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      1. Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) has approved an exemption allowing Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) to be used in place of an EPIRB for lightweight craft, with certain conditions. Lightweight craft are off the beach type craft, human powered kayak and canoe, small sailing ships (less than 6m in length) and personal watercraft. These lightweight craft are now entitled to have the operator/master of the craft wear a PLB in place of or in addition to carrying an EPIRB. In brief, the PLB must comply with the following items: · comply with the AS/NZ 4280.2 standard, · it must have current and up to date registration, · it must be worn on the operators person, · it must float, and · must be GPS enabled. A copy of the exemption containing the detail specifics for your reference can be downloaded here. E-News 6 September 2017&utm_content=BIA E-News 6 September 2017+CID_463fec297ed21251f156bce37c12db78&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=downloaded here Copies of the relevant Act and subsequent regulation can be viewed at the following links: >> Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 >> Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Regulation 2016
      2. New Project Boat

        Hi guys, so last week I was driving by mudgeeraba to my inlaws....for my wife and inlaws to be shocked when I rolled on in with a not so nice surprise....a very very old Haines hunter v16, I saw a potential in this boat, I was wondering if anyone on here has any advice or ideas on how to turn it into a nice fishing boat.
      3. Boat Cover

        Does anyone have recommendations on boat covers? Looking to cover my new 6m CC. I tried The Cover Guys 5.48-6.09m CC boat cover, but it's a tad short. Has anyone had experience with this brand?
      4. Boat Cleaning

        what do you guys if any clean the black sooty crap deisel smoke leaves behind mine blows heaps of black smoke thats sticking to my white boat,and is there stuff that prevents it from sticking to the boat?
      5. New Rig

        Hi all Thought i would add a few pics of my new boat. Pick her up tomorrow . Cant wait to get on the water . Its been 20 weeks. Cheers Josh <><
      6. I have just taken screws out of the transom of my boat to fit a new transducer and found electrolyse present. The battery is only connected when the boat is in use and i applied a lot of Sikaflex to the hole and screws when i first put them in. When putting the screws in wouldn't it push the Sikaflex out from between the thread? How do you prevent this? I put the screws in when the Sikaflex was wet. I have read online that someone waits to the Sikaflex is nearly dry before putting the screw in. Any help would be appreciated.
      7. Canoe Project

        I know there's a few DIY heads on here so I thought I'd throw this up so you can follow along. Uni and work are killing me at the moment but I picked up an old canoe with the paddles from an old bloke moving houses for $50 - Happy days. Having not yet caught a wild bass or SEQ Jack, my plan is to get the White Pointer ready for bass season in the next few weeks. Sanding has commenced, then I'll patch her up, spray her in a hammertone grey, add some stickers and then I just need time to use the bloody thing. As it's a pretty blank canvas, I'll only be adding some paint, pinchweld around the edges, a few bits of carpet here and there, and a rubber trim around the outside where the old one used to be. Anybody got any good ideas that I can throw in to make life that little bit easier? (Obviously don't want to add anything with weight.) Cheers
      8. My New Boat - 5m Quintrex

        After many years of being without a boat...i finally have one again! I picked up this used Quintrex CoastRunner 500 with a 75 Merc on the back Comes with a few goodies: rod holders, Bimini, Lowrance gps combo, Epirb, boat cover, waterproof LED lights on the trailer to name a few. Comes with everything needed to make a good fishing boat. Words cant express how excited i am to get back out into the bay again this summer. Watch this space for more reports Over the years I've also been lucky enough to score deckie spots from various generous folks on this site. I plan to repay the favour for other fisho's
      9. northern territory Banana Karma

        Might have to stop hiding bananas in Rays boat for comps and on tagging days.......
      10. Townsville Rec. Boat Park.

