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  1. MSB

    Fishing Boat Within 10k

    Mate, if you've never owned a boat before, and don't have any experience with them, my advice to you is to buy yourself a basic tinny with tiller steer in the 3.8 to 4.2 mtr range and get fishing in rivers and creeks , generally safer then out in the bay or offshore when you have no experience, owning a boat can be expensive particularly if it is sitting around in the garage or yard, which it will , regardless of all your best intentions, as weather, work etc will get in the way of fishing, unless of course you have plenty of money and don't have to work, what I am saying mate is experience it first, and see if you like it, if you do and can see you will be fishing enough to justify spending more money on your ideal boat, then do it, I am on my 4th boat and I still haven't got it quite right, and most of the guys on this site will tell you the same, by the way the rig you put a picture up in your initial post, will set you back about $40k. MSB
  2. MSB

    G’day From Sydney

    Hi WAZA Nice rig mate, post with some pics of your adventures when you can MSB
  3. MSB

    Fishing Boat Within 10k

    Mate if you have the dosh for that rig, dont look at anything else , just buy it
  4. MSB

    south queensland A Day Out With The Dentist

    Nice post Old Scaley, enjoyed the read MSB
  5. MSB

    south queensland Moreton Bay Report 1 December 2018

    Mate I am a dumb arse, what is a PUFF boat
  6. MSB

    Advice to deckies spots

    Thanks Benno, I will take anyone out for a fish even if they are useless, just don't complain and moan and ***** and all is good
  7. MSB

    Advice to deckies spots

    Thanks Drop Bear
  8. MSB

    Advice to deckies spots

    Hi Drop Bear No mate I didn't , blew its arse out up my way so spent the day in the garden
  9. MSB

    Advice to deckies spots

    Couple of years back I took a friend of a friend out fishing to do the guy a favour ,as he had lost his job and supposedly loved his fishing, and because he had lost his job supposedly had to sell his boat, his wife dropped him down to Spinnaker Sound Marina and just like your mate, he didn't bring any gear claiming his wife wouldn't let him put his fishing gear in her car, alarm bells should have rung then I suppose, but hey I am a nice fella so shrugged it off and said I have a spare rod an gear you can use no problem, cut a long story short the guy had no idea about fishing, none whatsoever , he bitched about how hot it was, lack of fish action, gear he was using was no good, and reckons it would be more fun sitting in a cafe drinking lattes, I had had enough of the prick after 2 hours so pulled up the pick and headed back to the ramp, when we got there I said, do me a favour and hop out and hang on to the boat for me, which he did, I threw it in reverse and left him standing there, he said what are you doing, I said I am going to pump some yabbies and fish the run in, you can't leave me here he said, my wife is working and cant pick me up until she finishes work, no problems I said, there is a bait shop/cafe 200mtrs over there , you can kill time enjoying a latte and annoy the crap out of them, and off I went, the rest of day was very pleasant and caught a few whiting to yop it off.
  10. MSB

    Free Xmas Turkeys.

    Hi Ray Do you know who is responsible for the upkeep of the ramp, will only take someone who has some litigious bones in his or her body to go arse over and hurt themselves and lawyers will be involved, even if the responsible party has erected a sign as an attempt at cover all by declaring anyone using the ramp does so at their own risk, they will still face a possible duty of care lawsuit, particularly if the party responsible for the reasonable upkeep of the ramp has been notified by someone of the dangerous situation faced by users of the ramp , due to the mess the pelicans have made of the ramp. Public boat ramps are generally administered by Main Roads in conjunction with the local council authority, in the case of NPD it may be SEQ Water, however not sure. Just saying Ron
  11. MSB

    Advice to deckies spots

    I am surprised you brought him back in with you Marris!
  12. MSB

    Venison For A Hungry Drop Bear

    Thanks for offer Drop Bear, unfortunately can't do, have a physio appt for my knee, offer much appreciated though
  13. MSB

    Venison For A Hungry Drop Bear

    Had a bambie pie in Tasmania once Drop Bear , pretty good too, looks like you got your wish , Venison for Xmas, thanks for the post, on another note, I was fishing Ningi Creek this morning opposite the piss poor excuse for a boat ramp, when I guy with a flat top truck with a front mounted crane and aluminium oyster boat, turned up and proceeded to unload the oyster boat into the creek, not long after , lady from the ABC turned up in her car ( I knew she was from the ABC because thats what the sign on her car said ) pretty shortly after she arrived , she was picked up at the ramp by a man in a nice side console tinny, purple wraps I think about 5mtrs long and a nice 4 stroke suzie to push it along , anyway he took her down to one of the old oyster leases down towards the mouth of the creek, where the man with the oyster boat was working his guts out , an hour or so later the man with the nice purple wrapped tinny with the suzie on ,brought the lady from the ABC back to the ramp and she jumped in her car (after going to the ladies of course) and she was gonski. My question to you Drop Bear, is do you know if this little affair has anything to do with the oyster reef restoration project in pumicestone passage. Just as well the lady from the ABC turned up, only action all morning, fishing was less then ordinary, neap tides and slight ENE. MSB
  14. MSB


  15. MSB

    south queensland Tingalpa Creek

    Hi SalvLax, trick to fishing the rock bar so you don't go broke is with surface poppers at low tide, or a livie suspended under a small float with a short trace , metre max, post some more pics of your catches MSB