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Found 171 results

  1. straddiebrad


    we were off spb yesterday near the 35s came across this show anyone know what it could be it was in the fist 6 meters?
  2. Garfield28

    Fixing A Boat Trailer

    G'day all, Just wondering if anyone on this forum has fixed up a boat trailer that had a bit or rust or found it not worth it and bought new or second hand? A new one will cost me nearly 5k My trailer is in need of repair mainly in what I guess you would call the undercarrige, the part that has the axle and spring connected to it, and I'm contemplating having a go at buying some lengths of SHS and re-welding a new undercarriage and either get it hot dipped or buy it already pre-galed. Has anyone else here done something similar or maybe more and found it cost effective and easy enough to do? I'm hoping so and would love to hear what you did and possibly a few pics. Thanks Geoff
  3. Drop Bear

    Crab Nuts!

    Im not sure I would ever do this. I would be far too claustrophobic to start with! What a crazy champion!
  4. Cobiaaddict

    Who's Heading Out This Weekend

    Who's heading out this weekend guys , Weather looks to be favourable, Ill be heading out in the morning, Haven't decided where or target species yet but most probably northern bay area and chasing snapper Cheers Josh <><
  5. Drop Bear

    Hows This For A Surface Strike

    One day I will catch a cod.
  6. Old Scaley

    Guess Who?

    Just caught the end of Fishing with ET and it was showing a trip to Baia Fishing Lodge in West Britain. Got the juices flowing so I went to their sitr and who do you think I found in the promo pics?
  7. Dinodadog

    Danger Averted Just In Time

    I have been having trouble with my eyes for nearly a year now,When I drive at night I see double lines in front of me where there are single lines on the road.On trips to Baroon dam I leave home at 4am when its still dark. When on a 3 lane highway it gets quite dangerous as I have had to keep closing one eye. I had been to optometrists and eye specialists had new glasses and still see double.When a car passers me after about 50m I was seeing double taillights.It had just about reached the stage where I was going to have to give up driving at night,daytime no problems.Then I remembered an eye specialist that fixed a very sore eye for me 20years a go, he found the husk of a seed suction capped to my eyeball. Well I went and seen him recently and he found the problem right away, he wrote a letter to the optometrist, I went back to them and they made new glasses with prisims in them and guess what, it was a pleasure to drive up to maleny the other morning and see the road normaly. I am going to thank both parties for saving my life and of course my fishing. Dino
  8. Luvit

    A Bit Quiet Lately

    Sorry to have been a bit quite on the forum of late, hardly had time to check any posts. Boat has been out of action for a few weeks and will be for a few more while sort some repairs for the trailer. The joys of USA trailers and boats. I'll fill you in when I have it sorted. Happy fishing everyone.
  9. Rick and myself fronted up to the BCF club night lure sale at Capalaba.' Lures were $2 each or 3 for $4 plus free sample bags. Rick also cracked 2 lucky door prizes and had trouble carrying all his loot up to the house. Photos to come in the morning. Cheers Ray
  10. Drop Bear

    Drop Bear Goes To The Farrier

    I had to go to the farrier today. Might slow down the fiahing for a bit...
  11. Garfield28

    Size Of Rim

    Hi all, Just wondering what size rim I would have on my boat trailer if it is 395 mm diagonally across the rim, and on the tyre 195R14C Thanks Geoff
  12. Dinodadog

    Off To 1770 Thursday

    Off to 1770 thursday to see wifes rellies and be there for Capt Cook Festival.Might fish in the creek or surf and feed the sandflies. Also got some jade perch in the pond on the property. Dino
  13. Drop Bear

    Don't Be A Dodgy Fisher

    Good to see this dodgy boat getting mashed. They had built compartments to hide illegal crabs.
  14. Luvit

    Mother's Day

    On Mother's Day Julies wish was to go to Bribie Island and walk along the beach and spend time with the family and the newly adopted Kelpie "Dexter". Took this looking through my sunglasses, funny effect. The weather was fantastic with an offshore breeze which has flatten out the bay. The first thing I see when we come over the sand dune to the beach is busting up Tuna! Well for the rest of the day we watched tuna, birds and bait fish jumping. Late in the day we come across some guys shark fishing and dropping the baits out with a drone a few hundred meters. One guy was very friendly and told us they had lost a good size shark only 20 minutes earlier. It was a great way to spend Mother's day.
  15. Drop Bear

    Get The Gaf!!!!!!!!!!

