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  1. You will have fun the west coast is great lots of fish with size and teeth to match
  2. Leroy

    south queensland Hey Fatso

    I would be very happy with just one that size any day I must fish More this year
  3. Leroy

    Massive Reds!!!

    Cheap fish Tilapia $ 9.99 hope it was frozen
  4. Hinze dam has togas to but that's a beautiful dam Good trailer work Get the other leaf replace to that's not right
  5. Leroy

    south queensland NPD 25/4/18

    Looks a magic day peacefull
  6. Leroy


    Just today I saw a deep fried tilapia in the valley food mart I wonder if it was a frozen import or a illegal Local capture How can we tell ? Or do we just report it always to fisheries to police with there limited numbers
  7. Leroy

    fishing Fishing Roadtrip!

    Yes be aware of crocs up north with the recent big rainfall they will be into new territory and will be grumpy new boys on the block but the fishing will be good
  8. Leroy

    south queensland My Pb Spotty! Thanks Tugger

    nice spottie robbie well done more to come