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  1. MarkA

    south queensland Rspca Wants To Ban Game Fishing.

    So if we kill everything we catch then that’s ok?
  2. MarkA

    Boat Maintenance

    I use the deck cleaner every wash.....does a pretty good job I reckon.
  3. MarkA

    Been Quite

    There’s a nice Grady like yours around the corner from my place. I noticed The guy bit by bit was removing the antifoul, it took awhile but looks factory least from the street as I’m driving by! mustve been a tough job that’s for sure.
  4. MarkA

    Fishing And Patience

    i think it’s probably just fishing haha. Theres soooo many factors that can affect the likelihood of a bite to repeat itself under what on the surface seems like the same scenario. I don’t know anyone personally that can go out and smoke it every time even though social media can definitely make it look that way! Sounds like you are doing a lot right, the fact that you struggled to catch liveys probably explained why the predators weren’t there also.....the old saying of find the bait and find the fish definitely has some merit
  5. MarkA

    Transom Repair?

    I'm not an expert but my money would be on it being wood. Polyurethane (sika) wont stick to breadboard (HDPE I think) so has probably been leaking and trapping moisture at the same time. The commercial transom savers I've seen have dovetail penetrations in them and use epoxy iirc to bond to the hull so its a chemical bond to the hull but actually a mechanical bond to the transom saver and they don't use any screws......kinda hard to explain but simple when you see it. I'd tow it down to Arnolds if it was my boat, the guys are pretty decent to have a chat too and will give you an expert opinion that you can make some decisions on. I think anything fibreglass can be fixed but can be expensive and being 27yrs old I wouldn't be stunned if there's a few hidden surprises.
  6. MarkA

    Builders Plate

    If you know the details to fill in you can buy a builders plate and attach it yourself.
  7. MarkA


  8. MarkA

    Where To Live With Fishing In Mind

    I went through the process about 18months ago to get quotes to ship a sub 20ft boat to Brisbane from Florida. Many quotes seemed to leave a lot of items out that there’s be no way of avoiding paying for to make the quote seem cheaper. About 12k seemed to be the figure for a 20ft boat with the T Top removed shipped roll on roll off. Things id check would be.... transport inbound to port in US dismantling and preparing (cleaning and fumigation) insurance carriage type- roll on and off on cradle or on the deck of a ship brokers clearance fees in Australia you May have to pay 10% GST transport to final destination in Brisbane. Many reassembly required There are possibly others based on your type of boat.
  9. MarkA

    Bucket List Fish

    90+ snapper and flatty and a good gt on the surface.
  10. MarkA

    Stabi V Surtees V Glass

    Yes 100% Without a physical shelter you will get wet sometimes, especially in a quartering sea.
  11. MarkA

    Stabi V Surtees V Glass

    My back is pretty knackered too and something that’s a big consideration for me is where the location of the helm is situated. Too far up front for me is brutal in a smallish boat, my mates got a very nice Whitley sea legend 6.3 which is a good riding boat but I’ve still gotta be down the back when least the way he drives it haha. Trim tabs are fantastic things too Just a few more things to consider.
  12. I’ve had good experiences with R M Marine with the work I’ve had done to my trailers.
  13. Which rod is James bending on that longtail?
  14. MarkA

    Hooked On Tingalpa

    They make a gun livey for a jewie too Simo68!
  15. MarkA

    Which Boat To Buy

    Are you looking new nog?