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    wow some great fish there mate. Thanks for posting.
  2. Drop Bear

    Boat Maintenance

    Ok I will drag her down there tomorrow. Thanks for the tips. I normally buy from a car mob but this will be better. I am towing up to Noosa soon so good idea to get it done now.
  3. It's a while ago now but I am trolling through a few old posts I missed. Did you get a chance to go out?
  4. Drop Bear

    New Boat

    "I have not been able to enjoy my new boat as I dreamed of, except for a few occasional weekends when I could find a window between repair works. This was a huge disappointment for me and my family after having invested approximately 2M EUR in total including 240K EUR worth of retrofitted items for a "brand new" boat." ------------------------------------------ Geeze mate thats no good. Is it working out for you now? 2m EUR... wowsers.
  5. Drop Bear

    south queensland Drone Fishing Question

    Nice one mate. So have you caught any fish yet? I'm dying to see some photos?
  6. Drop Bear

    Hi From Port Of Brisbane Moreton Bay

    Well if you sort out the pool like we talked about and filled it with barra you could fish from your house. 2 birds one stone.
  7. Drop Bear

    south queensland Prfma Survey Day 1and 2

    Yes... another one bites the dust... What every you do just don't tell @Angus he just won't understand my rod miss treatment....
  8. Drop Bear

    south queensland Prfma Survey Day 1and 2

    Thanks for taking me out mate. The Yella was delicious.
  9. Drop Bear

    south queensland NPD 9/12/18

    Or do you..........
  10. Drop Bear

    Boat Maintenance

    Ok thanks. Onto it... oh How can I tell if they are Ford or Holden?
  11. Thanks Ray, I passed that onto all the OzFish Chapters. There is some really interesting ideas in that!
  12. Drop Bear

    Boat Maintenance

    Drop bearings
  13. Drop Bear

    Boat Maintenance

    Boat is one year old now... time to do the bearing?
  14. Drop Bear

    Hi From Port Of Brisbane Moreton Bay

    You could stick on of these on her!
  15. Drop Bear

    Soft Plastic Mould Makers In Aus?

    Fair enough mate. I would be interested in buying some and giving them a burl. When you get sorted let us know.
  16. Drop Bear

    Boat Maintenance

    Nice one mate. I have heard about doing boat maintenance. Now I know its true! I must be the laziest boat owner ever...
  17. Drop Bear

    south queensland Slow Weekend On The Fish Front

    Ok cast deep diving lure right into the middle of the weed. Got it. Thanks mate!!
  18. Drop Bear

    south queensland A Day Out With The Dentist

    Nice work mate. Glad you got a feed. Great write up very funny. made my afternoon. Wasn't it Rob that was the Dentist on those adds? Well it wasn't me in the boat. Its nice to see good fish still coming in from the pin. Perhaps we need some more oyster reefs down that way too?
  19. Drop Bear

    south queensland Pleasant Morning Weeding

    Nice one mate. Good on ya for mixing it up.
  20. Drop Bear

    northern nsw Silver Perch

    Oh what a cracker mate. Enjoy. I have had a few in the past. They are tops.
  21. Drop Bear

    south queensland First Time Shark Fishing!

    The shark took us close to Mud Island so we got out for some pics there. I wish I had shoes on... I made sure the shark was always under water and its gills were never out of the water even for a second. had to go really slow but the photos were worth it and the shark swam away strongly.
  22. Drop Bear

    What The?

    More bunnings land fill waiting to happen. Sad really. Its like that rope that they sell that has fairy floss in the middle. Built down to a price not up to a standard. I'm glad the tow went alright.
  23. Drop Bear

    south queensland First Time Shark Fishing!

    I don't think it really matters. There was a bait school near this one on the bottom so chose that.
  24. Drop Bear

    south queensland First Time Shark Fishing!

    Last port lead at mouth of river AKA last one south side. Nothing too tricky. Used eel bought from bait tackle store in Underwood.