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  1. Chase the lure


    Going to Somerset in the morning early to troll some deep divers any suggestions on brand and colour ?
  2. Chase the lure

    Sunshine Coast Crocodile

    We were up there last month at low tide and the young fella said that looks like a groc slide my reply was yep could be lol. bloody hell it could of been.
  3. Chase the lure

    Hobie Pro Angler 14

    Hi just looking for some opinions on hobie pro angler 14 I am thinking of buying most of the fishing would be in dams with good access looking for your pros and cons thanks for your help
  4. Chase the lure

    Back From Monduran

    Went to Mondy for the first time since the floods last time I fished there it was about 20% full now it is about 85% I think. day I donut The first day we set up camp and headed out about 2 pm bloody hot casted the points scanned around looking for fish till it was dark then trolled the young fella hooked up but it jumped off as fast Day 2 donut young fella hooked up cast points and it didhim in the timber but some meter fish were being boated day 3 the same as the first day but every night you could here the barra jumping out othe water day 4 we got our first barra in the morning a 52 cm model not the biggest but a start had a rest I the arvo and went back to the same spot and the boy got is first ever barra a 54 cm so he was over the moon We ended with 4 more around the same size from the same spot when it got dark we start to troll to the public boat ramp then I hooked a meter fish on a jackall so for the day we boated 7 Barra all tagged and released day5 later start about 5 am went in to sda bay and hooked a good Barra that did me in the timber that night we trolled the main basin before we headed back to camp the boy hooked a big one that got air Bourne and through the hook he could not believe the power of a big Barra we headed back to the ramp the I hooked up about 50 meters from the ramp a big fish again it jumped about six foot out the water I have never seen one get that high before it put on a real show after it jumped again it dived for the bottom and I put to much pressure on her and pulled the hooks so after 4 and a half days we managed to boat 7 fish and lost as many so is Mondy fishing as good as it was in 2011 close to but not far off but Mondy is Mondy some people get fish and some don't this time she smiled on us next time she might not but we left if some memories i will be back there soon
  5. Chase the lure


    Well it has been a while since I fished Mondy 2011 in fact before the floods . Back then I took the boy and he was 9 yrs old and now he is 14 and a more capable fisherman now and is excited to be heading back. So today it started I towed the camper up and left it at the caravan park so I can tow the boat back up there on the 3rd to fish for a week . The dam looks different now to then a lot higher so all new ground to cover and work out booked a charter for Sunday to get a head start hopefully the young fella can land one this time here a pic from last trip back then. Has any body been up there lately that can share a report.
  6. Chase the lure

    New Britain Png 2016: Pic Heavy

    Fantastic thanks for sharing
  7. Chase the lure

    Rear Casting Deck

    Yep each section has its own lid the 2 sides have folding seats and the middle has a esky and carpeted storage tray the esky and tray comes out to access the bait board
  8. Chase the lure

    Rear Casting Deck

    I have spent the last few days on and off building a casting deck for tn back of my boat
  9. Chase the lure

    Borumba 29/10

    Certienly did not harm it at all looked in good shape
  10. Chase the lure

    Borumba 29/10

    Yeh I don't want to fish alone he gets his feet wet at the ramp and does the winching deploys the Minkota gets the drinks and now guts the fish toga casting and yellas cast and troll
  11. Chase the lure

    Borumba 29/10

    Back to borumba again on the water about 5 am straight to the start of yabba 5 minutes later young fella got a 40 cm bass and then I got one the same both on jackle strolled in timber. for the day we got 13 fish all up and droped a few young fella got his first tag fish c i pick up a Couple of yellas and a toga had a great day on the water with the boy I out fished him today for a change so do t have to listen to stirring today
  12. Chase the lure

    Borumba Again

    Yeh good yella got him on a steep bank only turnd the real once and he smashed it had to put the pressure on him to get him out of the timber
  13. Chase the lure

    Borumba Ramp Improvements.

    The short term parking area was full on Tuesday morning and most of the other parks were empty so a few finds would be handed out .
  14. Chase the lure

    Borumba Again

    We put him back iam not a fan of the taste but the misus like them but we already had one at home.
  15. Chase the lure

    Borumba Again

    Late start and early finish managed a few bass mainly small but one went 38 nice yella 45 a bit slow but some big toga starting smash the surface