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  1. Drop Bear

    south queensland Albert / Logan Junction

    Good call. Next year.
  2. Drop Bear

    south queensland Had A Plan

  3. Drop Bear

    south queensland NPD 14/10 50 + 2 - 1.

    Oh nice stuff. Save on batteries for sure!
  4. Drop Bear

    Transom Repair?

    Good looking boat mate. Sorry I cant help with rebuild advice.
  5. Drop Bear

    northern nsw 13th Hour Success

    Wow stunning country! that is a huge trip mate! Well done. Nice fish. I bet it was fantastic seeing that 1m+! Thanks for the report.
  6. Drop Bear

    Aus Day Smoking

    Yum! Thanks for bumping that one Benno
  7. Drop Bear

    south queensland Brisbane River Exploring

    Keen for sure! But aware of my abilities
  8. Drop Bear

    fishing My Fishing Experience Using Drone

    Heaps mate.
  9. Drop Bear

    Cape York Report. Pic Heavy Part 1

    Awesome mate! Fantastic. That has really oiled my keenness to go and do this. There are some fantastic and unique photos and memories that will last forever. I am very glad you put Part 1 on the title!!!
  10. Drop Bear

    Boat Wanted For Tv Ad.

    Yes please ask him and find out how much he would want for a day and 2 days and we need a photo. Thanks mate
  11. Drop Bear

    Zman Slim Swimz

    Crazy Crabs or nothing?
  12. Drop Bear

    Wynnum Fishing Classic

    That is awesome. Better than xbox that is for sure. They will remember the time that they won champion angler and a boat and had to brave the cyclonic rain and wind.
  13. Drop Bear

    south queensland Damp At The Ramp

    The black pudding was so black, even the white bits were black. Oh i mean the yellas were so yella even the yealla bits were yella. Nice work mate
  14. Drop Bear

    Low-mid Range Popping Rods

    Good luck mate. Let us know how you go with it. Those big rods and reels take it of you after a little while.
  15. Drop Bear

    south queensland Bait

    Cracking idea. Will give it a go. Thanks for the tip.