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  1. That's no good mate, the boys must've been pumped.
  2. And I propose a category of any fish caught from lake Como Italy..... As that's where I'll be
  3. Everything is above board.
  4. The big brutes are what feeds the addiction. Cheers for the read.
  5. We wanted to do a two nighter after the afternoon glass out.
  6. Hectic session alright!
  7. 4 rigged, max 3 in. I am sure he is aware.
  8. Having left my phone on silent from the previous nights Nomad tackle information gathering, I nearly missed @Luvit's text for an overnighter out of Mooloolaba. Lucky as Wayne had a "feeling" it was going to be a productive session. We headed out from the marina to slightly stronger winds than predicted and immediately looked for live baits for the next day. It was a bit hit and miss with many other undersized species being thrown back in. After cruising around for a few hours we headed out a bit for more undersized cod and the like. On dusk we headed back to out the front of the Mooloolaba esplanade to anchor for the night. Wayne heated up ravioli for two whilst I downed a few tins and then a little fish for lives before turning in. We got a few hours sleep and were up and at them just before first light. Wayne will add to this post as the next several hours are a blur to me. As usual Wayne the fishing machine juggled 3 to 4 rods with livies, plastics, micros and various dead baits. ( I did the same but one at a time) A few tuskies were boated and put on ice or thrown back, as were the snapper (a 55cm PB for me). Lots of missed setting of the hooks were kepping us entertained/frustrated until my rod buckled over with a good fish ! After a decent fight a 95cm Amberjack was netted and a first for me. Wayne pulled in another decent Snapper and then close to a PB Tuskie As Wayne was sending up his drone I hooked up a good fish until half way up it was sharked which was a first for me offshore and it felt like an upgrade on my previous snapper. I had to quickly dehook the snapper head and help Wayne with the landing of the drone and after some tense moments it was safely in his hand ! One more epic fight with what I thought may have been another Amberjack turned out to be a monster Tuskie at 65cm ! With a full esky and the sun going down, we reluctantly called it a day for the hour long trip back in. It was a great day. Photos to come......
  9. Great holiday fun to tell his mates. Im confused, is it a "parvane" or "paravane" ?
  10. Looking forward to testing the new gear with a variety of species and a trophy fish would be a bonus ! Be kind weather Gods
  11. I'd never correct Wayne's typos as I'd be worried about being crossed off the deckie list.... and potential offshore dusk fishing would turn to dust.
  12. Great solo trip mate. If only I had got home earlier to see your invite, being half Italian, I would've taken care of that ravioli. Nice PB too!!! Ive got some heavier gear for next time in transit.
  13. Just brilliant.
  14. +1 Thanks, and now where did I put my boat?
  15. No unique item yet? @christophagus Can I propose the thumbs up ? Left or right or both or written. Up at 4 to hunt tailor and bream with Trevs as by catch.....