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  1. Finally managed to get some time free and decided to take my $50 canoe out for a spin last Sunday and again on Sunday afternoon just gone. Trip #1 Having never fished the area, we weren't sure exactly how to approach the fishing and started with some imitation TN60's which didn't attract any attention. The fair amount of water flow was pretty discouraging as the water was far from clear. I would say about half a meter's visibility. We pushed upstream as far as we could until the shallow rapids wouldn't allow any further progress. The current pushed us downstream fairly quickly which made the fishing hard and we were having to correct our position after nearly every cast. With no interest vibes and plastics in the first pool averaging a meter deep, we floated further back to the launch point to a deeper section. A decent laydown tree looked too good to ignore and with a cast to the back of the snag, I saw a bronze flash, my drag zzzzzzzzzipped, and my leader knot failed we switched to diving hardbodies which proceeded to land us 6 fish, all under 25cm, but all heaps of fun and a first for both of us in a canoe! (and a first bass on lure for Tika). Sun went down and with tummy rumbling we went home for tea. Trip #2 Although I was hungover from Saturday and Tika was feeling just as good, we couldn't waste the weekend after having to work most of Saturday (again). Canoe went back on the roof, quick stop to BCF to buy some jig spinners and top up my plastics supply and we were cooking with gas. Because I've not yet had time to add any extras to the canoe it's still a blank canvas but I've got fitout gear coming from ebay in the mail and a couple of hundred stickers to make it look the part. Water was still flowing over the causeway but at a much slower rate and the water was awesomely clear. Again we pushed as far as we could (however I was paddling with my thongs on my hands as I forgot the paddles lol). We both opted for Zman 3" Minnowz in mood ring on a 1/6th jighead equipped with a jigspinner on the front for flashiness and snag resistance. My third cast of the afternoon landed underneath a bottlebrush tree......... Twitch twitch, BANG! A good tussle on 6lb line & leader gave me a 36cm FL fishy. Needless to say was stoked. Two casts later on a shady snag only two meters from the first, another good fish!! Came in slightly smaller at 33cm and with some kind of lesion on his noggin. The bite went quiet for a while until tika landed a cute 25cm model from the same snag which I lost a fish on the previous week. Stoked again! We continued for another half an hour before heading off. Not bad for a two hour session on 30 minutes from home Tim
  2. south queensland Micro Jigging

    Hey mate, it's probably my favourite type of fishing at the moment. I love the slower jigs like Gomoku Koika's and Slow Rockers, weight depending on the depth. 40g is good for pretty much everywhere in the bay (or up to 15m) but it really depends on current. You can fish lighter jigs in deeper water if there's no current. I usually drift, but in saying that, anchoring on a reef or rubble patch and cast/retrieve hopping it along the bottom is also popular, guys like Sammy Hitzke are smashing it in the bay. If you are heading out to the Gneerings then 40-60g jigs would be sweet if you are drifting with minimal wind. I've found slow, fat jigs are ideal for pretty much anything on the reef, slimline jigs like Shimano's Colt Sniper are good on the Tuna (and everything esle) from what I hear. At the end of the day it's dependant on what type of fishing you do, if there's not much current, you can jig while at anchor if you are smart about where you drop your jig and try to keep your line as vertical as possible. Goodluck fella!
  3. Canoe Project

    @Nog that's a negative. Only looking at little creeks and the like for the moment. @Tybo legend!! Thanks mate.
  4. Canoe Project

    ahahah thanks gents. Yes @Drop Bear I haven't decided on the best method yet. Just using single ended canoe paddles. Might even just opt for a saddle on either side of the seat so i can drop the paddle above my lap to save tethering every time. Awesome suggestions @Tybo. I'll have to get a little design together to mimic White Pointer and I'll definitely opt for the SSS fixings as opposed to a piece of rope for the handle.
  5. Canoe Project

    I know there's a few DIY heads on here so I thought I'd throw this up so you can follow along. Uni and work are killing me at the moment but I picked up an old canoe with the paddles from an old bloke moving houses for $50 - Happy days. Having not yet caught a wild bass or SEQ Jack, my plan is to get the White Pointer ready for bass season in the next few weeks. Sanding has commenced, then I'll patch her up, spray her in a hammertone grey, add some stickers and then I just need time to use the bloody thing. As it's a pretty blank canvas, I'll only be adding some paint, pinchweld around the edges, a few bits of carpet here and there, and a rubber trim around the outside where the old one used to be. Anybody got any good ideas that I can throw in to make life that little bit easier? (Obviously don't want to add anything with weight.) Cheers
  6. south queensland Bombed Out At Borumba

    Borumba has been hard for months... bait is as usual but they had an electric only comp there with some of the bigger names. The winning boat only landed three fish for the day... Not sure why the change!
  7. My Mate Imported This From The Us Of A

    The only thing better than having a boat is having a mate with a boat
  8. First Family Voyage - Success!

    Nicely done Kelvin. Hopefully it wont before the upgrade to allow your opportunities to increase with the kids!
  9. Flatfish After Work

    @Old Scaley even if I don't keep a feed, the port is 20 mins from home so I'd be mad to ignore it! @Junky yeah both of its eyes looked the same... @Luke Landrunner challenge accepted? ahahaha maybe next species for origin
  10. Flatfish After Work

    Managed to wet a line on Friday afternoon after an early-ish knockoff on Friday. Took the tinnie straight down to Boggy Creek to fish the start of the run out. Water was clear with the perfect amount of flow and we totalled 8 flatties between us over two hours. Some small, some average, with the biggest going 46cm. Mike started with a Gulp Shrimp (which is literally a green and white plastic stick), and quickly switched to the white Zman 4 inch Curly Tails which I was having many more hits on. We probably dropped another 4 fish and home in time for dinner. If you haven't already, Boggy Creek can be a decent place to fish if you figure out which are the more productive tides. I've seen jewies and snapper caught from under the bridge, as well as some much bigger flatties and it is literally mullet heaven. I must say I was surprised to see a mullet hit the plastic!
  11. Bream/tilapia?

    Saw this on instagram... looks to me like a bream has bred with a tilapia? Caught on the Gold Coast and got me thinking...
  12. for sale Start Of Massive Shed Cleanup Bump

    @Dinodadog Was the Asari not up to scratch? I thought it was a recent purchase.
  13. Borumba Ramp 4wd Only.

    Thanks Ray. Where is the temp ramp?
  14. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    @Doyley I love your work.
  15. 2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 1 - May 25-27

    Can't figure out the passage but hey at least I didn't donut...