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      1. Headed into the creek today to drop some crab pots in and rustle up some bream. Pots down and a few bream later it was time to head back... Back down the beach for one more dig at the Whiting for dinner (there are 9 people). Not a bad little crack and a good feast coming. Hopefully we can replicate tomorrow plus some crab Then little time with the boy before beer o'clock. 3 reports in one day... Not bad
      2. One thing i hope to persue (with the help of @Drop Bear and @Howler ) over Christmas is a bit of local crabbing. There is a lot of water locally and I see few people giving it a go so why not? Plan to get a few put this afternoon and check daily on the low (duties permitting). What is everyones favourite bait for the traps? We are starting with chicken frames but keen to experiment. I have even heard decomposing mangrove leaves are good as crabs are actually omnivores... Anyway a few christmas lunch crabs would not go astray when you see the market price!!! Angus
      3. south queensland Got Crabs?

        After catching a sand crab on a line a couple of weeks ago, my son has been nagging me to put the pots in. I haven't put them in for ages because it means putting the boat in two days in a row as I try to let them soak for 2 high and 2 low tides. Being on holidays there really wasn't any excuses so we put the pots in Friday and pulled them out Saturday. We spread them from just north of Coochin to the mouth of Hussey Ck. We ended up with 6 legal Sandies from two pots which were placed in the middle of the passage on drop off from sand bars. Any pots further towards mangroves had undersize muddies.
      4. Hi all, Reports a couple of weeks late, been having puter trouble couldn't load photo's. Anyhow we went crabbing earlier in the month, got these two keepers. Got about 6 others but were all couple of mills under so returned them for some other. time. Everything caught were bucks, only soaked for about 3 hrs as we had shopping to do and a 2 hour drive home. Got a few bream but all were undersized,returned for another day. Cheers Gary.
      5. Newbie To Bayside - Moreton Bay

        Hi all, is anyone willing to introduce me to Moreton Bay fishing spots? Ive just bought my first boat and would like some advice to get going, fishing and crabbing around the bay. Im based in Wynnum and have bought a cruise craft now rider.
      6. What Species Of Crab!!!

        Was just wondering if anyone knows what type of crab this is??
      7. Got The Pots In (landbased ...)

        Finally got around to getting my pots in landbased at a spot I've been meaning/wanting to for ages. Had them in before but not in as far as they are this time so fingers crossed they are full of crabs tomorrow. Didn't seem like anyone else walks the banks so that's a good sign and should be too tight for tinnies so barring someone on a kayak/canoe going in there I should be OK. Some nice drains joining the main channel so all looks in order. Half a big mullet in each pot so here's hoping they're hungry. Decided rather than get up early tomorrow morning to check them on low tide I'll do them tomorrow arvo - as long as noone beats me to them they'll get the night high tide plus the big daytime one. All going well I'll stuff some more bait into them and keep them in for the next couple of days as I have my two out of town brothers and their kids in town. Fingers crossed!!
      8. Landbased Crabbing - 'success' ......?

        Put four pots in ..... Got four pots back ....... Caught two crabs - one was too small, the other just legal Too empty so put it back Have been driving past a spot that looked worth putting pots in landbased lately so with the tides and bit of rain around decided this weekend I'd give it a go. Put them in yesterday arvo - first three spots had good access (ie. not to difficult). The third of them was at a 90 degree bend in the creek so I sort of wished I didn't have a fourth pot rigged up with bait ....... had to go through a fair bit of mud (and long grass) to put it in. Checked them this morning. First three totally empty - oh great, now I have to go and get all muddy just to retrieve the fourth empty (presumably - it was only 20-30m from the third pot) pot ...... Well, the fourth pot had the crabs in it so I now have the conundrum of next time do I go through more mud to see how far upstream I can set them. QUESTION: The creek has steepish banks and the usual drains that are completely dry at low tide. My pots were in the water in the main stream opposite the drains - would it be worth trying pots up in the drains themselves? They'd be out of water at low tide but I'm wondering (my crab knowledge isn't as deep as it should be ...) whether at certain times of the year do the crabs stay up in the drains? Anyway, had a go, got out of the house and a bit of exercise so I'll do it again sometime to see if I can start to crack the code.
      9. Interesting creature.