        Hi all, We thought we'd go to Townsville today for the opening of the new Townsville Recreational Boat Park. Was quite enjoyable, some boat / marine dealers there. A few electrics people/sounders radio's that sort of thing. Lots of stuff beyond my bank account. There is 4 x ramps at the moment and 16 after stage 2, floating pontoons, 1 for disabled. a jetty to fish off, toilets, kids covered playground. washdown for boats,BBQ area 24 hour lighting and secruity.. The finnance manager said not to spend any money but you can see in the pic's she was the first to the lure stand. A very good day out, should have taken the boat down and spent a couple of days, but that's next week. Cheers Gary
      11. Hi I am looking into purchasing a new boat and have been looking at the Quintrex 7000 Yellowfin Hardtop like the one pictured. Has anyone has any experiences with these boats or does anyone own one that can provide me with an opinion? Thank you for your help.
      12. Good Samaritan.

        Well I picked the boat up after installing a faulty replacement trim solenoid and headed straight to the Mourilyan harbour for a couple of hours after work drifting for anything. Boat started first hit all electronics working great radio and sounder but no UHF. Figured all good won't be going far. So went along a route with sounder picked up some good readings then went back to drift across it. After a few hits went to go back again but no power to motor. I checked terminals and everything electronic was working but no power to motor. Was nearing 5pm by this time and and I had 2kms to row a 4.7 half cabin glass boat against the tide. Thankfully two old guys in a home made timber looking punt with a 2hp honda towed me back to ramp. I thanked them with a case of Great Northern that was in the car. It was a wire up under gun rail that had broken in 3 places. AAARRGGHHH All fixed heading out tomorrow now.
      13. Hi guys. I'm in the process of fitting out a new bare hull into a bass style boat with casting deck up front and floor in the middle. The fabrication side isn't an issue because im competent with my tig welder but im having trouble finding a livewell bait tank. Ive seen them flush mounted in the decks of boats with just a hatch showing but i have no idea what they're called or where to buy. All I'm able to find is a stand alone tank. Ive attached a photo of what im after.
      14. Question On Navionics

        hey guys, with the new boat being built, I'm starting ti look at looking up all the accessories. Picked up a lowrance hds 12 carbon, but need to look at some maps. Does anyone know what the difference between Navionics+ (the old gold) and Navionics Platinum+ is these days? Looking at their website it looks like the only difference is that with Platinum you get some 3D views, panoramic images and satellite imagery. All for higher cost and less region. Navionics website doesn't indicate you get more map detail with platinum, which I imagine they would as a selling point (if it did). Is there any value in getting the platinum?
      15. She looks very pretty. Arived today. I'm going to give him a hand on Saturday to re wire and sort it out. It looks like its gonna be a cracker. Keen to spend more time out at the group and even do some 1770 runs! It's not mine but It's good to have a mate with a boat this nice!
      16. Hey everyone, Looking at a glass boat at the moment, looks great and went really well in a water test. But im a novice on glass boats... so ill be organising a pre-purchase inspection this week. Any recommendations? Ive found this mob which seem pretty good -
      17. Hi Guys, Just checking whats your go to for weather info for wind and swell forecasts for boating? Regards
      18. show off ur boat

        hi guys im going to get the ball rolling by showing my boat off , and i hope the rest follow cheers Will :cheer: P.S. I hope u like it [img size=500]
      19. Mooloolah River Crossing

        Mooloolah River mouth has silted up again. Was out there Saturday to find a solid set breaking across the entire width of the mouth entrance. As always, exercise caution around bar crossings. When leaving the river mouth, it's probably best to chuck a hard left around the western rock wall; it's certainly the deepest water which is what the survey shows as well. Only a matter of time before someone gets flipped. Hopefully it's dredged soon.
      20. $365 Boat Ramp Fine

        NICO Brand had spent a night on the Pumicestone Passage fishing before an encounter with police that "flabbergasted" him. He was fined $365 and given three demerit points, some advice on tightening and tidying his tie downs, and went on his way. Caloundra police officer-in-charge John Mahony said boat ramps and car parks were road-related areas so normal traffic rules and regulations applied. Full story: PS. by the way….. For folks who use trailer brake light, no. plate boards, it` also makes your trailer unroadworthy (if trailer doesn`t have attached lights, no. plate) if you drop your boat in and out of the water with your light board taken off and not attached to your trailer when driving in these car park/boat ramp areas also. People have been fined for this. EDIT: I put a new link in for this story as the old one did not appear to be working
      21. Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

