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Found 212 results

  1. Apologies for the small downtime there for the last hour or so, AFO is currently testing some new features which we will be rolling out in the coming weeks and had experienced a few issues which have been resolved. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we let you know of the great new features coming to AFO
  2. AFO

    What View Do You Use On AFO

    AFO has 3 different views to view the forum topics, you can choose this on the home page. Interested to know what view you use/favour.
  3. Angus

    Merry Christmas From AFO

    Merry Christmas from the team at AFO to all our members. 2017 was one of the nicest years I can remember on AFO, and i think it stemmed from the Christmas Party last year. Great community vibe with people giving back so much information to the site. A few new members have got really active but stats also show huge numbers of people visiting the site and no posting. Now each to their own and I certainly lurk on other forums but, I have said it before and I will say it again, content creates more content. If you want the best site you can get report, ask questions, answer questions. Every thread generated helps someone in some way. I look forward to a very proactive year on AFO and (starting with some new T-shirts) will hopefully work on a few little things to gee up the social side of things. Feedback and ideas are always welcome to always feel free to weigh in. I know that AFO is not formally a "club" but many of us treat it as one and as members we do value your input. Cheers and have a great holiday period! Angus
  4. AFO

    AFO Region Ambassadors

    AFO is looking for members to nominate themselves to become region 'ambassadors'. This role will require the member putting up at least one good fishing topic in the forum each week as well as other general region promoting activities like adding events to the calendar and links to local businesses in the specific region etc. AFO will pay each region ambassador a small fee (via PayPal so you will need a PayPal account) for this and you will be assigned a badge on your profile. The regions are: South Queensland North Queensland Northern NSW Southern NSW (including ACT) Victoria Tasmania Western Australia Northern Territory Overseas If you want to help AFO by becoming a region ambassador please nominate yourself by sending a PM to us (user AFO) with reason why you are the best person for the role and also the fee you desire. Based on the fees submitted we will work out a fair rate for all ambassadors. The main criteria for selection is to commit to doing this on a weekly basis or more. Doesn't mean you have to go fishing every week, but there are lots of good reports and posts that can be done without fishing.
  5. AFO has the ability to register via your logins for Facebook and Twitter. Just thought we'd let everyone know Any issues just let us know in the Support forum
  6. For some of you who may be aware, AFO has a twitter account which we have now moved to a new name @ausfishing so if you're on twitter feel free to follow. Just another way to keep up to date with AFO
  7. aussie123


    Visit us at ReelTackle for all of your boating needs. Phone 0423 235 291
  8. Tybo


    On my last tacklebox cleanup, I swear I threw out more hooks than I've ever lost. Since then I've been trying to eliminate the amount of moisture that gets into my tackle trays and boxes. We get heaps of these in packaging at work, of which we generally just throw them out. I know these come with new shoes, and other dry packaged goods. So I've started keeping them and putting a couple in each of my trays. Only time will tell to see if they work. Just a tip I thought I'd share.
  9. AFO

    Club Membership

  10. Cmaltby

    Bcf Sale

    Bcf currently have a sale on and I picked up a kato predator spin combo for $59 the 2500 is a great value little creek rod on par with the sienna spec wise. Also in a 4500 size. See a lot of people asking about a good rod to start and I think this one is. Just thought I would throw this up for anyone in the market
  11. mackay_ angler_

    Ceto Tacke Aggressor Review

    I have been testing the ceto tackle aggressor vigorously over the last few months and have really grown to love it. It's a 90mm bent bibbed crank and weighs 10.5 grams which gives it excellent casting distance. I love the tight action around snags and weed beds and also on sand flats. I found the most affective retrieve is nice steady hops with plenty of pauses and works exceptionally well on barra,jacks and various other predators. With this lure only being four dollars it is definetly worth getting every colour they come In. My personal favourite is the black and silver as it perfectly imatates a injured baitfish. I also love the fine attention to detail with this lure with raised fins,holographic eyes and raised gills and jaw bone as well as a very attractive scale pattern. They also come with tough quality hooks straight out of the box perfectly capable of handling those larger fish. In conclusion this lure is amazing and very affective so check out ceto tackle and get your aggressor today.
  12. Tybo


