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  1. Junky

    north queensland Livebaiting The Beach - Fnq

    Cool vids. Could almost throw that hammer in your tool belt. Are you up halloways beach way?
  2. Junky

    fishing My Fishing Experience Using Drone

    You can fit a lot more line on that reel.
  3. Junky

    northern nsw Toonumbar Dam

    Yeah don't quote me in that. There's a sign at the boat ramp anyways. I'm told the bloke that owns the property at the start of the bells bay camp site road is the man to talk to.
  4. Junky

    northern nsw Toonumbar Dam

    Toonumbar is beautiful. 30min west of kyogle. It's not a wide dam but long and winds through some really nice country. I've never fished it but have ridden dirt bikes all around it...well sort of. I think it's 4 stroke only. It definitely has an 8kn speed limit. There are 2 ramps. One at the dam wall and the other at bells bay. Bells bay ramp is steep but still usable for smaller boats. There is a pontoon there, just but it still does the job. The kids were jumping off it. The dam wall ramp is really long. The camp site at bells bay is elevated up from the boat ramp with fire places etc and is shady in spots. It over looks the bay area and from memory is 10 clams a night. I haven't stayed there, only day trips. Just watch out for blue green algae if you're swimming. It is really picturesque with nice rock cliffs in areas. I've been told the fishing is good.
  5. Junky

    south queensland Led Squid Light Kayaking

    Someone is telling you porkies about the sharks. My guess is it's the bloody media again. They're not lions or tigers. They won't stalk you and kill you. They're inquisitive yes...but no way are they the man eater the damn media make them out to be. Jaws also ruined it. Again, movies. You'd have a greater risk of falling out and drowning than being attacked by a shark but if you were to see one...for god sake don't freak out....just go about your buisiness and keep calm. Also, don't leave fish or squid hanging off the side of the yak. That will encourage an enquiry. Common sence really. Forget about the sharks and go squiding. SEQ has an abundance of squid. Coffee rock, reefs, weed beds, even jetty pylons such as amity are all great squiding spots. Get out there and enjoy life. Don't let the media put the fear in you. Up north however I wouldn't be caught dead in a yak. There are big mud geckos up there that do eat whatever bleeds. Rocky has them in the fitzroy. A 5m model was shot by a farmer a few years back.
  6. Junky

    northern nsw Clarence River Near Tenterfield

    We stayed at the gorge years ago. Lovely area but I spent my time floating in the rapids and emptying rum cans. The bloke there had a boat and took us for a run upstream. Some big waterholes in there.
  7. Junky

    One Way To Catch A Sailfish

    I bet he finds it hard to get mates to chuck in for fuel.
  8. Junky

    fishing Braid Scissors

    I use side cutters. I got a good pair of shimano ones, they live in the bait board, had them for years and they still work.
  9. Junky

    Builders Plate

    Looks great. That paint came up schmick. Dunno if Id have forward controls in a boat that size. It will pound the crap out of your back sitting up there.
  10. Junky

    Sticking Braid

    What reel have you got? Do this before you get new braid. I don't like anyone spooling my reels. Especially on those machines. The reels lay the line correctly to prevent underbinding.
  11. Junky

    Sticking Braid

    What reel? Is the line laying on the spool evenly? Bunching at either end. There are shims on the main shaft under the spool to tune the lay of the line. These can compress, crack, go missing if you take your spool off regularly. This will then cause the line to bunch at the tip of the spool more and leave gaps at the base. Has the braid snapped before and you have had to rejoined it? Part of the knot could be protruding through the lower lays of line causing a snag. Burrs around the top of the spool on the outer rim edge can catch line intermittent.
  12. Junky

    fishing My Fishing Experience Using Drone

    Oohhhh it is tempting. Beach fishing would be a lot easier, and my kids would hang around a little longer too, maybe. The kids lose interest quick if the bite is slow. I would also like one for trolling. Sit it out over the top of the spread and get a birds eye view of the strike and catch. Pretty sure they have a follow me function on the djs so once you set your height and distance it will do the rest. There was also a prototype quad that I saw on youtube called "lilly". It didn't require direct control with a transmitter. It was basically a puck transmitter that you wear like a watch. It had buttons for setting certain angles distances etc and you just threw it in the air and away it went. Unfortunately they never released it. But if that stuff is out there then it won't be long untill they do get released.
  13. Junky

    fishing My Fishing Experience Using Drone

    I'm sure that lure will work. But it is more designed for vertical jigging out of a boat. Squid can be caught with squid jigs or bait on a squid skewer. Jigs or EGIs as they're known are like lures specially designed to hold onto squid with the way their hooking system works, or barbs as theyre known. They range in color, size and weight. Grab a few and try them out. Techniques vary but I tend to cast out and pausing every couple of winds. The skewer is used when bait fishing. It is basically a stainless skewer with the same barbs as the jigs. Insert the skewer up through the length of a pilly or bait fish and away you go. In deep water you just cast them out and let them drift around in the current. If the current is strong then you can add some weight. In shallow water you simply suspend them mid water under some sort of float. In either case you don't want your bait on the surface. It has to be below. I like to concentrate on the 1/2 to 3/4 depth range above coffee rock reef or some sort of structure. But I am in a boat. You could try and suspend one off a jetty or pontoon. Good luck and keep us posted.
  14. Junky

    fishing My Fishing Experience Using Drone

    If you want snapper mate then get a pilly out there or a good size squid or both. Id try a paternoster with both. Even cut down to half a pilly but still a full squid, And by squid Im not talking those little poor baby ones in the service station bait freezer that never get a chance at life. You want one about 200mm or longer. If you cant find anyone selling them then go and fish for them at night under any light posts that are over the water or reflecting into the water. Marinas and boat ramps are a good place. Plan to be there for 6hrs or more. A tide swing so to speak. 3hrs either side of high or low. You need a decent period of time to cover for a better chance at "being there at the right time". I think it is really cool that you are doing this and reporting it. You may just get me interested. I fly RC planes and have a shed full of them. Maybe, just maybe I may part with one for a quad. Have you got a camera on the quad?