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  1. south queensland Spooled By An Idiot

    gopro footage would have been awesome for that one...rick
  2. northern nsw Tips For Rock Fishing Nsw

    Im not sure about king biting thru 80lb as they have bugger all teeth..they usually do you round rocks or over a ledge...rick
  3. Transducer Saga

    another job done..now you can concentrate on fishing...better than the wetbox idea...hope you get heaps ..rick
  4. Transducer Saga

    spot on aussie tranny not deep enough..it will be skimming and leaving surface......rick
  5. Transducer Saga

    sometimes you need to aim transducer slightly forward of level with the hull...my lowrance works better 3or4degrees forward of level rather than dead level with hull..rick
  6. Transducer Saga

    no worries...hope you get the result your after..wet boxes can be pain in the arse...rick
  7. Transducer Saga

    my standard tran with my hds5 reads at 30knts if I turn my sensitivity down ...how good a read do you want at thirty knots...depending on depth .the faster u go the harder it is for your tranny to shoot down then receive the info before you have gone past.....in deep water at high speed your pings from the tranny goin straight down are flyin back up behind your boat and not being received by your unit.....are you asking for the impossible ?????..rick
  8. fishing When I Grow Up I Want To Catch A Big Taylor

    we get salmon here all the time..on the beach we throw them to the dingoes and even they wont eat em...hahaha
  9. fishing When I Grow Up I Want To Catch A Big Taylor

    don't know bear it was a couple of years ago when we all looked at fish in weight not length..haha
  10. fishing When I Grow Up I Want To Catch A Big Taylor

    We get a few good ones here on central coast poor foto but nudged 8kilo
  11. sold redco trailer

    posted sept 2011 I don't think so
  12. you will find if you engage the lever enough for the drag to rub you wont get any distance...you will either have to learn how to throw it or throw IT and buy a suitable reel..rick
  13. tld 20s aren't the best casting reel designed for trolling..use more lead..hang sinker at least 4/5 ft from tip and use long pendulum swing at 45 degrees over shoulder and thumb heavily..ps try wetting line before you cast. stops burnt thumb...I use a tld 30 off breakwall down here for jew but I use 8 oz snapper lead..you may be better off buying a sealine or other surf style o/hd reel..rick
  14. Electric Reels

    you can get two ryobis for the price of one wtf
  15. Electric Reels

    not many reels have the line capacity of these when using 80lb in deep water ..we have 5 between my mates and I and have had no probs with them..we took guys to browns with daiwas and others and they couldn't hit bottom in 500mtrs with the angle of drifting...these size reels on bent butts are left in the rod holder..in 480mtrs takes twenty mins to hit the surface...rick