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  1. Fisherman's gear

    south queensland How To Avoid Catfish

    Thanks mate, i might start using floaties.
  2. Fisherman's gear

    south queensland How To Avoid Catfish

    How do you keep your bait off bottom? I normally just use a running sinker and 80cm fluro leader with a single hook.
  3. Fisherman's gear

    south queensland How To Avoid Catfish

    Hi guys, newbie to the forum here, really learnt a lot more about fishing from this fantastic platform. Been living in Brisbane for almost 2 years now, originally from Adelaide. Only been back to the fishing world for about 3 months now landbased. But I am struggling, not that I can’t catch any fish, but 95% of my catch are unfortunately, Catfish, the other 5% being Breams, Cod, Eels, river perch, a shovelnose and a bullshark. Tbh I was very excited to catch my first few catties as I have never caught them before in SA, but then the excitement wore out after catching them everywhere from Indooroopilly to Gateway, sizes from 20cm to almost 1m. At first I thought it’s because the majority of spots I fish are along the rivers. So I went to the ocean , Wynnum, Redcliffe, I still catch them there, and once in Wynnum, I caught 5 in a row, they almost hit every time on the drop. I changed bait from pillies to prawn, to live yabbies, to live mullets, but never managed to stop them from biting anything. Is there a special type of rigs Brisbane fellow fishos use to avoid catfish? Can someone teach me how not to catch catfish? Or do I have to go fishing in GC to not catch this pesty fish. I really had enough of them, I am now pretty discouraged by this coz I know whenever I go fishing in Brisbane, catfish will be waiting for me. Any advises will be greatly appreciated guys.
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