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  1. Crab Pot Storage

    Does anyone have a great system to store collapsible crab pots? I find them very large and heavy, take up way too much room and I don't have a good way to hang them. I was planning op build a simple platform that I could hoist up into the ceiling on a pulley but realize that I would need at least 3 ropes so it got high enough and didn't topple. Thanks
  2. northern nsw Cod Reconnaissance New England - Severn Nsw

    Some great pics there! I hope your plan goes well. Very glad you turned your lurking into posting. I'd love to hear more about your trips
  3. northern nsw Cod Reconnaissance New England - Severn Nsw

    Fishing access to the sea, rivers and creeks At common law, the public has a right to fish in the sea, the arms of the sea and in the tidal reaches of all rivers and estuaries. The public has no common law right to fish in non-tidal waters—the right to fish in those waters belongs to the owner of the soil under those waters. The public may also fish in non-tidal waters if the soil under those waters is Crown land. However in order to allow for angling access in NSW rivers and creeks, section 38 of the NSW Fisheries Management Act 1994 declares that the public has a right to fish despite the private ownership of the bed of the river or creek.
  4. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    agreed. Much under rated eating fish. sweet and juicy.
  5. Yum! top feed and lots of fun well done
  6. for sale Fs Quintrex Renegade 420 Ts Yamaha F50fehtl 4stroke

    Nice boat. I would have bought it but have ordered a 5m version. It should sell well it is a cracker
  7. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    These lightly flowered and on the bbq are sensational. you need a few for a feed but I love them
  8. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    not by me... I am yet to get a land based snapper. Plenty from Moreton. Lets go now! P
  9. Bait Tank Plumbing

    haha. Thanks for the very generous offer.
  10. Bait Tank Plumbing

    Cant wait. I have sold one boat. Need to sell the other one but am fixing up the floor a bit.
  11. south queensland Deep Purple

    Nice flowers! All your lures seem to have big eyes painted on them....
  12. south queensland Grandsons Day Out

    Thats awesome.
  13. Sounds painful for the crabs.
  14. sold Nordic Stage Artist Blanks

    I don't know them. Keen to buy.