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  1. Hey lads, I am thinking of heading down towards Tenterfield mid November or to Fraser for a few days or Moreton for a few days. However leaning towards Tenterfield seen as rebuilding tackle etc.... Has anyone fished the Clarence near this area?? I found a farm stay right on river for $15 a night......
  2. Luc53

    south queensland NPD 20180723

    Another leisurley start at 0945. Was planning to explore upstream casting lures hopefully for a toga. The log in book showed Noel had launched earlier so I phoned him for an update. Turns out he went upstream had hadn't caught any, so I decided to head downstream. I lure cast my way down Koala Straight for no action. Went to clear my shrimp trap but it looked like a share farmer got there first . I hightailed down to the fig tree (got there around 1235) and as the sounder showed some arches, put out 2 lures and got a double strike within a few minutes. I kept trolling back and forth in the same area until around 1400 for 19 bass with 10 to 12 double hookups. The double hookups were a mixed blessing as I dropped a number of fish while dealing with one before getting round to the other. Best fish was a fat 475 mm. All fish were caught using the 2 green deepdivers shown.
  3. Hello all, I'm coming to Brisbane for the month of December for my sisters wedding, and I going to be doing some fishing! Since I am about 20 hours from the nearest coast line I have done very little saltwater fishing in my life and am wondering if any of you kind fellows could help a fellow fisherman out. Any ideas on pointers, spots to try, or what gear to use would be very appreciated. Or if you want a fishing partner I would be happy to tag along on any type of fishing expedition! I would love to catch a shark while I am there, but would be happy catching any type of salt or freshwater species. I would also like to catch some mud crabs while I'm there if anyone is into that! If any of you are on Instagram give me a follow @Esox_angler and send me a DM so I can follow you back! Thanks, and tight lines! Aaron
  4. Bilbobagnz

    south queensland Hinterland Trek

    Hi all, Im looking at heading out Canungra way this weekend to go for a explore / fish and get away from the madness that will ensue the GC over Easter . I’ve never really been out that way but I was looking at a couple spots north of the Kokoda barracks where It looks I can park the car and follow the creek up by foot. Has anyone had any luck scoring bass in this area ? Not asking for any exact spots but also if there’s any recommendations worth a go would love to hear of some success stories . Cheers Bilbo
  5. rayke1938

    Vermin Day NPD 21/1/17

    We went upstream to look for tilapia but only found a hunter. Should have done the dirty on him and rang the cops but reckoned it would have been to much hassle for us. The bridge is well and truly out of the water. Mark spotted a rope hanging in a tree and after a bit of a struggle retrieved a rusty,smelly anchor and chain. We tried several places for a tilly but nothing doing so we decided that the target species was now bass and tried the drop opposite the end of Koala straight and guess what.? And they were hungry.filled up the bucket in no time and they were soon overflowing onto the floor. Mark took a couple of black bass home but all the tilapia were chucked in the bin at Kurwongbah near the wash down area, Cheers Ray
  6. Wazz

    Bundamba Creek

    Good afternoon fellow AFO anglers. I haven't been able to wet a line over the last month or so as I have been busy with work and Family Commitments. I was driving past the Race Track at Bundamba the other day and saw someone throw a line in the Bundamba creek just to the left of the main road behind the primary school. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of any decent species ie bass or spangled perch being caught out of the creek there. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hopefully the heading isn't too misleading.. Scored my first toga land based at NPD this week, on a little Chartruese spinner-bait slow rolled/hopped along the bottom, she went 70cm tip to tail. The two fellas I was with both scored 40cm+ tilapia. We saw a kayak in the section of the dam which I thought was zero-access.. have the rules changed? Anyway, here's the photo
  8. hooklineandsinker

    south queensland I’m Back

    Hey guys. After a long break from fishing. I have finally picked up a rod again. It has been a while but I got there. I am still in pursuit of my all mighty bass. Hopefully sooner rather then later will get one. Cheers guys
  9. This one may stir the pot - but honestly, it will make your fishing so much more comfortable, if you use good technique - which armpit fishing is not. Years ago, I went to purchase a new rod. I commented to the Queensland tackle shop owner "Why are so many of these rod butts so long". His reply was "That is because Victorian anglers tend to fish with the rod butt under their armpit". That comment has stuck with me for a long time. This oddity has born itself out more and more now that so many more fishing shows are now aired (mostly coming from Victorian based presenters) are showing this method of tackling big fish. My concern is that these presenters are teaching very poor technique, but I doubt they even realise it, as they were never taught properly to begin with. Yes, fishing is a very personalised hobby, or sport for some, but like all personal endeavours, good technique makes things more pleasant. The number of these presenters that fight big fish, with the rod butt under their armpit, is painful to watch, as they look so awkward. This is a poor technique. You lose leverage in this position, and your rod hand wrist is cocked at a weakened angle. This is made even worse if you are using a threadline reel. So often, watching these shows, you see the presenter having to then take his reel hand off the reel, and use it to help lift the rod. At some point, they realise that it is not working, and drop the rod butt down to waist height and get the leverage required to make the rod work as it should. Much of this style could be attributed to heavy tackle spin fish casting for heavy weights like trevally up north, where the longer butt may help with casting heavy poppers and the like, but this should not flow on to other tackle forms. The manufactures may be part to blame for this. A lot of these presenters also suffer from "Rex Hunt Syndrome", where every moment has to be filled with often stupid or childish commentary. Bring back the commentary style of Peter Morse, Bushy or Steve. Honestly, get the rod butt out from under your armpit when tackling big fish. It will allow you to handle the fight with so much more ease, and you wont look so awkward or 'special' either.
  10. fenelious

