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Found 12 results

  1. Due to my upcoming wedding in about 5 weeks’ time, the past few weeks have been extremely busy so fishing has taken a backseat for a little while. Free time won’t exist to me until after the wedding and honeymoon….so I will be rather quiet on the forum until im a married man Having said that, I do have a charter booked with Fraser Guided Fishing in the next couple of weeks as a bucks stay tuned for that report! On a side note….im looking for some funny wedding/ married life advice for my wedding speech…so feel free to offer up your best or worst advice! (the funnier the better) Enough jibber jabber, killed a few hours with some friends of ours down at deep water bend over the Easter weekend. Fishing was average with one ok bream caught and a bunch of smaller bream all caught on dodgy servo prawns (mmm that beautiful smell of frozen servo prawns). That poor area gets fished so heavily, no wonder it’s a struggle to catch good numbers of fish there. Regardless, was nice to spend time with good company out in the sunshine catching a few fish.
  2. Managed to capture a great trevally strike right at the side of the yak last weekend. Water was only around 40cm deep and there must have been around 10cm of line left. Took me by surprise thats for sure. Also managed a few other fish on the surface and soft plastics.
  3. I've attached a link from the video I put together from a couple of mornings ago. Cheers.
  4. Another fun and much better than expected session up a small Northern NSW creek today. The goal was actually some crabs. I am slowly tweaking the best way to paddle pots up skinny water. Some else had visited the spot before me this morning but as he was of the eucalypt eating variety I was not to phased. Although crabs were the goal of course a rod came. I had zero expectations as it was about 1pm in the afternoon and I am pretty committed to surface at the moment. So much literature suggests this is a terrible time to fish surface and it was bright and sunny to boot. Well my initial pessimism was wiped when on my 3rd cast, casting into some ripply flowing water caused by the outgoing bang, a nice chunky 32cm bream took my lure. This became the theme with each little eddy and rapid producing hits or a fish. It was a cracking session and easily my most productive from this creek despite the time. This makes me think ill work on tide logic for a while. As if the session was not good enough it was ended with a nice kicker. Casting a likely looking snag the water erupted after only 2 twitches. A drag screaming heart in mouth fight finally resulted in a solid 44cm nugget of a wild bass. Such awesome colours on this fish. Lure of the day was a berkley scum dog. Not an expensive lure at all but I have caught a lit of fish the last 2 weeks on this exact one. Other gear: Nordic stage areal sharpshooter Shimano stella 1000 6lb siglon braid and 6lb leader. Cheers for reading. Angus P.s. ill be heading back to check pots later and will report
  5. Little Grey Men