        The kids and I went to the show today for the very first time. Glad we did it was mind blowing seeing the best of the best. Don't think I worry about going to any of the other small boat shows as this one was excellent. The kids were happy to get up close to some Lamborghini's, Aston Martin, Lotus, Rolls Royce. Not my cup of tea but each to their own. I had a quick look at a couple of the big Grady Whites, at a smig under a million dollars I don't see that ever happening. Only took one photo to stir the wife up.
      22. I have my boat booked in to Greens Marine (Yatla) to have a new stainless steel Targa canopy installed. I have been impressed with the quality of the workmanship on Cruise Craft canopies. Apparently Greens does these and a big reason I'm going through them plus a recommendation. They must be good a 3 month wait! The photo below is similar to what I am looking at and the final design won't be done until I work it with them when I drop the boat off. You only get one chance at this so any suggestions on what to included would be appreciated. So far my want list is Sturdy had rails incorporated in design so can walk around the front easier. 5-6 rod holders across the top. Fold-able, so you can travel with it down Think I'll get an extension that will pull out the back area to provide shade when having some lunch etc with the family. (99% of the time it will be stay under the canopy but when required a couple of thumb screws loosen so it slides it in or out. The canopy to go over the windshield like in the photo. (This should prevent most rain dripping into the cockpit area) A mounting lug on either side to mount lights for night fishing and possibly an extra one in the middle for future use. It already has an anchor light that should be visible above the canopy. It already has outriggers and the aerial is also mounted to cabin, so no need for mounting plates So if you think there is anything I've missed, let me know so I can consider them. Currently the boat has a fold up canopy with side curtains and storm covers that I haven't even got out. The fold-able canopy rock to much in a sea for my liking and has wear on the roof that shorty will require replacing. Otherwise the rest is in reasonable condition. Here it is with its current canopy. If any one is interested in it, I can provide dimensions and we can go from there. Cheers Wayne
      23. First Boat Help

        Hey guys, I am looking at getting my first boat in the next few months and I have a budget of about 10k all ready to go. i was looking at a few of those old half cabin styles, i think one of the examples was a 1999 swift craft half cabin. I was also interested in the aluminium run abouts. so pretty much what i am trying to ask is what would be a good first boat under 10k? i mainly want it for leisurely fishing and to be able to start exploring places i can't get to in my 4wd. cheers guys
      24. been playing about with the boat lately making changes to make it a bit easier on the water, both sounders and switch panel where in unreachable positions before when at the tiller so made up a little console to make it more user friendly and easier now with being able to read both sounders whilst driving and both rotatable for when casting up front using the leccy , also fitted the structure scan transducer also after weighing up cost and time needed to upgrade my trailer figured $1500 for a newy was the go , hoping weather stays good for a dawn session on sunday to try it all out
      25. Secure Paid Parking

        Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. We spend a few days at a time on our boat and when we come to NSW will be looking at a secure storage facility where we can leave our vehicle and trailer that isn't too far from a marina. or decent boat ramp. At least a short taxi ride if possible. Looking at places - Bribie Island or Brisbane coastal areas, Gold Coast in Qld and in NSW - Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Brisbane Water, Brooklyn/Hawkesbury, Pittwater and Sydney Harbour. We have to be mindful of the route as our boat/trailer is over width on a tri axle... so the bigger easy to get to ramps with a jetty/pontoon are ideal. Are there any short term storage facilities where people leave their vehicles and trailers? Boat/ship yards that supply this service? What do others do that have large trailerable boats who go out on the water for a few days at a time? Quite happy to pay the going rate for secure parking.... just unsure if and where these facilities are located.