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  1. Hi guys. I'm in the process of fitting out a new bare hull into a bass style boat with casting deck up front and floor in the middle. The fabrication side isn't an issue because im competent with my tig welder but im having trouble finding a livewell bait tank. Ive seen them flush mounted in the decks of boats with just a hatch showing but i have no idea what they're called or where to buy. All I'm able to find is a stand alone tank. Ive attached a photo of what im after.
  2. Well I picked the boat up after installing a faulty replacement trim solenoid and headed straight to the Mourilyan harbour for a couple of hours after work drifting for anything. Boat started first hit all electronics working great radio and sounder but no UHF. Figured all good won't be going far. So went along a route with sounder picked up some good readings then went back to drift across it. After a few hits went to go back again but no power to motor. I checked terminals and everything electronic was working but no power to motor. Was nearing 5pm by this time and and I had 2kms to row a 4.7 half cabin glass boat against the tide. Thankfully two old guys in a home made timber looking punt with a 2hp honda towed me back to ramp. I thanked them with a case of Great Northern that was in the car. It was a wire up under gun rail that had broken in 3 places. AAARRGGHHH All fixed heading out tomorrow now.
  3. hey guys, with the new boat being built, I'm starting ti look at looking up all the accessories. Picked up a lowrance hds 12 carbon, but need to look at some maps. Does anyone know what the difference between Navionics+ (the old gold) and Navionics Platinum+ is these days? Looking at their website it looks like the only difference is that with Platinum you get some 3D views, panoramic images and satellite imagery. All for higher cost and less region. Navionics website doesn't indicate you get more map detail with platinum, which I imagine they would as a selling point (if it did). Is there any value in getting the platinum?
  4. She looks very pretty. Arived today. I'm going to give him a hand on Saturday to re wire and sort it out. It looks like its gonna be a cracker. Keen to spend more time out at the group and even do some 1770 runs! It's not mine but It's good to have a mate with a boat this nice!
  5. Hey everyone, Looking at a glass boat at the moment, looks great and went really well in a water test. But im a novice on glass boats... so ill be organising a pre-purchase inspection this week. Any recommendations? Ive found this mob which seem pretty good -
  6. Hi Guys, Just checking whats your go to for weather info for wind and swell forecasts for boating? Regards
  7. hi guys im going to get the ball rolling by showing my boat off , and i hope the rest follow cheers Will :cheer: P.S. I hope u like it [img size=500]
  8. Mooloolah River mouth has silted up again. Was out there Saturday to find a solid set breaking across the entire width of the mouth entrance. As always, exercise caution around bar crossings. When leaving the river mouth, it's probably best to chuck a hard left around the western rock wall; it's certainly the deepest water which is what the survey shows as well. Only a matter of time before someone gets flipped. Hopefully it's dredged soon.
  9. NICO Brand had spent a night on the Pumicestone Passage fishing before an encounter with police that "flabbergasted" him. He was fined $365 and given three demerit points, some advice on tightening and tidying his tie downs, and went on his way. Caloundra police officer-in-charge John Mahony said boat ramps and car parks were road-related areas so normal traffic rules and regulations applied. Full story: PS. by the way….. For folks who use trailer brake light, no. plate boards, it` also makes your trailer unroadworthy (if trailer doesn`t have attached lights, no. plate) if you drop your boat in and out of the water with your light board taken off and not attached to your trailer when driving in these car park/boat ramp areas also. People have been fined for this. EDIT: I put a new link in for this story as the old one did not appear to be working
  10. The kids and I went to the show today for the very first time. Glad we did it was mind blowing seeing the best of the best. Don't think I worry about going to any of the other small boat shows as this one was excellent. The kids were happy to get up close to some Lamborghini's, Aston Martin, Lotus, Rolls Royce. Not my cup of tea but each to their own. I had a quick look at a couple of the big Grady Whites, at a smig under a million dollars I don't see that ever happening. Only took one photo to stir the wife up.
