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      1. As I have a look at buying a boat, is it right to say that the value of an aluminium boat drops significantly after a period of time ? And this drop would be because ... ? (I think I see a drop at about the 10 year old kinda age) What does happen in the end to aluminium boats of some age ? Do they get to a point where they are scrapped / recycled ? ( Where are the boat recycling businesses ? ) Is it viable / sensible to purchase an older boat and 'do it up' ? Or are there too many unknowns like cracked welds ... ? How many years is too many ? (too many for repairs or too many to purchase in the first place ...) As I understand it, I ain't gonna pay for a marine surveyor any time soon so its buyer beware I guess. Boating is a serious burn in the wallet methinks - even with low-maintenance aluminium.
      2. No Love For Cats ?

        Hi all, This is my first post. I'm trying to decide whether to invest in a boat for the family. We live in Toowoomba Queensland. I'm scouring the boating pages on this and other forums trying to get a handle on what people prefer and what they seem to steer away from. Is there much love for catamaran type boats ? I am attracted to them from a safety perspective. Perhaps naively, I think two hulls are harder to sink than one ... ! I see in the 'show us ya boat' threads there are a lot of fibreglass boats. I appreciate these are the best for their ability on the sea but I don't like them for the weight and the rot. I'm fairly happy with the idea of aluminium but would prefer kevlar ... :-) I haven't seen a photo of any cat yet so I assume real fishos don't like them ... Cheers, Steve
      3. Annoying Boat Beep - Please Help!

        Hey team, for the past few trips, my boat makes this incredibly annoying beeping noise when motoring along. When just sitting at idle, no noise. But when we start moving along it starts up. To me, it sounds like a warning sound caused by the engine. But if that was the case, it should make the noise at idle. Any trouble shooting or ideas would be much appreciated!!!
      4. Making Anchoring Easier

        After having my boat for just a tick over 12 months I was deciding how to best proceed with the anchoring since the boat didn't have a bow sprite. I rarely anchor and is why I wanted to see if I really need to drill holes in the boat. The anchor that come with it was a mooring only anchor with bugger all chain and on some overnighters it moved in heavy current. So upgrade the chain to 6m of chain and will get some proper chain sock from Lance this weekend and I added a stainless reef anchor for those days where the wind is pushing you to fast over the reef. Had to get a long SS sprite because of the design of the bow. I had a old split bollard from a previous boat I could use and then added a piece of flat teflon between the two, to stop the chain and anchor stems scratching the gel coat. How the reef anchor will work. Should be good off the Barwon Banks. The reef anchor looks small for a 6 meter boat but other customers and maker have said it works fine.
      5. Getting Ready For The Social

        In preparation for next week the batteries have been top up with water and are on charge. I have never left the boat unattended while being at anchor so the small anchor supplied with the boat is really just for mooring in shallow sand. Even when I sleep doing overnighters I have the anchor alarm and shallow water alarm on, just incase it moves. (and it has) So I took the measly 1m of plastic coat chain off that came with the boat and replaced with a 6m of short link chain. I use to cover my anchor chains with old bike tubes to quieten it down when lowering and retrieving fishing for whiting. Then I remember a tip from a long time ago someone suggested using the rod armor instead. So I found some I had from the Kimberly trip and added it to the chain. It will drain well is easy on my soft office hands and more importantly it will give a degree of protection to the boats fibreglass. Multi colored to add some flare. Thought I would post in case anyone else thinks it would be good for their boats.
      6. Runabout Max Hp

        We just got a 3.9m runabout made by Contender Craft and the manufacturer label is half worn off and contender craft doesn’t seem to exist anymore so I’m hoping someone on here would happen to have one of their runabouts with a label they can read or know the max hp for these and how many people it can carry.
      7. Peel Island Qld

        Hi guys, New member here, I’ve just recently bought a Haines hunter v183 (18 foot) with a 90hp outboard. I’m looking at taking the family to Peel island or north Stradbroke for a day at the beach etc. I live in Victoria point and was wondering what wind, tide, current etc would I be looking for to make it a good day on the boat for the wife and kids? Thanks in advance
      8. Gps Green Zone Help

