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  1. Hopefully if the weather is good. Going to take the lady out from Wynnum. Maybe take a look at Peel and see if anything is biting on the troll.
  2. Cheers Angus, this is pretty much where I set my pots. Got heaps of crabs but 90% female and only 2 keepers. Still a bit of fun anyway
  3. Hi guys. Heading out about 9am from Manly, any hints on where we might get a few crabs in the pots, and hopefully a decent feed of fish? cheers
  4. I could not believe once we set up camp there and went to the shop at the gate, there was a sign saying 'Centrelink payments now available'.
  5. Mate, that Johns Landing.... I thought I was gonna wake up minus some body parts lol.
  6. I've been in there with the landcruiser a few years back. Good spot .
  7. Haven't heard of it but will look it up right now. Thanks Buddy.
  8. Absolutely love it up there, but have a trip planned for there in August already, ( boys week away ). Hit me with some closer places for this one. and if anyone says "Johns Landing" we can't be friends anymore lol.
  9. Hi Everyone. Im looking for a bit of help for a weekend away. Wanting to take a simple camping setup, 4.5m tinny with a 40hp Yamaha and the Navara. Hoping to find somewhere for about 3 days with an easy boat launch and flattish water as the lady is scared of the big bad ocean. Maybe a bit off the beaten track as well. Any ideas or help as to where we can go would be much appreciated. Also don't want to go more than about 2 or 3 hours from Brisbane. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Any of those dates work for me, definately count me in.
  11. All I got in the bay on Saturday were these little guys up to about 900mm on prawns. Landed 7 and got snapped off by another 7 at least.
  12. There's a good one at North Lakes , they keep taking all my money
  13. Boerewors lol. Where do you get it from? Or are you South African and make your own?
  14. Thank you. Didn't want to head over and find myself copping a fine.
  15. I have a Newbie question. Is epirb required on boats going over to Straddie?