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  1. better detail mate then navionics and piece of piss to install / use . check them out https://www.c-map.com/
  2. I recently was in the same position, after researching i decided to use c-maps over navionics and just downloaded the file online alot cheaper and great features
  3. Hi Guys, Just checking whats your go to for weather info for wind and swell forecasts for boating? Regards
  4. cant wait - Got Darius boyd to score at anytime and qld win @ $6 on ladbrokes!
  5. Sweet rig mark
  6. Hi Guys, Going to launch at Jacobs before sunrise and float around the area chasing whatever's biting , anyone fished it recently ? realise its going to have a bit of fresh about so will be looking a bit deeper then normal .
  7. was a sickening KO , he was gone before he hit the turf, probably thinks they are playing the tigers this weekend.
  8. Your not drinking enough!
  9. I reckon the saturday games will be a good watch
  10. yeah bro , you can show me how to catch fish again lol
  11. 13 over 2 weekends is awesome!
  12. Also added a usb power port encase need to charge phone on the water
  13. Small one is just a normal sounder split with bottom lock and full view, the bigger hds will run structure/side scan and maps
  14. been playing about with the boat lately making changes to make it a bit easier on the water, both sounders and switch panel where in unreachable positions before when at the tiller so made up a little console to make it more user friendly and easier now with being able to read both sounders whilst driving and both rotatable for when casting up front using the leccy , also fitted the structure scan transducer also after weighing up cost and time needed to upgrade my trailer figured $1500 for a newy was the go , hoping weather stays good for a dawn session on sunday to try it all out
  15. bugger cant do first round will be working at the truck show , should be a goer for round 2 though