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  1. Nrl 2017

    No Gad, I watched the whole game live. Cheers Gary
  2. Nrl 2017

    How did you like that. And I dont like the plane either. Just back the underdog. Cheers Gary
  3. Nrl 2017

    I don't think Lebanon was unlucky, they just didn't win. Don't like Faraway anyhow.
  4. Nrl 2017

    Yeah Gad, Wouldn't mind seeing the Tonga's win the CUP. Little nation like that would do a lot for league. Cheers Gary
  5. Nrl 2017

    Yeah, thought that myself. Was a good game, really happy Tonga stuck it up them. Cheers Gary
  6. Nrl 2017

    You'd reckon the PNG team would have gone a bit easier on the Welsh. Bl##dy good game, good to see PNG get a convincing win. They've come a long way in the last 5 or so years. Cheers Gary
  7. Prawns White Spot Disease Outbreak

    Thanks Gad for the update. Cheers Gary
  8. Its That Time Again

    Nice pic's fella's. Love flowers, some real wonders of nature. Cheers Gary
  9. Roof Rack Platform/basket Opinions Sought

    And they wonder why they tip over. The centre of gravity is soo high. Plus the overload. Cheers Gary
  10. Nrl 2017

    How was that////// Go the Cowboys,,, Cheers Gary
  11. north queensland Late But Better Than Never,,,,

    Dropped them in the Bohle river Townsville mate. Was a good day on the water. Cheers Gary
  12. Hi all, Reports a couple of weeks late, been having puter trouble couldn't load photo's. Anyhow we went crabbing earlier in the month, got these two keepers. Got about 6 others but were all couple of mills under so returned them for some other. time. Everything caught were bucks, only soaked for about 3 hrs as we had shopping to do and a 2 hour drive home. Got a few bream but all were undersized,returned for another day. Cheers Gary.
  13. Stuff For Wheel Studs?

    Is it ANTISEIZE you're thinking of. Cheers Gary
  14. south queensland NPD 13/9/17

    DropBear, When we put the MotorGuide on our boat I think it's now a bit heavy for the 15hp merc. Will be looking to upgrade it in a couple of years. Gets on the plane but struggles. The leccy more than makes up for that disadvantage I think. Cheers Gary
  15. Sorry UQKai6,, Did'nt mean to hijack your post, could'nt resist. Cheers Gary