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Found 30 results

  1. AFO

    Weather now on AFO

    There is a neat little weather display now at the top of the AFO site to quickly and easily show you the current weather and a 5 day forecast. This is a obviously not a comprehensive boating forecast but is useful for those wanting to get a quick idea of the weather conditions. You can customise your location to wherever you are in Australia (or the world).
  2. With the new platform comes a new way to navigate the AFO site. The aim is to keep the site navigation simple and easy to use. Forum Menu The Forum takes centre stage and is the first menu item. Click this to view the index of the forum which will show you all the categories. Activity Menu Next is the Activity menu. This is the main menu item to see what has been happening on AFO and what content has been created. These are displayed as activity streams. Content means anything that is created, so new forum topics and posts, photo galleries etc. Under the Activity menu are some sub-menus. These are useful for finding specific content. All Activity = all content activity including new forum topics, new forum posts, who has liked a post, who has updated their status, who has added photos to their galleries etc Forum Activity = new forum topics and posts Unread Content = content you haven't read yet on the AFO site Content I Started = this is where you will find content (e.g. forum topics) you created Content I Follow = You can follow content on AFO, this notifies you when there are replies or activity to this content. This menu item shows the content you have chosen to follow Members I Follow = You can follow members now, so that when a followed member posts new content (e.g. a new topic) you can be notified. This menu item shows all the members you follow Status Update Activity = shows the latest status updates on AFO Gallery Photo Activity = shows the latest photos uploaded the gallery. This is not forum images that are uploaded to posts. This is a separate area where members can create photo albums and upload their own photos. Member can then insert these photos into forum posts, but you can also just upload images directly in forum posts as well. Online Users = shows users online Gallery Menu This takes you to the gallery area where members can upload images into albums they create. A great place to store your photos digitally and to then also you can also easily insert them into forum posts. Search Menu Here you can search the AFO site. Please note 2 or 3 word search string currently are not supported and will return an error. This is a limitation of the new platform and if this is changed in the future we will advise AFO members. Viewing Activity Streams Another tip is that you can change how you view the activity streams. You can view either in expanded or condensed view. Click the icons in the top right to change. Expanded View shows text and images. The icon to change display type is shown circled in red While Condensed view shows less information. The icon to change display type is shown circled in red Hope this helps explain some of the new layout and changes to AFO.
  3. To quickly jump to the Forum Activity stream so that you can see new forum topics and posts you can click the Forum Activity link at the top right of each forum page This is where it is found on the page, shown circled in red:
  4. This AFO Tip will show you how to upload images to forum posts and insert them into the post. You can upload images several different ways, but the easiest is to simply drag and drop them onto the area just below the text field. Another method is that you can select "choose files" and manually find them on your computer and select to upload. If you already have upload your image into your Gallery on AFO there is no need to reupload the images. Simply click "Insert other media" and select "Insert existing attachment". Then you can select either an image you have already upload in another forum post or an image you have uploaded to your gallery. Post below is example from video
  5. Over the coming weeks we will be posting tips to help members make the most out of the AFO site. One of the new features is the ability to add a Cover Photo to your profile. Currently if you go to your profile you will see a blank Cover Photo. In the top right of this black space is the Cover Photo button. Click this to upload a new one. Follow the on screen instructions to upload a photo, then reposition it and click save. You will now have a Cover Photo added to your profile.
  6. Dubbzy

    Club Membership

    Can you still use your points for club membership? I can't find the link to do it. I believe i have enough points. Thanks
  7. p47razor

    Upload Avitar

    Fellas I'm having a senior's moment. Can anyone remind me how to upload my Avatar? Regards Ian
  8. Old Scaley


    Just looking around the site while waiting for the cricket to come back on and noticed that my membership expired a couple of weeks ago. Renewed it straightaway as it is a simple way to support the site. When I did so, however, i was trying to pay rather than trade points, but looks like it took points instead. So I have used the donation facility instead. Not sure if reminder emails were sent as I also discovered my profile had an email address from years ago, so updated that now. I will look for the original post about memberships as some people may not realise that they expire about now, and newer members may not know anything about it.
  9. ellicat

    AFO PM's (Private Messages)

    It seems a few members have missed this recent enhancement. You can see if you have received a new PM at the top of each thread.
  10. muzz

    PM's why can't I send any?

    PM's why can't I send any?
  11. rayke1938

    Change avitar

    I have forgotten how to change my avitar photo. Getting sick of current one. Cheers Ray
  12. Aggro101

    loving the layout on the phone

    I just wanted to say that I think the new layout looks great on my phone. Much easier to use now. Well done! If I had 1 complaint, it would be that posts don't show when they were posted which I actually find handy when I'm on the pc. Especially when people post reports for 'yesterday'. When I can see when it was posted, I don't know if it current info or a year old and it just has a new comment that brought it to the top of the list.
  13. AFO

    AFO Housekeeping Announcement

    Hi AFO, As we have lots of new members, we would like to let members know (and remind others) that when creating a new topic, it helps other users by assigning it the most appropriate category. The generic 'Saltwater' and 'Freshwater' categories are only for generic questions that do not fit in any other category. So if your topic/question is related to a geographical place, then these should be created in the respective category in Fishing Regions eg: [ul] [li]fishing report of a trip in Cairns[/li] [li]Where is the best spot to fish the Brisbane River[/li] [li]what is best way to catch tailor on the Gold Coast[/li] [li]fishing report of fishing in Sydney[/li] [li]anyone heading out on Moreton Bay tomorrow etc[/li] [/ul] So fishing reports, going fishing announcements, location discussions including how to target a species there, where to launch boat, what is best lure to use at that location etc, is most appropriate in the Fishing Regions category. Don't worry, if you are unsure which is the right category for your topic, just pick the one you think suits best and if one of the Moderators feels it is best suited in another they will move it for you. If a topic does get moved into another category and you are trying to find it, either look under Your Posts or Search the forum. Thanks for your time
  14. freedomhawk12

    user name

    does anyone know how to change my user name ?
  15. bulldogs195461

    stoping emails on posts

    i seem to be getting emails about every thread i reply to,even when others post,its clogging my email tray,how do i stop this, john
  16. ellicat