        Hey, I have a Lorance Ti and its working really well but I am a bit dumb. I don't know if there is a way to put the green zones up on it. It is a bigger boat for me and I am exploring some new places and I would hate to do the wrong thing and fish in the greens. Not to mention I don't want a fine. There are so many in Moreton bay and although I know a lot of them I don't know them all. The ones in the Rouse, around South Passage Bar and the Amity banks all confuse me when I am out there. How do you all keep on top of green zones?
      9. Hey guys.. I just paid a deposit on a Mako 234 Centre Console. An american made Centre Console 23.4 feet with Dual 150's. Seeking advice if anyone has any experience with them, they aren't a lot of them in the country but won Trailorable boat of the year 2017 and the reviews are quite good. I cant seem to see any reviews that refer to rough weather conditions but it has a deadrise of 21 - The Seafox Commander 226 was only 19 so I ruled it out but nothing like personal stories then the "Marketing" hype. Im mainly going to be using to offshore ( day trips only ) chasing Game, Gt's but want to get out wide and back in fairly quickly. Any advice or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
      10. Test Drive Quompie, The New Rig

        We decided to have a bit of a run out of the BNE river to have a play and perhaps catch a fish or 2 The boat is easy to launch and the trailer is great. Very easy to tow and so much easier to back than the shorter boat especially when the boat is off as you can see the wheel arches in the rear view. With 2 fat bastards in the back it really makes the nose stand up before getting on the plane. No problems if one is up the front and it really only takes about 3 seconds if we are being lazy and there is nothing around and just let her rip while sitting in the back. There was a little left over chop and it did bounce around a little but not surprisingly it is soooo much more comfortable than the 12 footer. I had flushed the motor from a little trip we did around Green the day before and had not put the flush bung back in. It has something that is new to me, a place where you attach a hose to flush it. No need to run it when you flush it either. I didn't know it needed to be replaced, so the water poured out of this inlet but the tell tail was pushing hard when it wasn't on idle and I knew it has a over heat thing so we decided to go for a run anyhow. The back of the boat is quite low. I am used to just dumping off the power in my old boat but when I do this the full stern wave comes pouring in over the cut out bit at the back. It was a lot of water but soon we worked out it is easy enough to slow down to a stop instead of just shutting it down. This fixed it and I got to test out the bilge pump that is ok. Not super fast and I might upgrade and have 2 in there especially if I am going to cross the bar in her. I probably ran it a bit fast at times but varied the throttle all the time from half to 80% ( a few squirts to max.. weeeee! ) We bashed a few beacons with no luck but with the flush bung missing I didn't want to push out too far. We fished the wall near the mouth. I got busted off 2 times in a row with first 2 casts to big fish and eventually caught a small cod. Rob caught a nice little flattie and a undersized sole and dropped a better flattie at the boat. I had a big fish on after this. Not sure if it was Jack or Cod. I dont think it was jew as it didnt strip lots of line but on heavy gear it thumped hard taking a little drag. It threw the hooks and when I got the lure back in it had a broken treble. Time to upgrade them again. We went over to green to have a look but nothing happening so headed back. I found a little creek that I had spied on Google earth a while ago and it looks super promising for some Christmas muddies. Verdict; It is such a great upgrade for me. It is so luxuriously large and fast. Being tiller steer there is so much room. I had a large esky and lots of other gear and it was never in the way. When I get to set it up properly and utalise the front hatch it will work really well. Things to do I worked out the position I wan the sounder/plotter so need to put this in. I need to buy a bracket for this so I can move it around. Anyone know the best ones? Do you carry one @aussie123 The live bait tank fits in nicely behind rear passenger seat so I just need to put this in I'm keen to have 4 rods stored under the gunwales but not sure how to do this... Any one have nice horizontal rod holders? @aussie123 I want to put in 4 more stand up rod holders. It has a nice anchor well but I want to put a tube or something on the front to store the reef anchor or sand anchor when not in use. has anyone done this? Photos? Ideas? i need to fit the electric. I need to buy a new flush bung. I probably want some new bungs and they are the awesome big ones and I have never had them before so dont have spares Need to put tool holders just like the ones on @rayke1938's boat I need a new net and Gaff. Anyone have favourite types? I find the shade cloth ones seem to catch hooks and be a bit dodgy. I want to put a little pocket at the back of the boat for a little container to pop the bungs in after fishing. Thats it for now.
      11. Scratched Transducer

