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    Originally from Sydney Northern Beaches now calling QLD home based on the Northside. Slowly understanding the bay but reckon I will be retired before I really fish it well...
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  1. Poddymullet

    south queensland Any Prawns Happening?

    @Old Scaley full moon on 21 Jan .... reckon The Pine should be good? Water is warm that is for sure
  2. Poddymullet

    To Add Bow Mount Plate Or Not To My Scout 175

    How hard is it to do on your own? I am always wary of mucking around with anything electrical that might lead to failure on the water.
  3. Poddymullet

    To Add Bow Mount Plate Or Not To My Scout 175

    Thanks @Luvit appreciate the photos and PM too... I reckon you might have just had 3 bolts on as I can't see how the quick release mount would have fitted ... it looks so much neater
  4. Hi all, Need some advice on mounting an electric motor to the bow of my Scout 175SF. I can mount it on an angle and still keep the anchor hatch working but it will only have three bolts. The dealer is recommending putting a metal powder coated plate down first for better support. I’ll be using the boat all over Moreton Bay and near offshore so it’s going to deal with the chop etc. Dont really want to screw the asthetics but seems that the mounting plate will be the smart choice. Ive looked online and it’s hard to find many examples of either Thoughts?
  5. Poddymullet

    Hull Designs And Seasickness

    @Junky they are definitely a solid boat ... looked at them seriously but just didn't have the coin and wasn't sure I was going to fish that much offshore. I like that they are built here on the bay for the bay and offshore ... and yep pity that day was smooth as ... makes me wonder why fishing monthly even bothers to do the review on a boat that is pitched at 20kt across the bay
  6. Poddymullet

    south queensland Moreton Bay Fishing

    Say that again @Old Scaley!!! @jon you are always on the mark mate ... bloody hell I am jealous of your half decent box
  7. Poddymullet

    AFO Stickers

    I' will second that one
  8. Poddymullet

    AFO Stickers

  9. Poddymullet

    Recommendation For Motor Cowl Painting

    What’s this? Painting your cowling? Never thought about that before.
  10. Poddymullet

    south queensland Going Fishing 27 December Until

    Thanks mate. I’ll create a new post for the new year.
  11. Poddymullet

    south queensland Off To Hervey For A Few Days.

    Have a great trip mate. I know the bounce back feeling ... it’s called bloody age. Tight lines and enjoy NYE. I’m staying in the bay or might venture a bit outside with the scout
  12. Poddymullet

    south queensland Going Fishing 27 December Until

    Didn’t end I’m going. Couple of things came up but going tomorrow for sure. What a day today... and believe I missed it
  13. Poddymullet

    south queensland Going Fishing 27 December Until

    Saves me having a shower at home
  14. Poddymullet

    south queensland Going Fishing 27 December Until

    Thanks mate! Coming from you makes me feel even better about the purchase. I have to say the yanks know how to make boats that’s for sure. All those little things...stainless Bimini kind of blew my mind. Only been out once but it handles amazing ... feel very confident
  15. Poddymullet

    south queensland Going Fishing 27 December Until

    Got the bucket out and washed the deck straight away got to love scuppers!