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      1. Lowrance Hook 2

        hi all any body have any reports on the new hook 2 4 x with gps some pics would be good if possible but any reports would be great cheers snap
      2. Lowrance

        any one using one of these yet LOWRANCE HOOK2 4X FISHFINDER GPS PLOTTER BULLET SKIMMER
      3. Gps Green Zone Help

        Hey, I have a Lorance Ti and its working really well but I am a bit dumb. I don't know if there is a way to put the green zones up on it. It is a bigger boat for me and I am exploring some new places and I would hate to do the wrong thing and fish in the greens. Not to mention I don't want a fine. There are so many in Moreton bay and although I know a lot of them I don't know them all. The ones in the Rouse, around South Passage Bar and the Amity banks all confuse me when I am out there. How do you all keep on top of green zones?
      4. Raymarine Axiom 12

        Hi Guys, Who has the Raymarine Axiom 12 Set up in their Boat. Whats your experience ? The Good, the Bad, The Ugly. If any. Can you set it up so it all works on the Single Screen or do you need Dual to get the full set up. Thanks in advance
      5. Sounder Battery - How To Charge?

        So I bought a Garmin striker 4 for my kayak. Very new to sounders. Got a Century ps1270 battery to charge the sounder: Problem is I have no idea on how to charge the battery. Didn't come with a charger of any sort, I assume it's not meant to? Cheers
      6. Got emailed this from the Caloundra Coastguard. Thought someone might be interested. Coast Guard Caloundra Supporters Under Australian Federal Government legislation, all marine radio users, except those operating 27MHz maritime radio stations, must be qualified. A new qualification—The Australian Waters Qualification (AWQ) has just been introduced. This new qualification is suitable for marine radio users who operate VHF marine radios in Australian Territorial Waters only. (Australian Territorial Waters are defined as all waters up to 12 nautical miles from the Australian coastline.) Coast Guard Caloundra will be conducting an AWQ course at its headquarters located at Tripcony Lane off Maloja Avenue Caloundra on Saturday 9 December 2017. The course commences at 8:00 am and runs for 5 hours. Cost of the course is $80.00 for financial supporters of Coast Guard Caloundra or $99.00 for non-financial supporters. To register for the course ring the coast guard on 07 5491 3533
      7. Marine Mechanic

        SOUTHWEST MARINE The sun is out and summer is here!!!! Perfect time to get your boat out and start fishing!!!! We at SOUTHWEST MARINE are a small and friendly marine mechanic business providing excellence in marine and mower repairs and services. We are located in South Western Sydney, NSW, 2565.. contact us on (02) 9605 6559 For more information on us and our services, check out our website Kind regards, Southwest Marine
      8. Transducer Saga

        Thought it best i just start a new thread since the small lies was not quite the right area. After trying everything i could to get the transom mount transducer to work at 30knts it was unsuccessful. Taking on @demarc advice to do a shoot through or a thru hull set up I re investigated trying to gain access. it not easy to get to and reaching it is a push but it can be done. So at this point i have just made a temporary wet well out of some PVC and cut it to the hulls angle. I may try cable tying it in position and flooding the well with water to submerge it. Or i may sika flex the PVC to the position i want, then flood it hope it works. If it doesn't just means have to remove it and try a new position. More testing to come before i fix permanently. If this doesn't work then I may consider doing a through hull. Now that i have you tube it, doesn't look hard at all but the cost of the transducer is rich. More updates to come.
      9. Minn Kota............... Help!!!!!!

        I have a 55lb minkota ipilot riptide....... the weekend just gone the steering decided not to work. I have narrowed it down to one of three things the remote is not transmitting however all features seem to work I can control speed and turn on spot lock etc so I suspect the remote is working. the second one is the receiver on the unit it self, and thirdly is the motor that drives the steering. Does anyone know where I can buy parts and most importantly a work shop manual so I can more acutely diagnose my problem....... or maybe even a website BLA don't seem to have a parts listing.............thanks in advance
      10. Tilt/trim Issue

        Hi all, Am seeking some guidance re issue with tilt / trim on 1997 130HP Johnson outboard. Bought motor second hand approx 6 months ago. Trim up always had a slight delay / sticking but after trimming motor down, then would work - down always worked fine. Went to trim the motor up today to move the boat (after about 6 weeks of non-operation) and the up trim would not work at all. Removed couplings near/behind switch on external side of motor and found power (with tester) to red wire, but no power to blue or green. Moved further up wires to box which houses relays. Same issue - power present to red wire, but nothing to blue & green. Tested with tester whilst the relays re attached to wiring - same issue. Found power on red wiring, nothing in blue or green. Spoke to someone over the phone who suggested it may be the relays, but am concerned this may not be the issue if no power present at wiring. Could use some advice guidance from forum regulars please!! Thanks.
      11. New Project Boat

        Hi guys, so last week I was driving by mudgeeraba to my inlaws....for my wife and inlaws to be shocked when I rolled on in with a not so nice surprise....a very very old Haines hunter v16, I saw a potential in this boat, I was wondering if anyone on here has any advice or ideas on how to turn it into a nice fishing boat.
      12. Why Does This Make Me Happy?

