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  1. Hey Everyone

    hey dropbear they are luderick luv eating them..i have some spots where I bag out in 1 hour...they are great fun to catch...rick
  2. Hey Everyone

    Longtail mid nth coast few years ago
  3. Hey Everyone

    pigs are great eating.nearly as good as niggers silvers are mother in law fish...if you don't like the mother in law..hahaha
  4. Hey Everyone

    hey mate im from central coast and rockhop too..nice big silvers mate..i usually chase niggers or spin for big tailor..spent many years lbg and hss...the guys on here are very friendly and helpful hope to see some reports soon..rick
  5. northern nsw More Bay Reds

    sure is they have placed a ban on pro and rec fishing till after the 8th feb to allow huon to keep recapturing their lost stock...jeff Thomson mentioned in the article is my mate scratchie as he is known was catchin them on bare hooks and chewing gum..check youtube clips..they have recaptured quite a few and are continuing to catch as many as they can they are using their food pellets to attract then jigging them using poling and rope line and returning them into pen the majority are hanging round the pens as they keep feeding them then using purse seine net also hopefully after the 8th we can still try n catch a few...rick
  6. south queensland Bit Of A Surprise

    I can tell you it all happens very fast when a traveler hits your rope..one minute your fishing next minute your on your arse in the back of the boat then survival kicks in grab knife cut rope pump out 400ltrs of water wipe forehead drink beer change underwear..bahaha
  7. south queensland Bit Of A Surprise

    not a good feeling I had a whale swim into anchor rope bout ten yrs ago in 50mtrs of water we were doing bout 8/10 knots and had water coming over bow in centre console by time I cut the rope...those dugongs are a big critter...glad your ok..rick
  8. south queensland Careless

    ouchhh good to hear your on the mend..keep flexing you elbow so your fishing arm doesn't lock up..holding a beer bottle helps ive heard...rick
  9. Quampie Needs An Eski

    snapper in shallow water are my fave..just in front of murray cod..but my favourite river is just trickling at 20% its normal height so im leaving my little green friends alone and smackin the reds and I get to eat em..yyuuummmm
  10. Quampie Needs An Eski

    More reds in box they fit nicely
  11. New Tow Rig

    A mate has one as well had for six mths very happy with his no lift so cant help
  12. northern nsw More Bay Reds

    I get the majority of my better reds on half a slimy mackerel..they aerage 30 cm..use the head with part of gut or use tail section butterflied with backbone removed and chop tail fins at base...rick
  13. northern nsw More Bay Reds

    Huon aquaculture have five pens holding kingfish bout seven miles from the heads at port stephens...two are in service and they are finishing the others a couple of thousand fish escaped a few weeks back and sre still hangin round as they keep feedin em so they can get them to go back into one of the pens...they are stupid fish with herd mentallity.at the moment its open slather with hundreds of them on the surface yday i cauht 4 fish in two throws with rapala xrap 1 fish on each treble...too much fun will try get fotos off mates fone
  14. northern nsw More Bay Reds

    Fished fri arvo at broughton island managed reds up to 78cm slept in boat couldnt find fish sat morning for two hrs an five spots current and wind opposite then got 3 more from 60 to 72cm then hit the kingie farms where there are hundreds of kings up to 75cm and as fat as pigs we got our ten then left after 45 mins there...rick