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  1. ndiggles

    Soft Plastic Mould Makers In Aus?

    Thankyou Lance, Grant sounds like he is in good position to really help and I will email him shortly, I appreciate you providing the contact, thankyou for the effort!
  2. ndiggles

    Soft Plastic Mould Makers In Aus?

    Thankyou Aussie, I'm keen for any help I can find at this stage, if your friend has actual experience with cad designing injection moulds for soft plastics that would be ideal as that seems to be the main thing stopping me at the moment. Cheers
  3. ndiggles

    Soft Plastic Mould Makers In Aus?

    Thanks Drop Bear, from what I can see I THINK most of his moulds are commercially availabe and not custom (I may be wrong), and whilst I don't know him personally I did ask via FB if he knew anyone and he suggested I try a machine shop. But my design isn't a simple shape and will look a bit different from what most look like so it would help to have some expert advice on the feasibility of the mould design before I start shelling out to machinists. I know there is a company in the US and a couple elsewhere that specifically work with soft plastic lure mould design however it has been difficult for me to secure confidentiality of my design overseas. There are heaps of injection moulding companies here but when talking to them they seem not to understand the typical hand-injection process and plastisol that we fishermen use, plus I think it's too small-scale for them to bother with and I don't have the sort of budgets they're used to dealing with... Anyway cheers for your reply!
  4. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone knows anyone in Aus who has experience in soft plastic lure mould design and manufacture? I would like to get some moulds CNC'd for small scale commercial production but have a unique design so talking to someone who can/has done this would be very helpful! Cheers, Nick.
  5. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!