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  1. Being up from Melbourne at the start of the year I couldn’t have done my more fishing between feb-July, conditions were always good as was the fishing. Since spring rolled around I have barely been out. Seems to always be windy, have three days off this week and was hoping to get out at least one day, but the wind is already up and about early on and the forecast says the same for the next couple of days. Is this wind the norm this time of year? And when will stop?
  2. Will be heading out for a much needed fish on Sunday after the poor weather we have had. Will be landbased flicking Lures. Need some info on where to fish that won’t have to much angling/boat traffic.
  3. Have found the fishing on a northerly wind to be poor. Was told this by an old fisho once, and thought it was just a myth. But I have definitely found this to be true. Anyone else find this to be true?
  4. south queensland Brighton Park

    Have never been to Brighton park and was wondering if it is a good spot for some flatties on the rising tide, if there are any flats there to throw around some lures?
  5. Hey guys, heading down to Coolangatta this weekend, just after any advice about the fishing in the are. Will only be fishing light with plastics, so any spots for flatties, bream, choppers? Is it worth targeting trevally toward the mouth this time of year? And I'm aware I'll need a license once I cross the border. Cheers
  6. Soft Plastics

    I would just wait until Saturday. Low tide is 2:30 pm.. get there around 11 and fish the run out
  7. Soft Plastics

    Floodway not floodwaters
  8. Soft Plastics

    The mouth of the floodwaters.. walk along the beach up to the end and there will be a sandbar exposed as the tide drops. Just follow that.
  9. Soft Plastics

    Went to nudgee beach this morning and the past couple of mornings. Got 6 flatties this morning, biggest was about 50cm. Has been very slow there for the past couple of days, can usually get the same amount of fish in half the time. Another good spot is the flats off lota at the mouth of the tingalpa creek on the run out. Plenty of flatties there, although not as big as other places. Nudgee has better size
  10. Soft Plastics

    If you want to get some flatties go much lighter. I use 6lb braid and 8lb leader. I've managed to pull in big fish with this. Couple of 55cm flatties yesterday and a 60cm flattie last wknd. Just check your line after each fish you land as there raspy teeth can sheer the line. I use 1/8th or 1/6th jig head if the water isn't running too quick, 1/4 if it's running a bit harder. Cast up into the current and bounce it back with the current. 2 hours before the low. Just about any plastic will do for flatties.. 3 or 4 inch minnows and curl tail swimming mullet are my go to. Pumpkin seed, pearl watermelon, smelt, banana prawn all good colours
  11. Trevally Around Brisbane

    Ah cool, can they be targeted from land?
  12. Trevally Around Brisbane

    Hey guys is there any where to get some trevally around brissy/gc.if so best time/tide/tackle.. cheers
  13. Pumicestone Passage

    Light gear 6lb braid 8lb leader.. 1/8th 1/0 jig, 4" lime tiger minnow. ALways know there are rays out there, but the number of them today made it little bit more hazardous especially bare footed.
  14. Pumicestone Passage

    Back up to the passage today.. got a few nice flatties around white patch, the biggest 50cm and a very long, long Tom. Run into quite a few sting rays in the shallows, one very big one followed me in with the long Tom. A very healthy waterway up there.
  15. Pinkenba Rock Wall

    Okay cool, so would I park at the boat ramp? Not intending on keeping any fish out of the river for a while after the spill. Cheers