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  1. south queensland Decky Spot Today!

    I wish i saw this earlier today Goodluck
  2. Fishing Successes Of 2017! Show Off Your Catches!

    I got so excited when i first saw it, but it happens to be the one weekend Im working this month just my luck
  3. Fishing Successes Of 2017! Show Off Your Catches!

    Thank Drop Bear, was amazing to eat lasted a while as well hahah. Same to you mate, I'm always having a read of in the forums and learning as much as possible Keen to offer decky spots on my boat and also take up any opportunity's to be a decky. Esspecially if someone is comfortable tackling the south passage bar and teaching me a thing or two
  4. Fishing Successes Of 2017! Show Off Your Catches!

    Hey guy's not sure if it counts but managed to talk the wife into doing a fishing charter, while on our honeymoon in airlie beach. By far the biggest fish I've caught excluding sharks. Goals for 2018 are learning as much as I can about moreton bay fishing and to start venturing off shore. To explore new fishing grounds
  5. Quick Fish At Harrys

    Haha i always wondered what they would taste like, always used for fishing and Crab pots. Might have to keep a few next time.
  6. Quick Fish At Harrys

    Hello fellow fishers, Finally got the chance to go for a quick fish over the weekend with the misses. Nothing really exciting but managed alot of small squire, a tuskfish and some sort of ray. Still having trouble finding anything worth keeping out in the bay. Loved being out on the water thou and defently looking to get more active. In saying that if anyone is keen for a fish wednesday day/ afternoon or anytime thursday im not working and more then keen.( if the weathers looking good).Happy to be a decky and share costs or for someone to come out on my boat. Regards Chris
  7. Blakesley's Social Weekend Febuary 24th To 26th

    Hey kmcrosby, I have a 5.5 meter half cabin tournament, with 115hp on the back. That will be awsome mate hopefully the weather plays the game!
  8. Blakesley's Social Weekend Febuary 24th To 26th

    Thanks angus i just mentioned it to the misso and she seemed keen aswell. I will follow the thread and probably have alot of questions closer to the date. What to bring and expect and ect. But very pumped wouldn't mind potentially going offshore and have some experienced fishos lead the way if the rig is capable of it lol
  9. Blakesley's Social Weekend Febuary 24th To 26th

    Also keen to head over with the misso for a day possibly night, as a new member would be great to meet everyone.
  10. Hi Everyone

    Thank you kmcrosby, I have already started reading as much as possible so much useful information available. Hopefully i can start adding to it soon.
  11. Hi Everyone

    Hey thank you neighbor, definitely not cheap but compared to the madness of Sydney, seemed like the best option. Best thing we ever did move up to QLD Look forward to learning and sharing as much as possible
  12. Hi Everyone

    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. Long time stalker of the forums. Recently moved to Manly Bayside about a year ago and have spent most my time land based fishing. Just recently purchased a little fiberglass half cabin so will be doing more exploring out in the bay. Fished harrys and just off Green island so far, looking for any tips and even the odd fishing mate to come out every now and again as i do shift work. Look forward to hearing from everyone .. and tight lines