshore Moreton 25/04

    Nice work on getting a few fish mate. Im curious to know what swear word it is that is 8 letters long? Pm me
  13. Boat Rollover On South Passge Bar

    Yeh Moreton Island Fishing Charters. Not good, although could have been much worse
  14. Straddie Bread & Butter

    Wishing i was back there already, and grateful to have the option to whenever I want. Great report mate and hopefully I'll fish some more next time
  15. Advice to deckies spots

    As long as its made clear to the decky what they need to provide, then yeah I agree