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      1. I do a lot of trolling. My bibbed diver bodies are being grooved out and ruined over a long period of time by the centre treble hook points, as the lure vibrates through the water. Changing to a centre double hook changed the wear to under the lure body by the shank. Then I saw on Big Angry Fish, where the centre treble was held to the body of the lure with a rubber band off the rear wire loop - maybe this was to stop a loose treble from flying around whilst travelling, or maybe it was to stop the wear caused whilst trolling. I have tried trolling with the rubber band, and the lure still tracks well, but at this stage it is hard to tell if it has reduced hook up rates (in the past it is mostly it is the rear treble that has had the hook up though, as I tend to troll faster than slower in the salt), or if it is spooking the fish. Any thoughts or experiences with this issue?
      2. Hi there. Couple hours ago was casting and retrieving a zman swimmerz under the Gateway Bridge in between the 2 pylons on the southside of the river. Something grabbed it and screamed off and wouldnt stop for quite a while. Once it did stop, it wasnt long until it busted off due to being wrapped around a rock. Was thinking a threadfin or jew, trevally, mangrove jack even? What do you guys think?
      3. Lure And Fly Expo

        Hey all Lure and Fly Show on again this weekend at the Ipswich Showgrounds. The Brisbane Fly Fishing Club will have a stand so come along and give us your best sledge. Cheers Norm
      4. The Tight Line

        As always a great read. Makes me wish i was younger,fitter and richer. Do not forget to click on the emag. What is new at Fish Head? The Tight Line Vol 8 Some of you may have noticed that the Tight Line E Mag hasn’t been around lately. We have resolved some software issues and it is all up and running again. Check out the new issue with stories about the infamous red bass, mighty PNG black bass, Northern NSW Murray Cod and for good measure, a pictorial from the Montebellos in WA. Click Here to view New gear at Fish Head An avalanche of new stock has arrived at Fish Head this month, headed by a giant shipment from FCL Labo! We have a bunch of new lures and new colours on old lures as well as some new jig, barra and swimbait casting Zenaq Rods are just about to arrive including the new Tobizo bluewater casting rods, Defi Muthos rock fishing rods and more of their fantastic Glanz Swimbait rods. We have also had Chug Norris poppers arrive from Nomad and next week another shipment of ASWB and Reefsedge lures are due to hit the store. The latest lure from FCL is the EbiSC 220. If you are not familiar with the myriad of FCL models, the Ebipop is a long blooping popper lure and one of the originals in the FCL range. SC stand for ‘shore cast’, meaning that these models are slightly narrower in the cup and more tail weighted than the larger heavy duty GT models. This new 220mm 100g version is the largest of the SC range and was built at our request for a long casting popper to suit kingfish, mackerel, tuna, big reef critters and naturally the odd GT too. The EbiSC 220 cast really easily, chugs, bloops and chops very nicely. The fast chugging retrieve is perfect for kings and mackerel in SE QLD and balances well with PE4-6 tackle. The SPP 140 lure has been a staple of our FCL range for a long time. We now have the SPP 140 slim in stock! This model has all of the action of the original, but has a more aggressive swimming action, swims a little deeper and has better hook exposure due to the slimmer design. This is perfect for GT and other large pelagics like big tuna, mackerel, wahoo and more! Many anglers are using the larger models of FCL lures, but we are also stocking some of the small FCL designs as well. The MOP50 and 2KR55 are a popper and fizzer designed for bass, bream, sooties, jacks and jungle perch. They have the same heavy duty resin construction as the larger lures, so the durability is top notch! Tight Lines, The Fish Head Team Call or Email us!! Phone: +617 5596 3444 Email: The Ebipop SC 220 is the perfect mid size popper choice for PE #5-6 when targeting Trevally, Kingfish, Coral Trout, Red Bass, Mackerel and Tuna. Buy Now The chiseled face on the CSP S220F helps the lure dig in and swim with a irresistible action. Long slow sweeps, fast twitches and rips all work great. It can also generate a skittering action when worked fast on the surface. Even on a straight retrieve the CSP will wobble seductively side to side enticing Kingfish and GT's to take a bite Buy Now The CSP55SP-F is easy to work across the surface with a walk the dog action but really comes alive when you twitch it under the surface with an erratic action. The flat sides generate plenty of flash from the excellent paint/foil design calling in fish from a distance. Buy Now The FCL TG 163 is a highly effective casting minnow designed to be cranked just under the surface. The TG Minnow is a great casting lure and is is very sucessful in all conditions as it swims just under the chop in turbulent water and will not spook fish on calm days. Buy Now Cheers Ray
      5. Skull dragged the kayak up some narrow creeks and it was all worth it in the end !
      6. Lure Fishing At Deep Water Bend

