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  1. shakey55

    Small Scale Wave Energy Converter

    Done (from Sydney)
  2. shakey55

    Boat Insurance

    A little late, but I am sure NRMA allow you to nominate periods of non use giving you a lower premium.
  3. shakey55

    Southwind Boat Weight

    From what I’ve been able to read - the SR17 hull weight is around 570kgs. That is bare hull only. Ad motor, trailer, fit out, fuel, water, fishing gear etc. I think you might be a little undersized in the vehicle department. Cheers Hope that helps a little.
  4. shakey55

    Sunken Boat

    Here is another shot
  5. shakey55

    Sunken Boat

    I didn’t even know there was one there. When did that occur
  6. Happy New Year to all I have a Live Fibre Overhead Rod (RLFTX16) 10 - 15 kg rated there are some specials running at the moment and I would like some input what would be a good reel to suit this rod. I will be using it to do some light trolling, some live baiting and some occasional bottom bashing. I had done some researching and have been thinking of a Shimano Tyrnos 16 or the Simano Talica 16 Some suggestions would be nice. One further question - is a two speed needed ? thanks
  7. shakey55

    Boat Hire

    I know this is a very old post, but I met the owner of BOAB, who is really nice bloke. He told me the whole story behind why he started the business. He took his family away (possibly around OZ) towing a boat and realised he did a lot of towing between actually using his boat and thus the idea of establishing boat hire places in main areas like Broome for example where travellers wanted to take themselves fishishing for a day or two but didn’t have to worry about towing their boat half way arou d the world. It may seem like an expense to hire one of their boats, but when you do the sums against the towing expenses, etc etc, it’s a bloody good idea in my opinion.
  8. shakey55

    Boat Detailing

    Do you have the link to the US site to design stickers
  9. shakey55

    Trim Tabs

    I’ve had the SE400 on my boat for over 100 hours of use and they have never let me down. Never had to retighten.
  10. shakey55

    Marine Mechanic

    For the information of others, I have been using South West Marine for a couple of years, since changing from a business in Camden. I am more that happy with them. on a couple of occasions last summer they were able to squeeze me in for urgent work and back on the water
  11. shakey55

    Transducer Saga

    Try and get your transducer marginally lower than you hull and running pretty much the same line as hull. Good luck with your trials. I purchased my new boat (new to me) and it had a clean transom (not one hole ever drilled). It had an old through the hull transducer. I removed that and purchased a new Garmin unit and the appropriate transducer and re-installed. Best sounder results ever. everyone has their own option but I believe through the hull is the best in a glass boat.
  12. shakey55

    show off ur boat

    Got the boat back with new Bimini, Clears and a full cover. Very impressed with quality and workmanship I believe money well spent
  13. shakey55

    show off ur boat

    My boat 2000 model Seafarer V-Sea, with 2000 model 115hp Johnson Oceanpro currently at marine trimmer Kirrawee get new boat cover, bimini & clears
  14. shakey55

    Help Required For Overhead Combo

    I've always fished over reefs using a couple of good rods with alvey reels. I have been thinking of trying some different styles of fishing, trolling etc, but I'm looking for (if possible) an outfit that I can use for some light trolling, bottom bashing and maybe the occasional jigging. I am aware that they are all different styles, but as a beginner of these styles I would like one outfit to cover all to start and then if I like fishing like this I can purchase equipment to suit. It might be a big ask to cover all these types of fishing, but I would like some ideas on rod and reel combinations. I have been looking at tld's and penn's. I normally fish in waters from 20m to upwards of 80m
  15. New to this forum and looking forward to learning from all the knowledgeable people here. Recently retired, own a 2000 model seafarer v-sea with a 115 Johnson Oceanpro and looking to get a lot more serious with my fishing. Enjoy the outdoors, 4x4 adventures, camping, fishing and golf.