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  1. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Tasmanian Scallop Season

    Its been a while since the last report so I thought it was about time I put something up. Just recently the recreational scallop season has opened up here in Tasmania. Our whole family loves scallops so we decided to go on a trip for the opening weekend "Last Saturday". We dive from hookahs in the Mercury Passage which is in-between Maria Island and Orford, the scallops are plentiful here and good size at that. They are in roughly 12m of water, although they can be caught both shallower and deeper. Water Visibility was fairly good, and overall weather apart from some rain was good. The bag limit for all types of scallops in Tas is 50 combined per person and it takes roughly 20 mins to grab your bag. With the extra weight of the scallops in my catch bag I did encounter a slight problem with over overfilling the bag and struggling to get back up but I managed in the end:) After around any hour of diving, we had 150 commercial scallops onboard with a few Queen Scallops in the mix. I had a little bit of time left so we headed to a nearby island, Lachlan Island. Where I managed a good sized Male Southern Rock Lobster. I did see a few other crays along a ledge but unfortunately they escaped capture, bugger! Overall it was a good day, with quite a few boats up there. We already have more trips planned being this Friday and Hopefully the coming Tuesday and I'll keep you updated of our results. Unfortunately due to an awkward camera angle, I won't be able to produce a video from the footage shot, although I am planning to get some more footage this Friday which will hopefully be a better angle. Best Regards Blake The Southern Rock Lobster r Sending my old man in as shark bait! The feed of fresh scallops Roughly where we dive for our scallops! If you haven't liked my Facebook Page yet feel free to do so, they will be a giveaway coming up soon and its a great way to stay updated. Youtube Channel
  2. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Cray Diving - River Derwent

    Just a little video from today, was able to get out of the wind by diving on the western shore and ended up with my two crays. Hope you enjoy it Blake
  3. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Vandieman Fishing - Tasmanian Youtube Channel.

    They'll be coming aswell, just waiting on this toxic algae bloom to clear. Blake
  4. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Vandieman Fishing - Tasmanian Youtube Channel.

    Its getting Hot Hot Hot! Its been quiet for awhile down here in tas but the weather is finally warming up and the fishing is getting hot. Apart from a heaps more fishing videos coming out which will hopefully include some deep sea. Cray diving videos should start rolling out soon with the season recently opening up. Stay Tuned and Subscribe I'll leave you with a video from the past weekend getting into a few new season calamari:)
  5. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Kayak Fishing - Video

    One was a juvenile barracouta the other was a jack mackerel. Both which are a very underrated fish in my opinion as long as you can find a fish with some decent fillets. I think they use the same or similar mackerel for live baits offshore on mainland aus. Thanks for the link, although i think its time for that knife to go:(. Blake
  6. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Kayak Fishing - Video

    Yes very clear, nothing better than watching the fish swallow the plastic:)
  7. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Kayak Fishing - Video

    Have a new video up, just some nice bread and butter species from the kayak. Don't Forget to Like and Subscribe! Cheers Blake
  8. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Winter Abalone Dive - Video

    I'd be happy to do a catch "n" cook the next time i head out. I was going to do one on next weeks video although ending up forgetting to film the process. The way I like to cook them is simply, after cleaning, slice the abalone in to thin pieces as thin as possible. Throw them in a fry pan with a bit of Butter and minced garlic. Similar to squid, abs only need 3-4 minutes. Overcooking completely ruins them and makes them go tough and chewy. Everyone one has a personal preference on how they cook them, some cook them as a steak. This method requires you to "bash" the abalone. Another one i've heard of people doing is putting them through a meat mincer and making patties out of them, incorporating some other fish into the mixture. Both these Methods are a bit strenuous, especially if your cooking for a group.
  9. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Winter Abalone Dive - Video

    Its sitting around 12.5 degrees which is quite warm for this time of the year. Outside temperature was about 14 degrees. So an excellent day for this time of the year. In terms of eating them it really depends on how you cook them. Some people like to bash them to loosen the whole muscle. Although we just thinly slice it, its got a distinctive flavour but would be close related to slightly overcooked squid. Thats related to blacklip abalone, green lip is meant to be better. In japan greenlip fetches more dollar. Cheers Blake
  10. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Winter Abalone Dive - Video

    Got a feed of abalone on the weekend with conditions being favourable. Done all off a yak.
  11. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Vandieman Fishing - Tasmanian Youtube Channel.

    I've just made a page on facebook, feel free to like the page to keep updated. Thanks Again Blake
  12. VandiemanFishing

    tasmania Vandieman Fishing - Tasmanian Youtube Channel.

    Thanks Mate, they are definitely a delicacy we are lucky to have. I'll keep you guys updated on any future videos:) Blake
  13. Hi Guys I've got some videos i imagine a few of you may be interested in. My channel Features Content from Southern Tasmania. Fishing from both boat and shore. Link is Below, If you enjoy what you see be sure to like the video and subscribe to stay updated of any newer content. Please Like and Subscribe Kind Regards Blake
  14. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!