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Found 21 results

  1. Bit the bullet and bought a new sounder...the Lowrance run out sale is just too good to say no too. Did pick up a Carbon HDS3 9 Inch with Total Scan minus maps for $1699, but decided to skimp a little and get the EliteTI9 with totalscan and maps for $999. It's being installed as we speak and I am ready hit the water ASAP. But the wind forecast this weekend is looking less than ideal with +15kt northerlies forecast from lunchtime this Saturday. Will share where I end up and some pictures from the sounder fish or not... Maybe nautical mile might be worth hitting up early again ... thoughts? Hit me up
  2. Okay still a bit early in the week but got pass out card for this weekend Saturday and maybe Sunday. Saturday not looking great for going wide unless the southerly blows through a bit earlier. Looking like it’s going to blow about 15-20kts...but I’ve got to take my mum and uncle out. Sunday looks like the pick but don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Will keep an eye out and keep the post going with the plan updates. Any ideas let me know
  3. FINALLY got the chance to fish ... been a month and half and I am junkie in need of a hit bad...feel like the guy out of Trainspotting! Now the bloody hardest thing of all...where / what to do tomorrow. Weather is looking mighty fine wind wise for a trip to the top of the Cape and maybe up to Hutchies ... Or do I just see if there are any early Macks schooling up around the beacons...or try for some late season long tail... What to do what to do... Guys hit me with some suggestions.. Got a couple of things on tonight (beers) so most probably looking at a 530 - 6am blast off from Scarborough
  4. Sitting down in the library Thursday morning, I noticed Wayne had thrown out a decky spot some 10 hours earlier and no-one had hit it. Having returned from our hit and run visit to the U.S. for another Burning Man. ( YouTube it you may see me...) I was still suffering get lag and a severe sinus infection, damn dust, but instantly felt much better. Going.Fishing.Yes! We were treated with beautiful conditions and steamed out to an area Wayne had done well with his boys earlier in the month. Only using Gobblers plastics and an assortment of micro jigs led to a clean day. For the first half an hour or so we fished plastics, giving them action to entice a bite. Nothing much happening and Wayne left his to dead stick while letting down a MJ. Not long after his plastics rod buckled over and he pulls up a high 40s squire to get off the mark. Seeing the dead sticking working ( beer drinking fishing ) I did the same. Working our MJ's for the occasional bump and brief hookup, my plastic gets hit by a 35cm maori cod. Then I land another squire of similar size on the plastic. This dead sticking plastics is too easy as Wayne brings up another fish, this time an undersize Kingy. Finally my MJ gets smashed and a fight to get this fish off the bottom begins. Usually my Gomoku rod is matched with one of my Stradic 5000 but today I chanced the 4000 Rarenium. The drag screamed as the fish went on a few runs and the heart was beating fast as it was a decent fish on the end of this toothpick setup. Up plopped an 85cm Mulloway which was a PB for me. The esky was looking good for a few meals. The bite stopped and we searched and sounded with no luck. The Markfish was doing its job and Wayne was happy. He made the call to go out to some Pearl Perch marks in 70-80m. On the way we came across some birds and fish working the surface and Wayne landed a fat MacToona and then continued to the marks. The wind had started to pick up as did the run and it was making vertical drops difficult even as we increased weight. Wayne managed an undersized Pearly in between two really good sized fish that were lost half way up much to his anguish. Then the visitors arrived. we had seen whales all day, in the distance.... These three were real close and one decided to come and say hello. Never have we been this close to whales that you could almost touch! He/She would lift its head out of the water, blow bubbles, swim under the boat and come up the other side and just hung around the Luvit like it was a toy. much to our amazement not once in its many passes so close did it even touch us. ( I'm sure Wayne wanted his lifejacket on at first.) This went on for about 15 minutes after a few times we thought they had gone when they went deep only to return just as close. After their last deep dive we decided to take off to try for some more Pearlies. With nothing going down well we made the call to head for the ramp, stopping for bust ups where Wayne managed another MT. I'm still to get my first Long Tail..... Another great day out on the water.
  5. Hi All, Fingers crossed I get my boat back by Friday cause the weather is looking pretty good. Apart from good hauls of winter whiting I haven’t landed any of my target species like long tail, Spaniards etc. Not wanting marks (although appreciated....just general area ... need to upgrade). Was planning on just staying between Bribie and the Cape - think I’ve found some rocky areas but the current is a shocker. Normally drift trying to find the bites and then anchor but the current is crazy.