        After re positioning my Furuno P66 transducer 4 times and researching transducer positions it looks like I may have finally got right. At slow speeds never a problem but at high speed planing the bottom reading was not solid with gaps in the return. Finally with an early morning test on the Pine river today I think I have it. Will have to test it in choppy conditions to be sure. Just in time for 1770 if the weather plays nice. Even the Lowrance totalscan transducer was reading in the glass conditions at over 60mph. IMG_3800.MOV Don't know if the video is in the right format, but the photo tells the story anyway.
      13. Solar Charging Electric

        Hi everyone, I am going to invest in a decent solar panel for camping and got me thinking is it worth splashing out a little more and investing in a flexible marine grade one that I could also use to charge my leccy battery and mount it on my console. I know it wouldnt get full sun but figure i can rig it to trickle charge for those long trips I where I have no access to power. My outboard isnt big enough to charge both batteries so this is my next option Thoughts? Anyone done similar? Shane
      14. Sounder Tutiton

        Yesterday morning I went out with Nick Whyte from Tech Fishing to learn more about my HDS Gen 3 unit. I was not happy with the results I was getting from the total scan transducer at speed and after Nick checked my transducer installation position and said it couldn't be any better. This was a big relief after changing it 3 times. It was a beautiful morning and we launched at Port Of Brisbane boat ramp. Nick was very thorough in going through the HDS settings and features and we used the full 3hrs. Lucky to have had a HDS gen 2, I was fairly familiar with its operation but I wanted to know I was using it to its full potential. After the instruction I have no doubt the investment will pay off down the track and I learnt some very valuable information. If anyone is interested in learning about your Lowrance equipment operation Nick Whyte from Tech Fishing 0422 213 669.
      15. I have just about made the decision to upgrade my current sounder to the latest Furuno sounder. It will be available in a few weeks time. So I'm seeing if anyone is interested in the FCV 585. Offshore it leaves my HDS for dead and It works perfectly. A very common thing with this renown offshore sounder is the screen around the top and edges has slight delamination. It does not affect the working and as you can see from the working pics you can see through it no problems. I will keep the transducer as it will be fine for the new sounder. There is one available at the moment on Gumtree for $100 dollars. Price will $900 negotiable. Pm if you are interested.
      16. Gme 27meg

        had an issue with my radio on the yesterday seems to pick up other boats and i hear them clearly but they cant hear me,any thoughts as ton why this is happening,thanks brad
      17. Question On Navionics

        hey guys, with the new boat being built, I'm starting ti look at looking up all the accessories. Picked up a lowrance hds 12 carbon, but need to look at some maps. Does anyone know what the difference between Navionics+ (the old gold) and Navionics Platinum+ is these days? Looking at their website it looks like the only difference is that with Platinum you get some 3D views, panoramic images and satellite imagery. All for higher cost and less region. Navionics website doesn't indicate you get more map detail with platinum, which I imagine they would as a selling point (if it did). Is there any value in getting the platinum?
      18. Garmin Striker Advise Wanted

        hey guys, i currently have a little Lowrance Hook 4 on my boat. Its a good little unit but was only ever put on as a temporary sounder until funds allowed an upgrade. Im really missing a GPS and have been looking at stand alone units. I came across the Garmin Striker 5dv which includes Gps (no maps) for $400. Looking for comments from people who have had experience with this unit. cheers.
      19. Thanks Luvit

        Big thanks goes out to Luvit. When he upgraded GPS units he kindly let me buy his old Raymarine. Finally got it installed ready for the weekend. As you can tell I have a little love affair with Raymarine.
      20. What Chart For Se Qld?

        Hi all, I'm in the market for a chart to suit both Lowrance HDS and Humminbird 998 What do I buy? Mostly SE QLD based, with need for both coastal and lakes/dams
      21. Electric Motor Maitenance.

        Informative video. Cheers Ray
      22. Handic 605 Channel Help

        Hello again, when i brought my boat it came with a old handic 605 marine cb and has some taggs clued to the top of it with numbers. (A 27.880 DIST) (B 27.860 SUP D) (C 27.900 C.GD) i know these are channels and the A is the distress one but what is the B and C channel used for? i havint used it yet as im installing it back onto the boat asap because the other night i couldnt find the boat ramp were my trailer was parked i was relying on my phone nav and the **** went flat so i sorta got lost and needed help,, can anyone give me info on the channels pls... cheers
      23. Electric Advice Needed

        Hi guys.. just a quick queation.. i have a bow mount watersnake slider pro electric and was wondering if using the same battery that i use for my outboard and nav lights to power my electric is a bad idea and can it harm my bow mount electric motor? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.
      24. Electric Advice Needed

        Hi guys.. just a quick queation.. i have a bow mount watersnake slider pro electric and was wondering if using the same battery that i use for my outboard and nav lights to power my electric is a bad idea and can it harm my bow mount electric motor? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.
      25. Electric Advice Needed

        Hi guys.. just a quick queation.. i have a bow mount watersnake slider pro electric and was wondering if using the same battery that i use for my outboard and nav lights to power my electric is a bad idea and can it harm my bow mount electric motor? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.