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  1. timtam_

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Spewing i missed the topic before this mornings session. Decky #2 landed this thick flatty going 61cm!! I know it won't count but hey, they're there! Thats two weekends in a row with flatties in the boat over 58cm's. Should give the Southsiders a kick up the bum this year... uppa the north.
  2. timtam_

    south queensland Bum Kicked

    Very nice. I know of the blokes. What retrieve style?
  3. timtam_

    south queensland Muzzy Hints

    Howdy everyone Heading down to the Severn at the end of next week for the weekend chasing some green fish. Lure-wise I've got all my bases covered, location wise we know its a solid spot. I'm after any insiders tips you can lend I've not fished for them before but there's three of us going down so we'll mix up retrieves and lures accordingly but yeah, if you have any tips, tricks, etc, feel free to donate them!! All I need is one fish.... Cheers legends!
  4. timtam_

    south queensland From The Grass NPD

    Very nice. Fishing hard to the bottom with your trusty spinnerbaits?
  5. timtam_

    New Reel Advice

    Daiwa 5 year warranty - shimano has 10. "stronger and better" I'm interested too ahahaha
  6. timtam_

    New Reel Advice

    Stradic Ci4+ is reaaaallly nice. The FK is slightly heavier but have a "stronger" main pin resulting in less torsion of reel components so they may be more durable under load. IMO the Ci4+ is superior in terms of drag capabilities and gear speed (?) but I can't speak for the FK. Bottom bashing in townsville in 30m I literally felt the Ci4+ twist a little. Regardless of which one you opt for, Anaconda will beat BCF's price by 10% and you'll definitely want to change the standard handle because they aren't fantastic to hold on to especially with something heavy on the end
  7. timtam_

    south queensland Easter Mackies

    "I cannot recall" Isn't that the right answer?
  8. timtam_

    south queensland Easter Mackies

    Hi guys Thought I'd share my Monday trip out from the river mouth as Borumba over the weekend was a huge letdown (unsurprisingly considering the traffic). Old man and I headed out at 6am from Pinkenba, conditions were glassy until we lost protection from port and hit the the 10knot south-easterly. High tide was due for 10:00am and first slugs went down at the first major set of tripod beacons just after 6:30. The chop made travelling and fishing pretty uncomfortable but we could see bait on the surface and down low so we persisted. Didn't get a hit on the slugs so on went the pillies and it was gametime. We had some good hits soon after resulting in 4 dropped fish, 6 in the boat, and 4 released with baits drifting mid-water in the current using gang hooks on 40lb fluro leader. The bait moved off and the bites dried up so we moved to Spot X out in the open in 6m of water. Baits on the bottom got picked off by small squire and trevally, but my floating pilly got smacked soon enough and an energetic 5 minute fight on the Ci4+ spooled with 20lb Fins resulted in my PB Moreton Bay Schoolie just tipping 68cm. Didn't get a photo with it as the chop made it too hard to get in a good position Home with the slack tide for crumbed mackerel which I've decided is my favourite method for my favourite eating fish (so far). Cheers
  9. timtam_

    Nrl 2018

    Just registered. Broncos for the premiership!
  10. timtam_

    south queensland Foggy Start Npd 25/2/18.

    @kmcrosby78 it was in the boat! A pleasant surprise ahaha. Cheers again to @rayke1938 for the deckie spots. A must do for any member who hasn't already! @Drop Bear a big buck with a full head of antlers. And only the one small tilly.
  11. timtam_

    Decent Rod For $150

    Pretty opinion based statement... Shimano Nasci looks great and will out perform a price-matched Daiwa all day long. 10 year Shimano warranty vs 5 year Daiwa
  12. timtam_

    south queensland Arvo Delight

    @Dinodadog nice fish! How do you go with vibe fishing in such a weedy area?
  13. timtam_

    How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    I've all but decided on a 4.5 polycraft centre console. The soft ride is my weakness! I'm happy to compromise fuel consumption and weight for comfort
  14. timtam_

    How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Just a bit of a blur on her fingers. Getting there! New boat is next.
  15. timtam_

    How Do You Take Good Photos For Your Reports?

    Jeez those came out really bad quality