  11. I have my boat booked in to Greens Marine (Yatla) to have a new stainless steel Targa canopy installed. I have been impressed with the quality of the workmanship on Cruise Craft canopies. Apparently Greens does these and a big reason I'm going through them plus a recommendation. They must be good a 3 month wait! The photo below is similar to what I am looking at and the final design won't be done until I work it with them when I drop the boat off. You only get one chance at this so any suggestions on what to included would be appreciated. So far my want list is Sturdy had rails incorporated in design so can walk around the front easier. 5-6 rod holders across the top. Fold-able, so you can travel with it down Think I'll get an extension that will pull out the back area to provide shade when having some lunch etc with the family. (99% of the time it will be stay under the canopy but when required a couple of thumb screws loosen so it slides it in or out. The canopy to go over the windshield like in the photo. (This should prevent most rain dripping into the cockpit area) A mounting lug on either side to mount lights for night fishing and possibly an extra one in the middle for future use. It already has an anchor light that should be visible above the canopy. It already has outriggers and the aerial is also mounted to cabin, so no need for mounting plates So if you think there is anything I've missed, let me know so I can consider them. Currently the boat has a fold up canopy with side curtains and storm covers that I haven't even got out. The fold-able canopy rock to much in a sea for my liking and has wear on the roof that shorty will require replacing. Otherwise the rest is in reasonable condition. Here it is with its current canopy. If any one is interested in it, I can provide dimensions and we can go from there. Cheers Wayne
  12. Hey guys, I am looking at getting my first boat in the next few months and I have a budget of about 10k all ready to go. i was looking at a few of those old half cabin styles, i think one of the examples was a 1999 swift craft half cabin. I was also interested in the aluminium run abouts. so pretty much what i am trying to ask is what would be a good first boat under 10k? i mainly want it for leisurely fishing and to be able to start exploring places i can't get to in my 4wd. cheers guys
  13. been playing about with the boat lately making changes to make it a bit easier on the water, both sounders and switch panel where in unreachable positions before when at the tiller so made up a little console to make it more user friendly and easier now with being able to read both sounders whilst driving and both rotatable for when casting up front using the leccy , also fitted the structure scan transducer also after weighing up cost and time needed to upgrade my trailer figured $1500 for a newy was the go , hoping weather stays good for a dawn session on sunday to try it all out
  14. Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. We spend a few days at a time on our boat and when we come to NSW will be looking at a secure storage facility where we can leave our vehicle and trailer that isn't too far from a marina. or decent boat ramp. At least a short taxi ride if possible. Looking at places - Bribie Island or Brisbane coastal areas, Gold Coast in Qld and in NSW - Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Brisbane Water, Brooklyn/Hawkesbury, Pittwater and Sydney Harbour. We have to be mindful of the route as our boat/trailer is over width on a tri axle... so the bigger easy to get to ramps with a jetty/pontoon are ideal. Are there any short term storage facilities where people leave their vehicles and trailers? Boat/ship yards that supply this service? What do others do that have large trailerable boats who go out on the water for a few days at a time? Quite happy to pay the going rate for secure parking.... just unsure if and where these facilities are located.
  15. Would anybody know of a really good marine mechanics or someone who could help me setup my 5 metre twin outboard 2 stroke cat boat in Sydney? What's happening is that above 20 knots the boat leans aggressively to the starboard side and it feels like it wants to tip over until I reduce throttle. I has permatrims fitted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi all, new here and just purchased a new boat. Ive been 12ft Tinny man for a while now, 3.8 metre Quintrex Bass with with a '99 25 HP Johno on the back. Stepped up to a 5.3 Mt Whittley Impala with a 2002 90Hp Mercury just last week. The bloke I bought it off said ONLY use Castrol 2 Stroke oil in her, as that is what his motor mechanic told him. Now Ive never been a brand whore in my life but what do you blokes reckon about that? Ive run my non premixed Johnno on Valvoline oil with no drama's and when I priced the Castrol oil it was probably $10 more for 4 litres. Is there $10 diffrence in the 2 oils or am I just being a tight arse. Both oils have the same specs, even the Western Gulf one does. Are oils just oils? Cheers Goody
  17. Hi all. Tossing up about putting a min kota on the front, be good for picking up pots, getting into snags. What I need to know is there a formula for working out what length shaft to suit a particular size boat as in how high boat sits out of the water. Boat is 3.8 Seajay. Got a electric that bolts on the back, but dont use it, was on another boat we had. Just with a remote/spot lock it would make it so much easier. Getting older. Any help would be good. Gary.