    Have recently been cleaning up all my gear and assessing what needs doing. Several of my light end reels were in desperate need of a service, and the drag washers were like tissue paper. Previously on my high end reels, I've let the shop do the servicing and always upgraded to carbontek washers, however decided on these few reels to do it myself. Trying to find reel specific washers online was like a mine field, and weren't cheap. So I found a store that sold carbontek sheets and you cut them yourself. Seemed easy enough, so gave it a crack. $21 for a sheet and was posted in a couple of days. Small sheet, I wasn't confident in doing a neat job with scissors, so luckily I have access to a CNC machine. Measure the old washers, did up a digital file and cut them out. Perfect. Greased them and did the easy install. The drag feels smooth and responsive, can't notice any negative difference. I'm stoked! And now I still about 80% of the sheet left to do any of my other reels. I was going through the testimonials on the site, and think I'm not the only member who has had a crack at them. Wouldn't you agree @Do$tylz?
  13. Angry51

    Dragon Speak.

    Bloke from out west arrived in Townsville on the train, it was 1am, he was hungry, thirstry and bone tired. He saw a pub called the " George and the Dragon " and knocked loudly on the door. A woman stuck her head out of the upstairs window and shouted " wadd'ya want"? "I'd like a room if it's not too much trouble, madam" he said. No., she shouted. "Could I have a beer, then?. "No. Scram," she shouted. "Could you at least let me sleep in the shed out the back?" "No. Clear out or I"ll call the coppers". she shouted again. The bloke from out west said,"What about if I ...? "What now ?. the woman shouted, not allowing him to finish. "What about if I had a word to George?. Just a LAUGH..... Gary.
  14. fenelious

    Pflueger Patriarch

    I bought a Pflueger Patriarch size 30 spinning reel, online, it arrived today. I didn't realise until I unwrapped it, but it doesn't have an anti-reverse lever?! (the little switch to allow the reel/handle to spin backwards) I've never seen this on any other spinning reel - I thought they all had one? Even all the cheap and nasty reels I've seen have an anti-reverse lever. Has anyone else used a reel like this without one? If so, how do you find it? Is it better or worse? Should I try to swap it? I do use it quite often on my other reels - e.g. to manage the line if I get a snag, to lower the lure to get weed off or clip it to the guide/hook, to let out more line once I've landing a fish etc... Thanks, - Steve.
  15. fifis101

    Quantum Smoke 30

    Hey guys and gals, I have a spooling issue with my new Quantum Smoke 30 that I just bought. I recently spool it up with 15lb braid and it's bulking up in the middle of the spool leaving little divots at the top and bottom of the spool. I have seen this before but normally only at the top or bottom of a spool, which is easily fixed with adding or removing a spool shim. I'm just not 100% sure on how to fix the issue I have with it at the top and the bottom. My first thought was to adjust the shims to see if tending it towards the top or bottom would corrected it at all. I need to see if it came with any spool shims, I can't remember. My second thought was to strip all the line off and spool it back on like a spooling machine would do it. That way I can lay it nice and evenly and see if that cuts down the effects. I am a little worried that I won't be able to fix it as in my mind the oscillation stroke is too short for the spool, which can't be changed.
  16. hooklineandsinker

    Reel Oil

    First I wanna just say merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone. I hope you get to have a flick over the Christmas holidays. The real part of my question is, has anyone used reel oil and how did you find it? Did it improve the reel durability?
  17. Angus

