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  1. south queensland Hunting For Jacks

    is that the one on tarakan rd near the army base
  2. south queensland Hunting For Jacks

    thank you angus
  3. want to catch my first ever mangrove jacks i am restricted to fishing from the bank please any tips and or locations for me to flick some lures would be much appreciated around Pimpama, Gold coast or Jacobs well
  4. Blakesley's Social Weekend Febuary 24th To 26th

    i can go either day i might be able to convince my mate to take us out by then
  5. Help For A Beginner

    thanks for this very helpful advice
  6. Blakesley's Social Weekend Febuary 24th To 26th

    I'm in for a day trip If anyone has a spare spot on their boat i could fill
  7. Help For A Beginner

    ok then I will keep that weekend free then
  8. Help For A Beginner

    I have some time of over xmas and want to go fishing before I go back to work so i was just wondering some nice easy to get to spots to have a flick unfortunately I don't have a way of getting over to Stradbroke island
  9. Help For A Beginner

    what, when and where is the blakesleys socia
  10. Help For A Beginner

    Hi all need some help I want to know some good spots to try flicking lures and what lures work well Jacobs Well is close but i don't mind to travel and explore i have no boat any help would be much appreciated thanks everyone
  11. Fishing Enquires

    Hey guys I'm new back to Qld and since i have been told some places you need a fishing license to fish for bass. so what i would like to know is where are these places and are they worth fishing without a boat or kayak if not where would a good place for me to go and flick some lures thanks everyone