    northern nsw Severn River NSW

    Hey guys, it's been ages since I've been on the forum, but I'm planning a 'Coddessy' and was hoping for a little advice and maybe even a fishin buddy? The plan is to do the Severn River Nature Reserve above Pindari Dam, NSW. The Reserve isn't open to public vehicles but according to a NSW Parks website I read it's open to walkers, so I was planning to park on the edge of the Reserve and walk the river, camping and fishing for 2 or 3 nights, sometime this June or July. I was wondering if anyone had fished this section before and could give me some tips on rules/regulations, good start/end points, how the fishing might be at this time of year (cold), lure types/techniques etc. I can't seem to find too much written on the net about this place. I'll be entirely self sufficient, backpacking all my gear/food. And yes I know there'll be some hard walking and cold nights. I'm very safety conscious - have an EPIRB, good 1st Aid kit and know how to use it. My fishin buddy that usually comes with me on these sort of trips can't come... is anyone keen?? I'll go on my own though, either way. Thanks, -Steve.
  11. Finally managed to get some time free and decided to take my $50 canoe out for a spin last Sunday and again on Sunday afternoon just gone. Trip #1 Having never fished the area, we weren't sure exactly how to approach the fishing and started with some imitation TN60's which didn't attract any attention. The fair amount of water flow was pretty discouraging as the water was far from clear. I would say about half a meter's visibility. We pushed upstream as far as we could until the shallow rapids wouldn't allow any further progress. The current pushed us downstream fairly quickly which made the fishing hard and we were having to correct our position after nearly every cast. With no interest vibes and plastics in the first pool averaging a meter deep, we floated further back to the launch point to a deeper section. A decent laydown tree looked too good to ignore and with a cast to the back of the snag, I saw a bronze flash, my drag zzzzzzzzzipped, and my leader knot failed we switched to diving hardbodies which proceeded to land us 6 fish, all under 25cm, but all heaps of fun and a first for both of us in a canoe! (and a first bass on lure for Tika). Sun went down and with tummy rumbling we went home for tea. Trip #2 Although I was hungover from Saturday and Tika was feeling just as good, we couldn't waste the weekend after having to work most of Saturday (again). Canoe went back on the roof, quick stop to BCF to buy some jig spinners and top up my plastics supply and we were cooking with gas. Because I've not yet had time to add any extras to the canoe it's still a blank canvas but I've got fitout gear coming from ebay in the mail and a couple of hundred stickers to make it look the part. Water was still flowing over the causeway but at a much slower rate and the water was awesomely clear. Again we pushed as far as we could (however I was paddling with my thongs on my hands as I forgot the paddles lol). We both opted for Zman 3" Minnowz in mood ring on a 1/6th jighead equipped with a jigspinner on the front for flashiness and snag resistance. My third cast of the afternoon landed underneath a bottlebrush tree......... Twitch twitch, BANG! A good tussle on 6lb line & leader gave me a 36cm FL fishy. Needless to say was stoked. Two casts later on a shady snag only two meters from the first, another good fish!! Came in slightly smaller at 33cm and with some kind of lesion on his noggin. The bite went quiet for a while until tika landed a cute 25cm model from the same snag which I lost a fish on the previous week. Stoked again! We continued for another half an hour before heading off. Not bad for a two hour session on 30 minutes from home Tim
  12. Dinodadog

    Beaus new PB+New PB

    Beau and I had a little ride up north yesterday to try our luck. Beau was very pleased that we did, because for a long time he has been stuck on 49cm bass as his PB. Well after a couple of bass he comes up with a new PB a nice fat 50cm bass and the smile was on his dial. Then buggar me dead a few fish later he had a new PB a nice big 55cm bass, well the smile then opened up his whole head. I was a bit stingy and only gave him a 54 for it but I can now see it was hanging over the end of the mat so I'll call it a 55cm. We managed quite a few bass finding most in water over 30ft, we got them trolling, casting blades and on ice jigs, as well as some on shrimp. Dino
  13. deegee12g

