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  1. Decky spot avail sunday 6am start fishing for bass with live shrimp. BYO tucker no bananas. Dam is fishing very well for bass and the occasional yella. 0403072325 if interested. Cheers Ray
  2. There was a bit more wind than forecast but it actually helped the fishing as we were fishing drop offs and the wind would blow us off the drop off and the i pilot would bring us back so we were able to cover both sides of the drop off and quite often as soon as the i pilot kicked in that was when the fish would savagely attack the shrimp. The majority of the bass were in the high 30s or low 40s with Hai getting 2 around 48cm. The wind dropped out around 10 am but the fish kept biting so we kept fishing with Dino being a late starter passing us just before we knocked off with a final tally of 82 bass. Graham had the gun spot catching the most fish but we all got our share. Going back on sunday and have a spare spot if anyone is keen. cheers Ray
  3. An extremely well written article By Dino on the PRFMA website. This is well worth while reading by any fresh water fishing person and could apply to your local. Have a look at the PRFMA website there is a wealth of info available there. CHeers Ray 2017 FISHING UPDATES FOR NORTH PINE DAM By Dennis Pearce Since the previous articles on the basics of fishing from a boat and land based fishing there has been quite a few changes, mainly about the lures used these days. First let me say that a lot of the lures being used are old ones that have had a facelift and new colours and now sell at inflated pieces. If you mentioned to a non-fisherperson that you caught your bass on gangbangers, maggots, spoons and crazy deeps they would think that you were the one that was crazy. Fish don’t seem to care what the lures are called or how much you paid for it. You can catch plenty of fish on a $5 lure. (Or much to my wife’s disgust, don’t be afraid to get into the partners nail polish and reinvent a few of the ones you have.) Everyone has their favourites, it’s what gives you confidence that counts. Oh, and it helps if you are catching fish with your favourites. A few years ago, no lures were over $15 and now we have them over $40. For every expensive lure, there is usually a cheaper spin off. Some of the lures that appear to be working out at NPD are doing so because of changes in the structure. Before the droughts a few years back we used to have plenty of weed beds along the edges and some of these went a long way out into the water. As the water went down so did the weed edges. This caused the edge bite to die down quite a bit but we were lucky because the fish just moved out to deeper water. We have had to make a few changes ourselves to the way we fish. Shallow and Deep Trolling This was always an option when the bass schooled up in deeper water or shallow trolling over the top or close to the bushes that grew up along the edges when the water was low. By the time you have travelled the first few 100 meters you should be able to see what depth the fish are sitting at and choose a lure that is going to be in their face or just above them. Jigging This has always been around also but has become very popular again with a few revisited and a few new lures Blades There are more colours and some new shapes. These are a go to lure when the fish are sitting down deep out of reach of trolling lures. Weight depends on how deep you are fishing and how quickly you can get back to the strike zone. ¼ or ½ ounce are okay. Spoons Also back in vogue with some new colours and shapes and a bigger price tag Tailspinners These have also taken on a new profile with different sorts of blades on the tail. All of the above can jigged vertically off the bottom or hopped and slow retrieved after casting out away from the boat. Small Minnow Lures Are used along the edges and there are a lot of different varieties on the market. Jointed Minnow Spinners Have made a comeback on the market, smaller ones being used for bass and yellows and the larger ones for cod. Vibes. Hard and Soft These are still working well along with the new ones on the market. Ice Jigs Can be jigged off the bottom in deep water using a high or low lifting action. Surface Action This has been a bit slow over the past couple of years, due to the lack of lilies or weed edges. There are still bass, yellows and togas hiding in amongst the tobacco bush on the edges. Sub Surface Spinnerbaits, chatter baits, small hard bodies cast to the edges amongst the tobacco bush is still finding a few fish. Fly Fishing Recent catches on fly gives encouragement to the fly fisherpersons that fish NPD. Summary At the time of writing, July 2017 there have been some terrific catches coming out at the dam. These are due to most of the elements aligning, wind, rain, temperature of water, barometer, sunny or overcast conditions etc. Successful stocking by PRFMA is a prime reason. A good sounder is essential to find the bait schools that the larger fish are chasing. To get good results you still need to be dedicated and open to new ideas. Golden perch, Mary River Cod, Saratoga and Silver Perch are residents all the time. So good luck and hope you find a few. If you want a couple for a feed go for it but remember the quota rules and only take YOUR limit. Release fish carefully and quickly.
