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  1. Yep that would be great thanks
  2. Haha yes i do like a bit of Mead. Pike are really easy to fillet and debone. Its preaty simple. Just light flower and fry in really hot oil untill they are quite crispy. Because they are a moist and soft meat, a bit like bream, I like to give them some texture by frying them longer than I would something like tuskfish, snapper or estury cod. They are skinny fillets so it doesn't take long in hot oil (i like peanut oil) for the skin and the flour to crips up. Squeese of lemon and some salt and they are really yummy.
  3. I eat pike... dirty secret but I almost always get a feed haha. Ps its all in the cooking.
  4. I can't wait... that is all haha
  5. Awesome trip well done. I didn't see the deccy spot! oh well Great report thanks
  6. Love this one. I had a bit of an experiance like this with a nephew last weekend too. Fantastic stuff getting kids into fishing. Well done and thanks for a great report
  7. She looks very pretty. Arived today. I'm going to give him a hand on Saturday to re wire and sort it out. It looks like its gonna be a cracker. Keen to spend more time out at the group and even do some 1770 runs! It's not mine but It's good to have a mate with a boat this nice!
  8. Yep stolen. Sad face.
  9. Nice fish and nice report! Thanks mate.
  10. Put it this way... you did a loooottttt better here than I did there.
  11. Soooo I'm back from Fiji. It wasn't the dream fishing trip I was hoping for... but I did bag a few small interesting fish including a really cool trigger fish that had amazing colours but unfortunatly that was the same time that the locals decided to leave me on a remote sand bar and drive off with my phone/camera haha. I lost a lot of gear... one popper to a GT... 2 tackle boxes full of lures to the locals and one rod and reel to the same place... If you do go to Fiji keep your gear close. Keen for a straddie fish now
  12. Um just wanted to show you some fish... cause they are so pretty... I didn't even catch them. They spear them at night.
  13. lalalalalllaaallalalalalllaaa!! Sounds amazing
  14. You sure do have that sorted Ang, Very keen to get to Straddie when I get back. I am still hoping for that land based Kingfish
  15. Team south please... It does say you can fish wherever you want but im not sure how many FIJI Bass, Bream, Snapper, Whiting or Flathead there are haha. Also is it line fishing only? Some locals are going to take me night spear fishing so I thought that should count... ... ... ... Joking! ... ... Or am I... Yes just joking... ... Or am I!