        Of all my years crabbing, I've never come across one of these. Noticed it inside the bait bag, munching away on the first pull of pots. Left it in there and was still there when I emptied the bait out. Was around 5-10cm long, had a head like a beach worm and on getting it out of the pot, ended up with a finger full of spines. Didn't hurt or sting, just more like I'd touched a cactus. That took away all chances of it being used for bait, so it was returned to the water, along with the discards of my crab bait and very much alive. On Googling it, appears to be called a Bristle Worm and gets much larger. You learn something new everyday.
      10. Tuna to mud crabs

        Headed out last night with my neighbour to see if we could convert the Mac Tuna into some mud crabs. It is good bait for crabs and we did 3 drops with 8 pots and caught 9 legal crabs. 3 we let go that were empty and the neighbour took 2 home and left me with 4. Going to have them this afternoon. Got out prawning a couple of weeks ago and scored over 5 kg so together the crabs will make for a nice seafood platter.
      11. Shorebased Crabbing - Help

        Hi. i wanted to know is it possible to get crabs from shore. do u have to wade the pot out or can u drop it off the side of a rockwall/jetty and also can u get crabs in winter?
      12. Pots

        Hi all, have not done a lot of crabbing. Would like to know if there is much difference in performance between the common string type pot v the wire pots. Also, is there any dimension regulations for pots in QLD Thanks in advance Wayne.
      13. Crabbing sunshine coast

        Hi everyone I'm looking for some crabbing advice for the sunny coast area in particularly the Mooloolaba area. Im chasing both muddies and sandies. I have dropped a few pots around but have only been getting large females. If anyone wouldn't mind sharing a few spots in exchange for some reef marks or fishing spots let me know please. Also what bait does everyone use ? Has anyone ever tried crabbing out off Mooloolaba beach in the bay there for sand crabs ? thanks in advance
      14. Qld Rec Crabber 10k Fine

        Taken from Fishing World email newsletter 16 Dec 2014 Crooked crabber nabbed A recreational crabber has been fined $10,000 for possessing 67 unlawful mud crabs at Redcliffe, following a joint operation between Queensland Police Service and Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) acting district officer, Vaughan Heath, said the heavy penalty handed down by the Redcliffe Magistrates Court sends a strong message to crabbers. “QBFP, Queensland Police Service and other compliance agencies work together to enforce Queensland’s fishing rules,†Mr Heath said. “During the early hours of the morning, a search of the man’s vehicle found two large bags containing a total of 71 crabs – 67 of which were illegal. “Forty-eight were undersized male mud crabs and 19 were female mud crabs. “Exceeding possession limits, ignoring size limits and taking protected species shows a blatant disregard for the sustainability of our fisheries. “We feel this penalty sends a strong message to crabbers to stick to the limits and do the right thing.†Mr Heath said the Redcliffe area was an important recreational and commercial fishing area and QBFP would continue to monitor the area at all times of the day and night. “QBFP relies on the ongoing support of the community to provide relevant and timely information relating to potential offences concerning our valuable fishery resources,†he said. “People who suspect illegal fishing activities are urged to report it as soon as possible to the Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116. In Queensland, female mud crabs are no take species while male mud crabs have a size limit of 15 cm across the carapace, with a possession limit of 10 per person. For more information on Queensland crabbing rules, visit, call 13 25 23 or download the free ‘Qld Fishing’ app from Apple and Google app stores.
      15. Alterations to 'cheap' crab pots

        I have 8 of the cheap Rogue crab pots from BCF. Just wondering if anyone does anything to alter them (entrances mainly I suppose). Would be keen to hear what works for you. I have some heavy duty bait bags made up out of gutter guard (I'll attach a photo at some stage - think they are with the boat at Dad's at the moment). Cheers and good crabbing to all!!
      16. Speed set up crab pots

        Getting organised to do a bit of crabbing over the next month, plus hopefully start using my Prowler 4.1 kayak. Noticed these pots on Gumtree, anyone used them? /> Only 45cm diameter but on the plus side much easier to balance on the yak.
      17. West brisbane river crabbing?

