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  1. Ozzy Fisho

    Pre-made Rigs

    https://bettertackle.com/discount/Australianfishing20 My mate that owns the site made up a discount code for Australian Fishing Customers only. It gives any member from here 20% off at his online store and it is up until the end of November. He said thanks heaps to you guys and was wishing you all tight lines.
  2. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland Drone Fishing Question

    Awesome post mate. This is much appreciated. I will do exactly this as I had been looking at how much release mechanisms were and decided they were over priced. Will get this done up and give it a try out over chrissy. LEGEND MATE.
  3. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland Drone Fishing Question

    Awesome Drop Bear thank you very much
  4. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland Drone Fishing Question

    Me and a mate have just bought a drone together for something a bit different and in all honesty I am just wondering what sort of rig set up do people use for it. For beach fishing when we go 4x4 when I feel like a bit of adventure instead of taking the boat out. Does anyone here use drones and if so what set up do you use?
  5. Ozzy Fisho

    I Need Help

    I personally have a few different rods but if it is just for whiting as long as you are wading in and aiming for nice deep gutters you should be fine. For whiting though try to use red beads to attract them as that really helps a bunch for whiting. For beach fishing though a longer rod is what you really need to get out there but see how you go mate. I have only ever used longer rods for beach fishing
  6. Ozzy Fisho

    Pre-made Rigs

    Hi all. A friend of mine runs this website and makes all these rigs. It is an Australian Made and owned company and they work really well. Just thought I would share his site and try to help support an Australian company. https://bettertackle.com/ He just runs a small hobby business so he only has limited stocks but my mate and I use them and they are pretty good for the price.
  7. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland Circle Hook Bend

    ha Damn I feel like a bit of a dip then. I just kept telling him he needs to loosen up his drag. I have seen how he pulls in fish when he has one on the go. Tries to reel it in like his life depends on it.
  8. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland Circle Hook Bend

    A mate of mine and I were having a discussion about the same brand of circle hook we both have been using. He was saying that he had bent a few of these hooks when pulling up reefees while I have also been pulling up reefees the same size and sometimes bigger with little to no hook bend on the exact same hooks. Is it the way he is fishing? I myself do prefer a hook when I am reef fishing that will bend a little so if I snag up I can give it a bit of a yank and it will come free. While i read that stronger hooks that do not bend as well break more often. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  9. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland 1770 Report Aug

    I know. My missus does not mind the boat purchase now that she tried one. The look on her face was priceless
  10. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland 1770 Report Aug

    Ha IKR pics or it didn't happen. I need to get a better phone mine is ancient and the cam stopped taking anything other than a blur a year ago. But it was delicious
  11. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland 1770 Report Aug

    Tops report mate. I bagged my first legal Red a month ago on a bought pre-made rig to boot.
  12. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland Snap Out Of It

    Sorry mate I have only recently been into reefing since I bought a boat and I am trying to learn as much as I can and I got a little excited. Thank you so much for replying though
  13. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland Snap Out Of It

    Mate awesome pics. What rig set up were you using for these and how deep was the structure you were catching them at?
  14. Ozzy Fisho

    south queensland Beware

    atleast they did not steal ya boat
  15. HI all I am new here and my first post is to say thanks for posts like these.