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  1. Thanks mate, exactly what I am going to do for my rods now
  2. How are you mate, love those old rods, is that a length of one of those pool noodles that you have on the wall to support your rods, appears you have mad a slit for each rod and maybe just push the rod in and it is held firm, would like to know if thats the case, great idea if it is MSB
  3. MSB

    fishing Catching Mullet With Rod And Reel

    Hi Rob Might be a bit late for you if you went fishing this morning, however if you are going tomorrow morning, I have over 100 fresh yabbies I pumped yesterday afternoon that I now cannot use so you can have them if you want mate, don't know if there are any yabbie banks in the Pine River anyway. I intend to release them this morning, however I can hang on to them till tomorrow morning so if you want them, so ring me on my mobile 0432643388 if you are interested and I will meet you at the boat ramp in the Pine, if you don't want them mate anyone else reading this post may be interested. Ron
  4. MSB

    Gps Marks

    Hi Adam Welcome to the site, i suggest you get on to the local bait & tackle stores in the area, they will be able to give you a couple of general locations to try which will give you a start somewhere at least, particularly if you purchase some bait and maybe a bit of gear off them, just a tip and intended to be delivered in the most courteous fashion to you, best not to come straight out and ask for GPS marks on any fishing site the same day you join , reason being is that most good GPS sites are hard earned and you need to establish your credentials with people on the site by why of contributing before requesting, no offence intended towards you mate, just giving you some friendly advice for the future, hope you bag out on your trip and don't forget to post a report, successful or otherwise. MSB
  5. MSB

    Builders Plate

    Looks great Shonk, do you have any before shots mate, did you do all the work yourself or subbie some out? MSB
  6. MSB

    south queensland Jumpinpin 15 Sept

    Couple of good lizards there Hein, thanks for posting MSB
  7. Exactly right, there is a skill to playing a good fish using light line on an Alvey, laying the line across the reel manually is a bit of an art form, also if not careful you can get a few line burns off the light mono when a good fish runs, its all about nostalgia Robbie
  8. MSB

    south queensland Beware

    I had a 3/8th galvanised chain with a big lock , pricks simply cut the chain off, I know use a trailer lock with the housing that goes over the tow ball, so far so good, I don't bother going fishing of a night anymore though, I had the trailer purpose built with a centre walkway , ended up buying one standard off the shelf to replace it
  9. MSB

    south queensland Beware

    thanks for the heads up Snap I had one stolen a couple of years back from Spinnaker Sound at night, be the same a*******s that raid your crab pots
  10. MSB

    Nothing Fishy... Just Some Cool Magnet Stuff

    pretty sick Robbie, I like it
  11. what action is the rod Spence
  12. Hi Spence, what Christophagus said mate, thats the reason for the black swivel
  13. My favourite piece of fishing equipment Robbie, still got the 4" model my Dad bought for me when I was 10 years old so thats 50+ years I've had it and I still use it to catch my whiting strung with 2kg platypus mono, simple and easy to use, I love my alveys too
  14. Spence, in my personal opinion, buy mono line not braid for surf fishing, 4kg line in mono will be heaps for fishing the surf gutters at Bribie, buy black swivels so any chopper tailor or small macks won't bite you off, use flat or disc sinkers if you can find them, and a 1.2mtr to 1.5mtr trace and start with a long shank No 2 hook, you can change hook size up or down depending on the species and size you are catching, there is usually pretty good gutters in front and just to the south of the surf club, as I said only my opinions on line and set up, you will come to know what works for you the more you fish. MSB
  15. No problems kicking things off with that combo Spence, Jarvis Walker have been around since Adam was a boy, if you like fishing and you decide to gear up, maybe look into an Alvey reel, lot less maintenance issues when beach and surf fishing, also if you are just kicking things off, you need to look for gutters formed by the action of the waves, thats where you will find the fish, plenty of info on the site about surf fishing. Good luck with it and don't forget the pics MSB