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  1. Newbie To Bayside - Moreton Bay

    Plenty of good spots out around peel and mud island. I only had a small tinny so that's sort of the limit of my knowledge. Get navionics app it'll give you some good starting spots
  2. Winter Whiting

    Can't beat fresh pumped yabbies on the incoming tide at the mouth of lota creek.
  3. Shrimp Traps....

    No problems Gary what are you targeting? Are you based in the Burdekin?
  4. Shrimp Traps....

    There's a good thread on this mate it should be pinned in freshwater top posts. Ray is the shrimp trap guru. And cat biscuits work best
  5. Happy Birthday Ray

    Big happy birthday to one of the best people on this site @rayke1938.. popped up on my Facebook. Have a good day mate hope you're out fishing
  6. Greenpatch

    Can't beat local knowledge @Luvit is right.
  7. New To Fishing In Aussie

    @rayke1938 is a great ambassador will always put you onto fish. I'd have a chat about getting on one of his trips if you can. Just remember no bananas!
  8. Few More At NPD 18/6/17

    Are you back fishing again yet ray?
  9. A Day At The Islands

    I was stoked. That's what I love about living back up north again the fishing and quality of fish is second to none
  10. A Day At The Islands

    Hahhahh yeah.. some how I don't think this stuff is gonna wash off either yeah was a good day, all the fish were in 11-15m of water too we tried deeper and there wasn't much about. I think for bigger we'd need to head a fair bit wider than the weather allowed for today. There's always next time I guess.
  11. A Day At The Islands

    Oh also got a 35cm rte which was strange to be in that close. He went home hopefully to breed
  12. A Day At The Islands

    As I was heading north to go chasing jungle perch the weather was too good and I ended up making a detour out to fish some islands while the weather was good. After a 6am start and a slow morning boating nothing but undersized red emporer things started to pick up around 11 when I boated my first legal grassy. I ended up coming away with 6 legal grassy biggest going 50cm a 45cm trout and a couple of tuskies. Caught a few trout under and grassies I threw back and a slew of cod. Everything I caught using the mother in law for bait on handline as it was the first fish over the side on what little bait I had left. The wind and swell kicked right up and I had to make my way home at around 2. Not bad for a days work Fjtl
  13. Tully Jungle Perch

    What are the temps like?
  14. Tully Jungle Perch

    Thanks mate. That'll make sleeping unpleasant.