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum, so if I made some mistake please let me know. I have a Shimano TLD 20 reel which I bought recently along with a Daiwa Sensor Surf(11.6 ft). This is my first time using an overhead reel and casting a rod this large. I'm confident with casting a baitcaster, largest that I've used is a Corvalus, but I might have been relying too much on the brakes and spool tension knob, and it's not on this one. I've practised using what I know from my baitcaster experience by adjusting the drag knob so that the baits fall down slowly, but the best I can do goes as far as my usual baitcaster cast(around 10-15 m), along with a light birdsnest. I even tried releasing my thumb earlier during casting. Any looser and a birdsnest occur pretty quickly, killing the distance to only a few metres, even if I had my thumb lightly on the spool. If anyone can provide me with any tips I'll be really grateful. Also, I have a size 3 star sinker and a 6-7 cm x 5-6cm squid for the bait(spproximately), do I need more weight for my setup?
  5. What more can I say. Fantastic Place Fantastic Fishing Fantastic Weather Fantastic Company. It all came together yesterday with perfect weather and whilst we did not catch any trophy fish there were plenty of hard fighting lo 40s to keep us busy. Picked up one that Dino had tagged 2 years ago that has grown 20mm which is a great growth rate for a larger fish. Photos tell it all. Cheers Ray
  6. Went to NPD in the rain this morning with Hai, Jason and Jasons older daughter Heidi. Heidi was able to borrow Phoebe's treasured blue rod. It was a bit wet first off but the fish did not mind even though Jason had to endure some continuous advice about the power of the legendary blue rod from Heidi before he finally caught a fish by the time the counter reached a total of 20 fish.on the counter. Heidi was chuffed to have her own individual counter. Be interesting next time Jason is in town as we will have both Phoebe and Heidi on board. Jason may have to buy another blue rod. Ended up a beautiful glassed out morning with a total of 47 bass and 2 yellas on the counter, Cheers Ray
  7. 4 mornings getting up at 3am have taken a toll on me . we had to work very hard this morning to get 50 bass the schools seem to have dispersed and when we found a small school we would catch around half a dozen fish and they would move on. The size is also down a bit with the best fish just going over 40cm. The shrimp pots were loaded so I have plenty in the tank for Sundays onslaught when Phoebe's sister will be there with us with a blue rod. : Percy was disappointed as we had no forkies to feed him with.But he still hung around all morning, Cheers Ray
  8. Another good day with Graham and Don .It was a bit cool to start off but soon warmed up to a beaut day being glass out conditions until around 11am. We moved a few times as the fish slowed down and ended up with 72 bass and 2 yellas with both yellas and a few bass taken home by Graham and Don. The fish seem to be sitting on most dropoffs and even if you only see one on the sounder as soon as you drop a live shrimp they soon arrive Cheers Ray
  9. Hey all Lure and Fly Show on again this weekend at the Ipswich Showgrounds. The Brisbane Fly Fishing Club will have a stand so come along and give us your best sledge. Cheers Norm
  10. Had a really enjoyable day at NPD this morning . A little fog on the way up but it ended a lovely day with little wind until just before we left. Had two fantastic deckies ( Gary and his mate John who is visiting us from his home state of Minnesota) John was very impressed with the number of fish and their size and fighting ability. He underestimated how well a good bass can go and smashed one of Garys rods. John had the gun seat and could not stop pulling in bass whilst Gary looked on in envy. The bass were a better quality than yesterday with plenty over 40cm landed. Final score was 69 bass and one yella plus 2 tandans. John and Gary have made a very generous donation to the PRFMA to purchase fingerlings in appreciation for the trip. THANKS FELLAS. John is heading back home on Tuesday so bon voyage and hope you have fond memories of your stay in Australia. Cheers Ray
