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  1. The only thing better than having a boat is having a mate with a boat
  2. Nicely done Kelvin. Hopefully it wont before the upgrade to allow your opportunities to increase with the kids!
  3. @Old Scaley even if I don't keep a feed, the port is 20 mins from home so I'd be mad to ignore it! @Junky yeah both of its eyes looked the same... @Luke Landrunner challenge accepted? ahahaha maybe next species for origin
  4. Managed to wet a line on Friday afternoon after an early-ish knockoff on Friday. Took the tinnie straight down to Boggy Creek to fish the start of the run out. Water was clear with the perfect amount of flow and we totalled 8 flatties between us over two hours. Some small, some average, with the biggest going 46cm. Mike started with a Gulp Shrimp (which is literally a green and white plastic stick), and quickly switched to the white Zman 4 inch Curly Tails which I was having many more hits on. We probably dropped another 4 fish and home in time for dinner. If you haven't already, Boggy Creek can be a decent place to fish if you figure out which are the more productive tides. I've seen jewies and snapper caught from under the bridge, as well as some much bigger flatties and it is literally mullet heaven. I must say I was surprised to see a mullet hit the plastic!
  5. Saw this on instagram... looks to me like a bream has bred with a tilapia? Caught on the Gold Coast and got me thinking...
  6. for sale

    @Dinodadog Was the Asari not up to scratch? I thought it was a recent purchase.
  7. Thanks Ray. Where is the temp ramp?
  8. @Doyley I love your work.
  9. Can't figure out the passage but hey at least I didn't donut...
  10. @Doyley will do!! I'll see you there as I actually got the spot wrong
  11. @Doyley, ill be camping at poverty creek, fishing in the channels and weed beds north of that where there's less traffic and pressure.
  12. @Danny91, this weekend the weather is great on Sunday morning and going out in your boat wont be a problem. Launch from the Pinkenba Boat Ramp if you're northside, or Aquarium Passage if you're on the south! I would probably hang around the rock wall at the mouth on your first foray, it'll only take you 20 mins to get there and theres plenty of fish to be had. A few months ago we took 6 snapper home for dinner, theres also a few reports on the rock wall if you use the search function. Tailor are there on surface or shallow diving hardbodies, mackerel are both there and at the first pair of tripod beacons which you can see from the rockwall. Just make sure you're at the rocks on sun rise Theres a ledge just off the rocks, and past that ledge (towards the rock wall) is tall standing weed. Try and get your baits just on the outside of the weed! Livies (herring, mullet, gar) at the poo shute (big concrete structure on your left, right at the mouth). If not, pillies are the go!
  13. @Luke Landrunner love it!! Should tie up the tailor category comfortably
  14. What species is your target? @Dinodadog will obviously slay the bass, @josha293 and myself will combine for flatties and bream, maybe @Luke Landrunner will be the man to land the winning tailor! Theres been some 50cm+ catches at the mouth of the Noosa on sunset. That leaves @Doyley to bring home the proverbial bacon in the form of a mammoth Snapper! Is that the sound of Soufsiders giving up? @kmcrosby78
  15. Cheers for all the replies fellas! @Panther, I hadn't even noticed the temperature. @kmcrosby78 yes there were birds, otherwise I wouldn't have stopped Once again the recipe works for the beacons! Birds, bait = mackerel underneath. We lost three, boated two smallies and landed my bigger one . I actually saw your tinny out at the rockwall but due too the fog I couldn't confirm my suspicions! We were in Mikes 4.5 CC open boat, lifejackets stored under the casting deck.