  6. Happy Long Weekend all Moreton Bay and Redland Bay residents! Got the permatrim fitted to the DF140 on Friday to help keep it my new- old boat on the plane better and keep her from bouncing. Definitely made a difference although there wasn't a lot of swell to go through....oh yeah back to the report. Gentlemans hours again so got to Scarborough ramp around 715 and after waiting a bit since there is only one ramp in operation headed out around 7.45. Mates were out on the Cockle banks so headed to them to test the boat... They were getting some winter whiting and while I was not super keen (bit tired of them ... bit selfish I know) stayed around for a bit but then pulled up stumps to try for northern side of the Moreton Island. First time out this far but got a bit nervous so really only stayed just before the Venus banks area...still not sure of how shallow the areas is and wasn't 100% on the fuel / tank / consumption yet so still wanted to play it safe. Current was insane~! Some good structure but only kept getting whiplash, small sweetlip (grass emperors), hussar and also a cod (think it's a red cod? - returned) Did plenty of southeast to northeast drifts...had to as the current just rips through and at the end of the drift the swell really picked up. Headed back with empty esky but more experience in the area. Not sure if the fuel guage as it went from 3/4 full to 1/4 by the time we got's a concern. Going to try for tomorrow morning. Any tips please let me know!
  7. Morning all, Just a quick report as I am about to head right again now. Plan was to take the new boat out past Cape Moreton (first time for me), but had to abort. Chop was fine although bit more than expected. That wasn't the issue. No matter what I did I just couldn't get the boat from porposing the while time. Played with the trim, speed moved some stuff around and still no joy whatsoever. So headed to Curtain for the first time. Plenty of boats already on the anchor so did a couple of drifts to get the feel then anchored up over a wreck and landed some monster bat fish (think that's what they are see picture.) Couldn't get anything else so pulled the pin and decided to see if I might get lucky with the Kings at Tanga's. Let's just say that there was a s@#$%load of undersize pinkies everywhere ... but I hooked up to a King ... Slight problem though... It had snaffled the pinky on the live bait rig ... tried to play it (as I was laughing my arse off)... 30 seconds of later Mr King said f@#k this and snap. Still fun though. Boat already on the mark already laughed as well...he had been busted off 3 times already. I couldn't get another hit but saw one of the other guys hookup only to be busted off. Pulled stumps and headed back to Scarborough in a bouncy bloody boat ... not matter what I did. Arse is just too heavy ... Will see how she goes this morning with just me in it. Going to take some bricks with me to see if I can balance the front out, otherwise kinda not sure what to do next... 1. Take it back and see what the dealer can do 2. Hyrdrofoil? 3. Tabs? @demarc how did you go mate ?
  8. Heading out tomorrow...going to sleep in though so on water around 8 from Scarb. Anybody been testing Pearl lately? Kinda whiting and flathead bored. Could be a bit messy if the change takes its time to push through.
  9. Hey guys I have a 2005, 75hp 4.8 meter stacer bowrider. I just got back to Brisbane after a few years down south and have realised majority of my mates are in different cities now. I'm by no means a professional fisherman but would love to try live baiting. I don't have a cast net or know how to use one so I have just been trying to Jig unsuccessfully. I love my beer and chilling so it doesn't really matter if I don't catch anything. It's always a bonus if I catch a fish. If you are not too serious and enjoy a chat and a beer give me a pm and hopefully we can go out and catch some dinner. I live in Toowong and work night shift Monday to Friday so I'm only really available to go fishing Saturday afternoons and Sundays. If anyone is keen send me a pm and we can catch up for a beer.
  10. What a day in the Northern Bay! Wanted to go out Saturday but had a couple of things on but got the boat out yesterday with the entire family for a spot of fishing. Launched from Scarborough and headed straight to Cockle Banks for some easy fishing with the kids and the boss. Moved a couple of times as there was nothing biting ... usual rule of thumb baits soaked for longer than 10mins without a hit maybe I am just impatient. Was fishing just after the high and decided with the wind to hit the edge of the banks and bingo! Non stop Winter Whiting mayhem! Kids and the boss had a ball, although as the tally started to climb I was only thinking of the filleting work left for yours truely! There were some solid ones going 25+ that really smashed the baits. Funny that we didn't get one flathead ... but it I don't think the bait was in the water long enough. How did everyone else fair? I heard Saturday was a cracker in the bay too...this weekend looks pretty good on the long range forecasts
  11. Getting nervous with excitement...getting the boat back tomorrow and n-e-e-d-t-o-f-i-s-h this weekend. Forecast is not looking great with NW around 10-15kts in the northern bay. Thinking of staying in close ... either Woody Point or trying some drifts close to the peninsula down to Redcliffe. What's everyone else thinking?