  11. Gave myself a birthday present and went fishing for a change. Found out my shower proof jacket is only showerproof for about 30 minutes but as the fish were hungry i did not notice how wet i was until we knocked off and i shivered all the way back to the ramp where fortunately i had a change of clothes in the car. We had a hot bite ending up with 69 bass and 1 yella. Graham was pleased with his 48cm bass. Only caught the one tagged fish today. It was tagged only 10 days ago Back again for another go tomorrow. Cheers Ray
  12. Went to eastern arm this morning and I forgot my camera so decided to have another go at taking photos with my camera. Every timei ytried to take a photo all I could seein the screen was this. I thought it was just my reflection in the screen and after much swearing and a mega tantrum Mark came over and had a look. Showed me how to change cameras.I did not even know the phone had 2 cameras. Water down there is still murky but we ended up finding around 12 fish ( I wasnt in a counting mood.} Cheers Ray
  13. It was crips day at NPD today me with my wonky arm and Graham with his dodgy back but despite that we managed 83 bass between us . I have got playing out a fish with the rod in the rodholder down to a fine art. Best bass went 48 cm. Apparently nugget has given NPD and the PRFMA a write up in todays courier. Hinze tomorrow not a word on how it is going so have to go and have a look. Cheers Ray ps anyone have an idea what is happening with my camera?
  14. ^ weeks and one day since I got my new shoulder. Chucked my sling away yesterday and this morning threw a rod in the boat and headed to NPD with Rick and met Graham at the gate. My first bass. I ended up having to place the rod in the rod holder and just play the fish out on the drag as I still cannot lift and wind but at least I caught fish. I had to have a few rests when my arm got too sore to carry on but it can only get better. It was a bit bleak and cool but we did not really notice as the bass were on the chew. Knocked off at 11 am with the final tally 133 bass including 4 tagged ones. Cheers Ray
  15. G'day everyone! Me and a few mates are planning an east coast fishing/surfing trip for the Christmas holidays and are looking for a few suggestions on good areas to fish. We're from the Mornington Peninsula, but will be starting from Noosa/Sunshine Coast and working our way back down over about 3 weeks. Looking mainly for estuaries/lakes/rivers to fish but we're keen on some close offshore spots to try out as well. Any suggestions/comments would be great to hear! Cheers
  16. Day did not start off too well with a decky disappearing off the face of the earth. Just did not show or respond to pms or texts. Bit of a shame because I had other people who wanted to come. Anyhow enough wingeing at least Don and Rick did ok but we failed to exceed our target of 115 bass.We knocked off at 11 am with a nice even score of 100. Ricks best fish was 48cm and Dons was 46 but the fish on average were smaller than Thursdays. As normal percy was guarding the boat seeing off other pelicans and cleaning up the forkies that we fed him. Back on Tuesday for Ricks last venture before he gets a new knee on Thursday. A couple of photos of the mural on the water tower at Petrie. Cheers Ray
  17. Another good day today with 115 bass and one forky. All on bait.Once again Phoebe excelled with her blue rod and Rick a close second as he had blue fishing line.and Graham a dismal last with his orange line.Jason hardly had a chance to fish as he was kept busy looking after Phoebes fish.Laft my camera at home and tried out the camera on my phone with poor results. Cheers Ray
  18. Got a few more than last trip. 113 bass ( Five tagged ones )and one yella and around 9 forkies. Bass were a better size than last trip and Rick claimed the yella that went 36cm which he said is a perfect size for baking. Percy turned up after finding the trail of floating forkies and hung around all morning. Cheers Ray
  19. Once again I was only an observer with no prospect of fishing for a while yet. Rick and Daz had real problems being unable to get their bait to the bottom. Double hookups were the norm with the shrimp being slammed on the way down. We stopped fishing at 10.30 as Daz had to be home early. Final score was 109 bass ( 3 tagged ones) 3 tandans and 3 forkies.
