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  1. Andrew_P

    Smoking fish - who does it?

    I have only just started smoking fish - I use this cheapie: The smoker came with scribbly gum and iron bark sawdust. I use it on the BBQ rather than the metho burners that came with it so you have better control of the heat. I mostly smoke fish wings and the odd fillet (skin and scales on) but have smoked chicken legs in there too which turned out great. I brine overnight in brown sugar, salt, water and soy, wash the brine off in fresh water, leave uncovered in the fridge to dry for a few hours again and then smoke for about 20-30 mins with the BBQ on low (around 150oC). Make sure you get the temp stable before you put the fish in or else it can overcook it. And use enough sawdust that will last the smoking time. The results are definitely worth the effort!
  2. Andrew_P


  3. Andrew_P

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    Awesome! Living the dream! Must get you pumped to chase the big salty donkeys. Collecting the broodstock would be fun too.
  4. Andrew_P

    north queensland Bowen Bliss Pt.2

    Some great fish there @Ovington! Big fish in tight structure is the stuff dreams (and nightmares!) are made of! Interested to hear what work you are doing up that way?
  5. Andrew_P

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    Brownie from Coastwatch lives down that way too. Might be keen
  6. Andrew_P

    north queensland Fishing Charters

    Brother in law lives up that way and has had a couple of trips out of Port Douglas with this mob: He caught some nice nannies and trout bottom bashing. Doesn't look like you would have to fish with 20 others either.
  7. Andrew_P

    completed Deleted

  8. Andrew_P

    completed Deleted

  9. I haven’t put my finger on it drop bear but thinking it might be my baiting technique. Might have to invest in some artificials! Could you imagine the results if i took up jigging?
  10. Thanks mate - all hard work now (as you will know) with 3 under 2 at the moment. The way i'm looking at it is in a few years i'll have 3 fishing buddies! I'm sure Mum's really looking forward to me taking all 3 of them fishing at the same time too ;-)
  11. Only got offshore once in 2017 (!) but got a nice red and trout. Finally got a jew off the beach. By far my most memorable catch wasn't fishing related (well, maybe fishing related - at a stretch!). I'd like to say it was a double hookup but it was more like catching two fish on the same set of gangs!
  12. Andrew_P

    What Do You Look For In A Report

    Hi Angus, Great thread starter! Everyone has their likes and dislikes (there's probably a rude analogy there somewhere) and i'm sure fishing reports are no different. I don't read all the reports so a great title releases the scent that makes me interested. Relevance to the fishing i do (or used to do before kids!) gets me biting, if it includes a rough location of where i fish, have fished before or want to fish in the future - especially if they include the way i like to fish and the species i target. Quality, well composed pics of photo-worthy fish sets the hook and a great story sharing the writer's experiences and genuine stoke shortens the fight and gets me close enough for a gaff shot. If the report is informative, well-written and allows me to learn something then the gaff shot hits the spot and i'm well and truly slapping around on the deck of the boat. Chuck a bit of humour in there and i'm bled and on the ice in the esky! Some recent or more memorable reports/threads with these features that come to mind are: drop bear's spanish mac story any of luvit's reports but especially his Kimberley adventure the noosa river stuff from the guys catching jacks and barras at night from a few years ago the PNG trip reports from your AFO trips Wayne Youngy Young's reports from here and abroad any post by Aussie123 Things that make me want to bust you off are reports that are too long, incoherent, or clearly trying to deceive. I'm really interested in other people's thoughts - i'm on another site but know that other media platforms (which i have logged out of) have definitely taken over in the last few years and that site in particular has really suffered. This forum seems to maintain its interest and traffic which is great to see! There is a sense of community on this site without elitism which is a credit to the people who post and the moderators no doubt. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute! Hopefully a few more reports from me in the future. Andrew
  13. Andrew_P

    Quiz Time

    Toe nail. Specifically, the nail of the big toe on the right foot
  14. Andrew_P

    south queensland Hervey Bay Regulars Help!

    Hey Angus where'd you end up? How'd you go?
  15. Andrew_P

    Fish Id Please

    That is a Putty nose perch - Polydactylus multiradiatus . Commonly mistaken as juvenile king threadfin but they are definitely a different species. Commonly caught in estuaries around Moreton Bay. There is no size or bag limit for Putty nose perch in Qld. The regulated threadfins in Qld (east coast) are: king threadfin (Polydactylus machrochir) mls 60cm bag limit 5, and blue threadfin (Eleutheronema tetradactylum) mls 40cm bag limit 10