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  1. richard fisho

    south queensland Heaven Raining Coral Trout

    Thought the bag limit for coral trout 7 a person looks like 22 there
  2. richard fisho

    Zz's, Pb's & Trophies At The Bb's

    you might want to let Wayne know you only allowed 3 rods per person in QLD
  3. richard fisho

    First Boat Help

    such a welcoming site, I see james got the same welcome I did
  4. richard fisho

    Do You Hunt In Nsw?

    I thought this was a fishing forum, not a political one, I'm out.
  5. richard fisho

    Blakesley's Social Weekend Febuary 24th To 26th

    Yeah it is a bit of a bugger KM, and hopefully it rains between now and then so this ban may be lifted. Hope to get over on the weekend, but the wind at this stage looks to be a little strong for what my small tinnie can handle.
  6. richard fisho

    Blakesley's Social Weekend Febuary 24th To 26th

    long time watcher first time poster, looks like this will be a great event, but was just reading that there is a fire ban on for north straddy national park and the camping areas until the 28th Feb :-(, this looks to include blakesleys. Might see you guys over there, I have a small tinny with a 25 merc outboard. Hope this ban gets lifted.