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  1. Fishing Cape York

    G'day all, just sharing a little clip of our crew fishing Cape York. Cheers
  2. Fishing Cape York

    The west coast of Cape York is turning it on. The inshore grounds are going nuts with tuna and other pelagics. Here is some of the footage from a recent trip. Cheers
  3. Sharing some footage from a recent trip out of Thursday Island, Torres Strait. Fishing around 130km from tip of Cape York. Cheershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiZ54CzJILg
  4. Yep they are dark and mean GTS...apparently in some areas there are larger numbers of black coloured GTS which are mature males..they take up this darker colouration in spawning aggregations once they exceed 80cm or so. Whatever the reason... they all fight dirty
  5. Gts & Mackerel- Torres Strait

    Quick edit of a few GTs and Mackerel caught near Thursday Island, Torres Strait. Cheers, Matt
  6. Fishing Cape York (video)

    A little clip from our trip down the Cape from our home base of Thursday Island. Cheers
  7. Bit of footage from a couple of trips. Cheers
  8. Just launched this page to hopefully connect the Northern Areas of Australia. Please like, share and contribute. Thanks in advance. Facebook: Fishing Missions- Northern Aus https://www.facebook.com/groups/1066546293399943/From the Northern Great Barrier Reef, Cape York, the Torres Strait, Gulf of Carpentaria, Kakadu, the Arafura Sea, the Kimberley and the amazing locations in between, the Australian tropics boasts world class fishing experiences and unspoilt natural scenery. Share photos and videos of your impressive catches (including location, lure/bait techniques, tackle, tides, moon phase) and inspire others to plan their own remote Fishing Mission. Thanks for your support, Thursday Island, Torres Strait Matt Potter
  9. Scored another break in the weather a couple days before the full moon. Did a run 80nm from Thursday island to fish the somewhat deeper/ clearer waters of the Torres Strait. Found some awesome ground in 26-30metres (yes that is deep for up here) which was thick with LM nannygai. Smaller fish didn't seem as badly affected by barotrauma and seemed to swim off fine when released. And yes we stayed within our bag limit, after which we searched for more ground, explored some of the islands and had several swims as the heat was almost unbearable.Fish were coughing up prawns and squid. We had packed several boxes of each so certainly matched what they were feeding on. These trips are usually few and far between so it was good to get out and make the most of the weather. Enjoy the Vid.
  10. Little side project using stainless steel butter knives.
  11. Cape York Fishing Trip

    This is the video from our Cape York Fishing adventure from T.I to Jackson river. Amazing part of the world. Fishing was initially a bit tough but once we worked out a few areas and that the fish were sitting a bit deeper we started landing a lot more barra. 3 boats, 6 blokes went down with 1 boat coming back early only to break down and get rescued/ towed by Seisia Coast Guard and then T.I water police.