        Hi Guys, Was thinking of trying some lures from the shore at Deep Water Bend. Any suggestions of lures to use and techniques too? I'm a complete lure noob. Thanks. Lex
      7. Hi Guys, I believe I came across some ox eye herring the other day near my place. They had very large tail fins breaking the surface and almost seemed to be gulping for air in-between chasing small baitfish. I had a quick google search and found they might take spinner baits and small poppers. I had a crack, no beans. Can anyone please suggest tips/techniques on catching these guys? from their body/profile, they look like they would go hard. Also, can you target them at night? Thanks everyone!
      8. Hello fellow fisherman and forum dwellers. After suprisingly catching a few undersize school mackerel off Mooloolaba shark nets I have grown more interested in targeting Pelagics like Mackerel, Long tail and Mack Tuna however am completely new to this form of fishing with metal lures and am pretty new with a sounder so live bait hunting is new to me also. I tried trolling a few 15g gillies pilchards attached directly to the end of line (no trace coz I had none) but the problem that I had was that the lures kept surfacing and splashing around. Basically im asking you fellow fisherman for any tips on what I should be doing as far as targeting pelagics in the area go and what lures you have found work best. Also the one thing I can't work out is what is the optimum distance behind a boat to troll your lure? Thanks you Amy help in advance, cheers, Kjaimer
      9. I had an interesting conversation with a person, who I respect very much when it comes to lure fishing for Barra and the like. He has caught more Barra than I have had cooked breakfast's, and has the photos to prove it. He told me that he fishes braid straight to his lures. A little unconventional I thought. He has experimented over years with the differences between running an mono leader vs braid straight to the lure, and reckons braid straight to the lure is better. His reasoning was that the fish (at least Barra, Threadfin and Mangrove Jack) don't know the difference, and he has lost more fish, running a mono leader. He said that the accuracy of casting lures for pin point presentation is lost, when the jointer knot has to bump through the rods line guides upon casting, and this also weakens the knot over many casts. I have converted over to running braid straight to the lure for over 2 years now, and I have not noticed any difference with strike rates. I troll far more than I cast, but casting now 'flows' far better than when running a long mono leader. I have caught the likes of Barra, Threadfin, Mackerel, Cod, and Trevally effortlessly since. If going for these species and the like, you could save yourself a lot of hassle, and try running braid straight to your lure.
      10. Gold Coast Seaway

        Hi guys, has anybody fished the gold coast seaway / the spit and if so, what fish am I to find there? What is an all round good setup to use? Thanks, Danny
      11. Schools Out

        Finally got out for a saltwater fish last weekend after months of withdrawal. We headed out for a day off Bribie Island around the rubble grounds and shipping channel markers, in 15 knot winds and a tinnie . Managed to get amongst the school mackerel using slugs, micro jigs and pilchards. No big ones, best one went about 70cm. We kept 8 between 3 of us but caught about 20. The jigs and bait were meant for reef species but they were not playing the game. My mate hooked a long tail tuna on a floating pilchard that we chased for 40 mins or more. Then lost it at the boat as we had no gaff. Apparently the tail wrists are pretty slippery said the third guy on the boat. A photo would have been good but happy to see it swim away anyway. I had never eaten schoolies before but they get a big thumbs up. Easy to fillet and de-bone, then there is the reward of tasty firm white flesh!
      12. More Lures

        Hey guys its been a while but been busy with life. Finally got a chance to get stuck into some more lure making. Thought id post a few pics and see what everyone thinks. Hoping in another 6mths i might have a few available. This will be my main focus for 2017. Cheers guys and girls. Poppers are 170mm (135g) stickies are 95mm (28g) pushers were just a bit of fun but they have a sick action and most have been lost to spanish mackerel. Few yft landed and a wahoo with very limited water time so pretty stoked with them. Hopefully get some testing on marlin this summer and tuna barrels next year. If anyone knows about clear cast polyester resin let me kow. Will habe testing and fish pics soon. Cheers Tim
      13. Resin Gt Poppers

        Hey guys. Been mucking around with my own popper design. Thought id post a few pics. Cant wait to throw these out on the GBR soon. Super stoked with action. Clear coat yet to do. These have just been painted with a can and will look alot cleaner when my airbrush arrives next week. Cheers guys
      14. What's the recommended method of doing this without sacrificing too much hit rate?
      15. New Products From Searing Tackle

