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Found 92 results

  1. Big happy birthday to one of the best people on this site @rayke1938.. popped up on my Facebook. Have a good day mate hope you're out fishing
  2. Um just wanted to show you some fish... cause they are so pretty... I didn't even catch them. They spear them at night.
  3. I have decided that im going to go for a fish thursday morning chasing flathead. (It gets boring going out by yourself so i wouldn't mind some company.) I would leave mine at 5am and be at the ramp by 5.30. Can either meet at mine and i can drive out or meet at the ramp. I dont want fuel money or help cleaning the boat just bring your own fishing gear, food and drinks. Depending on how the fish are biting as to how long i stay out but will definitely be back at the ramp by 12.30 at the latest. If your keen and interested then let me know. Cheers josh
  4. Nose at the end of week one, just starting to bite in and eat up all the cancers. Only 3 weeks to go of no sun or fishing, I dont think I will last. Might have to cut a couple of holes in a paper bag. Dino
  6. Copy of email fromSEQ water. Cheers Ray Latest news Work is well underway to finalise the detailed design for the Sideling Creek Dam upgrade with construction planning starting later this year. The upgrade is expected to kick off in mid-2018, subject to Seqwater gaining the necessary project approvals, and will involve strengthening the main dam embankment (pictured right) and spillway to meet the Queensland Dam Safety Guidelines. We will be going out to market early next year to appoint a contractor to manage construction. We expect the upgrade will take about 12 months to complete, subject to weather conditions and other unforeseen delays. What is detailed design? Once we have approval to proceed with our preferred option, we can start designing the upgrade ready for construction. The detailed design phase involves finalising the size and shape of the improvements to be made, working out what materials we will need and in what order we will do the work. While the preliminary design gives us a broad idea of what we’re building, the detailed design provides all the information we need to allow our contractor to get to work. This phase of the project also involves safety and environmental assessments. We will provide more information about the design as planning progresses. The spillway In 2015, a slot (pictured right) was cut in the dam’s spillway to lower the water level while detailed investigations were conducted to help us identify options for upgrading the dam. Lowering water levels is an industry accepted practice and helps to reduce water pressure and loads on the dam as well as increase the flood capacity. Once we’ve upgraded the dam, we will be reinstating the spillway and filling in the slot to allow the dam to be restored to its original full supply level. We will also be refurbishing the area below the spillway to help manage erosion and improve fish migration downstream. Keeping you informed We will be sending regular e-updates during the planning stage of this project to keep you informed. This is the best way for you to get the latest information, so if you know someone who might be interested in this project encourage them to subscribe too. In other news... Future recreation changes Changes are happening at both Lake Kurwongbah and its neighbour Lake Samsonvale to improve access opportunities for recreation following a landmark water quality study. Last year, we announced we would be opening Lake Samsonvale to the public for paddle craft for the first time, as well as revising the current shared recreation arrangement on Lake Kurwongbah to allow public rowing, paddling and club skiing on the lake, seven days a week. Planning is currently in progress to introduce these changes at both lakes. We will continue to talk to key stakeholders throughout the planning process. Keep an eye on our website for updates or to find out more, email Sign up for free dam release alerts Sign up to be notified when Sideling Creek Dam is spilling and nearby North Pine Dam is releasing water through Seqwater’s dam release notification service. This free service provides subscribers with notifications by email, text messages to mobile phones or recorded messages to telephone landlines when gated dams are releasing water or un-gated dams are spilling. Register now to get dam alerts or download our new app from the App Store on your device. For more information w e p 18
  7. Saw this on instagram... looks to me like a bream has bred with a tilapia? Caught on the Gold Coast and got me thinking...
  8. Hi guys unsure on where to post this. my father in law is in the process of starting his own business as a mobile marine mechanic, obviously there are a few fisho's on here that own boats, if anyone is chasing a marine mechanic for both services and engine issues please feel free to message me. I will make sure you all get a discounted price. Thanks, Danny
  9. Ray put me on to some batteries at the right price. Not quite the size I was after but near enough, particularly for the price! 120 amp/hour AGM's. 133's would have been nice, but as I said, close enough! $700 bucks for 4 of these babies, now sitting in the boat, going in over the weekend. Was expecting to have to pay at least $1100 for what I needed..
  10. A SELF-styled Captain Cook who set sail from Darwin to Madagascar for “logical” reasons had his high seas adventure cut short after knocking himself out just 65km off the coast of Darwin. Darwin man Paul Hubicka, 73, had to be flown from his boat on Friday afternoon after his EPIRB device alerted rescue co-ordinators that he was in distress. NT Police said the salty sea dog had encountered inclement weather shortly after embarking on the grand voyage to Africa and was hit on the head by the boom of the vessel. “He was knocked unconscious and crashed against the vessel hull,” said Duty Supt Rob Burgoyne. After a coast watch plane could not contact Mr Hubicka, “a complex rescue operation ensued”, Mr Burgoyne said. A paramedic was eventually lowered by a helicopter in strong winds to rescue the wayward sailor. Mr Hubicka was taken to RDH for treatment and discharged yesterday with minor injuries. The Darwin adventurer could not be contacted yesterday but told the NT News last July about his planned 8800km journey to Madagascar, years in the making. “I used to live there and have friends there and it’s the logical place to go from Darwin,” he said at the time. Mr Hubicka spent more than two years building the 4.5m metal vessel based on a life raft design, named Dardie. He was testing the vessel to see if it even floated last July with hopes of leaving then but the voyage was postponed until he started on Friday. Police said Dardie was still adrift. I can only imagine he remembered the canned chicken but not the duck.
