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  1. Milpool

    south queensland Coomera River Species?

    Keep us updated on your Coomera catches! I live in Oxenford, Coomera river is the closest thing to me and seems to have a good array of species but I'm a terrible fisherman, yet to get anything from the weir.
  2. Milpool

    south queensland Stonefish And A Lure

    Hahaha how unfortunate! Oh well, back at it!
  3. Milpool

    south queensland Landbased Snapper

    I know very little bit I know most people use bait casters for jack/Barra fishing because of the accuracy of the cast over short distances into snags and whatnot. I think for surf fishing you're better off with a spinning reel. Overheads seen like more of a boat rod.
  4. Milpool

    south queensland Landbased Snapper

    A few posts up @JohnTheFisherman was recommending a Penn 3000 on 3-6kg rod and 12lb line, seems like a very versatile setup and he has proof of its abilities. He might have some new pointers for you though.
  5. Milpool

    Nrl 2018

    I'm hoping for a better season from.the Bulldogs, it's been hard watching them the last couple of years with all the fun sucked out of their game. Hopefully new coach and some new players will breathe new life into the attack.
  6. Milpool

    Decent Rod For $150

    In the saltwater or freshwater section dependant on where you were fishing
  7. Milpool

    Makes Me Wet

    I was thinking of just doing a bit of fishing under a bridge or something down my way, does the amount of rain we've had usually turn off the fish? Not that I really care either way.
  8. Milpool

    Decent Rod For $150

    I'm just wandering through BCF now and they have a Sedona combo with a classix rod for 150, maybe check that out? Save yourself $50 till you know what rod you really want
  9. Milpool

    Decent Rod For $150

    I was looking at two piece Shimano raider rods yesterday, I think they were $80 each, then maybe just grab the most expensive Shimano reel you can stretch to. You should be able to get a Sedona for around $100.
  10. Milpool

    northern nsw Up The Creek With A Paddle

    Sounds perfect for a lazy lunchtime flick really. Thanks Drop Bear
  11. Milpool

    northern nsw Up The Creek With A Paddle

    Is the 1000 your go to reel for the kayak fishing you've been doing? I've been thinking of getting a sienna 1000 and just the cheapest two piece 1-3kg rod I can find for leaving in the work truck so we can fish on lunch breaks. I don't expect us to be catching anything major so the 1000 should be ample, does it cover most bases for you?
  12. Milpool

    northern nsw Up The Creek With A Paddle

    Great report on a good arvo on the yak. Hopefully the pots are full
  13. Milpool

    What Do You Look For In A Report

    I read most reports, being such an amateur the reports that really keep my interest are the ones I can learn from. Tips on the gear/tackle/techniques used are always helpful and rough location is always a plus, don't need GPS coordinates but a general location is helpful as it can inspire me to look more into the area. The standard of report has gone up a few notches lately and I'm loving how there is more and more, even if they aren't all a success story. In short, any informative report that you can learn something from is a winner for me.
  14. Milpool

    south queensland Fishing When Barometer Is Low

    My nephew's mate pulled in a 40ish centimetre one just out the front of the boat shed while we were there the other week. He was just using hardbodies, I think he catches a few
  15. Milpool

    south queensland Landbased Snapper

    That's a great fish you caught! Either way I liken your techniques to some of the canal bashing some of the good fishos do around here which would be similar weights to what you use to make the snapper so entertaining and a Moreton trip is on the cards for me the year. I think I'll still go for a 4000 Sedona setup but I'll go for an 8kg rod and 15lb line, I think this should cover a few bases while matched with my 2500. I'm not sure what everyone keeps up with but if anyone has Instagram, check out the young fellas that work at Sportys warehouse, particularly Michael Wood. I don't have Instagram but you can still check out some pages if they aren't private. The fish those boys drag in land based is crazy.