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    57cm queen fish at Great Keppel Island land based and 1 metre kingy out of Coffin Bay

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    1 metre
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  1. Luke Landrunner

    Grubby Fishers Give Us A Bad Name

    That's just F'd up.
  2. Luke Landrunner

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Nice start Northsiders ! Targeting tailor from the kayak in the Noosa is my plan for Thursday morning.
  3. Luke Landrunner

    A Bit Quiet Lately

    Let me know if you need a hand @Luvit. @DropBear will be writing up the report from our trip last month. ( Once I pass on all the relevant details and photos and videos )
  4. Luke Landrunner

    Thanks For All The Fish!

    Boat looks mint Julian ! Have an awesome trip mate.
  5. Luke Landrunner

    Drop Bear Goes To The Farrier

    Hope you have a quick recovery. I'll go fishing and you can do my reports
  6. Luke Landrunner

    south queensland Pb Moarie Cod And More

    The father son combo slaying them. Well done Mark ! Will get down that way one day.
  7. Luke Landrunner

    Mother's Day

    Looked like a great day out mate.
  8. Luke Landrunner

    south queensland We Met Flipper

    Shame we didn't video the somersaults and tail slaps he was performing on command
  9. Luke Landrunner

    south queensland Barwon Banks April Report For Drop Bear

    Apologies @Luvit and @Drop Bear for no report, I have been off grid until now..... As Wayne has stated the conditions were perfect but the fish didn't come on the chew until three hours into the day. The taxation department made its presence felt and there were a couple of big fish that took us straight into the reef. Flipper and later on his girlfriend and love child were a highlight of the day and after some hard work a decent feed of fish came home with us. Thanks for another great day @Luvit, and maybe next time I'll do up a report........
  10. Luke Landrunner

    south queensland Borumba! Bloody Beautiful! Bloody Barings!

    It was my pleasure to introduce you to the majestic Lake Borumba @Drop Bear. The natural beauty did lessen the pain of trailer issues and the no show of Sara, her friend Billy the Bass and his mate Yella. This is the best no fish caught report ever. Six pack of donuts for you at the end of the month....... Thanks again and can you ghost write my reports please
  11. Fresh Thursday into salty offshore Friday. Living. The. Dream.
  12. Deserved win there Robbie against a number of other great reports. Now to deliver on the Saratoga hunt ....... P.S. I've got a few spare jitterbugs.
  13. Luke Landrunner

    fishing Yellowbelly Fishing

    Either, you choose.
  14. Luke Landrunner

    fishing Yellowbelly Fishing

    Beauty !!! Lets watch wind etc for a perfect day. Thursday or Friday at this stage look great on Meteye. Although Tuesday is out for me...... and @Luvit is hanging for an offshore catchup......