        Hey there, Ive a Garmin 560c fishfinder and am concerned that the scratches on transducer is affecting readings??? Is this plauseable ?? do I need to replace? Does anyone Know who can supply? Thanks in advance for any info!!
      12. Do You "severely" Know Of This?

        It comes to being that while many boat owners have special licenses, neither spear-fishers from shore nor low powered ocean going light dingy require a license hence no training either ! I am a bow fisher apart fly fisher, and i share my legal saltwater region with all spear-fishers, however, most spear fishers use a hand spear or spear-gun but the essence , they are "DIVERS". One of the things i saw from the rocks i was waiting on was a person move in swimming and he pointed to a flag on a buoy that was obviously not as large and distracting as the type of flag in the following about spear fishing safety. DID YOU KNOW (and how many didn't) , there is a type of "international standard" safety flag for spear fishing pairs called a type-A or Alpha flag ! Transport safety PDF document for spear fishers URL: section: "Safe spearfishing" ..."Avoid propeller strike. To alert other vessels in the vicinity that there are divers on the surface ensure your safety vessel clearly displays the international diver-down flag "A" and that all divers in the water are towing a highly visible float with a safety flag attached."...
      13. After naming the boat and getting new stickers months ago, at the time I decided to keep the original Grady-White stickers. But as a Xmas present to myself I decided to replace these as well because they were showing signs of wear after 14 years. Picked the font as close to the originals as they had.
      14. Bench Seats Wanted For Tinnie

        Hi everyone, I've inherited a 14ft tinnie but it has no seats. Does anyone have any bench seats they don't need, or want to sell cheap? They need to be about 140cm across. Cheers!
      15. Got emailed this from the Caloundra Coastguard. Thought someone might be interested. Coast Guard Caloundra Supporters Under Australian Federal Government legislation, all marine radio users, except those operating 27MHz maritime radio stations, must be qualified. A new qualification—The Australian Waters Qualification (AWQ) has just been introduced. This new qualification is suitable for marine radio users who operate VHF marine radios in Australian Territorial Waters only. (Australian Territorial Waters are defined as all waters up to 12 nautical miles from the Australian coastline.) Coast Guard Caloundra will be conducting an AWQ course at its headquarters located at Tripcony Lane off Maloja Avenue Caloundra on Saturday 9 December 2017. The course commences at 8:00 am and runs for 5 hours. Cost of the course is $80.00 for financial supporters of Coast Guard Caloundra or $99.00 for non-financial supporters. To register for the course ring the coast guard on 07 5491 3533
      16. Fuel Flow/usage Meter

        Afternoon AFO, I do not trust my current fuel gauge (when full it reads 3/4 full). So I still haven't been able to get a close to accurate fuel usage reading. Not to mention I have an under floor tank, so I cannot visually see how much ive used or how much is left. (Still unsure of the tank size still). Im wanting to start doing some larger trips (Moreton, chasing tuna in Hervey Bay etc) Has anyone had experience with using a fuel flow meter before? I haven’t found one yet, but I've been told that you may be able to install a fuel meter (analogue) just in the fuel hose which will show how many litres have passed through it and into the engine. Thanks
      17. Marine Mechanic

        SOUTHWEST MARINE The sun is out and summer is here!!!! Perfect time to get your boat out and start fishing!!!! We at SOUTHWEST MARINE are a small and friendly marine mechanic business providing excellence in marine and mower repairs and services. We are located in South Western Sydney, NSW, 2565.. contact us on (02) 9605 6559 For more information on us and our services, check out our website Kind regards, Southwest Marine
      18. Bait Tank Plumbing