  12. Not a bad day on the bay at all if I say so myself fellow AFO members Second weekend I have been out and it has well been worth the effort (although today was easy going) No.1 son couldn't been shaken out of sleep but no.2 was up and ready to go with a massive grin on his dial and just said: "maybe it's because he want's me to have some time just with you Dad!" Just smiled and said "I reckon you are right son so wanna go bag some fish?" To which I got another big grin and nod! Just what fatherhood is all about and makes you forget about the other 95% of the time you want to throttle them Anyways ... bacon n egg roll and a hot milo later we headed for a 6.30 on the water date with Scarborough. Perfect morning with just a slight breeze (although bloody chilly) problems at the ramp and we were off to the cockle banks. It paid big dividends again with my son on to his first fish on the first drop and in comes a nice winter whiting. Spent the morning drifting back and forth and could have bagged out but left a couple and headed home for the wonderful job of filleting 40+whiting and a couple of flathead. Would have loved to head further out but fishing with your kids is just about as good as it gets...just hope they repay the favour when I can't handle a boat by myself and am pissing into a bottle 6 times a night To top everything off ... I get home and the says who caught all the fish to which my son says "why me of course Mum! Dad did catch a couple but it must have been when I was asleep!!" Bloody awesome ... might try tomorrow morning wide if I can get up though.
  13. I know there is a fair bit of interest in the forum on this topic so just sharing these details. I will be giving another presentation on the Environmental History and Ecology of Moreton Bay. This time it will be as a guest speaker for the Moreton Maritime Alliance who have a range of engagement activities on that evening. It is on June 27th between 5:30 and 7:30 at the Belvedere Hotel, Woody Point (Redcliffe).
  14. Here is the video from our recent visit to Sandgate. It is a highly productive spot when fished logically.
  15. Daryl McPhee

    Moreton Bay Past And Present

    Come and here me talk about "Moreton Bay Past and Future" at Sandgate on Sunday 27th May at 2:00 PM. I will be including a fair bit of discussion on the historic oyster reefs of Moreton Bay which I know is of interest to some of you. The location is SANDBAG, 153 Rainbow Street Sandgate. Many thanks to the sponsors of this event Tackleland Sandgate, Keep Sandgate Beautiful Association and the Sandgate and District Historical Society and Museum
  16. I am hoping to set up a meeting/BBQ with interested people to go through the requirements for starting a chapter on Ozfish unlimited so we can continue the oyster reef project. Does Sunday 4pm at my place work? I will put on a sausage sizzle. Partners welcome. Please let me know if this time suits and if you can come so I can get enough sausages. Thanks DB
  17. This is the January post for an ongoing Moreton Bay Oyster Reef restoration project. There is more info in this thread. @ellicat and I had a great meeting with Craig Copland from Oz Fish Unlimited this week. Basically they offer a lot of things we can use to get the Moreton Bay Oyster Reef project up and running. The first step we need to do is get a list of people that want to be involved. We all live busy lives so please don't think I am putting any pressure on any one to get involved. A few of us have shown an interest and I will clearly mark any topics with what this is so if it is not your thing it is totally cool. Please let me know if I am overstepping the mark at any time. Interested people need to become members of Oz Fish Unlimited. This costs $25. They are keeping it under their hat but they are hoping that members are going to be offered a $50 gift voucher to BCF when they renew membership so probably a good investment anyhow (this is not a thing yet). Membership gets you a hat and a sticker and some other stuff. Then we need to have a BBQ and a beer at my house and go through a few things. We need to; Name our Chapter Decide where our chapter will work Decide a few titles for people Register the chapter Have another bbq and beers and laugh a lot. Oz Fish have; Insurance for members, volunteers and public liability, Funds available for these sorts of projects, Political muscle to get these projects approved, Experience on how best to go about things like this as well as writing grants for council and govt, Scientists on hand to give us great info and guidelines, Great contacts with BCF including Tingalpa (for fund raising if we want) lots of other benefits. Another thing we should all discuss as it involves everyone. @angus said we should start a fishing club "Australian Fishing Club" so we can just have