  20. Hi all Brisbane based angler here. Heard a lot of good things about fishing after rain, some bad things too. Thinking about doing some landbased fishing along the pine or the in the port. Is it better to go right to the mouth of rivers after rain or bit further up? Not targeting anything specific, some advice would be welcome. cheers
  21. Ok guys so I know it's been a while since the "week 1" of working on the boat but here it is...unfortunately been unable to work on it as often as I thought due to the wife being in hospital but the only thing left is my electric motor and my fish finder to be installed (getting done professionally) please let me know if there is any ideas you would like to plant into my head. Thanks, Danny
  22. Back to NPD as an observer yesterday ensuring that the boys did not catch too many fish before I can get into them again, Final score 75 bass and 4 forkies. Cheers Ray
  23. As always a great read. Makes me wish i was younger,fitter and richer. Do not forget to click on the emag. What is new at Fish Head? The Tight Line Vol 8 Some of you may have noticed that the Tight Line E Mag hasn’t been around lately. We have resolved some software issues and it is all up and running again. Check out the new issue with stories about the infamous red bass, mighty PNG black bass, Northern NSW Murray Cod and for good measure, a pictorial from the Montebellos in WA. Click Here to view New gear at Fish Head An avalanche of new stock has arrived at Fish Head this month, headed by a giant shipment from FCL Labo! We have a bunch of new lures and new colours on old lures as well as some new jig, barra and swimbait casting Zenaq Rods are just about to arrive including the new Tobizo bluewater casting rods, Defi Muthos rock fishing rods and more of their fantastic Glanz Swimbait rods. We have also had Chug Norris poppers arrive from Nomad and next week another shipment of ASWB and Reefsedge lures are due to hit the store. The latest lure from FCL is the EbiSC 220. If you are not familiar with the myriad of FCL models, the Ebipop is a long blooping popper lure and one of the originals in the FCL range. SC stand for ‘shore cast’, meaning that these models are slightly narrower in the cup and more tail weighted than the larger heavy duty GT models. This new 220mm 100g version is the largest of the SC range and was built at our request for a long casting popper to suit kingfish, mackerel, tuna, big reef critters and naturally the odd GT too. The EbiSC 220 cast really easily, chugs, bloops and chops very nicely. The fast chugging retrieve is perfect for kings and mackerel in SE QLD and balances well with PE4-6 tackle. The SPP 140 lure has been a staple of our FCL range for a long time. We now have the SPP 140 slim in stock! This model has all of the action of the original, but has a more aggressive swimming action, swims a little deeper and has better hook exposure due to the slimmer design. This is perfect for GT and other large pelagics like big tuna, mackerel, wahoo and more! Many anglers are using the larger models of FCL lures, but we are also stocking some of the small FCL designs as well. The MOP50 and 2KR55 are a popper and fizzer designed for bass, bream, sooties, jacks and jungle perch. They have the same heavy duty resin construction as the larger lures, so the durability is top notch! Tight Lines, The Fish Head Team Call or Email us!! Phone: +617 5596 3444 Email: The Ebipop SC 220 is the perfect mid size popper choice for PE #5-6 when targeting Trevally, Kingfish, Coral Trout, Red Bass, Mackerel and Tuna. Buy Now The chiseled face on the CSP S220F helps the lure dig in and swim with a irresistible action. Long slow sweeps, fast twitches and rips all work great. It can also generate a skittering action when worked fast on the surface. Even on a straight retrieve the CSP will wobble seductively side to side enticing Kingfish and GT's to take a bite Buy Now The CSP55SP-F is easy to work across the surface with a walk the dog action but really comes alive when you twitch it under the surface with an erratic action. The flat sides generate plenty of flash from the excellent paint/foil design calling in fish from a distance. Buy Now The FCL TG 163 is a highly effective casting minnow designed to be cranked just under the surface. The TG Minnow is a great casting lure and is is very sucessful in all conditions as it swims just under the chop in turbulent water and will not spook fish on calm days. Buy Now Cheers Ray