  11. Lance (ausiie123) goes in to hospital today to have a major operation to keep his heart going i wish him all the best to pull through this very critical procedure he is in the PA hospital for this. This is very serious as his health has declined over the last 12 months or so and i hope he has a speedy recovery as there is much more fishing for this old salt get well soon old mate.
  12. Hi all, might be a long shot but thought I'd throw it out there. I'm heading over to moreton next week and was wondering if anyone had a kayak sitting around collecting dust that I may be able to borrow for a week. Happy to work with the beer economy or similar as recompense. Only requirement would be that it floats, can hold a larger adult and preferably has a rod holder. Can pick up anywhere in the Brisbane area. thanks in advance. cheers benno
  13. For those who like to stock up on mullet for fillet/strip and gut/chunks or next seasons crab baits Drakes IGA supermarkets have whole mullet for $1.99 a kilo
  14. Not in my boat. Purposely did not put it up till expired as I know Binder would get some and secret it in by boat. Cheers Ray
  15. hi all where do i get my inflatable pdf checked i am at ningi qld the shop dont do it and bribie boat sales have moved to redcliff cheers snap
  16. G'day guys, I am currently in the progress of trying to make my own website/shop for fishing and boating drawings I have been working on for the past few years. The dilemma that I face is coming up with a name that I am proud of and want to put my name behind. I have many notes on ideas but none of them strike the match. Ive come to ask you for your ideas and/or suggestions on names for my Marine themed artwork shop. EDIT: Currently Tossing up between Salty Dog Illustrations and Blue Fin Illustrations which one do you like better? Many thanks fellow fisherman, Kjaimer
  17. Ok guys i have a bit of a problem, i have 2 reels, one a 4000 penn conflict and the other a pflueger salt 4000. Both of these reels have only been used a handful of times and both of the main gears have stripped teeth. ( silly me didnt keep a recipt so i guess i have zero warrwnty) now my question here is where do i find replacement parts for these reels and hopefully not too expensive. Both reels seem the have the exact same main gear dbut different threads for the handle
  18. looking for some neo-preem i think thats what its called orthe stuff cutting boards are made of anyone know where i can buy a large sheet from,thanks brad
  19. I just wanted to thank all the members that chipped in for Alastair Angus Gorrie's presents at the AFO Christmas party. it is a few months on now and he just managed to fit into for his Christening. We will probably need to look at another one for his Aunties wedding at the end of the year though! Thanks very much to all involved!
  20. Taken from DAF Catch News Autumn 2017 email newsletter 28 April Regular boat ramp surveys are now being conducted at 45 locations from Weipa to the Gold Coast to provide the government with important data on recreational fishing. “We are asking recreational fishers to spend a small amount of time at the end of their fishing trip to talk to one of our monitoring staff about their experience, as well as allow us to take some measurements of their catch,” said Fisheries Minister Bill Byrne. “Each survey adds to our understanding of our fish stocks, the species being caught and the local fishing effort and will help us to improve the recreational fishing experience in our state. “This data collection program is critical to understand the sustainability of Queensland’s fish stocks and protect the thousands of regional jobs that rely on fisheries resources”. The Palaszczuk Government has committed $30 million over two years to construct or upgrade 70 boat ramps and floating walkways Minister Byrne said an overwhelming majority of recreational fishers were happy to contribute to the voluntary monitoring program and no personal identification information was collected. “The survey is about where fishers have been during their trip, how long they were fishing for, which species they were targeting and which they kept and released,” he said. “The data from the surveys will also help us understand the benefits of the net free zones in Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton that were established by the Government in 2015. “A report on the first 18 months’ results from the boat ramp surveys will be available later this year and will start to show what differences are evident following the establishment of the net free zones. “We expect it will take a few years to see clear trends, as the areas have only been closed to netting for just over a year and there are natural variations due to seasons and weather that need to be taken into account, but the feedback is positive so far.” To date, more than 14,000 boat crews have been interviewed across the state with 75 per cent undertaking recreational fishing and with an average fishing trip lasting 4.7 hours. “We thank everyone who has taken the time to complete a survey up to now, and invite all recreational fishers, even those who have taken part before, to participate. “As all recreational fishers know, no two fishing trips are the same!” Minister Byrne said. Surveys are conducted five times per month, on weekdays and weekends, resulting in more than 900 hours of monitoring each month. Ten minutes of a recreational fisher’s time at the end of a fishing trip is all that it will