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  1. K-Lub

    south queensland Easter Crabbing...

    Mate that mussel dish looks amazeballs!!!
  2. K-Lub

    south queensland Maroon Dam

    i got a few good size redclaw a couple months back, used dog biscuits for bait they worked well this was short a couple hour soak while flicking some lures during the day , redclaw are more active at night
  3. K-Lub

    south queensland Gold Coast Whiting

    Only caught one bream that was 26cm and sent it swimming again
  4. Hit the goldy last Friday night for a session with a mate chasing some whiting on bait, we both cracked out the alveys grabbed a few beers and anchored watching the footy and having a few laughs. Was a slow night but the quality of the catch was good
  5. K-Lub

    Question On Navionics

    better detail mate then navionics and piece of piss to install / use . check them out https://www.c-map.com/
  6. K-Lub

    Question On Navionics

    I recently was in the same position, after researching i decided to use c-maps over navionics and just downloaded the file online alot cheaper and great features
  7. Hi Guys, Just checking whats your go to for weather info for wind and swell forecasts for boating? Regards
  8. K-Lub

    State Of Origin 2017

    cant wait - Got Darius boyd to score at anytime and qld win @ $6 on ladbrokes!
  9. K-Lub

    show off ur boat

    Sweet rig mark
  10. K-Lub

    Jacobs Well / Pin Area

    Hi Guys, Going to launch at Jacobs before sunrise and float around the area chasing whatever's biting , anyone fished it recently ? realise its going to have a bit of fresh about so will be looking a bit deeper then normal .
  11. K-Lub

    Nrl 2017

    was a sickening KO , he was gone before he hit the turf, probably thinks they are playing the tigers this weekend.
  12. K-Lub

    Wanted - Loan Kayak

    Your not drinking enough!
  13. K-Lub

    Nrl 2017

    I reckon the saturday games will be a good watch