        Anyone got a good brissy river crabbing spot near/in Oxley creek? Cheers.
      18. Fisho`s $10,000 Crab Catch

        Well done QBFP and well done magistrate, not only a fine but confiscation order too 3rd Sep 2014 9:39 AM /> A FISHERMAN has been fined $10,000 and had his boat and trailer, valued at $7000, forfeited after being caught with a large number of undersized mud crabs that had been trapped in the Caboolture River.
      19. Hi Everyone, My name is Danny and I am apart of a group of undergraduate engineers at the Australian National University who are building on an idea to stop people from stealing crab pots. Our idea is still in development and for us to continue, we require your local support so we can design a solution that is well suited to the intended application and works as the user wants to. To accomplish this, we have developed a survey, that if you could take the time to fill out, that would be much appreciated! The link for the online survey is Thank you for your time, Danny
      20. Quick Pine report

        2 of us went out Friday night for 5 hrs with 5 pots. In 3 drops we caught 6 legal mud crabs. Threw 3 back that weren't full. A surprised catch was a bull shark caught in the bait cast net when trying to catch mullet, to fish for bull sharks! Didn't even put a hole in the net. The only down side was I absolutely ripped one of my prawning nets.
      21. Crab n Prawn

        I've been married for nearly 18 years now and neither my wife or I bother with valentine's day celebrations. Now this is a good and bad thing. Good thing is I was able to make a snap decision to go crabbing on Friday night, unfortunately though the couple of people I asked to join me had valentine plans. Hope it all went well for you guys After reading Sehrguht's suggestion of trying deep water bend for prawns I thought I would combine the 2. Luckily I was told by a fellow fisher to head up towards the bridge they got some prawns there in the afternoon. I missed the opportunity and all the boats were gone and so were the prawns. :pinch: I soon found out I did not have enough rope on my small 8 ft cast net because the hole where the prawns had been was 10 meters deep. Note to self, extend the throwing rope. I watched some others that knew what they were doing and it soon became obvious I was using a toy net in comparison, size wise and quality wise. Off I went for a crab. In between pulling pots I saw a prawn or 2 skip across the surface and thought I would get some casting practice in, 1.5 hrs latter I had caught 5 edible size prawns, one of which jumped out of the bucket back into the drink and 6 smaller ones I let go. Not a great success on the prawn front but I did learn a few things from other guys in the morning on where NOT to throw your net and lose it. stay away from the barge. I'm easily pleased and 1 legal crab and I'm happy for the night. Saturday nights dinner. So Saturday I went and picked up a 12ft hand made top pocket net purely for prawning this season. I'll go into this in a little more detail in another post latter. I am definitely not the most successful fisherman but I'm enjoying all the new technics and fish I'm now have the opportunity to catch. thanks for reading. Wayne
      22. Crabbing mouth of brissy

        Got some good bucks over the weeken mouth of the river, a mate told me to use is tounge. Gee it worked well
      23. Rain=Crabs

        So from what I have been told after a long dry spell if we get rain the Mud crabs will be move closer to the mouths of the rivers. I put this theory to test Saturday night with one of my sons James. We managed 3 drops and caught 3 legal mud crabs. 1 was empty so he went back and 2 full crabs :cheer: In one of the pots we had 5 big jennies so they were moving more than previous trips. All up probably caught about 25 mud crabs for the 3 drops of 8 pots and 10 sandies all realised. Due to the both crabs not being full I found them ordinary eating which is why I threw the other one back we caught Saturday morning. I now know how to tell if they are full Oh the only down side was I lost a pot. I really don't know how. We gps each pot as we dropped them and sat with them while we fished. I did not hear or see anyone else around. We went back over all gps marks 4 times just in case we had missed one. It was an expensive pot with float clips etc $85 dollars worth. So if any finds a pot marked with Palmer on the float and wants to return it there is a reward waiting Happy crabbin.
      24. Hi everyone I was fishing with my dad on friday off redland bay when we noticed a fisheries patrol boat heading toward us. We saw them stop and pull up every crab pot in the water on thier way over. Some pots were returned to the water and some were kept on board .eventually they got to where we were fishing and did the usual inspection of our boat and before they left they asked us if we had any questions for them? I asked them if they had caught any crabs today? They replied thay they were removing 'derecict' pots from the water and asked if we had pots in and if they were labelled correctly lucky ours were as some pots in thier boat didnt look too 'derelict' too me. Just a heads up to all those crabbers out there
      25. Crabs are starting

        Hello, I have been away with work and holidays for 5 weeks so have been quite on the forums. I did manage to get out for a couple of nights before all the rain and caught some sandies and muddies. The muddies were not A grade and after eating them I will not take any that aren't A grade from now on. Still learning how to tell the difference with pushing on the shells, weight and experience. Want to get out now, but work has me away for the weekend again. I'll post again if I can get out. I have appreciated the help I received from other generous members on the site to help me start catching these tasty crustacean's. Thank you. Cheers, Wayne