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  1. helibase

    Tackle Storage

    Hi Terry, I use the Meiho slit form case for all my treble hooks, jig heads and the Versus VS-420 case for all my split rings etc. I'll take some photos of my setup tonight and post them. Ian
  2. helibase

    Diy Kayak Repair

    Hi Angus, This happened to me a few years ago. I used the plastic welding kit from Bunnings to rebuild the bottom keel. I then finished it off with the kayak repair patch from Freak Sports - https://www.freaksports.com.au/product/patchnprotect-kayak-repair-patch/ Dave from Freak Sports said you can probably just use this to fix the holes as it's made from plastic and Kevlar. I haven't had a problem since. Ian
  3. helibase

    Madmic's Fish Of The Month - January

    Thank you @Luvit @Madmic
  4. helibase

    Madmic's Fish Of The Month - January

    G'day Everyone, I picked up 8 pups from the GC canals in my kayak. 6 with the Luck Craft G-Splash and 2 with the Imakatsu Wasp. As for the size and weight, I won't be winning any prizes here.. I was stitched up by a good one as she wrapped me around a crab pot rope next to the pontoon. As I got closer, I could see her and the lure snagged on the rope a foot below the surface. As I went to net her, she got off. At least I got my favourite lure back. Ian
  5. helibase

    Madmic's Fish Of The Month - January

    I'll kick things off with my first fish of 2017. I know this entry won't count but I'll share it anyway... Caught with a zman minnow on 16lb braid and leader with a Nordic Stage Cheater and 3000 size reel. Caught on low tide in the GC canals with a howling northerly. It's actually my first jack on a soft plastic! Fish was released. Ian
  6. helibase

    south%25252Bqueensland After Work Hinze Saratoga

    Yes, that's true. I came across this MRC about 3 years ago in one of the upper reaches of Hinze. I first saw it trying to eat a tandanus I just caught. I lost count how many times I went back trying to catch it with all the lures and bait I had. The last time I went back I didn't even bother trying to catch it, I just watched it majestically patrol its pool. Ian
  7. I'll start the ball rolling - even though it can't count..... Angler: Ian Species: Bass / Bream by catch - flathead Where Caught: Toombul shopping centre creek - land based When: 04-09-16 Size: Approximately 1/5 custom Nordic stage artist rod Weight: solid
  8. helibase

    AFO Swap Meet & Squidding: 13th August

    I have no hard feelings to anyone. It's actually a really beautiful spot to spend some time at. I could of waited longer but I opted to head home and go fishing myself, so don't feel sorry for me
  9. helibase

    1770 Adventure: Reds, Trout, Fun.

    Wow... Amazing boys @Angus@Do$tylz@Boydy
  10. helibase

    AFO Swap Meet & Squidding: 13th August

    I was there from 10-10:30. I left after no one else showed up Ian
  11. helibase

    AFO Swap Meet & Squidding: 13th August

    I'm selling this on Saturday. Lures - $5 to $15 each or happy to bundle them up for further discount. Popper pack $5 to $10 Lucanus jigs $10 each or 2 for $15 Tackle trays $5 to $10. Spotters Droid - halide glass lens - $130 Camelbak motherlode backpack with hydration - $120 Reel - SOLD Ian
  12. helibase

    Some New Bling

    Hi @Cody I've literally done the same thing and bought a pair of Maui Jim Red Sands after owning a pair of Spotters The Spotters are a great pair of sunglasses, but I found them fogging up first thing in the morning and uncomfortable after prolonged use (probably because of my thick head ). The Maui Jims are the most comfortable pair of sunglasses I have ever worn and from what I've read the lens aren't too bad either. I'll let you know how mine go next time I'm fishing with them. Ian
  13. helibase

    AFO Swap Meet & Squidding: 13th August

    What a great idea @Angus I have a heap of lures that I'm happy to sell / swap Ian
  14. helibase

    What's Your Plan?

    I'm chasing estuary cod (yes, you heard me right ) and maybe some top-water bream on Saturday afternoon. Fingers crossed I get enough to feed my wife and I. I might head out on Monday to chase some bass.. Ian
  15. helibase

    Brissy River Jack

    Nice catch @Ovington @Angus