        Hi all Have not posted in a while and have had a few new products come in the door which may be of interest to some or all of you first of all the Pontoon 21 Cablista 75 and 125mm Cablista 75SP SMR Length: 75 mm, weight:4.9 g, Suspending (SP), depth: 0.7-1.1m this has a free moving weight in it that gives it an extremely erratic action 75mm colours 125mm specs and colours Cablista 125SP SMR Length: 125 mm, weight:19.9 g, Suspending (SP), depth: 1.6-2.0m Pontoon 21 Beta Vib 48mm Beta Vib48mm Length: 48 mm, weight:5.6 g, Sinking Colour chart for the Beta Vibes Pontoon 21 Preference shad 55mm Designed and produced for Pontoon 21 by DUO lures of Japan , the Preference Shad is one exceptional hardbody. Featuring Owner hooks and all the quality components you would expect from a lure made in Japan. Preference Shad 55mm DR Length: 55 mm, weight:4.5 g, Suspending (SP), depth: 1.0 - 1.5m Preference colour chart Pontoon 21 Pillo grub 2.25 inch colours available Pontoon 21 Awaruna 3 inch and 4.5 inch 3 inch colour chart 4.5 inch colour chart Magbite Mimiq new colours The Mimiq from Magbite is 42mm long, weighs 2.4 grams and slow sinking. This solid body sinking stickbait has a baby squid shaped body that is bound to attract attention wherever it is used. full colour chart Fish Arrow Threeshot Minnow 65mm & 80mm This will be out next month sometime. the 65mm wieghs 4 grams and the 80mm weighs 6.4 grams. Both will dive to a metre and both have a casting system within them for longer casts. Thats it for now, there will be a heap more stuff coming out in the next few months as well. cheers Rob
      16. Little side project using stainless steel butter knives.
      17. Might as well post some finished shots of a few lures I've been working on. Finished them the other day and very happy with the final product. Shine is exactly what I'm after now. I also got some new resin for these ones and the strength is just ridiculous. Made up a little test to see how strong they are and swung from it with all my body weight without any signs of breaking. I think there will be a few of these heading up to HB with Sam and Aaron so I'll be keen to see how they go. Very disappointed that I couldn't make it but hopefully this will be an AFO tradition and I can head up next year (I mean I'll definitely be heading up before then but for the social side of things). James
      18. Mann's Baits

        Hi, I am the sales manager for Mann's Bait Company and we have just recently re-introduced some of the classic Aussie lures again, Stretch, Manniacs and Barra Traps. You can order them direct from our website We are looking to get back into this market with our lures so your support would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact us via for more info. Cheers!
      19. changing hooks

        last week i bought a dinkum yabby in the brown and white colour but the treble near the "claws" keeps getting stuck in the split ring that holds the claws on. options 1. Put up with it (only happens on cast so it would work trolling) but i want to use on bank half the time. 2. Put on a smaller treble 3 Put on a single hook 4 Take the treble off and only have one on the back What would you do?
      20. Resin Stickbaits

        I know that Brian was interested in seeing some close up shots of my lures so here's a few pictures for anyone who wants to see. All made out of casting resin with 1.6mm stainless steel through wire. Still working on improving the smoothness of the finish but anyway here's a few photos Before paint jobs... Before high gloss finish... And they were christened courtesy of @samsteele115 It's a great hobby and definitely keeps me busy when I'm not fishing or busy with school James
      21. Hi All The newest edition to the immensely popular Flash J series is the Flash J Grub . This lure offers a modern take on an old classic, the soft plastic grub tail. What sets this lure apart from the pack is its extremely realistic design featuring 3D eyes, foil belly insert and 1.5mm thick tail. The addition of the thicker tail produces strong vibrations which draws predators from far and wide and when coupled with the flash of the foil insert, this lure is a bite magnet. Coming in at just under 3.2inchs and available in 6 superb colours and 5 pieces per pack, the Flash J Grub will convert a whole host of species from bass and bream to snapper and reef dwelling species. Whether drop-shotted, weedless rigged or on a regular jig head expect this highly versatile grub to put fish in the well. ‪ comparison to the 3 inch j shad cheers Rob
      22. Time for hooks to rust out?

        Hello i have a question about hooks rusting I caught a catfish this arvo in the upper reaches of the kedron brook, and it swallowed a $2.50 60mm shallow diving hardbody with dodgy trebles which i kept on and i could not get the hooks out even with pliers and was wondering do the hooks rust out eventuality?
      23. Squidgy Wriggler Retrieve?

        Hello I have a question on the squidgy wriggler. I have just bought a small about of tackle off anglers warehouse consisting of Squidgy Pro Wriggler 100mm in Bloodworm, TT Headlockz Finesse 1/0 1/6oz and 4lb fluoro leader wanting to target flathead (i know the leader is light but i know i will get more bites) so my question is i would like to know how would i retrieve a squidgy wriggler since i really have no idea how to do it but i have tried previously a double hop retrieve and it does not have any success for me Thanks Curranboy99
      24. New Catalogue now out

        Hi All Our new catalogue is now out and available for downloading. Inside there is heaps of new gear that have been released or will be released in the next month or two. If you see anything that you like or want your local store to stock, then let them know the page number and product code and ask them to get them into stock for you /> Please be aware that it is over 30 megs though. Cheers Rob
      25. Diggers Casting Resin

        I'm using this to cast lures and no matter what I do, it always drys sticky. I've tried the right amount of hardener, less hardener and too much and it always drys the same, slightly sticky. Time makes no difference either. It drys clear and looks great, but as soon as I handle it, it smears the surface because it's a little sticky. I'm using silicone molds that work for polyurethane resin and they work fine. Any advice?? Thanks in advance.