    Afo's Youngest Member

    Haha thanks again for the gift team. Alastair loves it
  18. Well it is that time of year were we often have a bit of shameless boasting for the benefit of reflection and vicarious enjoyment. This has been, to be honest, one of the best years yet. To state the obvious, birth of my son was a huge highlight and I will happily add him to the "best catch" category as cheesy as it may be. Furthermore with the push of several dedicated and proactive members I have seen the site, AFO, itself take on a really positive new life. This has thoroughly reinvigorated my interest and motivation to keep building on what we have here. I would implore every member who reads this both active and inactive to take a page from this as (without sounding like a broken record) interest and activity begets interest and activity. If you want a site where there is ample new content each and every time you log on it starts with you! I look forward to socials and more activity in the new year starting with the Blakesley's trip which is already shaping up to be a good one. Now on to the fish! First of all the obvious PNG trip which was great. No PB's caught for me in regards to size, but this still stood out as my best trip simply for numbers, and that all black bass I caught were on surface. A couple of my better ones. Hectic YFT sessions on the way to the rivers also made this trip a stand out. I am not heading back next year as I am looking forward to a solid year of family excursions (that will still include fishing) but I am already looking forward to the 2018 adventure! On the domestic front as well fishing was good from the day I opened my 2016 account in the Noosa Everglades. This was the first time I have fished this properly and look forward to heading back! Lots and lots of normal average stuff locally such as epic tailor, bream and squire sessions in the river mouth... Green Island was also great for squid early in the season. And my first legal jew off the rocks at Straddy. Not a monster but got to start somewhere! Another huge pleasure has been seeing my dad going from mostly hooked on fishing to completely. I have probably fished with my dad more this year than i have since I was a kid (maybe more) and now he is the one planning ideas and talking about new tackle. It is awesome This a couple of shots from when we headed to Hervey Bay and got stuck into spotties and mack tuna. There was also the crazy adventure to Jenny Lind creek were we flew in. Lots of queenies, cod, trevs, whiting, flatties and one jack completed the fishing front and the crabbing was insane with over 30 bucks caught. And speaking of 1770! My fish of the year was on our overnight offshore mission to the GBR off 1770. This was pretty special as we had never done it and were going off the advice of some very helpful AFO members. We exceeded our expectations bringing in a variety of reefies and some stand out red emps. Hardest fighting fish I caught this year. All in all, for a year that included working full time, studying, running a business and having a baby... I do not think I could have asked for much more Happy holidays everyone and Iook forward to reading some other peoples "year that was" posts Cheers. Angus
  19. hooklineandsinker

    New Rod

    I am looking at getting a new rod/combo and I love my baitcaster combo ( abu garcia black max). I am thinking of getting another baitcaster combo for when i go freshwater fishing. My question is can I do that or would it be easier to get a spinning combo for saltwater.
  20. AFO

    Australian Fishing Online

    Australian Fishing Online
  21. Hi all, We are very appreciative of your patience as Australian Fishing Online was moved to a new platform. This has been a long process but a very worthwhile one to provide a better user experience for all members and guests. The site now benefits from cloud hosting with super fast performance and features a new user interface that is easy to use and looks great. The new platform provides many more features and options than the last site and so in the coming weeks and months we will be looking at incorporating or highlighting some of these. Also, there are few background items still underway and these should complete in the next day. So if you see a post with some images missing these should be there soon. You should be able to login and use the site as you always have without any issues. If you have any problems please feel free to post them in the Website Problems category
  22. AFO

    Website Improvements

    Some website improvements have recently been done on AFO. This update contains lots of bug fixes, dozens of improvements, as well as a handful of new features. In this post, I want to cover some improvements that have made to two key areas: activity streams and search. Mentions Most of you are aware of the 'mentions' features, eg @AFO Admin, now there is the ability to ignore notifications triggered by particular members. The Ignore Users functionality has been enhanced to also allow you to block mention notifications. They will still be able to mention you in posts, but you will no longer be notified about it. Activity Streams The first improvement made is to change how the expanded/condensed toggles are displayed to improve their clarity. Many people did not realize the view could be changed. To improve this, the toggles now explicitly say 'Condensed' and 'Expanded', making it much clearer how the view can be toggled to your own preference. More clearly marked expand and condense options for Activity Streams Next, a common point of feedback about Activity Streams is that clicking a result and then hitting the Back button in the browser means you are put back at the first batch of results, losing your place in the stream. It has now been improved so that clicking Back will load the last batch of results you were viewing, enabling you to continue browsing from whence you left off. Finally, in the Content Types menu an Apply button has been added. This makes it easier for everyone to know how to save the selection of content types they had made (which automatically happened when that menu was closed). To alleviate this, the new Apply button will save the selection and close the menu, updating the stream results in real-time as expected. You can still simply click out of the menu to apply changes as well. The new Apply button in the Content Types menu Search While overall improvements to search (specifically the algorithms to match and return the results) are a matter of ongoing research and refinement which we will improved going forward, the latest update sees one small improvement to the options available to users. While you have always been able to search within a particular forum, category etc. while browsing that area, you were not able to retroactively filter into particular areas after performing a more general search. The update adds this ability to the interface, allowing you to get more specific results from a particular area of the community.
  23. AFO

    Today's AFO Outage Fixed

    Hi All, Apologies for today's outage. There was an issue with a payment transaction which has now been resolved. Again, sorry for the inconvenience with the downtime! Regards AFO
  24. AFO

    AFO site downtime resolved