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  1. They were yummy. Ann split the tails down the middle filled them with cheese and bacon and oven cooked them. Very yummy, can still taste them. Gary.
  2. Hi all, Went redclawing on the dam, pretty rough the wind was blowing a bit, was pretty choppy going across the middle. Only got 11 for overnight soak, but good enough for a chew. Plenty of terrorists around, must of been up to 10 boats in the morning, hit something under the water, 40 feet deep, so assumed it was a floating log, damaged prop a bit. Anyhow it keeps one out of the pub, and it's always good out on the water. Cheers Gary. DECKIE SORTING POTS Burdekin dam from lookout Redclaw 19-2017
  3. Hi all, Damaged the prop on my 15HP Mercury, hit something submerged on the dam, suspect it was a piece of timber/log in 40 feet water. Got pieces missing on the edges of 2 blades, pics probably don't show it up as well as looking at it.. How much damage can a prop take before it's out of balance. Should I buy new prop or can I use this one safely. Cheers Gary Damaged prop prop Prop 1 Prop 2
  4. Good on the old blokes. If you had to row back to the ramp you'd have drank that carton yourself. Cheers Gary.
  5. Thanks for posting that Ray. Well written article and very imformative to someone like me that is just starting in the fresh, Thanks to Dennis for writing it. He'd be a wealth of knowledge and would be good to spend a day on the water with him, But I live at the other end of the state. Thanks Gary
  6. Really well done mate. Looks like a good time was had by all, some nice fish there. Cheers Gary
  7. THe Bunny's/ Cowboy's game was pretty good to watch. Good to see the cows get up without JT. Cheers Gary.
  8. Yeah, up south east of Ravenswood, about 80k's from the dam. Just chasing redclaw and like to look for some sooties or whatever we can find. Haven't done any freshwater for 30 odd years. Am retired now so have time to do what we want. Cheers Gary.
  9. Thanks mate, did a search and didn't get anything but just tried again got Ray's tutorial so all's good. Thanks for the heads up. Just didn't think those on fleabay were any value, looked too flimsy. Thanks again. Cheers Gary
  10. You'll be too busy sucking on that grape stuff. Cheers Gary.
  11. Hi all, Just getting into fresh water fishing and would like to know what traps to use for shrimp, Also best bait in the trap. Also how to rig them, probably same as prawns I suppose, thru the tail. Some suggest a few per hook, is that the go. Just learning so like some advice. Thanks,, Probably do a trip to Burdekin dam next week. Cheers Gary.
  13. Thanks Dino. Cheers Gary
  14. Well done Dino, what is that lure in pic 4 and 5, the blue one, It seems to feature in a lot of your sessions, is it a good catcher or do I imagine it. Cheers Gary
  15. Good day out looking at that. Well done. Cheers Gary