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  1. Question On Navionics

    Interested in this also.
  2. show off ur boat

    Had her for a bit over 3yrs and about to move on, Can't wait for the new boat but will be a little sad when shes not in my garage anymore!
  3. This Is Commitment

    Awesome..... love them!
  4. Gold Coast Fisho

    I think it's all too easy to get the wrong impression sometimes off social media. Every "gun" fisho I've met has been extremely dedicated to doing what they love to do and I'm sure all the trophy fish they post have countless hours invested into the capture. The old adage of 'time on the water' is often bantied about but is so true, enjoy the process, keep your eyes peeled and fish actively, you may get close a few times and lose but when that fish you've been chasing so long hits the deck everything you've done leading up to that point in time will be so worth it!
  5. Dc To Dc Charger For Minn Kota?

    Hmmm looks like only a partial solution. I currently have a Ctek MXT14 also that I use at home, I guess I'll have to talk to the marina and see how I can go about charging the batteries on AC. This is the DC to DC charger I was looking at.... DC-to-24Volt-DC-On-Board-Waterproof-Battery-Charger-Charge-your-Electric-Bow-Mount-Trolling-Motor-Minkota-Motorguide-24V-Battery-Whilst-the-Engine-is-Running What make/model did you have Luvit?
  6. Anyone got any experience with using DC to DC chargers to charge their 24V trolling motors. I'm getting a new rig towards the middle of the year that will be getting dry stored and will be difficult to hook up to a charger and I am looking to these chargers as a possible solution. I'm getting the new rig to do a bit more exploring further afield and expect ill be doing longer runs approx 1hr each way and much more minimal electric usage than I do now. Boat will be powered by a 140 suzi. Anyone given this a crack?
  7. Lures Vs Soft Plastics

    Small vibes can be a lot of fun and can pick up just about everything with fins too. Rhythmic hop........hop........hop keeping contact with the bottom, fish will pick them up off the bottom on the pause also. Bit of scent added never hurt either.
  8. Glad To See Them But Cmon

    All of the above but as they say.... "If it aint chartreuse it aint no use!" haha
  9. Glad To See Them But Cmon

    Quite often I find when they are not properly on the job or are going off the bite and I am missing a few fish that when I land one they are chin hooked and haven't really properly attacked the plastic. I think they either jump on top of the plastic on the pause or swipe at it. They are pretty good at getting off when hooked like this. I've seen numerous hot bites turn like this and go from landing one fish after another to all of a sudden missing fish then landing one chin hooked and then nothing.
  10. Anyone Used The Gulp Saltwater Ghost Shrimp

    If the tide is cranking then i usually do one of a few things..... Match the boat speed to the current and cast ahead of the drift on an angle, there will be a sweet angle where this will work and takes some trial and error with head weights to get right. Look for anything on the bank that will disrupt the current and create a back eddie or current line. Fish love hunting in these spots and can be easier to fish also. If you have a bit of depth say 5m+ and the current is ripping I like to fish the plastic vertical and match the boat speed to the current, an electric is really helpful to correct for wind etc. You don't have to do much with the plastic except hover it say 50cm off the bottom. If you have a side imaging sounder use it to mark trees etc or it can get a bit expensive.
  11. Bummer....caught a couple of crackers lately but only just saw this comp. Have to remember the thumbs up next time in the photos!
  12. Brisbane Boat Show Yesterday

    Unfortunately I agree. I'm in the market for a CC towards the end of the year and the boat I'm after really isn't made locally.
  13. Transducer Problems

    What type of transducer is it mate?