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  1. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    I'm good with that! :-) Sorry - made that post before my morning coffee... :-)
  2. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    Do we have anew secret sign for this week? If not, how about crossed fingers, or a simple "X" ??
  3. Vacancy

    Have you tried Turbo batteries Brendale? I usually get a good deal there. Worth a look. :-)
  4. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin!

    JESUS! Don't do that to me! :) It's only Tuesday! (I have a deadline at work that is due Wednesday - for a second I thought I'd missed it.)
  5. Last Fling For A While

    :-) Not like it's going to keep you busy mate even if you did! QLDER!
  6. This Is Commitment

    I'm a fan too.. He's simply... Entertaining!
  7. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin!

    Team North for me....
  8. Minn Kota Or Motor Guide

    This is true.... On the northside, Redcliffe Marine 199a Elizabeth Street Clontarf are a dealer, and in my experience pretty decent guys.
  9. Minn Kota Or Motor Guide

    Having owned both I can probably offer a bit of insight. I have found the MG to be quieter - especially the steering noise, and much more responsive to controls than the MK. Setting up the MG to work with a Lowrance HDS was dead easy and well worth the dollars. (MK will do similar with humminbird combo units) The MK remote control has a display which enables you to see the speed setting of the motor / spotlock/autopilot etc, and upon moving to the MG it was one feature I missed. Now that I can see the speed etc. on the HDS it's no longer an issue. I moved away from the MK as I'd owned 3 models, and all 3 had failed after 3 years or so. All of the faults were in the main board. I went to MG to see if they were a bit more reliable, but will admit I haven't owned my current Xi5 long enough to make a call on that. For mine, the major advantage of MG over MK is that it is very quiet in comparison, that said, I haven't used a new model MK recently.. I really don't think you'll be disappointed whichever you choose. They are both worth the money.
  10. Another Great One.

    Thanks for yet another awesome day Ray! He didn't stop talking about fish all the way home and well after! This is the most excited he's ever been about fishing. It's amazing how a couple of days with good numbers and good fish can get a young bloke excited!
  11. Fish Finder Combo Help!!!

    Try RAM-111U They will suit the elite and HDS 9
  12. Fish Freshness

    One hour between posts... This isn't "Ask Google" mate. A little patience please. I'd be throwing it out.. Might pay to be prepared, or at least add ice to your esky if you catch something next time.
  13. Fish Finder Combo Help!!!

    @Joe Devereux I have both the HDS-7 and a humminbird 998 mounted on RAM mounts. Have a look around, you can get RAM mounts capable of holding the HDS-9 with ease.
  14. Phoebe Does It Again.

    Great post Ray. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the FOTM entry! :-)
  15. Phoebe Rules

    It was great to run into you guys today and be able to congratulate Phoebe on such a good fish! Kudos to both you and Jason for giving her such an awesome experience :-) As far as the FOTM comp goes, I'll vouch for her as an independent witness, or, you could interpret the "2" as "too" cute! Put her in the running!