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  1. Drop Bear

    south queensland Sunrise Saratoga

    Nice one! not jealous at all....
  2. Drop Bear

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Congratulations Team North. Strong victory!!! Hope I can be out fishing for the next one and at least post up one fish... What song do the Northsiders sing? I still need to make up that perpetual trophy.
  3. Drop Bear

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    I'm glad im not the only one that this has happened to. Those short buts dont do rod holders very well.
  4. Drop Bear


    Interesting show. How long does wire weed grow?
  5. Drop Bear

    south queensland Northern Moreton Bay Saturday 16 June 2018

    It was a strange day wind wise down south too. Kooringal was stunning with no wind. Rainbow had a very strange little chop as if it was wind against tide but there was virtually no wind. We had lunch at Dunwich with again virtually no wind then headed back to Wynnum via south of Peel as the northerly got up. Bumpy ride home but not bad really.
  6. Drop Bear

    south queensland Crocodiles Kids Kayaks

    haha do I get to pick the Americans that have to wrestle them?
  7. Drop Bear

    south queensland Reel Neighbourly

    I often work with people that live in Sydney and come up here. This is there greatest beef. They all feel that QLDrs do not merge well. I wish I could argue with them.
  8. Drop Bear

    2018 Suburbs Of Origin Round One - 8th - 17th Of June

    Not sure if it is a Bream, Bass, Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, Jew/Threadfin, Golden Perch (yellowbelly), Tailor and Pelagic (Tuna, Mackerel) soooooo its @christophagus's comp so its up to him.
  9. Drop Bear

    south queensland Before Sunset

    I think it would have great application in shallower waters and will give it a go thanks.
  10. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2018

    Not NRL soz but still footy... the Aust Ireland game was the greatest game of reffing ever. He has some very lovely arm gestures and I am sure that the thousands of people that went to see the refereeing got their money worth. For those of us that actually wanted to watch rugby not so much. Mind you the Irish had a lot more go forward than Aust and probably deserved the win but... the technical rulings that go on in Rugby (used to be my game) have stuffed it. It takes minutes to pack a scrum and fantastic attacking play is pulled up over tiny technical things... I am not saying Aust was hard done by but I am saying the ref was rubbish. sorry for the off topic rant Thank you and good night.. please try the veal.
  11. Drop Bear

    south queensland Crocodiles Kids Kayaks

    Its a pretty good question. I would not Kayak in croc country. We did a trip around Australia with our kids 9 y/o and 11 y/o a few years back. We had a 3.7m tinny with 15HP. I would not go in those waters in anything smaller and would recommend something bigger. We saw plenty of Crocs and they are very intimidating. I do not personally know the Rockhampton area and how the crocs are. Crocs are normally afraid of boats but this is changing as there are plenty of people feeding them. While im sure "the morning bulletin" is in the business of outrage and exaggeration like all other media there seems to be plenty around so it sounds like it is good advice that you got from the caravan park receptionist. https://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/rocky-croc-map-confirmed-sightings-after-kings-kil/3228539/#/0 https://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/rocky-croc-map-confirmed-sightings-after-kings-kil/3228539/#/0 So mate up to you but I wouldn't.
  12. Drop Bear

    south queensland Noosa Family Holiday

    wow thanks Luvit! I will punch them in.
  13. Drop Bear

    south queensland Npd 15/6/18

    Yep it still amazes me what Ray catches... When I think of the hours casting to weed beds in Hinze dam all those years ago for perhaps one fish...
  14. Drop Bear

    Oh What A Feeling!

    They told us if we voted yes this sort of thing would happen.
  15. Drop Bear

    south queensland Reel Neighbourly

    Ive heard of footballer trout but not a footballer bass! What a cracker!!!! Glad your mate is ok. I hope the accident didn't involve you? Very neighborly of you