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  1. Junky


    I have the same unit. I'm presuming you have the standard transducer still? No chirp on normal sounder.... Next time your on the mark switch it over to downview. Chirp will draw exactly what it is or give a better clearer image than the traditional sonar. Altgough in that depth it may struggle a little. Worth a try though. I'm gonna guess you found a nice isolated rock. The bottom moves all the time out there. May have been exposed in the last big swells. EDIT....MY UNIT IS DIFFERENT. I HAVE THE 820XS. APOLOGIES FOR THE MISTAKE. Regardless, if you have chirp downview, hit it with that and it will be a lot clearer. Cheers.
  2. Junky

    Stuff For Wheel Studs?

    Locktite antiseize. Get it from most auto outlets.
  3. Junky

    Advice Quintrex 7000 Yellowfin Hardtop

    They price to order because theyre custom built to what you want. Also the hull lengths are actual hull, not all the addons. My 55 is almost 6. Go in or message on facebook. speak to Adam. Hes more active in facebook than the websight. https://m.facebook.com/Sea-Adex-Boats-Australia-525093384311989/ Very tough boats. No stitch welding in these puppies. I jump wakes in mine with ease, no banging, lands as smooth as silk. Good fun. Then theres 65kph donuts. The gforces are awesome.
  4. Junky

    Advice Quintrex 7000 Yellowfin Hardtop

    I dont like writing this is better that is better as its only my opinion. What suits me may not suit you and we all have choices when it comes to dropping our money down. Just giving advise on what i look for as I look under the pretty paint and shinny stuff to see what the structual build is, along with handling characteristics and build components and my opinion is based on that. Cheers.
  5. Junky

    Advice Quintrex 7000 Yellowfin Hardtop

    Check out Sea Adex at capalaba. Go in and have a look at the workmanship in their boats. I personally have an Armour 55 and I challenge anyone to find a stronger, better handling hull that is built to that standard. Worth the drive.
  6. Junky

    Advice Quintrex 7000 Yellowfin Hardtop

    Im with luvit. If your gonna drop 100 large on a boat then you want something worth the 100. I am not a fan of mass production companies. They build to a profit margin. Ive seen and heard of some real ballsups coming out of the bigger manufacturers not to mention the shotty workmanship and also witnessed the repairs to the hull in a short time from the pounding they give. Then theres the fit out. Im a padantic bugger when it comes to fit out. Ive fitted out and wired up a **** load of boats and what these big manufacturers are pumping out is atrocious. My advise, dont buy a boat because it "looks good". So many people get caught out by looks that they over look the important stuff like strength and construction and also fitout components. If your serious about your investment then take your time and study up. Whwre are you based? I can recommend you a company to check out because I own one of their hard top boats and can honestly say its a tough built, stable get you anywhere anytime fishing boat. Let me know if your interested. Cheers and good luck.
  7. Junky

    north queensland Port Douglas Over Fished

    Its a sad state of affairs. Netting destroys marine environments . When are we going to wake up to that? Probably when its too late, then we will all pay the price.
  8. Sure, i dont trust gov full stop. Gov people are so far detached from society its not funny yet we let them continue their stupidity ie. your article above. What i see happening is at least there are real world experienced people, and from what im lead to believe the whole comitee is made up of experienced folks, helping and informing the detached numpties that call the shots and hopefully working together to create an environment that my son and his sons will enjoy. Its got to be better than whats happening now, i mean dont get me wrong toad fish have their place as well but i think some silly decisions have been made and need to be reviewed as well as some new procedures put in place to ensure moreton bay has a sustainable future.
  9. Exactly what happens when you put people in charge or allow decisions to be made by people that have no idea what theyre on about. Im sure this new advisory committee will sort out some of this mess. With the likes of Dr Daryl Mcphee on board i think we are set for some real productive environmental changes to benifit the moreton bay marine park in a positive way.
  10. TLD's are very hard to cast over shoulder like a baitcaster. 15's are ok but the bigger dia are not really designed for this. I cast my 25 and 30 from the boat and i tend to cast from the side at a 45deg up, sort of lobbing the bait but it still goes a fair way out. Mind you i have an 8 or 10 ball sinker on and only a 7ft m10 style overhead rod. If you want distance from an overhead on a surf rod then get your hands on an abu garcia ambassador 7000. Can get them in star or lever drag. I remember the late Russel from browns plains bait and tackle getting phenomenal distances from them on 13ft surf rods. Cheers.
  11. Junky

    State Of Origin 2017

    And munster was happy for the 2 points too. Cam Smith played as Cam Smith should. He had them baffeled. What a champion. The look on Arron woods face was awesome. Whats that now? 3 in a row again. Im loosing count. Farewell JT but i think your jerseys in good hands. Just teach him how to convert now and youve been cloned.
  12. Junky

    Nsw Uni Shark Survey

    Yeah i figured it would be an Australian based thing. I did tell them several times i lived in Qld but happy to help them out.
  13. Junky

    Nsw Uni Shark Survey

    Ive filled out mine.
  14. Junky

    Garmin Striker Advise Wanted

    Agreed. Im running them, not strikers but older 820xs's x 2 and love them. Very easy to use and touch wood, no hiccups.
  15. Junky

    Net Free Zones

    While i am sceptical of papers released by organisations due to them trying to make light of a bad situation ie. brisbane river, I am satisfied that the introduction of net free zones is a no brainer. Of course the reslults will be good. Draging a net through any aqua environment destroys everything in its path. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or an owner of a netting type company be it fishing or producing. Like Ray has said, bring on southern Qld. Cheers.