    south queensland Bream On The Top

    I occasionally take my lures out for a swim in the rust water. This morning I went for a paddle along some mangroves and tossed poppers and walkers to the feisty bream who chased just about everything I threw at them, especially if it looked anything like a prawn. No huge bream were caught but I had fun chucking lures deep into the shady pockets of the mangroves and extracting these spiky little devils. I had a big fish splashing in front of me so I put a cast over it and jagged a great big longtom ! The thing took off straight into the mangroves and I bid fairwell to my nice sugar pen. For some reason the line went slack as it left the mangroves and headed to open water where some fellow fishos in a boat helped me retrieve my lure after the fish was worn down enough. All in all a very pleasant morning.
  6. Great morning. Hit a Tweed coast tidal lake this morning hoping to get some whiting. Lots of yabby banks made things look promising but kicked off the morning with a green marlin... Hmm. Not to be put off kept going and managed a few mini bream. Finally on a nice sandy flat Joel pinned something better. After a good fight presto... Our target. Thay was about it for the morning. Slower than some but every dawn on the water is awesome. We got home to be regailed with how good the Whiting were in the surf. Tanya's dad had managed 6 in a quick pre breakfast session. Eating like kings this weekend. If only weekends were longer.
  7. Wicked dawn session today chasing bream and jacks on surface. Started scenic but slow with a half dozen little bream coming on board to say hi. Checked the pots soon after for one leg (luckily jennies are legal in NSW or it would have been a donut). After that a couple of legal bream. Man they fight dirty in this creek with snags and grass everywhere. Then it got interesting... Joel landed a cast right on a likely looking snag and CRACK CRACK two massive strikes with a solid jack getting out of the water. Sadly, but maybe lucky for Joel's 8lb leader and main line there was no hook up. Not 5 minutes later Joel dropped a donk of a bream as well. He was feeling a bit like things were not going to go his way when another cast at the same snag resulted in a big boof and hookup. A little fight later revealed Joel's first bass. To get your first bass on topwater and wild to boot... Happy. We paddled for a fair way after this with a few more little bream and suspected bass boof. On the way home I decided to have a cast at the bream bass snag and could not believe my luck when BOOF a big surface take and screaming drag. I was a bit worried as I was only running 6lb leader but after a hairy fight a smile lit my dial as this 44cm wild topwater bass was boated. After that things shut down with one more bream and a random crab that crawled into my pot despite having no bait. All in all an awesome morning and I am loving exploring this place. Angus
  8. Headed into the creek today to drop some crab pots in and rustle up some bream. Pots down and a few bream later it was time to head back... Back down the beach for one more dig at the Whiting for dinner (there are 9 people). Not a bad little crack and a good feast coming. Hopefully we can replicate tomorrow plus some crab Then little time with the boy before beer o'clock. 3 reports in one day... Not bad
  9. Well what a fun session. Hit a new spot this morning with good results. Using exclusively topwater lures my mate Joel and I yakked the dawn chasing, well whatever would bite. It was a bit slow to start with a few pike coming over the side... Things were looking grim and took this snap so I could at least do a poor report. No long after the sun breached we came to a little drop off. The current was moving over the shallow weed beds and edying as it hit the deep water. This is were things improved. Every cast was a bream hit with over 20 landed in an hour. The most productive and entertaining session in ages. Stopped taking pictures as well, they all look the same after a while... As if I was not happy enough the last fish I hooked was my best for the day. After a solid no mucking around surface hit and a brilliant fight in less than 1m of water I caught site of a huge whiting. A measure confirmed what I had been hoping. A new PB at 43cm. A genuine elbow slapper Very happy with the session I was home to help with the kids by 8am. Great start to the day.
  10. Well to see out the weekend we opted to try some brand new water once again. The creek had some potential with jelly prawns busting everywhere. Huge bit of excitement was had when a metery giant herring skimmed along the surface chasing said prawns. 2 free swimming muddies along the bottom ensures Ill head back here with pots as well. Anyway... the fishing... Lots of little bream caught but probably nothing that crossed the legal mark. Pictured is typical. Not many pictures sorry as it was so muggy my shirt was sweated right through and the phone was stowed in the hatch on mates kayak for most the trip. It was exciting enough though with hits being more common than not. Despite a lot of these failing to connect it is one of the best things about surface fishing in my opinion... the visuals that keep you focused and on game. At one point I had also cast towards a juicy looking snag when "boof"!!!! A large surface strike and drag peeling run and well... it was all over in seconds. I hate calling a fish I did not see but I strongly think it was a jack. My drag could barely be manually pulled off the spool and it was nothing like the bream. At the end of the day we will never know and if it was a bream it was a big one! AN ISSUE OF HOOK UPS Onto the next issue... Does anyone do anything to improve hook ups surface fishing? Finer gauge hooks? Better quality? Over the course of this weekend I feel the hit to hook up ratio has literally been 15:1 with a few dropped fish as well. This is using several lure types and brands so not to be blamed on dulled one off hooks. Or... is this the clumsiness of fish (particularly) bream on a surface strike and part of the game? (The whiting and suspected jack certainly did not miss). Cheers Angus
  11. Well I managed to sneak out for an hour while Alastair was asleep yesterday. Northerly made it really hard to flick plastics but used a few pipis to catch a few worms and converted these into a double trifecta of Casurina bread and butter. Probably my pb or close dart as well pushing 45cm. Nothing flash but a nice dinner for today. Had to settle for this marinara I made for dinner last night (slowly perfecting this).
  12. Tim a

    south queensland Bribie Island

    hey guys, i made a much much longer version of this only to have it disbaled becasue i accidently logged out. It was 781 words long so grrr! but any way I headed up to bribie a week and a half ago and went around to all these new spots i wanted to try. these included this canal/creek/lock and my usual haunt the jetty. i caught 2 flatties (28 and 36 cm) near the bridge on my little creek and lost THE BIGGEST BREAM i have ever seen 2 metres away. It dived into some rocks after fighting for 8 mins. Early estimates from a fisherman there and my self were 55+ cm. I know no one believes me but i have one witness luckily but he was a random fisho who i didnt kno. I went over the bridge to try near some oyster racks i had seen before to catch 2 more flatties of similar size. I also live baited the jetty to take a 53cm mackeral and i was rapped even tho its a relatively small fish. all fish were caught on 3 \" and 2\" power minnows except for the mackeral on a live herrring. And that is how the cookie crumbles!