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Found 199 results

  1. Dinodadog

    Handsome Harry

    Got scalped yesterday, every thing went OK, I felt nothing and seen nothing as they put me in the twilight zone. I look a bit like louie the fly at the moment.They done 2 on the forehead and got it all, then they took me back in again while they grafted some skin off my leg.I am not allowed to have a bath for 10 days, wifey says she is moving out. Dino
  2. John

    House Raisers

    Hi does anyone have any recommendations for house raisers in SEQ?
  3. straddiebrad

    North Straddie

    heading to amity tomorrow for our 2 week trip the weather is not too good for the first few days i will have to donate a bit of coin to the local i guess ,i hope it settles a bit so i can get off shore to chase some dolpin fish and some early season speedsters
  4. Ebbarc2018

    Crab Pot Theft

    Hi Guys, Read that some crabbers have been having problems with theft from crab traps. I have been developing a new system of a dye or ink stain device that operates when the pot is removed from the water, a float disperses a needle that brakes a dye packet, hence dye every where, any comments if this would be of interest to anyone?? Is it illegal?
  5. Old Scaley

    Cheap Stuff At Aldi

    ALDI has special buys on fishing and camping gear on Saturday this week. Not sure if it will suit high end buyers but some definite bargains there. I bought a couple of spools of braid last time they had these specials ($10 a spool). I haven’t used it yet but it looks ok.
  6. Guyer90

    Gps Marks

    Has anyone got any gps marks for airlie beach and is willing to give them out as i am spending a week down there. Cheers Ben Guyer
  7. Drop Bear

    Heavy Fg Knot

    I have been having a bit of a problem with my FG knots in 45lb braid. I really like this technique. I hope it keeps me connected with more fish.
  8. Abbottfamily

    Floundering And Boat Import

    Hi there we are moving over from nz and bringing our 1980 costa messa boat. Does anyone know what the process is or where I go for information to get the boat and trailer registered for road use in Queensland after its arrival? We are big on floundering our preferred method being drag than set net. What spots closest to surfers paradise can you drag net ? thankyou
  9. rayke1938

    Old Photos Logan River

    Found this link on another site, Interesting the leather handbags photos. Cheers Ray
  10. Drop Bear

    Saves On Drone Fishing

    Well if you made a spud gun it would save heaps on a drone. You wouldn't want a tip wrap just before launch!!!
  11. Drop Bear

    For Us Nerds

    I dunno I thought it mildly amusing... Shiver of sharks. Who knew? There might be a quiz at the Christmas do.
  12. Drop Bear

    My Money Is On The Fish

    Perhaps they need a bigger boat? Looks like a long swim home. I don't think it will play unless you click the link... soz not sure why
  13. Drop Bear

    Status - Members V Club Member

    What is a Club Member?
  14. Drop Bear

    Nice Day For A Quiet Fish

    Well I wouldn't be out there but I am a bit soft
  15. Drop Bear

    Wow!! Check Out These Brutes!!

    Wow what a cracker. I'd love to see this.
  16. rayke1938

    10ft Tinny Stolen Redland Bay

    Asked to post this by a mate. STOLEN. DO NOT BUY THIS BOAT. REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO THE RETURN OF THIS BOAT. Stolen from Redland Bay Channel off the Logan River. Taken between Tuesday the 9th and Monday the 13th of August. Possibly related to two men being seen carring a 'cartopper' between 6:00 and 6:15am on the bank near Albert Road Redland Bay. At low tide. Rego no. ZA208Q Name; NOLL black print over yellow arrow. 10 ft or 3 metre aluminium tinny. Sticker of fish skeleton on each side. 15 hp mecury 2 stroke... approximately 1995 model. 2 x drink holders from the centre bench seat. 2 x rod holders at stern. Equipment stolen with boat include; Small reef anchor and rope. 1 x black and silver paddle. 1 x red 15 litre fuel tank. Red bailing bucket. Yellow life jacket. Boat may have been repainted or scumbags may try and sell boat and motor individually. Phone number 0407913095 Please contact me or the Redland Bay Police Station with any information. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  17. Wombatroo

    Launching Advice Please

    I'm planning a trip from melb to Bermagui. Taking for the first time my slideon and boat. Now I have not had a lot of experience launching at different places. I launch on my own so am after a jetty I can climb onto. Can anyone suggest places on the way up?Cheers Tarnia
  18. dhingchakdude

    Question Related To Fishing Rules

    Hi Guys,Anyone is aware about the rule in case your fishing line gets tangled in another person's line, can the guy in who's line your got tangled break your line? I threw my line in the evening and left it floating about 100 - 200 meters, it was windy and by the time it was night, my line got caught in someone else's line and they were pulling my line thinking they caught a fish, and then they broke my line off!! I am new to Australia and had no idea about the ruling but wanted to punch the guy for breaking my line. Could anyone apprise me whats the ruling regarding tangling of lines?