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  1. northern nsw Up The Creek With A Paddle

    Great report on a good arvo on the yak. Hopefully the pots are full
  2. What Do You Look For In A Report

    I read most reports, being such an amateur the reports that really keep my interest are the ones I can learn from. Tips on the gear/tackle/techniques used are always helpful and rough location is always a plus, don't need GPS coordinates but a general location is helpful as it can inspire me to look more into the area. The standard of report has gone up a few notches lately and I'm loving how there is more and more, even if they aren't all a success story. In short, any informative report that you can learn something from is a winner for me.
  3. south queensland Fishing When Barometer Is Low

    My nephew's mate pulled in a 40ish centimetre one just out the front of the boat shed while we were there the other week. He was just using hardbodies, I think he catches a few
  4. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    That's a great fish you caught! Either way I liken your techniques to some of the canal bashing some of the good fishos do around here which would be similar weights to what you use to make the snapper so entertaining and a Moreton trip is on the cards for me the year. I think I'll still go for a 4000 Sedona setup but I'll go for an 8kg rod and 15lb line, I think this should cover a few bases while matched with my 2500. I'm not sure what everyone keeps up with but if anyone has Instagram, check out the young fellas that work at Sportys warehouse, particularly Michael Wood. I don't have Instagram but you can still check out some pages if they aren't private. The fish those boys drag in land based is crazy.
  5. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    Perfect, BCF actually have the Kato 3-6kg 7ft rod on sale for $30 at the moment so I might grab it and some 12lb braid. I'm on the Gold Coast so I'll have to have a read around to find a good place to try. Thanks John! You're obviously very well practiced at this sort of fishing, I appreciate you passing on some wisdom.
  6. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    Wow that is quite a light setup, I could nearly get away with my 2500 setup of that's the case. I was just hoping the 4000 would cover a few bases but I'm starting to learn why people have twenty different combos.
  7. south queensland Landbased Snapper

    I'm keen to give this sort of fishing a go and have a BCF voucher burning a hole in my pocket. Would a sienna 4000 combo with 20lb braid on 8kg rod be suitable? I have a sienna 2500, probably going to pick up another too but just want a slightly larger setup for the slightly larger beach fishing and a bit of bottom bashing. The odd Sedona pops up on sale too (quite cheap at Anaconda at the moment). I know there are a heap of sienna fans on here, and through that guidance I bought mine and love it, bit is the Sedona a decent upgrade if on sale or would the difference be negligible?
  8. Braid Straight To Your Lure

    Braid straight through would be good for me because I'm **** at FG knots
  9. Nrl 2017

    The Roosters must have a damn good accountant. How do they fit that team under the cap?
  10. Nrl 2017

    Liicha's looks like he's had his entire pre- seasonearly. Pay will sought him out, one underdone player from the kennel is not an issue once Pay takes.over
  11. Need Help Finding A Fishing Book

    Similar topic not worth starting a thread for, what are the most recommended books for seq fishing? I had a bit of a search but didn't come up with much. Enjoy reading a hard copy of things. This one looks quite comprehensive;
  12. Gold Coast And South East Qld

    Yeah, the crowd factor is the main reason I haven't been back there yet. Being such an accessible spot and next to a park there was people everywhere. Made walking around trying to get my snags un-snagged much more difficult. Some guy flew a drone straight into the deepest part though, that was entertaining. I'll definitely be going back though, last time I was there there was a bit of earthworks going on to repair it after the floods, has anyone been back since to see if it has changed much?
  13. Gold Coast And South East Qld

    I had a flick in the weir a few months back with no luck but I have heard of a few jack being in there. I think I'll try closer to the ocean along the coomera river next time. A kayak would be ideal in there.
  14. Gold Coast And South East Qld

    I'm on the Gold Coast too but I'm only new to fishing, so far I've only really had a few goes at whiting around Paradise Point, got a few bites on yabbies while a mate caught one legal one and a few tiny ones. Also had a go at flatheads around Pimpama with no luck but that was a while ago. I enjoy using soft plastics so I'll let you know if I find any decent spots. I bought the AFN Brisbane land based fishing guide last week, that has pretty comprehensive coverage of all the Gold Coast areas. Could be worth the $10 from you. Are you Northern end or Southern? Without de-railing your thread, what does everyone's land based kit consist of? I realised while I was there I'm grossly under prepared for actually catching a fish and the mate I was with didn't quite have as much in his bag as I thought.
  15. Pumicestone Passage

    I think I have to do a trip to Bribie. Some great fish there.