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  1. Jarvis Walker still manufacture solid glass rods. Many years ago I used my mates JW Black Queen and had to have one. Things changed, I took up Coarse fishing for a few years. But a few health issues put a stop to that, so quite a bit of gear was sold. These days I'm just a bait soaker. One afternoon while checking out fishing gear on the net I came across the Hooked on Line site, Wow, Jarvis Walker Black Queen, and Black Queen Deluxe rods on special. The boss when she saw the prices, said if you want them order them. I didn't think twice. I've only got 7 rods now down from about 20, The 2 Black Queens my favourites and 5 Telescopic for easy storage and transport. We were at Kmart just before Christmas, they had Erskine combos pretty cheap. I'm pretty sure the Erskine is solid glass.
  2. Carpie1

    Anyone Used Fishing Slingshot?

    I used a cheap one for years to berley up. Now here in Victoria they are classed as a prohibited weapon. It's even an offence to be in possession of any component of slingshot
  3. Carpie1

    pets Our New Little Mate

    This looks a good spot for a hole
  4. Carpie1

    1 Less Mud Sucker

    I'll get him one day
  5. Carpie1

    Fishing Buddy

    I'm looking for a land based fishing buddy living in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. I've got a few health problems and can only fish areas with easy access. Not fun getting old. I don't mind an Ale, I mostly target Carp on light gear these days. My New Years resolutions are to go fishing more, and catch that big mongrel Carp that lives in our local lake.
  6. Carpie1

    pets Our New Little Mate

    We had a Cavy for 8 years before he got sick. We said no more dogs, then this little bundle of fluff came along and the rest is history.
  7. Carpie1

    pets Our New Little Mate

    The new member of our family. A Maltese Shih tzu her nane is Maisy is
  8. Carpie1

    1 Less Mud Sucker

    I picked this mudsucker up on worms the other day. I still haven't given up on his old man, he is about half this size again. He has spooled me twice while I have been using light gear
  9. Carpie1


    i'll try to upload a couple
  10. Carpie1


    These days I just sit back relax and enjoy myself
  11. Carpie1


    Hi everyone, my names Kev and my username says it all. These days due to health issues I mostly target the old mudmarlin, good fun on light gear
  12. Carpie1


  13. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!

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      Thanks for the welcome