    G'day Fellow Fishers

    G'day all, I'm Don and I'm just getting back into fishing after a few years away from it. I have an old 4.85m Express with a fairly new Honda 60 on the back. In the past I mostly fished Moreton Bay and not too far offshore from the Gold and the Sunny Coasts. Since I got started again it has mostly been the bay. Nearly finished fitting out a 12ft punt with electric power so I can fish Hinze and NP dams. Cheers, Don.
  14. Bass recaptured after nearly 25 years - Fishing World.htm This little bloke's been around awhile. Anyone know how long they live. Cheers Gary
  15. ellicat

    freshwater Tilapia

    From Fisheries Qld Facebook page.
  16. From Facebook.
  17. kmcrosby78

    south queensland Father's Day Tilapia

    Spent the morning with my parents for Father's Day and took the kids down to a local stream/pond for a fish as one of my brothers has pulled some good sized tilapia out of there at summer time. Saw quite a few when we rolled up then they retreated to hiding on the edge of the reeds. Eventually, after losing one, Liam caught a nice big one all by himself, put up a good fight!! Good way to christen his new BCF fishing shirt and capped off a great father's day as it is his biggest fish to date.
  18. Hi, I'm new to this forum, so if I made some mistake please let me know. I have a Shimano TLD 20 reel which I bought recently along with a Daiwa Sensor Surf(11.6 ft). This is my first time using an overhead reel and casting a rod this large. I'm confident with casting a baitcaster, largest that I've used is a Corvalus, but I might have been relying too much on the brakes and spool tension knob, and it's not on this one. I've practised using what I know from my baitcaster experience by adjusting the drag knob so that the baits fall down slowly, but the best I can do goes as far as my usual baitcaster cast(around 10-15 m), along with a light birdsnest. I even tried releasing my thumb earlier during casting. Any looser and a birdsnest occur pretty quickly, killing the distance to only a few metres, even if I had my thumb lightly on the spool. If anyone can provide me with any tips I'll be really grateful. Also, I have a size 3 star sinker and a 6-7 cm x 5-6cm squid for the bait(spproximately), do I need more weight for my setup?
  19. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 6/8/17

    Went to NPD this morning with Hai and his uncle Long after doing our shrimp traps we tried some of our usual spots for what looked like a dismal day to match the weather.. Took us nearly 2 hours to boat 8 .fish before we headed downstream and the first place we pulled up at Long was on straight away and then it was fish after fish till 11am when we knocked off to relocate the shrimp traps to have them handy to get to ready for the tagging days on Friday and Saturday. Final tally was 75 bass we could have caught a lot more as Hai and Long spent a lot of time videoing and sending to their mates. Been a while since I have sat on a school of fish that did not move off. Cheers Ray
  20. We thought that we were being smart organising a young bloke to be a decky for us this morning. Only thing he must have gone on the ran- tan last night as we got a phone call at 5 to 6 saying sorry I just woke up. So myself with new shoulder, Rick with his new knee and Graham with his worn out back all said we are here and will manage. We were relying on the decky to assist with the launch as one of the rollers on the trailer had disintegrated and the keel was sitting on the trailer i just tied a longer painter on to the bow and jerk launched.We took a bit of water over the stern but not even enough for the bilge pump to pick up. Took a while to do the shrimp traps but we managed thanks to Graham. Graham was rewarded with a 50cm bass which put a smile on his face and eased his back pain. We had a fun day with 46 bass boated with the majority being over 40cm which made all the pain and suffering worthwhile. I changed the faulty roller when we returned to the ramp so the trailer is all good for a return. trip on sunday. Cheers Ray
  21. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 1/8/17

    Graham had a big day today with 3 bass over 50cm. His best bass went 55cm and at one stage he had a double hook up comprising a 51 cm bass ad the other one went 49.5cm. Total score was a meager 60 bass but the quality was excellent. Cheers Ray
  22. We had a good entertaining day at NPD. There were plenty of fish but the highlight was the pelican championship battle. Percy seems attracted to my boat and more so when we have a fish on the tether . Not only does he circle the boat eyeing off the fish on the tether he spends most of his time seeing off any other pelican that has the temerity to approach within 100 feet of the boat. Well today he had 3 upsurpers to contend with and it was on for young and old. The battle went on for at least 10 minuites and only broke up when we moved and percy and his entourage followed us. There was no more fighting but percy just spent all his time keeping all the other pelicans away from us. We ended up with 69 bass and one yella. I caught 4 tagged bass and Don caught one. 3 of the bass that I caught were from previous tagging days. Once again no trophy bass with best going 45cm but plenty in high 30s and low 40s. Back again on Friday. Cheers Ray
  23. rayke1938

