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  1. Ryano85au

    south queensland Pineriver Bullsharks

    Hi all just wondering if anyone has a certain area they can point me in to cat bullies in the pine river?? thinking of going up bit from the bridge on highway. ryan
  2. Ryano85au

    Best Goldcoast Fishing Charters?

    Outlaw fishing charters
  3. Ryano85au

    Bribie Passage

    Kool, thanks guys. Will start at the kiosk ( that's where I'm hiring) n drift around those weed beds. any suggestions for bait? Chances are I won't get live poddy mullet
  4. Ryano85au

    Bribie Passage

    Should I drift or anchor after those weed beds
  5. Ryano85au

    Bribie Passage

    Hi lads, im hiring a boat at Bribie this Saturday. Taking the boy on a boat for the first time and he really wants to catch a flatty... anyway anyone able to tell me a few spots where I moaybe in luck? thanks eyan
  6. Ryano85au

    1770 Fly In Trip

    I thought the same thing when i read the poster
  7. Ryano85au

    Tinnie Or Kayak

    I'm in the same situation
  8. Ryano85au

    Tips For Fishing Sandgate/shorncliffe

    I went to the pier today - I was going to go at 430 before the wind kicked in but my little offsider didn't get a good nights sleep so I thought I'd best let him sleep or he will be a grumpy kid tonight lol but when he eventually woke he expected to go fishing and I eventually caved in.. after telling him a million times it's too windy. once I got there well not much action to report... not many ppl can catching anything... tho I did manage this!!
  9. Ryano85au

    Lake K Disappointment

    I Might have to goto NPD or Somerset then
  10. Ryano85au

    From Biggies To Littles

    I haven't fished fresh water in like 15 years and I live not far from these fans... I'm gojng to get myself some gear and lures sorted.. whats good live bait?
  11. Ryano85au

    Scarborough Sharking

    So u could use a live bream under a ballon for shark bait?
  12. Ryano85au

    Lake K Disappointment

    What's lake K for red claw?
  13. Ryano85au

    Lake K Disappointment

    Ohhhh, is it accessible on foot to try and catch these bullies?
  14. Ryano85au

    Decky Spots NPD Sunday

    I live north Brisbane, north lakes. We just been fishing around Redcliffe ATM
  15. Ryano85au

    Lake K Disappointment

    Is it worth fishing in e creek/river at youngs crossing, the low level bridge?