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  1. Which rod is James bending on that longtail?
  2. Hooked On Tingalpa

    They make a gun livey for a jewie too Simo68!
  3. Which Boat To Buy

    Are you looking new nog?
  4. Decent Rod For $150

    I’ve had good experiences with the Daiwa tdt spin combos with the aird reels. For a budget reel they did a lot better for me than some others. I had a quick google to see if they are still available but only seemed to find this set up now.
  5. south queensland Fishing When Barometer Is Low

    I’ve never followed barometer but I do think there are patterns particularly with the moon. There are many ways for a pattern to fall over though.
  6. No Love For Cats ?

    Everything in boat is a compromise. Weight is good for the ride but bad to tow and power. Size is good for comfort and ride but sucks as soon as it’s out of the water. 2 motors are better than one until you have to service them haha and the list goes on. Foam floatation is something worth investigating if you are thinking about absolute sinkability. Glass boats rot but only if they have timber in them and not all glass boats do. Aluminium boats suffer from corrosion, galvanic or electrolysis call it what you will. What might be the best boat for you might be someone else’s nightmare. Enjoy your search.
  7. south queensland Manly Boat Ramps

    The south ramp was closed still for works so I headed up to the north ramp. I had the missus with me who hasn't been out much since we had the bub 5 mths ago and the earliest we could make it was the very gentlemanish hour of 8:30am. Unfortunately by that stage the car parking was non existent so some creativity had to be used as the pontoon was full and the boats kept launching! The plan was to head to tangalooma and fish along the way, we didn't see a lot of activity along the way but we did see one small school of longtails on the way up that were up only briefly...we got a few follows but no takers. On the way back we picked up a spotty and saw a few other schools up on the surface. The fish didn't seem to be in the mood when we were passing through, small schools up for a few seconds seemed to be the order of the day.
  8. south queensland Manly Boat Ramps

    All good mate......heading down there this morning.
  9. south queensland Manly Boat Ramps

    My mate always favours the south one, I’ve only been there a few times myself.
  10. I saw before Christmas there was Work in progress at the south Manly ramp and it was closed. Any locals know whether the work is completed and the ramp is open now? thanks!
  11. Preference In Braids

    Keen to hear how you get on with it.
  12. Preference In Braids

    Shimano Ocea ex8 And Varivas casting are my favourites so far for 20lb plus I haven’t found a good sub 20lb 8 strand yet and I’ve tried toray sea bass, Varivas, ygk G soul, and shimano mission complete. They all see to break according to the #pe rule of thumb of #1 pe equals 10lb. The shimano mission complete casted amazingly but the 12lb broke at like 5lb! Despite being very highly rated the ygk g soul was the worst with constant wind knots and terrible abrasion resistance. It took a few good fish lost before I realised it was the braids fault and respooled three reels of it.
  13. New Tow Rig

    That’s a bad run! i got one with 110k and zero issues. Hopefully it stays that way.
  14. I’ve been thinking a 7.5m 100lb wind on to clip to a 3m leader on the skirt. Thinking being it’ll introduce a bit of stretch into the system and is good for leadering up a stubborn fish from underneath the boat. Ive been running all my lures tight to the boat and teasers as that’s where all our hits have been coming from. We had one one take the shotgun but he’d hit three other lures in the spread beforehand! All a new game to me so still learning on the job though.