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      1. Straddie

        anyone heading out over the weekend looks to be a good few days ,i will be on straddie friday for a week hope to get off-shore a few times,plan is to head out through the spb first light saturday and maybee sunday depending how many beers we have saturday ,brad
      2. Self Propelled Mowers

        After some advice re self propelled mowers I am having difficulty mowing the grass finding the current mower too heavy to push uphill and thinking of getting a self propelled mower. I have tried a toro personal pace 21 inch one and the automatic drive does not work uphill unless i walk fast so i have to look at others.Anyonehave any experience/advice re the chinese imports that sell for between $300 to $400. Or anyone have one for sale?budget to $400 My other option is just to pay someone to mow but that will cut into my fishing budget.
      3. Want to buy a nordic stage artist used or new cheers
      4. Aldi Fishing Line

        Aldi have their fishing gear on sale again, I have been using aldi braid now for a couple of years, I have had no trouble with it fishing for bass. 8lb for jigging up to 30g jigs 12lb ,15lb and 17lb for trolling 20lb for casting from the bank amongst timber. Dino
      5. hi everyone, a few years ago while I was in school and working at bcf, a book was released.... I'm pretty sure it was published by queensland fishing monthly and was called the annual, around 2009.... I'm trying to find someone who has this book and can get me a picture of it or even would be happy to sell it to me (name your price)... I leant mine to a customer and never saw it again.... does anyone remember the book I am talking about??? thanks
      6. C Tek Chargers 40% Off Repco

        Repco advertising CTEK chargers 40% off this weekend only. Cheers Ray
      7. Straddie

        heading over to north straddie on friday arvo for a few cold ones, if aaanyone is heading over give us a bell,will be staying at amity,do a bit of fishing from the rocks with the grandkids ,and do a bit of house hunting too,brad
      8. Its That Time Again

        Yes its that time of the year again,put up your pretty flower shots. Dino
      9. Sailfish

        thought this fish was worth another mention was a great fish caught by marks boy brock my has he grown hey mark, top fish
      10. Lots of cheap terminal tackle, squid jugs 10 for $20, Blades 5 for $10 heaps of sellers selling hardbodies plus lots of good rods plus boats and boating gear. School rd victoria point usually finishes uo between 10.30 and 11am Be quick Cheers Ray
      11. Rain

        See NPD has raised .5%and Baroon pocket nearly 1% to .2 % above when they closed it on 25th of last month wonder whenn they will reopen it? Cheers Ray
      12. for DAMAGING WINDS and LARGE HAILSTONES For people in parts of Ipswich, Gympie, Somerset, Lockyer Valley, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane City and Moreton Bay Council Areas. Issued at 2:21 pm Friday, 22 September 2017. The Bureau of Meteorology warns that, at 2:25 pm, severe thunderstorms were detected on the weather radar near Gatton, Imbil, and northeast of Kilcoy. These thunderstorms are moving towards the northeast to southeast. They are forecast to affect Mount Beerwah, Peachester and Imbil by 2:55 pm and Highvale, Beerburrum and Beerwah by 3:25 pm. Damaging winds and large hailstones are likely. Small hail has occurred at Crows Nest and Gatton. EDIT: good link to see what`s happening as far as storms, just check warnings
      13. New To This Site

        Hey all I'm new to this site would love some advice if you care to share, My mate and I head out land casting pretty much every weekend from Scarborough to tallebudgera with a wide range of bait struggle to catch a legal bream any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated
      14. Stuff For Wheel Studs?

        So I have ordered a new trailer to replace my aging redco. I can't remember the name of the stuff you put on the wheel studs to stop them locking on. I have been lucky to never have to change a trailer wheel on the side of the road but if I did have to I know there is no way I could undo the wheel nuts. Every time I have replaced the bearings I have had to take the trailer to the local mechanic to get the rattle gun onto them. So this time I want to make sure I could get the nuts undone on my own. What is that stuff called?
      15. TENS of thousands of gun-toting Americans have joined a Facebook campaign to shoot down Hurricane Irma when it hits Florida. They’ve vowed to tackle the 185mp/h (297km/h) hurricane by showing deadly Irma that “in Florida we shoot first” probably a good thing, it will keep them out of emergency shelters and those in emergency shelters safe from them and start Natural Selection as favourite.
      16. Vale Wallyfly

        Ian Mathieson or Wallyfly passed this morning. Ian was an avid trout, bass,flathead and whiting fisherman. I am privileged to have known him and thank him for the knowledge he passed on to me mainly fly fishing. Dino
      17. Louie The Lip Pic Added

        Well I finally got my bottom lip (face ) done yesterday and feeling fairly good this morning. Not so yesterday though, firstly they had to wash my lip, then attack it with rough guaze, then wipe it again, then apply a cream, cover it with glad wrap and tape, then I had to wait for 3 hours for the cream to work. Next they wiped it over again and I had 5 injections, one each side and 3 crossways in my lip, boy did it hurt, meantime I am thinking to myself well thats the pain bit over I shouldnt feel to much from here, boy was I wrong. Next up was the burning light that moved across my lip from side to side slowly, honestly its like being torched the pain is excruciating, this goes for 8 minutes. After you think you are being real brave gritting your teeth and clenching your hands and thinking to yourself only a few more seconds, the lovely girl says to you, well done Dennis only 5 mins and 20 seconds to go and you just surrender to the pain and think about your next fishing session and about buying that shovel to help put the sunscreen on. I hope this has encouraged the young ones to cover up and where broard brim hats or neck socks as I would hate for you to go through this. Dino
      18. Early Fathers Day

        Went to NPD tody and when I returned to cat found my early fathers day presents. Rather chuffed all hand made with personal makers touchmark. Cheers Ray
      19. Sun Glasses

        I have used Spotters sunglasses for many years. Recently I purchased the same model I normally buy online. Unfortunately when the new model has arrived it has changed and I don't like the new arms and change of the lense size etc. I have donated them to the boys and decided to buy a pair of Costa sunglasses that people were recommending. I bought the fantail model with green mirror finish with copper base high contrasting lenses. I was surprised by the comfort and the fit. Has any body got first hand experience with Costa's? I'll up date my experience after using them for a while.
      20. Thanks Lance

        thank to reeltackle i now have some new electrics in the boat,thanks to lance i have new lights 2 new usb ports and 2 new power plugs to run my electric reels,thanks for doing all the wiring too .thanks again brad
      21. resolved Avatar Letters

        Just a query, What does the letters in coloured circles stand for against posters names. Cheers Gary
      22. Bcf Poster Boy

        Grabbed a few Pillies at BCF this arvo, looked up and this guy was staring at me. He gets around. Surprised @youngy wasn't in the whiting section
      23. Gps Marks

        Has anyone got any gps marks for airlie beach and is willing to give them out as i am spending a week down there. Cheers Ben Guyer
      24. Happy Birthday Ray

        Big happy birthday to one of the best people on this site @rayke1938.. popped up on my Facebook. Have a good day mate hope you're out fishing
      25. Pretty Fish

        Um just wanted to show you some fish... cause they are so pretty... I didn't even catch them. They spear them at night.