a banner and this would be attached to AFO. I don't know much about how this would work so would love your feedback. I hope this will all help us get lots of prizes from BCF for AFO competitions. I hope it will help revitalise AFO with prizes for competitions like the North v South, Fish of the Month, Report of the Month type things and encourage younger anglers get involved in AFO. Prizes yay! There could be prizes for things like socials, wanderers and Christmas parties. Again, please don't feel any pressure to join Oz Fish or even be involved in the Moreton Bay Oyster Reef project. This is just for people that want to get involved and I feel wont disrupt the awesome AFO site. Please let me know if you agree or if I am over stepping the mark in any way. Thanks
  18. So I am heading out this morning with sister drop bear, brother in law drop bear and nephew drop bear. Heading to the sand dunes and then north looking for bait schools. It seems that the sounder is working really well even at 28 knots and with a bit of a chop. It rides really well. Yesterday I didn't check what it was actually blowing but it seemed like 15knots sse? something like that. Into the wind I did about 14 knots and while slow was very comfortable. with the wind did around 18 knots and again very comfortable. I rolled down the front of a few bigger waves and it kept tracking really nicely. I had been concerned that it would want to turn and as its a tiller it would be hard to control but no problems with this. The fuel gauge is rubbish and not at all reliable. with 4 trips around green and mud etc it had used 50 ltrs out of the 80 ltr tank. I am putting in a 10 ltr can today that will be a permanent part of the boat. Wish me luck today.
  19. Disclaimer: Lots of product placement but can't get around it as you would expect. I have been given some new micro jigs to try from Gobblers and since I haven't fished since 1770 trip many weeks ago, I was keen to get out Saturday morning. I wanted to try the out-riggers out, makes it look like a real boat. Warning: Do not have these things up if it's high tide they WILL collect the Bribie Island bridge. My son Luke joined me and we found some marks which looked promising. A few casts into it and I had 4 hits before I finally hooked a small but nice Kingfish. Bit of editing can make a world of difference to photos. Tried hard to get Luke onto one, but the hooks pulled on the one he hooked. Then it was time to drop a micro jig down. It was not a good move on 20lb leader and the Kingy took it near the surface before racing to the bottom to cut me off. Maybe if I had not been getting the SP in, I would have gone to work on it earlier and prevented the bust off. A surprise was a nice 65cm flathead which we released. Headed out wide to see how the outriggers went in the hope of scoring a dollie but no joy. After trolling I moved in Hutchies reef and found some more good marks and tried a few more micro jigs. I first tried with 30lb leader but couldn't get a bite. So I droped back to 20lb braid and leader only to be smashed another 2 times. I changed rods again to the heavier outfit and again no bites. Frustrating not being able to stop them on the lighter gear. Headed back home in the early afternoon to pick up the father in-law from the airport. A small vid of the couple of fish.
  20. Hi all, is anyone willing to introduce me to Moreton Bay fishing spots? Ive just bought my first boat and would like some advice to get going, fishing and crabbing around the bay. Im based in Wynnum and have bought a cruise craft now rider.
  21. Good morning, Well with a lot going on at the moment it has been ages since I got out for a recreational flick. With that in mind, and an acquiescing Mrs I jumped at the deckie spot offer Steve Wilkes ( @Sports) offered for Sunday to try out the new Sports Tuition boat. This boat has been surveyed and made ready to be a light tackle estuary/bay charter boat specialising in fishing around the Pin but open to any suitable locations by request. It is a lovely rig. Anyway we headed off to Wello reef armed with light gear and plastics to try and piece together a few squire. Squire were not hard to find with over 20 boated but most seemed to fall into that 31-32cm category with a couple smaller. With fish like this coming in every minute or so with a few decent bream thrown in we were kept occupied and interested and always holding out that the bigger one would come. Note in one of the pictures a little school mackerel. There were a few of these around with 2 landed and a couple of snip offs. As the morning progressed it turned into a magic day getting glassier and glassier but with family duties to attend we pulled the pin at 10am. Awesome to get out. I think I will continue to aim to make this quick morning sessions work for me. Angus