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  1. Nrl 2017

    Hope you are right. That would be good. Go the Cows and Cos
  2. Awesome. I hope it is a snub tailed red...
  3. Hmmmm interesting. I find my crabs tuck into the bottom corners of the pot and can cut/push through the mesh here. A bit of shade cloth might protect this... hmmm. As for bait the local butcher sells me chicken frames for 50c. I can get 2 big baits with this so pretty cheap and works a treat. BTW lovely photo of your fishing spot Tybo haha. reminds me of when I pulled out some pots at a local creek/drain with my sister. the tide and wind had pushed rubbish and debris into a huge raft above the pot and looked nasty. Oh well more crab for me
  4. Overhead Rods

    Well done. They are such a good thing.
  5. south queensland Bugged Out

  6. awesome. Um is your Profile Pic giving you sharky karma?
  7. problem Cannot See Pics

    Thanks. We love fishing reports here. PS little ones are worthy IMHO.
  8. New To This Site

    If you ever make it to Wynnum/Manly try the water front from High tide. Concentrate north of Rose bay to south of the wading pool. Make sure you are there 2-3 hours before high and about 1 hour after. Baits will work as well as soft plastics and if the water is really calm use poppers and top water lures. good luck.
  9. south queensland Nearly A Ton

    good luck
  10. Big Brown

    Nice one! What a beast.
  11. south queensland Heading Offshore Thursday

    Weather looks great. I hope you smash them.
  12. south queensland My Weekend

    Nice one mate. It is pretty cool that we have such an amazing dive site so close. Also well done on the fishing comp. Do you know old Ken and Mick? I don't know if they do the comp but live there. Thanks for the report. It has made me want to get out there more... More boat envy... sigh
  13. In this digital age that is the trick. Lots of pickies and dump the bad ones.
  14. haha sorry mate. Also sorry for no connecting you to your AFO name. Duh. I got it now.