    south queensland NPD 28/7/17

    Went to NPD with Hai and Rick. Our excuse was to see how Ricks new knee stood up to the rigors of bass fishing. Pleased to report that it stood up very well and we also caught 70 a bycatch of the knee test. Cheers Ray
  24. Went to the western arm this morning with Mark and his dad. Fishing was ordinary with us only finding 8 scattered bass in the murky water. Rick told me about his sure fire secret spot but it still remains a secret because I could not find it so if you find a home brew lid nailed to a tree you have found it. The highlight of the day was chatting to Craig who was setting out for a paddle in his exquisite canoe that took him 9 months to create Even the paddle is a work of art. He even went as far as to hand weave the cane in the seats. Absolutely fantastic to see the results of a true craftsman. It is his first attempt and he did it in his spare time after work built out of strips of western red cedar. It is getting plenty ofuse as heis just back from trout fishing in the lakes down the snowy. Cheers Ray
  25. rayke1938

    Dinos Update On Prfma Site.

    An extremely well written article By Dino on the PRFMA website. This is well worth while reading by any fresh water fishing person and could apply to your local. Have a look at the PRFMA website there is a wealth of info available there. CHeers Ray 2017 FISHING UPDATES FOR NORTH PINE DAM By Dennis Pearce Since the previous articles on the basics of fishing from a boat and land based fishing there has been quite a few changes, mainly about the lures used these days. First let me say that a lot of the lures being used are old ones that have had a facelift and new colours and now sell at inflated pieces. If you mentioned to a non-fisherperson that you caught your bass on gangbangers, maggots, spoons and crazy deeps they would think that you were the one that was crazy. Fish don’t seem to care what the lures are called or how much you paid for it. You can catch plenty of fish on a $5 lure. (Or much to my wife’s disgust, don’t be afraid to get into the partners nail polish and reinvent a few of the ones you have.) Everyone has their favourites, it’s what gives you confidence that counts. Oh, and it helps if you are catching fish with your favourites. A few years ago, no lures were over $15 and now we have them over $40. For every expensive lure, there is usually a cheaper spin off. Some of the lures that appear to be working out at NPD are doing so because of changes in the structure. Before the droughts a few years back we used to have plenty of weed beds along the edges and some of these went a long way out into the water. As the water went down so did the weed edges. This caused the edge bite to die down quite a bit but we were lucky because the fish just moved out to deeper water. We have had to make a few changes ourselves to the way we fish. Shallow and Deep Trolling This was always an option when the bass schooled up in deeper water or shallow trolling over the top or close to the bushes that grew up along the edges when the water was low. By the time you have travelled the first few 100 meters you should be able to see what depth the fish are sitting at and choose a lure that is going to be in their face or just above them. Jigging This has always been around also but has become very popular again with a few revisited and a few new lures Blades There are more colours and some new shapes. These are a go to lure when the fish are sitting down deep out of reach of trolling lures. Weight depends on how deep you are fishing and how quickly you can get back to the strike zone. ¼ or ½ ounce are okay. Spoons Also back in vogue with some new colours and shapes and a bigger price tag Tailspinners These have also taken on a new profile with different sorts of blades on the tail. All of the above can jigged vertically off the bottom or hopped and slow retrieved after casting out away from the boat. Small Minnow Lures Are used along the edges and there are a lot of different varieties on the market. Jointed Minnow Spinners Have made a comeback on the market, smaller ones being used for bass and yellows and the larger ones for cod. Vibes. Hard and Soft These are still working well along with the new ones on the market. Ice Jigs Can be jigged off the bottom in deep water using a high or low lifting action. Surface Action This has been a bit slow over the past couple of years, due to the lack of lilies or weed edges. There are still bass, yellows and togas hiding in amongst the tobacco bush on the edges. Sub Surface Spinnerbaits, chatter baits, small hard bodies cast to the edges amongst the tobacco bush is still finding a few fish. Fly Fishing Recent catches on fly gives encouragement to the fly fisherpersons that fish NPD. Summary At the time of writing, July 2017 there have been some terrific catches coming out at the dam. These are due to most of the elements aligning, wind, rain, temperature of water, barometer, sunny or overcast conditions etc. Successful stocking by PRFMA is a prime reason. A good sounder is essential to find the bait schools that the larger fish are chasing. To get good results you still need to be dedicated and open to new ideas. Golden perch, Mary River Cod, Saratoga and Silver Perch are residents all the time. So good luck and hope you find a few. If you want a couple for a feed go for it but remember the quota rules and only take YOUR limit. Release fish carefully and quickly.