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  1. Angry51

    south queensland Fat-skinny And Sick

    Go and sharefarm some of Ray's, everyone else does. Cheers Gary
  2. Angry51

    north queensland Stanage June

    Works out for a reasonable 10 days. You could spend that on a weekend at the races. And not have the same enjoyment. Cheers Gary
  3. I don't think you'll be getting a Xmas card this year. Cheers Gary
  4. Angry51

    Grubby Fishers Give Us A Bad Name

    You really wonder what sort of brain some people have. Disgusting to say the least. Cheers Gary
  5. Angry51

    north queensland Stanage June

    Looks like a very relaxing trip. Good pics and story to sum up the trip. Be hard looking over the shoulder driving home, Thanks. Cheers Gary
  6. Yeah Robbie, Google '' Smoking Meat Forum'' Heaps of smoker builds on there, just do normal search for smoker builds you'll find all you need. Gas/charcoal/wood/electric. Cheers Gary
  7. Do you know what wood he used to smoke them. Were there fresh caught or shop bought. I was going to get shop ones. Cheers Gary
  8. Anyone done any smoking of mullet. Throught I might try some, or any other that smokes up alright. Cheers Gary
  9. Angry51

    Next 1770 Trip

    I'm a sook, think i'll stay home.
  10. Angry51

    north queensland Stanage June

    The way its hanging down it looks like a peterheater. Cheers Gary
  11. Angry51

    problem New Topic

    Luc53, I just tried and taged freshwater, everything was fine my end. Cheers Gary
  12. Angry51

    Off To 1770 Thursday

    Dino, You do realise there's no cheating and fishing in the perch pond don't you. Just kidding, enjoy yourself and post some pics. Cheers Gary
  13. Angry51

    Nrl 2018

    If they were real chooks, they'd be in the pot this morning. Bronc's must have cheated. Cheers Gary
  14. Angry51

    Size Of Rim

    I think you should read his feedback mate. 32 neg in 6 months, sounds suss. Even the price sound too cheep.!!!! Old Scaley was on the money, take to your local tyre shop and get their advise. Cheers Gary
  15. Angry51

    south queensland Arm Strecthing Session Pic Heavy

    Good day by the looks Dino. If they get any bigger you'll have to get seat belts fitted in your boat. Cheers Gary