    How to Embed Videos in a thread

    Step 1. Click the film strip icon. The boardcode box will then expand to offer further options. Step 2. Use the dropdown arrow to select the host site (e.g. Youtube) Step 3. Insert the URL from the host site (or the video number if that's easier) Click the Insert box. It should look similar to the pic below. Hope this helps
  17. After some site upgrades occasionally a thread will lose the relevant pictures that were posted. Sometimes a picture will show that is irrelevant and obviously belongs in another thread. If you come across this phenomenon when browsing an old thread please post a link to the thread here. The Webmaster may well be able to rectify the problem from the old database. Here's a couple
  18. AFO

    How To Add a Forum Signature

    You can add/update your forum signature by editing your forum profile 1. Go to 2. Select the Profile Information tab 3. Write a forum signature Signature Restrictions: Maximum length: 3 lines No images (as it makes the forums extremely hard to read_ or cookie requests allowed *only approved sponsors may have images in signature You may link to your site, but no affiliate, drug, gambling or pornographic links allowed No more than 3 links per signature
  19. This tutorial was written by member Scopes This tutorial has been done using Firefox internet browser on Windows 7 operating system. Step 1 - Download photos to your hard drive from your camera. Step 2 - Bring up your started thread Step 3 - Select the 'add file' button, as shown. [attachment=36915]1.png[/attachment] Step 4 - Browse for the file on your hard drive and select the photo you want [attachment=36916]2.png[/attachment] Step 5 - Put the cursor where you want the photo to be (i.e - in between two paragraphs or at the end of the report/classified) and then hit the 'insert' button. [attachment=36917]3.png[/attachment] Step 6 - Hit the 'submit' button [attachment=36918]4.png[/attachment] Step 7 - Photo Should appear like this [attachment=36919]22052011001_2011-07-13.jpg[/attachment]
  20. rayke1938

    Your session has expired.

    Having a few problems loading posts. Latest one this arvo. It took me around 10 to 15 min to compose and insert 4 photos. The photos were all resised before inserting. WHen i hit the submit button after a period I get a message that my session has expired and to log in again.Have seen others having same problem and the answer was to write the story in word and copy it over. I wouldnt have a clue how to do this. Dont even know if i have word on my pc. Cheers Ray
  21. AFO

    How to Search for items on AFO

    There are two ways to search the forum and one way to search other sections of the AFO site. 1. Advanced Forum Search The advanced forum search is a comprehensive search feature where you can filter forum results quite extensively. You can find the menu link for this under the main menu FORUM > SEARCH [attachment=30241]search_forum_1_2011-02-24.jpg[/attachment] Or you can find the SEARCH tab in the forum menu tabs [attachment=30237]search_forum_2.jpg[/attachment] 2. Site Search Site Search is where you can search for all items on the site (eg photos, articles, users). You can find a menu link for this search at HOME > SEARCH [attachment=30238]search_site_1.jpg[/attachment] Or you can find a search field located in the main menu [attachment=30239]search_site_2.jpg[/attachment] You can filter by the types of items you want to search through. So if you want to search for 'snapper' in photos and also in the forum you select both the checkbox for photos and forum. [attachment=30240]search_site_3.jpg[/attachment]
  22. Travis

    thread locking??

    When does a thread get locked? The chatroom seems inadequate and needs to be full screen, maybe thats why many people go off topic in threads, it is easier to follow numerous threads than sit in that room, just something to thing about
  23. If you want to embed an ebay item into the forum you need to use the forum's very own ebay tag. So up above where the Bold, Underline, etc buttons are in the Forum Reply or New Thread pages, there is one called ebay. Simply click on this ebay button and then an ebay tag will appear in the post like below (but without the spaces): [ ebay ][/ ebay ] So to add an item from ebay you need to get the ebay item number. So in ebay on the top right there is an item number for each item (eg Item number: 310125162126) So you place the ebay item number (eg 310125162126) inside the [ ebay ]310125162126[/ ebay ] and then you will have the ebay item embedded into the forum. Please find an example with item number 310125162126 below. [ebay]310125162126[/ebay]
  24. Hey AFO, Just a quick request for everyone to take the time and have a quick read through the AFO Forum Rules and Guidelines. Lately there have been many rules that have been broken. We know that the vast majority of these are purely accidental, or done inadvertently and that no harm was intended. However, they are still the rules of this site and as such we need all members to adhere to them. For example, please don't use Capital letters in post headings. That's what punctuation such as the exclamation mark (!) is for.
  25. AFO

    Add a Topic Icon to your post

    To keep the forum organised we now request that you select the appropriate Topic Icon when writing your forum post. And also go back and update the post when circumstances change (eg question is solved or item is sold). Also we ask you edit the title of your thread by adding a [RESOLVED] to the beginning of the topic title once the question in which your post was about has been solved, or [sOLD] if an item you are selling is sold. ***IF YOU CURRENTLY HAVE ITEMS FOR SALE OR HAD PREVIOUSLY PLEASE GO BACK AND EDIT THE POST TITLE AND THE APPROPRIATE ICON. YOU CAN ALSO DO THIS FOR YOUR QUESTIONS YOU HAVE HAD SOLVED ****