    Last year at 1770 i missed the gaf shot on @aussie123's cobia and put the tip of the gaf through the glow bead above the hook!!! It worked out in the end and i have gaffed plenty of fish with all of them getting in the boat (oops perhaps i just put the mocker on...) but i realised i have never been shown how to correctly gaf a fish. In png the guide came over the top with a big swing. I have always tried to come from underneath... Head, gills or gut? Im on my phone so dont want to type too much but can you give me your best advice???
  16. Dinodadog

    Yep Stuffed Up Again Costly

    When I purchased my new susuki 15hp 4 stroke awhile back,before I had even used it I hooked the battery up the wrong way, burnt a 32amp fuse and continued on right into the main board. Well yesterday mate said want to go to borumba and I said OK and in my haste I hooked the motor up the wrong way again to many red wires near the negative post. So when I get my motor back I am fitting an anderson plug so it doesnt happen again. Also I am going to put my glasses on.I dont know why they have a 32amp fuse if it doesnt stop anything.Mechanic said he had sent susuki a letter as he has had a few with the same problem. Dino
  17. Dinodadog

    Ray Up And Walking

    Hippie Ray is up and walking after his hip op, hoping to go home wed or thursday, still no fishing for awhile. He told me the op went OK, so lets hope he is back on the water soon. Meanwhile I'll keep doing some bait fishing to stop the bass from getting to hungry. Dino
  18. Drop Bear

    Pyura Chilensis

    Its supposed to be a delicacy... Well they look like cungi to me? Has anyone eaten cungivoy? Id give it a shot if it was ok?
  19. Drop Bear

    Whale Shark - Get The Gaff!

    How amazing.
  20. dhingchakdude

    Question Related To Fishing Rules

    Hi Guys,Anyone is aware about the rule in case your fishing line gets tangled in another person's line, can the guy in who's line your got tangled break your line? I threw my line in the evening and left it floating about 100 - 200 meters, it was windy and by the time it was night, my line got caught in someone else's line and they were pulling my line thinking they caught a fish, and then they broke my line off!! I am new to Australia and had no idea about the ruling but wanted to punch the guy for breaking my line. Could anyone apprise me whats the ruling regarding tangling of lines?
  21. Luvit

    Iki Jime

    Last time @Luke Landrunner and I went to 1770, Luke made up a Iki Jime spike from an old screw driver to quickly and humanly depatch the fish. It worked a treat and so I made one from an old trampoline spring puller. I did a quick search and found these brochures that help identifiy where to spike. The scientist did this by X-raying the fish to locate the brain. I'm most interested in the offshore species so I'm going to print them out and cut them up so I can fit all the fish on 1 page then laminated and keep it in the boat. ikijime_brch_offshore.pdf ikijime_brch_freshwater.pdf ikijime_brch_estuary.pdf ikijime_brch_offshore.pdf
  22. These images were taken yesterday of the South Passage Bar. For the guys new to crossing this bar, I have marked some of the channels to use to safely cross this bar. Those 3 down in the Trawler Channel are now getting a bit shallower but they still have enough water over the outer banks on dead low tide. We have been using all 3 over the past few months in a 27 footer and have not had any issues hitting the bottom on low tide yet. That yellow line is a good shortcut at about half tide and higher.
  23. rayke1938


