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      1. Following on from the post about what makes a good report, I need some tips on taking good photos to add to my reports. I often fish solo and usually forget to take the happy snaps. I used to take a waterproof camera out but then the process of loading the photos to a hard drive and adding them just seemed a bit tedious so now I just take my phone but I struggle a bit with that as well. I see some great photos in other people’s reports so looking for any advice on the following: Eliminating shadows when snapping fish on the brag mat. Using a camera phone with wet hands. Any advice about taking photos when you are fishing solo. Managing glare on the phone screen (often I am guessing what is in shot) whatever else you can think of. Thanks team AFO. Steve.
      2. Hi guys, When I say fishing in South Australia, what's the first thing you think of? I am doing some research for a tourism company and from all accounts I hear there is no game fishing in SA. Sharks seem to be a popular topic but there is lots of other fishing besides game fishing. Appreciate any thoughts about fishing in this State, ideas and suggestions about what you would recommend to your friends. Thanks! Ange Go Fish
      3. So after such a increase in reports lately (probably due to @Drop Bear setting such a high bar) I thought it would be really worth asking this question... We all write in different ways and with differnet styles but what do we as readers want? My style changes massively depending whether I am on phone or computer with a lot more effort going into computer reports. It can be a despondent feeling putting in a solid chunk of time to a report to only have 1 or 2 comments... It is not a vain thing, just a hope the info is appreciated. So what do we want? Lots of pictures? Lots of narrative? (a fishing story). Lots of information? (lure types, tides, etc). Successful and failed missions? Locations (this is always an interesting point of contention) What else is there? For me I like a narrative, but do appreciate hearing about gear and how it goes that I am unaware of. Pictures is a plus of course but would prefer a report sans pictures than no report at all. Locations: I am happy to know the hows and whys of fishing, and try and work out locations for myself. I think giving away spots prevents a lot of anglers reporting as (and we have all seen it) other try and pressure them for spots. Although I am fairly free with my information I respect that some people have put a lot of effort into finding and working out spots. A good report with pictures and no location is the fuel I need to get out and explore so I will take it! Please discuss Angus
      4. Quiz Time

        So when things get a bit quiet on the forum we sometimes play a quiz. No sheep stations but the winner gets to provide the next 'quiz item'. I'll kick it off - I am an inanimate object.
      5. Go Pro Style Camera

        Anyone tried one of these? Got it free with my phone plan and seems alright. Might try and give it a whirl down the coast next weekend...
      6. Does anyone have an old transom mount electric motor that is no good. It does not need to work as I only want some parts off one for a small project I want to do. The small and lighter the motor the better. Thanks Lance
      7. I think something like this has been posted on here in the past, but nonetheless worth a quick look if you're bored/have time ........ - 1218&utm_content=Newsletter - 1218+CID_bd013b9f3954fbc6e974a6a8413049ad&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=New Hazelwood barra water open for fishing
      8. Marlin Caught From Sup - 1218&utm_content=Newsletter - 1218+CID_bd013b9f3954fbc6e974a6a8413049ad&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=Read more
      9. New Tow Rig

        I had been thinking about trading in my Bt50 after it had run out of warranty a few months ago but no other dual cabs were really jumping out at me. The Mazda was an awesome ute and had taken me everywhere on and offroad that i wanted to go. I was worried I would buy something not a good as what i had and be kicking myself. So the search was on and after looking at every dual cab out there i ended up buying a Colorado while Holden were offering the 7 year factory warranty. The new model is a huge improvement over their previous model and has been getting very good reviews. So far Im happy with it and not really missing anything from the Mazda. The build process has begun and hopefully ill pick up a good deal on a lift kit and bullbar at the redcliffe 4x4, camping and boat show next month. I want to get it all decked out before a mid year trip to fraser.
      10. Where You Fish - Poll

        Let us know what types of fishing you do and prefer. If you can't find a fit let me know and I will add a category for you.
      11. 20,000 Posts For Angus

        I just noticed that Angus has amassed over 20,000 forum posts on AFO! Well done @Angus on this achievement, it just shows how much effort and help you have provided to the AFO community and members over the last 12 years.
      12. Project

        We went to the hinze eastern arm for the first time for months and found the shrimp traps in a sorry state. Main problem is that the fencing wire has rusted out. One lot had not been touched since July but the amazing thing we still got shrimp out of some of them. I have now got something to do in my spare time and a good excuse to delay other unnecessary things like mowing and weeding. Cheers Ray
      13. Happy New Year To U

