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  1. TLD's are very hard to cast over shoulder like a baitcaster. 15's are ok but the bigger dia are not really designed for this. I cast my 25 and 30 from the boat and i tend to cast from the side at a 45deg up, sort of lobbing the bait but it still goes a fair way out. Mind you i have an 8 or 10 ball sinker on and only a 7ft m10 style overhead rod. If you want distance from an overhead on a surf rod then get your hands on an abu garcia ambassador 7000. Can get them in star or lever drag. I remember the late Russel from browns plains bait and tackle getting phenomenal distances from them on 13ft surf rods. Cheers.
  2. And munster was happy for the 2 points too. Cam Smith played as Cam Smith should. He had them baffeled. What a champion. The look on Arron woods face was awesome. Whats that now? 3 in a row again. Im loosing count. Farewell JT but i think your jerseys in good hands. Just teach him how to convert now and youve been cloned.
  3. Yeah i figured it would be an Australian based thing. I did tell them several times i lived in Qld but happy to help them out.
  4. Ive filled out mine.
  5. Agreed. Im running them, not strikers but older 820xs's x 2 and love them. Very easy to use and touch wood, no hiccups.
  6. While i am sceptical of papers released by organisations due to them trying to make light of a bad situation ie. brisbane river, I am satisfied that the introduction of net free zones is a no brainer. Of course the reslults will be good. Draging a net through any aqua environment destroys everything in its path. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or an owner of a netting type company be it fishing or producing. Like Ray has said, bring on southern Qld. Cheers.
  7. Apparently NASA technology is working on JT's shoulder. Here hoping he goes out the way he should. Most reapected player ever that bloke. Legend.
  8. I check em all..... To start with I combine seabreeze with bouyweather and bom. Seems fairly accurate for my liking. However there are days/weekends where you think.....what the bloody hell were they smokin when they predicted that? Not to often though. I also check surf reports (swellnet, coastalwatch app) up the coast as I like to surf as well and it gives you an idea of any large swells (for offshore) heading up because theyre normally SE or E if theyre big ie. right now!!!! Tides for fishing gives all that tech info like barometer, moon rise and tidal coefficients. Like they say, if you shop around on the day you may get a report that suits your requirements.
  9. Mullet on plastics. Tick that one off the list. Ypu must have cast it into its mouth. Looks like something going on with its eye too.
  10. You forgot to mention the squid. Youve got ink all over your neck and fingers. Looks like a good day. Nice feed there. Pity the reds wern't bigger hey. Maybe a little deeper.
  11. Nearly ready.
  12. wanted

    Wow. That is impressive. Hats off Australia post. All to easy Ray. Daughter says thank you for the compliment. Shes a smart cookie and does very well at school. Have a safe trip mate. Regards. Damo.
  13. Its called a moonlighter. Tilodon sexfasciatus http://fishesofaustralia.net.au/Home/species/527
  14. wanted

    All good Ray. Happy to help mate. It was something I was familiar with so no skin off my nose and I thoroughly enjoy making fishing rigs and helping out if I can. Posting some material to you is no sweat either. My beautiful 6yr old daughter helped me out there. She loves posting letters and the like. Thank you for the kind words. Have a safe a fun trip. Damo.
  15. wanted

    Hello Ray. Your line is in the mail. Let me know if you dont recieve it in a couple of days. Cheers. Damo.