    Found this on Finterest site and thought it worthwhile reproducing. Cheers Ray Preventing Tilapia invasion in the Murray-Darling ← prev next → Despite the ever present threat, the Murray-Darling Basin remains free of the pest fish Mozambique tilapia…but for how long? Just over 40 years after introduction into the wild near Brisbane, Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) are now widespread throughout coastal catchments in Queensland and crossed the border into the New South Wales Tweed catchment for the first time in 2014. Tilapia are expected to adversely impact 19 of the 46 species of native fish in the Murray-Darling Basin; either through direct predation, competition for food and habitat, and/or habitat destruction. Impacts on water quality through increased nutrient cycling, winter die-offs, loss of aquatic vegetation and nest construction are also predicted. High risk Several Tilapia infested catchments border the north-eastern section of the Murray-Darling Basin. In some locations, such as the Lockyer catchment, Tilapia have been observed within 10 km of the Murray-Darling Basin. Human assisted movement (intentional or accidental) of Tilapia is the biggest threat and most likely pathway for a Murray-Darling Basin incursion. The Condamine and Border Rivers catchments in the north-east of the Murray-Darling Basin are the highest risk areas for a Tilapia incursion due to their close proximity to infested Queensland catchments. However, with human assisted movement Tilapia could turn up anywhere. Basin reports In 2017, a suspected Tilapia sighting was reported in the Barwon River in western New South Wales. Fortunately, subsequent monitoring by New South Wales Department of Primary Industries failed to detect the presence of Tilapia in the area, and officers concluded that the report was most likely a misidentification. Alarmingly, this misidentified Tilapia catch was not reported to authorities for nearly three months. In a system like the Barwon Darling, eradication or even control of Tilapia three months after introduction would have been impossible in all but the lowest of flow conditions (i.e. unless the system ceased to flow). Advisory materials have been reissued to this and other areas of New South Wales to increase efforts for rapid reporting of future suspect reports of Tilapia. Water temperatures across large areas of the northern Murray-Darling Basin are suitable for Tilapia breeding for approximately six months of the year (warmer months). During a six-month breeding season, females would be able to brood at least five times, significantly increasing the introduced population and hindering eradication efforts further. Tilapia can also effectively move upstream and downstream. In the Burdekin River, northern Queensland, Tilapia were recorded spreading 3,000 km just four years after introduction. Adult: Mozambique Tilapia have pale olive to silver-grey bodies, with a long continuous dorsal (top) fin that ends in a sharp point, and can grow to more than 36 cm Control options Tilapia eradication management options are largely limited to the use of rotenone, which has strict conditions for its use under an Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority Permit. Rotenone is a naturally occurring plant derived chemical, which inhibits cellular respiration. Lethal concentrations of rotenone are non-selective to fish, killing all fish in the treated area. As such, its use in pest fish control must make both ecological and economic sense and is largely limited to use in small waterways and storages that can be isolated from surrounding waters with regulating structures or bunds. Incursions outside the Murray-Darling Basin In 2017, another report was made of a Spotted tilapia (Tilapia mariae) sighting in the Walsh River, part of the Mitchell River Catchment in Far North Queensland. The Walsh River (previously thought to be Tilapia free) is a western flowing waterway that drains into the Gulf of Carpentaria where productive commercial and recreational prawn and Barramundi fisheries exist. Biosecurity Queensland have confirmed Spotted tilapia are present in the Walsh River. Media coverage of this news generated further independent community reports of Tilapia presence in the nearby Mitchell River for two years. Despite extensive electrofishing and netting at the reported locations in the Mitchell River, Biosecurity Queensland has failed to validate those reports. The extent of the Walsh River Tilapia infestation is still being investigated. With the wet season in far north Queensland underway, Tilapia will likely spread further throughout the catchment towards the Gulf. The rugged remoteness and presence of crocodiles in many areas complicates the management response even further. In 2008, the Endeavour River Catchment in North Queensland became infested after a private landholder deliberately stocked property dams with Mozambique tilapia. Subsequent flooding events saw the Tilapia spread to nearby Jensens Crossing on the Endeavour River. The catchment is now infested and eradication not possible. Juvenile Stunded Mossambicus Community awareness The vast and largely remote expanse of the Murray-Darling Basin makes monitoring for potential Tilapia incursions extremely difficult. River users, recreational fishers, landholders, local government and natural resource management agencies play a critical role in both keeping Murray-Darling Basin free of Tilapia, as well as being the ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground. Social and economic impacts of a Tilapia incursion are also a reality. Costs associated with eradication and management, increased water treatment, winter die-off clean ups, and losses in recreational fishing trade and tourism may all potentially impact Murray-Darling Basin communities. Recent examples of new Tilapia incursions in far north Queensland and northern coastal New South Wales are a significant concern. Despite education and awareness programs and strict regulatory controls, Tilapia are still being moved between catchments. Without doubt the best form of Tilapia control in the Murray-Darling Basin is prevention. How you can help Learn how to correctly identify Tilapia Don’t keep Tilapia in home aquaria, ponds or dams, it is illegal! Report any sales of Tilapia to the appropriate authorities Don’t throw caught Tilapia back into a waterway, it’s illegal – kill the fish humanely, take a photo and either bury them or put them in a bin Don’t use Tilapia as bait (dead or alive) Report Tilapia catches and sightings, illegal movement or stocking as soon as possible The Keep Tilapia Out project is supported through funding from the Murray-Darling Basin Authority. Tilapia identification, reporting and further information: Queensland Information and identification: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Report by phone: 13 25 23 Report online here. Report by email: New South Wales Information and identification: Department of Primary Industries Report by phone – (02) 4916 3877 Report online here. Report by email: References Hutchison M., Sarac Z. and Norris A. (2011) Mozambique Tilapia, the Potential for Mozambique Tilapia (Oreochromis Mossambicus) to Invade the Murray-Darling Basin and the Likely Impacts: a Review of Existing Information. Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Commonwealth of Australia. The State of Queensland (2011) Stop the Spread Tilapia Training Package. The State of Queensland, Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, Brisbane. Share the knowledge! The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts Charlie Carruthers Charlie Carruthers is a fisheries scientist with an interest in fish conservation, habitat rehabilitation and communication. Charlie’s work with NRM groups, state and Commonwealth governments takes him all over the Murray-Darling Basin and coastal NSW. Charlie has been working on Tilapia education and awareness since 2016. Contact: Posted On: February 1, 2018 By: Charlie Carruthers Under: Introduced Fish · Tilapia Leave a comment: Disqus
  24. Can you use these for a quick braid to mono? Some days if it is rough and there is not much room to sit and I pop a braid knot I don't want to tie a FG and something like this would be handy to have. If the Toona fish are busting up around the boat and you need a knot NOW, do you have a quick braid to mono leader knot you could recomend?
  25. kmcrosby78

    Aluminium/marine Welder Required

    Anyone know of a good/cheap marine welder near-ish to Murarrie (or mobile)? Need to get the frame for my centre consoles windscreen cut and then some wider aluminium pipe welded to it so I can re-attach it. Have the contact for one mob based in Birkdale but they're not answering so am assuming they're off on holiday this week - ideally I'd like it done by Monday so I can bring the boat home Cheers.