        From me and mine to you and yours, wishing each a healthy, prosperous and safe New Year. An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. Please Note: there will be a lot of drivers out and about tonight and tomorrow who would have gone out and over indulged in the liquid holiday spirits, and will allow their wives/gf`s to drive home, so be aware and drive on alert mode , if travelling on the roads.
      14. Well it is that time... Time to farewell 2017 and usher in a new year. Traditionally we always kick this thread off. A little bit a fun to show some of our best catches of 2017. Now these don't need to be the biggest etc... just some thing about them that made them significant. How they were caught, where they were caught etc. I will rattle through my pictures and make a post myself soon! Feel free to include goals for 2018! For all the lurkers out there!!! Feel free to join in. Easy way to get involved Angus
      15. Merry Christmas All

        Hi all i feel a bit out of place doing this as im extremely new to fishing i dont even have a rod set up yet , but i thought it might be a cool idea for any one thats out fishing over Christmas to post what they catch on here (big or small ), any way even if no one posts anything i hope anyone reading this has an awesome Christmas and best of luck in the upcoming year . cheers Logan
      16. Xmas Thoughts For All

        From me and mine to you and yours`, wishing each a happy and safe Xmas. If travelling on the roads over the holiday period please take care for yourself, family and friends travelling with you. A recent joint study conducted by the Department of Health and the DMV indicates that 23% of traffic accidents are alcohol/drug related. This means that the remaining 77% are caused by assholes who drink bottled water, soft drinks, juice, energy drinks and sh!t like that. Therefore, beware of those who do not drink alcohol, they cause three times as many accidents.
      17. Xmas Greetings..

        Here's hoping everybody has a enjoyable and happy Xmas. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Cheers Gary and Ann.
      18. Trailer Sway

        Interesting video on trailer sway
      19. Kingfish

        Hi guys,Just wondering if any that targets Kingfish can tell me the best time of year and places to target them please? I live in Port Stephens, and I know they are about but not sure of the best time of day to target them or where. I hear they catch them on the break wall at Nelsons Bay and other places from time to time but If I was to target one say outside where would be the sort area I'd find them? And also do they always stay deep or spend most of their time feeding on the surface/middle of the water?Thanks heaps guysGeoff
      20. NSW $2 MILLION for Overfishing Rocklobsters Businessmen fined a historic $2 million for overfishing rock lobster THE biggest fine in NSW history has been handed down to a group of men who were caught illegally fishing thousands of rock lobsters.
      21. I usually try to stay away from main stream politics (rabid greens fair game of course) but this I found amusing….. Charleville misses its 150th anniversary by three years Council CEO Neil Polglase said information indicated 1868 was the year of gazettal but the Department of Natural Resources had a different story. "It clearly states that the town was actually gazetted on the 11th of January, 1865," Mr Polglase said. The news came as an unwelcome surprise to Shire Mayor Annie Liston.||8935&utm_content=ABCNewsmail_topstories_articlelink after reading that I can only say….. regional Qld is looking good for future National party leaders for both the Federal and State parliaments, with some already displaying their potential leadership qualities.
      22. Ok, I`ve managed to get through the highlights of the week, with out cringing, eg: Chinese commo`s hiding in our Political partys bank accounts (who would have guessed) and in at least one cupboard (mmmm). After X amount of years of hearing the mad Abbott`s NO, NO ,NO, No`s, and vocally leading the No campaign for others to vote NO for his belief/ideology, he abstained from a simple Yes or No vote….. but now I will rant….. quote{"There could be needless deaths, deaths that could be prevented," } Ah hello, personal choice is obviously the sole factor in those numpties (who over estimate their abilities) placing themselves in a potential ‘life or death’ situation. quote{Where once her expertise and others was called upon in more complex rescues at the nearby popular Mount Arapiles, they are no longer being utilised with the departure of many dissatisfied climbers from the Arapiles Rescue Group (ARG).} May be the “many dissatisfied climbers” (and/or their families) had enough of risking their own lives for the Terminally Stupid. My reply to them would be: be grateful for the fact that, through a commitment of duty to the community, some do feel the need to rescue you.
      23. The ACCC have released a safety recall for the above boats so please use the link below to see if your boat is one in this recall. The fuel filler is wrong and may allow water into your tank and engine.
      24. An animal rights group wants a memorial erected at a site in northern New South Wales where a truck carrying 6,000 chickens crashed on Monday.
      25. Want to buy a nordic stage artist used or new cheers