take to make a contribution to the effort. Boat ramps where surveys are being conducted are: · Airlie Beach: Abell PointMarina; ShuteHarbour, Whitsunday Drive · Agnes Water: 1770 Ramp · Bowen: Bowen Boat H, Starboard Drive; GraysBay Boat Ramp · Brisbane: Donnybrook Ramp; Jacobs Well Ramp; Raby Bay Ramp; Scarborough Ramp; Spinnaker Sound Ramp; Victoria Point Ramp; Wellington Point Ramp; Whyte Island Ramp · Bundaberg: Burnett Heads Ramp; BundabergCity Ramp · Cairns: Barron RV; Mourilyan Ramp; Tingira Street; Yorkey’s Ramp, Half Moon Bay Marina. · Caloundra: Powerboat Club Ramp · Cardwell: Cardwell Ramp · Hervey Bay: River Heads Ramp; UranganBoatHarbour · Karumba: Karumba Point · Lucinda: Lucinda Ramp · Mackay: MackayHarbour · Maroochydore: Fisherman’s Boat Ramp · Mooloolaba: Coast Guard Ramp · Noosa: Sailing Club · Paradise Point: Paradise Point Ramp · Rockhampton: Nerimbera Ramp; Quay Street Ramp; · Sarina: Rocky Dam Creek · Seaforth St Helens: St Helens Murray Creek: VictorCreek · Southport: Grand Hotel Ramp · Tin Can Bay: TinCanBay Ramp · Townsville: BohleRiver, BushlandBeach; Morrisey’s Ramp; Townsville Coast Guard; TownsvilleRecreationalBoatingPark · Weipa: Evans Landing; Rocky Point · Yeppoon: Coorooman Creek Ramp; RosslynBay Ramp For more information on Queensland fisheries management and surveys, visit or call 13 25 23.
  21. This is why it is soo important to service your reels regularly. This penn conflict is only a few months old and only gets used every now and then as i like to fish lite, the reel gets a good was down after every use but as you can see from the photos there is still alot of sand a gunk that got into the reel. Last thing you want is to be hooked up to a fish of a life time only for the reel to let you down or jam up from lack of services. Cheers josh
  22. Taken from DAF Catch News Autumn 2017 email newsletter 28 April All stakeholders want reform in the way we manage fisheries – that was the overwhelming message from feedback to the Green Paper on fisheries management reform in Queensland. Released for public consultation from July to October 2016, the Green Paper outlined where we are now, where we want to be, and how we can get there. More than 11,800 responses were received, including 192 written submissions, 476 responses to the online long survey, 663 responses to the online short survey and over 10,500 form emails from the conservation sector. Fisheries Queensland officers met with over 230 people at 126 meetings across Queensland during the consultation period to gather their views. There was strong support from all sectors for better fishery monitoring, more effective engagement, more responsive decision-making and greater fisheries compliance. The Queensland Government is committed to reforming fisheries, ensuring fisheries resources are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner that recognises the interests of all Queenslanders. A Sustainable Fisheries Strategy is currently being prepared which will outline the government’s reform agenda for the next ten years, taking into account the public feedback on the Green Paper. The government is aiming to finalise the Strategy by mid-2017.
  23. Taken from DAF Catch News email newsletter 28 April Fisheries Queensland has issued a permit to allow T5 beam trawl fishery operators to temporarily fish an extended area in MoretonBay following a chemical spill at BrisbaneAirport. Restrictions have been relaxed to allow 35 licence holders to fish in an extended fishing area west of a line from Skirmish Point on BribieIsland to the Coffee Pots at the mouth of the BrisbaneRiver. Beam trawlers have been significantly impacted by the chemical spill, particularly on the back of the movement control order in place for white spot disease. Fishers are reminded that consumption of seafood caught in the chemical spill investigation area should be avoided until the results of investigations are known. This includes the vicinity of Boggy Creek and the BrisbaneRiver, from the mouth of Bulimba Creek and BulwerIsland to the river mouth and north along the shoreline to NudgeeBeach. The extended fishing are came into effect from 1 am on 19 April 2017 and will continue until 30 June 2017.
  24. Hey all, I don't think this breaks forum rules (i probably should know hey?) but thought it was worth sharing. I have no affiliation with these guys but I believe this is a bargain. I bought one a couple of weeks ago to add to my collection and so I could hand a reel to mates I take fishing without being too worried about them damaging an expensive reel. The discontinued Shimano Symetre and 8 random Sebile lures, delivered to your door - for $99. Anyone else found any bargains worth sharing?
  25. Bula, I'm in Fiji and the interwebs are more like cobwebs. I have all my photos on Google Photos and was wondering if anyone knew an easy and fast way to put some of them into posts? I am currently downloading them to my computer then uploading into post. It takes too long here. Is there a way that I can directly drop photos from Google Photos to a post? I tried to; copy the address and put it into "Insert other media" Then "insert image from url" copy the address and put it into the text part Drag and drop photos from google photos but it just seems to open the photo Perhaps I'm just a little special sorry and in advance... Thanks Robbie PS im here for about 2 months and hoping to buy a boat today... it is cheaper than charters or hiring one hahaha. They know how to gouge a tourist.