        Hi all Bit the bullet and had a live bait tank welded into the tinny. Plumbed and wired it up myself. Took it for a test run today. Works a treat, but I have a minor design flaw. I put a non return valve in the inlet pipe so it didn’t drain when I turn the pump off but off course that means I have no easy way of draining it at the end of the day. I know I could replace the non return valve wth an in-line turncock but then I would have to remember to turn the tap off when I shut the pump down to move. Any ideas? Some poor low light photos might give you the gist of what it looks like. Thanks in advance, Steve.
      19. NSW POLICE ON WATER ALCOHOL DRUG TESTING Tuesday, 10 October 2017 10:55:45 AM NSW Police will begin random drug testing on waterways as part of a new marine safety enforcement program launched today. NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller was joined by Minister for Police, Troy Grant, to launch the Maritime Enhanced Enforcement Program (MEEP), which includes random alcohol and drug testing as well as a crackdown on dangerous or anti-social activity on the water.
      20. Securing Boat To Wharf Alternative

        Hey guys, I have just started year 12 and I am doing Design Technology as a subject meaning I have to complete a major work. I have come up with an idea that is an alternative to tying up at a wharf, it could be a easier and safer way of tying up especially if you're out by yourself. It would be a device that would enable to you not have to get out of the boat and don't have to worry about the hassle of trying to sort out a rope. I haven't thought too much into to it as this stage but I have some idea of what it might look like and how it may work yet but let me know what you think of the idea whether you like the idea or not, or even some suggestions to how you think it could be done. Ill try have a drawing of the proposed idea soon. Thank you!
      21. The Right Boat.

        Hey, I am wanting to upgrade my little tinny to a... bigger tinny... I have an electric motor, live bait tank and sounder I was going to put on my last disastrous project. What I would like is something around 4.5m and I would like to put a new 70 hp Yam 4 stroke. I will be using it for bay fishing, beach launching from straddie, crabbing and trips to Wooli etc. I'm keen to just keep it a tiller steer but want to have a large fuel tank and carpeted floors and comfortable seating but that is it. Really bare bones. I quite like the Sea Jay 4.68 Avenger Does anyone know this and do they think it would work? Is there a chance I could get a great old tinny and add my stuff to it? Does anyone know a good manufacturer that I could try? Thanks DB
      22. FromSEQ water websie Lake Somerset and Lake Wivenhoe Temporarily closed to in water activity Date: 16/10/2017 Lake Somerset and Lake Wivenhoe are temporarily closed to in water activities including skiing and swimming due to the current levels of rainfall in the catchment resulting in inflows into each of the lakes. The closure is in the interest of public safety while our staff assess the impact on water quality at each of the sites. We will re-open the lakes as soon as it is safe to do so. Please follow the direction of staff and signage on-site. Wivenhoe capacity has decreased from 65.3% on the 14th to 64.9 this afternoon which would indicate to me that they are releasing water. Cheers Ray
      23. Trailer Winch Work

        No fishing for me for a few days, have to replace winch rope, will use spectra. First I'll need to clean the rust off the spindle and also have to find a way to pack the reel as 5 meters of 6 mm spectra only half fills it. Any suggestions how to do the packing?
      24. Minn Kota............... Help!!!!!!

        I have a 55lb minkota ipilot riptide....... the weekend just gone the steering decided not to work. I have narrowed it down to one of three things the remote is not transmitting however all features seem to work I can control speed and turn on spot lock etc so I suspect the remote is working. the second one is the receiver on the unit it self, and thirdly is the motor that drives the steering. Does anyone know where I can buy parts and most importantly a work shop manual so I can more acutely diagnose my problem....... or maybe even a website BLA don't seem to have a parts listing.............thanks in advance
      25. New Battery Needed

        Hey guys I am needing a new battery for the boat (90Hp yamaha 2 stroke, sounder and radio that run all day as well). I am looking at the Century Marine Pro 730 CCA 730 AH 100 vs the Delkor m27 CCA 680 AH 99 both are around $280 so price not issue. The battery i took out has no brand on it but is CCA 720 and no idea what the AH is.......