  18. Hi all, I have a Haines Signature 525f and was wondering if i could get opinions on getting trim tabs for the boat. I am getting mixed messages and would like some feedback please. Thanks Justin
  19. If invited to a spot on a boat That doe's not mean you have to be a slave well not in my eyes (share the duties to make for a good trip) My latest experience left a very sour taste in my mouth Watched as I poored x amount of fuel in the car to tow the boat to the destination then when decided to add some to the boat in case needed a comment thirsty was added inforemed that it had a big tank an was not needed but better to have more than less hands still in pocket I got an extra kg of squid still hands in pocket deckie bought 1 x 250 gr pack of frozen prawns with him :blink ended up deckie had NO leader or tackle to suit sinkers etc and winged that I was catching fish and he was on the wrong side of the boat :woohoo: The cream of the crop Not one Thank you or offer to pay for any of the trip and had the gall to say well maybe next time yeah right you have been on my boat for 2 trips the first and last I'm not a charter never have claimed to be but will work grounds to find fish BUt No THANKS for a trip or effort to make it work SUC I loook foraedd to our nex trip NOT you suk Gaz
  20. So today was the first day of work on the tinnie since purchased! I'll continue to post progress pictures, here's how it looks at the moment.
  21. For the first time owning a boat I have decided to name it. Initially I was going to go through a local sticker business but in the end I found it far easier to design it myself on a very user friendly web site from the US. The stickers are actually have twice the life expectancy of the local vinyl stickers offered here and I got them for the same price as a local business was charging to design and install them. I am installing these myself and they are coming up a treat. I have only put on the rear name and the side name on at the moment. I have to wait for the sun to disappear so the fibreglass cools before installing the new rego numbers and name to the opposite side. These stickers are epoxy coated so they are slightly raised (bubbled) like you would see on ski boats. I went for inverted colours on the name compared to the the original Grady White to make it stand out. But I kept the rego stickers the same as the colours and font as the Grady White. I'm still to decide if I will replace the pin striping that I removed before detailing. Wait and see what it looks like with everything done before making a decision.
  22. HI Guys, I have a lowrance HDS Gen 2 touch sounder in my boat and have been looking at chart options, I see my unit is compatible with C-maps Max - N+ just looking to see if anyone is using this and feedback on it? looks like they have some pretty cool features over the usual Navionics gold cards. Also did anyone purchase the charts online and install rather then buy a card from a supplier? cheers
  23. Hope everyone is ok! With 11 on board I am thinking charter boat? Would be a tricky rescue.
  24. I am considering converting my standard boat trailer to a 4x4 version. however I am concerned about the trailer being to high to launch. I am considering a "step down axel" to compensate for the rise in height, however it looks like this would be where the axle might bend. The reasons I want to convert my tailer is my 14" wheels are just not handling the roads as well as what I would like. Has anyone done this on there trailers and how did you compensate for the rise in height. My boat is 5.3 seajay and needs about ⅓ of the trailer in the water to launch and retrieve I have measured it and I can just fit some 17" hilux wheels on it and be legal.
  25. I had my 2004 model boat detailed today by Marine Detailing Solutions. Dusty (the owner) and his helper Ty spent 7 hrs on site putting a shine back into the boat. Very happy with the gel coat and the level of detail they went to. As if it was their own boat. Here are some pictures. If any one is interested he can be contacted on 0431267331. I removed all the pinstripes and rego numbers prior to detail. Going to replace them and possibly put a name on the boat Luvit. After this the next thing is to replace the Bimini with a stainless steel foldable Targa cover and clears.