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    Originally from Sydney Northern Beaches now calling QLD home based on the Northside. Slowly understanding the bay but reckon I will be retired before I really fish it well...
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  1. Poddymullet

    south queensland A Big Whooaa

    How did you go @jon at Caloundra Wide? Was thinking it might be worth just going straight north tomorrow morning from Scarborough for 5m or 12 mile
  2. Poddymullet

    south queensland A Big Whooaa

    Going to try this Saturday ... weather is looking mint for Cape Moreton
  3. Poddymullet

    south queensland Top Tip Of Moreton

    Welcome aboard @Andrex and welcome back although I am from Sydney originally As @Luvit said you should be fine ... I am still learning the area myself! I keep a constant watch on MetEye myself ... all I think about is fishing What kind of boat do you have? Must have some pretty insane stories of fishing down that way...always wanted to go after King George Whiting, not to mention some of the Kings and Snapper.
  4. Better than me. Took a bit of time getting to the Scarborough (zzzzz) so got on water around 8pm. Wasn’t sure what the wind was going to do so just hung around north reef testing the sounder and then doing a couple of runs down to woody point and back. Sounder works great...now time to spend some time at the cape love the side scan but working it together with the down scan is going to take a bit more time. @straddiebrad how’d you go?
  5. Not sure if I’ll head that far out tomorrow. But will look
  6. I’d love too but I’ve got to get my boat in the water ... got to blow the webs off. @Luvit are you still going?
  7. Hi all, Talk about a very tardy update but never got out on the weekend. Dealer called to say the boat wouldn’t be ready ... waiting on carbon fibre from Quintrex. So weekend was spent DIY etc and actually was worth it Best news is that it’s ready and have it at back. Planning on going this Saturday morning for a cape sessions methinks but also trying to find some peaks along the way with the new sounder. Here is what it looks like. Must admit I have been happy with all my interactions with Brisbane Yamaha so give em a go unless you heard different.
  8. Poddymullet

    south queensland Shark Fishing Last Friday

    have to say that is a quality video congrats on the first bully?
  9. Bit the bullet and bought a new sounder...the Lowrance run out sale is just too good to say no too. Did pick up a Carbon HDS3 9 Inch with Total Scan minus maps for $1699, but decided to skimp a little and get the EliteTI9 with totalscan and maps for $999. It's being installed as we speak and I am ready hit the water ASAP. But the wind forecast this weekend is looking less than ideal with +15kt northerlies forecast from lunchtime this Saturday. Will share where I end up and some pictures from the sounder fish or not... Maybe nautical mile might be worth hitting up early again ... thoughts? Hit me up
  10. Poddymullet

    south queensland Beware

    scum bags...although I could do with a new trailer
  11. Poddymullet

    south queensland Beware

    I use one of these ... thought they would be pretty hard to cut through...help!!!
  12. Poddymullet

    south queensland Week On Moreton 20.10.18 - 27.10.18

    @benno573 awesome read...got to my s#$t sorted and do some camping over there...so close and yet. What a happy time spent together ... love how you get to fish and also bring the M along and both enjoy the awesome paradise we have on our doorstep
  13. Poddymullet

    south queensland Beware

    Silly question but how did they cut it off? Angle grinder?
  14. Sorry @Luvit family threw a spanner I the works and got sick. Would have loved to try the overnighter. Maybe next weekend? Might be able sneak out a little tomorrow though. Wonder how everyone else went?