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  1. Sun Glasses

    Ive got 2 pairs of costa' s blue lens with grey tint 580g, green lens with amber tint 580g. Prefer the green tint spot a lot more fish with them both in the surf and offshore. Best glasses I've every had.
  2. need some advice on catching bullys

    Hi MUrko have caught a few in my day. On bribie both of the beach and from the boat. Find summer time the most productive. As for tackle I used 8 kg main line, 7 o circle hook and a foot of 7 strand 100 pound wire onto 60 to 80 pound black magic Fluoro carbon. Out of the boat we would float live mullet under a balloon. Let it run till the ballon started to submerge then kick the bait runner into gear. Of the beach same set up minus the balloon, replaced with a suitable sized star sinker. Let them run 10-20 seconds then engage the drag. Lost so many on 8kg and have had them bite through the 100 pound trace. But have managed to get them up 1.8 metres on that gear. Best of luck with it Mate I miss the rush havin to tail them in the surf.
  3. Hi all, I have never posted anything before but read this forum often, however after this weekend I have finally blown my stack and let lose. Finally after 2 weeks of land based fishing due to the weather conditions my husband and I finally made it out on the water. Yahoo! We figured that as the holidays were over , no long weekend and only a short window of low wind we would find a quiet place to fish out of the way, well we found a quiet spot and dropped the lines. Next thing you know a jet ski comes belting up the passage and flies past us within a few meters almost over our lines of into the distance only to return and yep, over our lines. What really p........d me off is their waving at us like I want to acknowledge their annoying asses. Anyway moving on we spent a few hours not catching much but just enjoying being out in the boat. The wind as expected started to pick up so we headed in to the ramp. Well that's when my blood boiled. As we approached the ramp we saw a group of people on the beach and two idiots on Jet Skis right next to the ramp doing donuts only a meter from the shore creating some big wash. We just watched them and figured they would stop once we had the boat in the shallow next to the ramp. Oh no. No brains and no manners. I went over to them and asked them to stop creating wash and that what they were doing so close to the beach was not acceptable. It's hard enough to get a boat on the trailer in this wind and running tide without them creating more problems. They all just looked at me with a blank face. Not surprising! One replied with " everybody does it". And to add insult to injury they had all parked their cars in the boat and trailer zone. I guess it was less distance to carry the esk! I am so sick of Jet skiers even out in the middle of Moreton Bay zooming past too close when they have the whole bay to do their " thing" whatever that is. Whatever happened to good old fashioned fishing etiquette and good manners? I sound like an old whinging fart. I am definitely not old, just totally over rude people. Does anybody else get dirty with this? Please tell me you all get annoyed to.
  4. Evinrude E-Tec

    I have a 2009 90 hp etec on my 1750 tournament. Never had a problem with it. Fuel economy is great. Heaps of punch down low.